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Descendants of John Schiltz
(provided by Matt Miller- miller@cedar-rapids.net  5/31/97) 

Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 SCHILTZ (FREDERICKA) was born 23-Nov-1827 in Luxembourg, and 
died 24-Mar-1902.  He married MARIA MERT 12-Jun-1857 in Freeport, New York, 
USA, daughter of Joseph Mert and Mary Sheilberger.

Biography in Shelby County History book states date of birth as November 3, 
1827, not November 23rd in other records.

"John Shiltz, a citizen of Lincoln Township, Shelby County, was born in 
Luxembourg, Germany, November 3, 1827.  He is a son of Frederick and Anna 
Mary (Wier) Schiltz.  He attended school until he was fourteen years of age 
and then assisted his father on his farm and in the lime kiln.  In 1852 he 
embarked on a sailing vessel at Havre, France, and arrived at Castle Garden, 
New York, after a voyage of forty-three days.   He went to Rochester, New 
York, and worked by the day for eighteen months; after a short residence in 
different places in New York he removed to Freeport, New York, where he 
worked in the blacksmith and machine shops of the railroad company.  He 
saved his money and bought a small house and lot which he sold and then 
bought forty acres of land in Stephenson County, Illinois.  He then sold 
that and bought 160 acres in Carroll County, Illinois, where he lived until 
he came to Shelby County, Iowa.  His farm contains 220 acres, and he has a 
good house, a barn, cribs, a grove and an orchard.  The place is under good 
cultivation, and is one of the best in the township.  Mr. Schiltz is engaged 
in general farming.  He was married at Freeport, New York, in 1856, to Miss 
Mary Mert a native of Bavaria, Germany, and a daughter of Joseph and Mary 
(Sheilberger) Mert; she came from Germany in 1853.  Mr. and Mrs. Schiltz 
are the parents of seven children -- Michael, Terza, Anna Hare, John, Mary, 
Henry, and Lena.  The children have a good German and English education, and 
are well informed on general topics.  Politically Mr. Schiltz is a Democrat. 
The family are members of the Roman Catholic Church.  They are among the 
first families of the township."

The list of children in the biography lists seven children, however my 
original list had seven children including a George, but not including a 
Lena.  Perhaps Lena died at an early age and George was born after that?

Marriage Notes
Year of marriage stated in biography in a book of Shelby County history 
states is 1856.  Preliminary date used here is 1857.

	Children of John Schiltz and Maria Mert are:
2.	i.	THERESA2 SCHILTZ, b. 21-Dec-1859; 
                d. 27-Nov-1940, Defiance, Shelby County, Iowa, USA.
	ii.	MARY SCHILTZ, b. 1868; d. 09-Feb-1892; 
                m. BERNARD HODAPP, 09-Feb-1892.
	iii.	HENRY SCHILTZ, b. 07-Dec-1871; d. 18-Jan-1943; 
                m. CAROLINE HEARTZ, 25-Jun-1902.
	iv.	ANNA HARE SCHILTZ, b. 22-Jan-1862; 
                m. XAVIER BEAR, 02-Oct-1888.
	v.	JOHN SCHILTZ, b. 22-Sep-1865; d. 25-Nov-1953; 
                m. ROSE FAHN, 04-Feb-1891.
3.	vi.	MICHAEL SCHILTZ, b. 15-Jan-1858, Freeport, Illinois, USA; 
                d. 06-Feb-1937.

Generation No. 2

2.  THERESA2 SCHILTZ (JOHN1, FREDERICKA) was born 21-Dec-1859, and died 
    27-Nov-1940 in Defiance, Shelby County, Iowa, USA.  
    She married JOSEPH WEIHS 24-Feb-1881 in Shannon, Illinois, USA.

Family possibly came from Freeport, Stevenson County, Illinois; or Shannon, 
Carroll County, Illinois.

	Children of Theresa Schiltz and Joseph Weihs are:
4.	i.	ISABEL C.3 WEIHS, b. 13-Mar-1906, Westphalia, Shelby County, Iowa, USA; 
                d. 10-May-1988, Defiance, Shelby County, Iowa, USA.
	ii.	FRANK WEIHS, b. 04-Jan-1882.
	iii.	GEORGE WEIHS, b. 20-Dec-1883.
	iv.	ANNA WEIHS, b. 10-Apr-1887.
	v.	EMMA WEIHS, b. 08-Apr-1889.
	vi.	TONY WEIHS, b. 18-May-1891.
	vii.	MAMIE WEIHS, b. 18-Aug-1895.
	viii.	CLARA WEIHS, b. 01-Sep-1898.
	ix.	JOSEPH WEIHS, b. 05-Dec-1900.
	x.	ROSEMARY WEIHS, b. 04-Jun-1894.
	xi.	UN-NAMED WEIHS, b. 30-Mar-1904.

3.  MICHAEL2 SCHILTZ (JOHN1, FREDERICKA) was born 15-Jan-1858 in Freeport, 
    Illinois, USA, and died 06-Feb-1937.  He married CAROLINE SCHECHINGER 
    06-Feb-1885, daughter of Martin Schechinger and Katherine.

	Child of Michael Schiltz and Caroline Schechinger is:
	i.	MICHAEL3 SCHILTZ, b. 05-Apr-1893.

Generation No. 3

    13-Mar-1906 in Westphalia, Shelby County, Iowa, USA, and died 
    10-May-1988 in Defiance, Shelby County, Iowa, USA.  
    She married FRANK J. MILLER 09-Apr-1929 in Defiance, Shelby County, 
    Iowa, USA, son of John Miller and Anna Goeres.

	Children of Isabel Weihs and Frank Miller are:
	i.	DUANE LEO4 MILLER, b. 24-Oct-1939, Defiance, Shelby county, Iowa, USA; 
                m. SUE ELAINE BEYMER, 08-Apr-1967, Denison, Crawford county, Iowa, USA.
	ii.	DONALD PETER MILLER, b. 25-Apr-1930, Buck Grove, Iowa, USA; 
                m. ALICE FREUND, 06-Apr-1959, Earling, Shelby County, Iowa, USA.
	iii.	NORMA A. MILLER, b. 24-Feb-1932, Buck Grove, Iowa, USA; 
                m. ANTHONY BUELTEL, 29-Aug-1953, Omaha, NE, USA.
	iv.	VERNON JOSEPH MILLER, b. 07-Mar-1934, Buck Grove, Iowa, USA; 
                m. MARY MAGDELINE ECKERMAN, 14-May-1956, Defiance, Shelby County, Iowa, USA.
	v.	EUGENE F. MILLER, b. 17-Nov-1935, Buck Grove, Iowa, USA; 
                m. AUDREY HEITHOFF, 03-Sep-1960, Elgin, NE, USA.
	vi.	MARVIN ANTHONY MILLER, b. 13-Aug-1937, Buck Grove, Iowa, USA; 
                m. PATRICIA ANN GRIFFIN, 12-Oct-1959, Harlan, Iowa, USA.
	vii.	MARY CAROL MILLER, b. 20-Jan-1947, Defiance, Shelby County, Iowa, USA; 
                m. JOSEPH GROSS, 31-May-1969, Defiance, Shelby County, Iowa, USA.
	viii.	LARRY L. MILLER, b. 22-Mar-1942, Defiance, Shelby County, Iowa, USA; 
                m. ANN REEDER STEIMER, 24-Aug-1973, Omaha, NE, USA.

Contributed by Matt Miller, 5/30/97.