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Unidentified Photos
related to the Mieras Family

Submitted by Leanna Ihde: "I know that the people are all related to the Mieras family, I just don't know who they are." [2003]

Submitted by Sheryl Morace-Mikel: "The Mieras photos that I can help with names were identified by Susan Mieras and Albertus Van Pelt’s son, Virgil Elmon Van Pelt, my Great Uncle, back in the mid 1970’s when he lived on the Northern California coast in Crescent City about 85 miles away from Grants Pass, Oregon where my parents and myself were living at that time. Virgil was the smaller twin, so always went by the name “Tiny” Van Pelt and his twin brother Vernal was the bigger, so went by “Big.”

"Tiny, was born in 1900 in Orange City, Iowa and was known as the family genealogist. Back in the early to mid 1970’s my parents traveled around America visiting distant cousins on both sides of my family lines taking photographs of my ancestor’s photos that we did not have and would take the unknown Van Pelt, Mieras, Mueller (Miller), and Goetz photos over to Tiny’s house to identify. My Mother said that we obtained most of the Mieras photos from my Great Aunt Marie Van Pelt and from a cousin off of Great Uncle “Big” Van Pelt's line, who had them stored in a basement and did not care about the family history. The names were written on the back of the following photos that you wish to identify." [2009]

Sheryl Morace-Mikel has provided more MIERAS family photos. Check out this MIERAS family page link.


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UnknownMieras01.jpg (24082 bytes)
 #Mieras 1

**Picture Identified**

Mieras #1 is Johannes and Suzanna (Mieras) Oldenkamp. Had some help on that one!
~ Identified by Leanna Ihde



UnknownMieras02.jpg (46435 bytes)
#Mieras 2

**Picture Identified**

Wedding Photo of Jay Van Wechel & Carrie Mieras, Dec. 19, 1888

Mieras #2 is identified by the collection of Edith Van Wechel, daughter of Charles Van Wechel and Grace Wayenberg.  Charles' father was Arend Jasper "Jay" Van Wechel, and his mother was Carrie Mieras, b. 22 Apr 1869.

On the back of the photo, handwritten, is: Jay Van Wechel and Carrie Mieras Wedding (Dec 19, 1888).

~ Identified by Becky Hejka, granddaughter of Edith Van Wechel

UnknownMieras03.jpg (63249 bytes)
#Mieras 3

UnknownMieras04.jpg (32190 bytes)
#Mieras 4

**Picture Identified**
#4 is Nancy Mieras, daughter of Jacob Mieras & Adrianna Laurus Centzen.

~Identified by Sheryl Morace-Mikel, Great Granddaughter of Susan Mieras, wife of Albertus Van Pelt


UnknownMieras05.jpg (51241 bytes)
#Mieras 5


**Picture Identified**

#5 is Peter St. Saens and his wife Minnie. Peter St. Saens was born Dec. 1843 and is the little brother of Adrianna Laurus Centzen, who married Jacob Mieras. Note the variation of the spelling of Centzen. My Grandfather, Leonard Van Pelt always said that St. Saens was the way the French spelled it and Centzen, the Dutch way. Peter was a brother to the wife of Jacob Mieras.

~Identified by Sheryl Morace-Mikel, Great Granddaughter of Susan Mieras, wife of Albertus Van Pelt

UnknownMieras06.jpg (40588 bytes)
#Mieras 6

UnknownMieras07.jpg (54087 bytes)
#Mieras 7

**Picture Identified**
Nellie Mieras and H.C. Kuhl. Nellie was the daughter of Jacob and Adrianna Mieras ~Identified by Leanna Ihde


UnknownMieras08.jpg (49030 bytes)
#Mieras 8
UnknownMieras09.jpg (45384 bytes)
#Mieras 9

UnknownMieras10.jpg (53548 bytes)
#Mieras 10

**Pic Identified**

Year 1887

Marinus Mieras, Elizabeth DeRaad (wife), Gertrude (1883), Nellie (1885).
 Marinus and Elizabeth are my great-grand parents, they moved from Maurice, Iowa to Moxee, Washington in late 1900.~Identified by Thomas Mieras M.D.

UnknownMieras11.jpg (51719 bytes)
#Mieras 11

**Picture Identified**
 is Jacob S. Mieras and his wife Amelia!
~Identified by Leanna Ihde

**descrepancy in identification

#11 is Laurus (Louis,Lou) Mieras and wife Jannetje (Jennie) Mieras, who were first cousins (Jennie's maiden name was Mieras.) Lou Mieras was the brother of Jacob S. Mieras.

~Identified by Sheryl Morace-Mikel, Great Granddaughter of Susan Mieras, wife of Albertus Van Pelt


UnknownMieras12.jpg (65728 bytes)
#Mieras 12
Mieras13.jpg (43437 bytes)
#Mieras 13
Mieras14.jpg (42086 bytes)
#Mieras 14
Mieras15.jpg (28711 bytes)
#Mieras 15
Mieras16.jpg (43241 bytes)
#Mieras 16

Mieras17.jpg (33210 bytes)

#Mieras 17

**Picture Identified**

Louise and Kitty Kuhl, daughers of Harm and Nellie Mieras Kuhl.

~Identified by Leanna Ihde

Mieras18.jpg (47122 bytes)
#Mieras 18

Mieras19.jpg (28048 bytes)
#Mieras 19

**Picture Identified**

Kathryn, John, and Louise Kuhl...children of Nellie Mieras Kuhl and Herman Kuhl

~Identified by Leanna Ihde

Mieras20.jpg (40284 bytes)
#Mieras 20

**Picture Identified**

Roland Mieras, son of William (Will Mieras) & Edna Radabaugh. Boys were often dressed in gowns when they were little and they also did not get their hair cut until a little older. My Great Uncle Tiny was asked about this photo several times because the child looks like a girl.

~Identified by Sheryl Morace-Mikel, Great Granddaughter of Susan Mieras, wife of Albertus Van Pelt

Mieras21.jpg (41582 bytes)
#Mieras 21

**Picture Identified**

#21 boy is Milo B. Mieras and his little sister, Alta A. Mieras. These are the children of Wlliam (Will) Mieras and Edna Radabaugh. These two young children are brother & sister to Roland Mieras in picture #20.

~Identified by Sheryl Morace-Mikel, Great Granddaughter of Susan Mieras, wife of Albertus Van Pelt


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