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Sioux  Center  Public  Library

102  So. Main Ave

Sioux  Center,  Iowa  51250


Volume 19  Issue 1  April  2017



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What is GSCGS?    A group of dedicated individuals who record and preserve Sioux County  Iowa area family and local history.  The society meets on the 3rd  Monday of the 6 months of April, June, July, September, October and November at 7:00  p.m. at the Sioux Center Public Library.   The public is welcome to attend, coffee and snack provided.

GSCGS  Genealogy Department  Located in the Sioux Center Library just to the right of the circulation desk.  The facility has a spacious section allotted to Sioux County genealogy and local history books and archives which includes:

GSCGS Officers:  Marje Brunsting– president;  Barb Top - vice president;  Gerald Wissink – Treasurer;  and Wilma J. Vande Berg – Recording and  Correspondence Secretary, researcher and archivist.

Volunteer Research  Family history research will be done by volunteers.   A donation  is requested for services and supplies rendered.  Any amount is deeply appreciated and will be used to enhance our archives.   Contact  Wilma J. Vande Berg  e-mail   

How to Join:   Yearly membership dues are $7.50 per person or $10.00 per couple. You will receive our newsletter and are entitled to one hour of free research.

 Programs for 2017-2018:   (tentative schedule, some most likely will change) 

Books for sale: Sites -

1. NEW!  Produced in book form  The Jubilee Edition of the Sioux Center News published July 31, 1941  Has not only 50 year history but back to 1870s.  Has text from 44 pages of newsprint reproduced, actual copy of newspaper, more pictures, 1941 parade pictures & and pageant, every name, business, and church index.  Hard cover 250 pages. 

Price  $28. 00 plus $6.00 postage and hdlg.

2. NEW! Sioux Center’s 125th year Bookazine entitled ‘We Call Sioux Center Home” is available.  This full color 150 plus page magazine type book is a different concept for a town history book, having stories of various persons and businesses from a wide variety of sectors of the town.  It has a time line of events of the last 25 years form 1991-2016. Also included are many advertisements of current businesses telling their story while operating in Sioux Center.  A fine addition to your collection of local history. 

Price $15 ea. or 2 for $25.  Postage 6.00 for media mail USA and materials. 

3. Siouxland:  A History of Sioux County Iowa, by G. Nelson Nieuwenhuis

Has been reprinted from the 1983 original publication.  Hard bound book 370 pages.
(Has lots of historical information, pictures, and indexes including a name index.)

Price - $50.00 plus 6.00 for postage and hdlg.

4. A Pocket of Civility, by Mike Vanden Bosch

Sioux Center History 1891-1976, published in 1976 hard bound, 370 pages.
Name index online at
Bargain price of $7.50  plus 4.50 for postage.

5. Sioux Center’s First 75 years 1891-1966 by Peter B. Mouw

(Has lots of old pictures and history 142 pages)
Name index online at
Bargain price of $7.50 plus 4.50 for postage.

6. Maurice Iowa Centennial Book 1891-1981

A hard cover book filled with history, pictures and family history.
Index on line
Price is 20.00 add $6.00 shipping costs.

                                               Send check or money order  to
           GSCGS  - Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society
                    102 So. Main Ave.
                             Sioux Center IA 51250

Fund Raiser Project -- Open Letter to Members & Friends

May 14, 2017

From:  The Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society  (GSCGS)
                  C/O Sioux Center Library
                  102 South Main Ave.
                  Sioux Center IA  51205                   E-mail

To:    Sioux County Genealogy members/friends

Dear  Friend: 

The GSCGS needs  to raise about $3000. in an effort to have the Orange City ‘de Volksvriend’ digitized and put on line with all the other Sioux County newspapers.  It is the only newspaper  that has not been done,  as it is one of the oldest newspaper in the county and has a lot of pioneer history and family history in it; it is very  important  that it is put on line in a word –text searchable format.  Even though it is in Dutch, articles can be readily translated via the internet. 

We would like you to consider helping us and spreading the word to all your acquaintances, public  bulletin boards you may have access to , or any other ideas  you have to assist us in spreading the word.  Contact us if you have questions.   We also have excellent county and town books for sale for you to publicize,  see enclosed sheet. The monies received will go for the Volksvriend digitizing project.  Also see our web pages on the books at  and

                                                                        Volksvriend                   NOTICE

The Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society is up for getting one final newspaper digitized and put on line at It is the Orange City 'de Volksvriend' newspaper which is Dutch but when put on line with searching capabilities can be very helpful historically and can be translated on the internet. All the other newspapers of the county have been digitized and put on line.
In order to complete this project we need more funds (about $3,000) than can be raised at present by the sponsoring groups at present. Please consider mentoring a donation (of any size)  for this worth-while project to preserve our county's newspaper history.
Send donations to GSCGS c/o Sioux Center Public Library 102 So. Main Ave. Sioux Center IA 51250. Any questions email   Mark your contribution Volksvriend.

We sincerely thank you for helping us spread the word on completing this digitizing project.  Since we have until the end of the year to raise the funds, please put forth your best efforts to help us complete this project in the near future.

 Any questions please contact me

Wilma J. Vande Berg
Correspondence  Secr.  of the GSCGS

Current Projects:
Wednesday workshops -  A group of members meet from 1-3:00 in the afternoon to work on various on going genealogy projects.  The last half hour is coffee and social time with each other.  Volunteers are welcome to participate.
Obituaries –  This has become a very involved project over the years.  Our goal is to gather and post on line, all the  death notices and obituaries that have been published in the local newspapers and are listed in the Sioux County headstone index of burials.  A group of volunteers post them on line.
To see the obits on line go to  then click on the ‘obit icon’ on the left side.
As of March 15, 2017 we have posted over 34,200 obits on our web site.    
File current data -  Weekly there is always a lot of current data to be filed in seven four drawer vertical files called our  ‘surname files’ which number well over 8,000 files.
Clean files – We have one or two people who are constantly cleaning and organizing the surname files.
Memoriam ‘pictorial tree’ plaque - installed in the Genealogy dept. honoring volunteers who have passed on.

    Reminder – Pay the April 2017-2018  dues. 7.50 single and 10.00 for couple
                  You are welcome to attend our meetings and workshops as a guest any time.


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