Sioux County, Iowa


~Family photos and information contributed by family researcher, Sheryl Morace-Mikel

The Mieras family moved to Maurice, Iowa, in 1880.

Mieras Brothers are the sons of Jacob Mieras & Adrianna Laurus Centzen.
Left to Right: Jake (Jacob) S., born 06 Jan 1858 (senior partner of Mieras Bros. Hardware Store, Maurice, IA); John E., born 13 Aug 1872 (postmaster of Maurice, IA); Will (William) born 14 May 1867 (junior partner of Mieras Bros. Hardware Store, Maurice, IA, and elected Mayor of Maurice, IA., on March 10, 1900); and Lou (Laurus/Louis) born 07 Dec 1850.  
Mieras Sisters are the daughters of Jacob Mieras & Adrianna Laurus Centzen
Left back: Nellie (Pieternella), born 1864; Left front: Kit (Katherine) born 1856; Right back: Nancy, born 1870; Right front: Susan Lydia, born 15 Feb 1864 (Susan is Sheryl Morace-Mikel's Great Grandmother. Susan Lydia married Bert (Albertus) Van Pelt.  
Youngest Children of Jacob Mieras & Adrianna Laurus Centzen
Left to Right: Nellie (Pieternella), Nancy, John and Will (William) Mieras  
Jacob Mieras & his wife, Adrianna Laurus Centzen
Jacob was born 26 Mar 1824, Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands. Jacob maried on 01 Aug 1850 in Wemeldinge, Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands, to Adrianna Laurus Centzen. Adrianna was born 18 Nov 1829, in Wemeldinge, Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands.  

John E. Mieras was born 13 Aug 1872, son of Jacob & Adrianna

John was the Postmaster at Maurice, Iowa

John E. Mieras Family
Left to Right: John E. Mieras, Jessamine, Simon Oliver (known as Oliver), Helma A. and wife Sipkje (Sarah) Ridderbos. This photograph was taken before John and Sarah's daughter, Bernice, was born 10 Aug 1911.  
Will Mieras & his wife, Edna G. Badabaugh
Will (William) Mieras was born 14 May 1867. Will was a junior partner of the Mieras Brothers Hardware Store in Maurice, IA. Will was elected Mayor of Maurice, IA, on March 10, 1900. Will and Edna are the parents of Roland (#20), Alta and Milo (#21), plus twin girls Loreen & Lorna and son named Glen who were born after photos #20 and #21 were taken . See the Mieras-related Unknown Photo link to view the numbered photos.  


John E. Mieras Postmaster of Maurice, IA -- we believe this is actually a picture of his picture printed in the newspaper when he retired as postmaster.

Photo of Peter St. Saens (Sensen, Centzen)

He was the little brother of Adrianna Laurus Centzen, who married Jacob Mieras, Sr.

Children of Jake (Jacob S.) Mieras & Amelia Schriever


Does anyone KNOW the correct order of these children? On the back of the picture it says, "Uncle Jake Mieras children, Ada, Frank, Ralph." We think one of the girls is Minnie, noting that was the names of Great Uncle Jake's first four children. Ada was born in 1880; Frank in 1883; Ralph in 1885; and Minnie, in 1888.  

Pvt. Adrian Mieras, WWI

He was the sone of Lou (Laurus,Louis) Mieras and Jennie (Jannetje) Mieras. Adrian was born 1893.

Adrian's parents were first cousins.

Need HELP in identifying these two girls.

Two MIERAS girls or Two VAN PELT girls?

The Van Pelt family group in front of Lou & Jennie Mieras' house.

The MIERAS family was known for having a big family reunion each year!


Two Van Pelt brothers and an unknown man, standing near a Ford Model T.
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