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Years Included: 1987 - 2018 (Complete Collection)
Contributed by Alice Buman Bontz and Ray Buman

Harlan Area - 1986 & Prior; 2019 to Present;
Shelby County (except Harlan) - All Years


A few years ago Crawford County coordinators were given several thousand obituaries that were saved by Mrs. Lucinda Wigg in Schleswig and her mother over about a 50 year period. A Crawford IAGenWeb volunteer and relative of Mrs. Wigg, Joyce Heide, literally saved them from the trash bin after Mrs. Wigg died. Joyce spent more than a year going through them and grouping them alphabetically in large bundles and then graciously offered them to Crawford County. Bob Kuehl shared those individuals with a Shelby County connection. Those were added to the below and their scanned obituary is linked.


The obituaries below were posted to the Rootsweb Obituary board and other sources. They were posted by volunteers from public sources with permission and made available below by Denise Wurner. Beginning with Second Quarter 2010 they include the names of the original posters to Rootsweb's site.  Rootsweb is no longer being used to post obituaries, however. Obituaries are only being added to Shelby IAGenWeb via IAGenWeb's Obituary Boards and the Buman Obituary Collection (above). Please use the site-wide search engine to search for the obituary of a specific individual.
Obituaries - 2011
Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2011
(includes photos where available)
Obituaries 2nd Quarter 2011
(includes photos where available)
Obituaries - 2010
Obituaries 1st Quarter 2010 Obituaries 2nd Quarter 2010 Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2010 Obituaries 4th Quarter 2010
Obituaries - 2009
Obituaries 1st Quarter 2009 Obituaries 2nd Quarter 2009 Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2009 Obituaries 4th Quarter 2009
Obituaries - 2008
Obituaries 1st Quarter 2008 Obituaries 2nd Quarter 2008 Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2008 Obituaries 4th Quarter 2008
Obituaries - 2007
Obituaries 1st Quarter 2007 Obituaries 2nd Quarter 2007 Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2007 Obituaries 4th Quarter 2007
Obituaries - 2006
Obituaries 1st Quarter 2006 Obituaries 2nd Quarter 2006 Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2006 Obituaries 4th Quarter 2006
Obituaries - 2005
Obituaries 1st Quarter 2005 Obituaries 2nd Quarter 2005 Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2005 Obituaries 4th Quarter 2005
Obituaries - 2004
Obituaries 1st Quarter 2004 Obituaries 2nd Quarter 2004 Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2004 Obituaries 4th Quarter 2004
Obituaries - 2003
Obituaries 1st Quarter 2003 Obituaries 2nd Quarter 2003 Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2003 Obituaries 4th Quarter 2003
Obituaries - 2002
Obituaries 1st & 2nd Quarter 2002 Obituaries 3rd Quarter 2002 Obituaries 4th Quarter 2002
Obituaries - 2001 & Prior
Obituaries 2001Obituaries 1970 - 1979
Obituaries 2000Obituaries 1960 - 1969
Obituaries 1990 - 1999Obituaries 1950 - 1959
Obituaries 1980 - 1989 

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