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Yates, Wayne Arlo1921 2008 86 Yates, Hite, Krieger, Andersen,
Yearington, Edward Charles1941*201069Yearington, Thacker, Livingston, Marco, Lohoff, Van Ness, Rieklus, Williams,
Yechout, Marie D.1918200385Yechout, Luetticke, Book, Mumm, Mischo, Grabau,
Yoder, Violet19212007xxYoder, Padden, Kosloski, Hammond,
Yoder, William W.1917*200284Yoder, Padden, Kosloski, Hammond,
Yokom, Paul Arthur1936200670Yokom, Summers, Beavers, Brendle, Ludwig, Klinefelter,
Yopp, Virginia M. (Garst) 198865Yopp, Garst, Mulvania
Yost, Sewell H.1901198786Yost, Smith, Kraft, McLaughlin
Yost, Thomas Edward1930*199666Yost, Stevens, Stephens, Gale, Stiles, Carter
Yost, V. Howard1920*199675Yost, Stevens, Larson, Anderson
Youmans, James Harland, Jr.1925201286Youmans, Thurston, Rudolph, Patak, Lathrop, Drinkwater,
Young, Alfred L.1906*198781Young, Redman, Summa, Markee, Achenbach
Young, Dale Dwight1947199750Young, Schirm, Hill,
Young, Donald Ray1926200882Young, Axland, Struve, Hanson, Doonan,
Young, Earl Wayne1966200841Young, Camenisch, Gilliland, Brennaman, Osbahr, Christensen, Weis, Driver, Coleman,
Young, Ernest S.1894199298Young, Gibson, Mitchell, Warren, Hargens, Hansen, Rosenbeck, Covault, Waycoff, Sheeder, Petrie, Kelsey
Young, Esther Mary1931201079Young, Gleason, Allison, Lee, Lane, Manhart, Saylor, Kempf,
Young, Hattie1888*1989101Young
Young, Jackson Reed1920200079Young, Axland, Struve, Hanson, Doonan,
Young, Lawrence Edward "Mox"1928200980Young, Osbahr, Gleason, Saylor, Kempf, Summa, Markee,
Young, Marjorie M. (Knudson)1913199077Young, Edwards, Knudson, Branton
Yunck, Marita S. P.1911199281Yunck, Cavenaugh, Manley
Young, (Melvin) James "Jim"1923199874Young, Ballard, Jordan, Grant, Baxter, Jordan, Duncan,
Young, Michael James1951201361Young, Jordan, Turner,
Young, Naomi Louise1932200977Young, Dudley, Mann, Emhoff, Speed,
Young, (Orville) Clayton II1923201288Young, Eichenberger, Nelson, Hobus, Russmann, Zimmerman, Taylor,
Young, Randy Dean1964201248Young, Saylor, Kempf,
Young, Robert William1929201283Young, Rock, Thomsen, Graham, Lange, Sondag, Boysen, Bedley, Barry,
Young, Wilma Francis1907199790Young, Osbahr, Mevis, Summa, Markee, Erwin, Sidebottom, Achenbach,

Contributed by Alice Buman Bontz and Ray Buman, January, 2014-2016, with permission from The Harlan Tribune. Index transcribed by Denise Wurner.

* NOTE: Year of birth not included in obituary. Source U.S. Social Security Death Index, ancestry.com.

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