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CONTRIBUTE information regarding your Luxembourg Family Heritage in Shelby Co., Iowa.

View the Shelby Co. Lux Immigrants listed at the bottom of this page, and Post your Luxembourg descendant information here by contacting the County Coordinator.

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Luxembourg Research

  • The Bach-Dunn Collection of Luxembourgiana - Search Parish/Civil Records, 1600-1890 by Parish/Civil Name or search Tables Decennales, 1853-1863 by Surname. This site is located at the University of St. Thomas.
  • Luxembourg National Tourist Board - Official website with lots of photos and info about Luxembourg.
  • FamiLux - Luxembourg-American Genealogical Research.
  • The Luxembourg WorldGenWeb site - Lists of records available, queries, resources and other research info.
  • Genealogy BENELUX home page on Rootsweb with info about the soc.genealogy.benelux newsgroup for genealogy and family history discussion among people researching ancestors, family members, or others who have a genealogical connection to any people in any part of the Benelux countries (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg).
  • Luxembourg Lookups at the 'Books We Own' site.
  • Luxembourg Central including a Gazeteer with links to Luxembourg photos, a list of the 12 Luxembourg cantons, and some Luxembourg travel information.
  • RTL - Radio Television Luxembourg, news, information and entertainment portal.

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BOOK - "Luxembourgers in the New World"    (2 volumes)
VOLUME I is a 1987 reedition based on the work of Nicholas GONNER, "Die Luxemburger in der Neuen Welt", Dubuque, Iowa, 1889. Editors: Jean ENSCH, Jean-Claude MULLER, Robert E. OWEN. Publisher: Esch-sur-Alzette, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Editions-Reliures Schortgen. Sections in Volume I include:
Part I. The Luxembourger migration between 1840 and 1890.
Part II. Luxembourgers and Their Settlements in Various States of the Union (up to 1889), organized into; the East and South, New York State, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, The Dakotas, Missouri, Luxembourgers in California and the Northwestern States and Canada, as well as Commentary and Statistics on the Distribution of Luxembourger Settlements in the United States.
Part III. Aspects of the Luxembourger Presence in the United States.

VOLUME II contains an index of personal names and and of place-names (both foreign and domestic) taken from the "Luxembourger Gazette". The indexes list the publication date and page number(s) for each name of biographic or genealogical interest. For example, Shelby County is mentioned in articles from the following Gazette pages:
Dec 14,1886-pg 5; Feb 22,1887-pg 5; Nov 9,1897-pg 5; Nov 14,1899-pg 8; Jun 27,1911-pg 12; Jun 14,1889-pg 8; Jan 27,1914-pg 12.
There are also numerous pages mentioning Westphalia and other towns in Shelby County.

NEWSPAPER - "Luxembourger Gazette"
The Luxembourger Gazette was a newspaper (written in German) that Nicholas Gonner, and his son Nicholas, Jr., published in Dubuque, Iowa from 1871-1918. This 'newspaper' linked Luxembourgers living in various parts of the U.S. and informed subscribers in Luxembourg of news concerning their relatives and friends in the emigration. A complete set of the newspaper is located at Loras College, 11450 Ala Vista, Dubuque, Iowa, 52001. Microfilm of the "Luxembourger Gazette" may also be requested through your local library's inter-library loan service, or at the State Historical Society of Iowa in Iowa City. The FHC has the Gazette on microfilm... The film numbers are: 1844424 to 1844444. The FHC call number for the book "Luxembourgers to the New World" 973 W2lge.

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Luxembourg Family Connections

Luxembourg Family Researchers with Descendant information listed and linked here.
Check the Query Board also for more possible Luxembourg connections.


compliments of W. G. Langenfeld < wlangen@mac.com >
(contributions or corrections are welcome)
Legend: NAME; b. (Birth date); in (Birth location); m. (Spouse)

ALTMANN, Anna, b. 1869 in Eich, Ville, Lux. m. KENKEL, Nicholaus "Klaus"
BEHRENDT, Wilhelmina, b. 18 Oct 1879 in Iowa, m. SCHLEIMER, Anton
BISSEN, John M., b. 11 Nov 1857 in Luxembourg, m. GAUL, Mary
BRACK, Catharine, b. 12 Mar 1859 in Kaundorf, Wiltz, Lux. m. MOLITOR, Louis
BRACK, Ernest, b. in Iowa.
BRACK, Johann Baptist,b.5 Jul 1810 in Kaundorf,Wiltz,Lux m.THINNES,Anna Maria
BRACK, Josephine, b. 3 Mar 1853 in Kaundorf, Wiltz, Lux. m. GRAFF, Philipp
BRACK, Maria Anna,b.8 April 1849 in Kaundorf,Wiltz,Lux. m.BECKER/BAKER,George
BURGER, Magdalena, b. Abt 1858 in Iowa, m. MUELLER, John Peter
DUESEL, Kunigunda, b. 1848 in Bavaria, m. ENGEL, Johann
ENGEL, Johannn, b. 1841 in Luxembourg, m. DUESEL, Kunigunda
FLAMMANG, Maria, b. 1865 in Luxembourg, m. KENKEL, Bernard
FRIEDMANN, Susanna, b. 1856 near Luxembourg, Iowa, m. GAUL, Nicholaus
GAUL, Maria, b Abt 1862 in Luxembourg, m. BISSEN, John B.
GAUL, Nicholaus, b. 1851 in Pratz, Luxembourg, m. FRIEDMANN, Susanna
GOERES, Anna, b. 20 Nov 1878 in Iowa, m. MILLER, John Peter
GOERES, Peter, b. 17 May 1849 in Eschweiler, Wiltz, Lux. m. KOCH, Elisabetha
GOERES, Theodore, b. Abt 1861 in Eschweiler, Wiltz, Luxembourg
GOLLOBITH, Rosa, b. 1863 in Dubuque, Iowa, m. WILWERDING, Jacob
GRAFF, Phillipp, b. Abt 1848 in Luxembourg, m. BRACK, Josephine
HENNES, John, b. Aug 1841 in Luxembourg, m. TRESCH, Elisabetha
HERTERT, Charles, b. 1851 in Eich, Ville, Luxembourg, m. KAEUFER, Maria
HERTERT, Emiius, b. 1855 in Eich, Ville, Luxembourg, m. MUELLER, Maria
HERTERT, Josephina, b. 1879
HERTERT, Lucian, b. 1858 in Eich, Ville, Luxembourg
HERTERT, Mathias, b. 1822 in Eich,Ville, Luxembourg, m. PROBST, Catharina
HERTERT, Victor, b. 1856 in Eich, Ville, Luxembourg
HOMANN, Catharina, b. Abt 1860 in Luxembourg, m. WILWERDING, Michael
JEMMING, Anna Maria, b. 14 Apr 1841 in Kehlen,Capellen,Lux. m. KESSLER, Mathias
JEMMING, Margaretha
, b.12 May 1845 in Kehlen,Capellen,Lux. m.SCHWERY,Godfried
KAEUFER, Maria, b. Abt 1860 in Luxembourg, m. HERTERT, Charles
KAUFMANN, Peter, b. 8 Jul 1842 in Luxembourg, m. SCHECHINGER, Franciska
KENKEL, Bernard, b. 1857 in Luxembourg, m. FLAMMANG, Maria
KENKEL, John Peter, b.18 Jan 1849 in Weicherdange? Lux. m.SCHMITZ,Margaretha
KENKEL, Maria, b. 5 Dec 1877 in Weicherdange(?), Lux. m. WINGERT, Peter
KENKEL, Nicholas Peter, b. 25 Jan 1879
KENKEL, Nicholaus "Klaus", b. 1861 in Mecher, Wiltz, Lux. m.ALTMANN, Anna
KENKEL, Nickolaus, b. Abt 1854 in Mecher, Wiltz, Lux. m. PINTZ, Barbara
KENKEL, Theodore, b. Abt 1852 in Luxembourg, m. PETERS, Maria
KESSLER, Mathias, b. 20 Mar 1831 in Belgium (Lux), m. JEMMING, Anna Maria
KIMMEN, Michael, b. 19 Apr 1874 in Luxembourg, m. STRONK, Anna
KOCH, Elisabetha, b. Abt 1855 in Brachtenbach, Wiltz, Lux. m.GOERES, Peter
KUMMER, Catherina (Kate), b. Sep 27, 1840 in Canach, Remig, Lux.
   m. WILWERDING, Micheal
MAJERUS, Ave, b. 12 Jan 1846 in Luxembourg, m. WINGERT, Peter
MAJERUS, Marika,b. Mar 1848 in Luxembourg, m. SCHLEIMER, Jacob
MERT, Maria, b. Jun 12 1857 in NY, m.SCHILZ, John
MILLER, Michael, b. Abt 1845 in Kaundorf, Wiltz, Lux. m.SCHUMACHER,Catharine
MOLITOR, Louis, b. Abt 1855 in Wisconsin, m. BRACK, Catharine
MUELLER, Anna, b. Abt 1856 in Niederanven,Campagne, Lux. m. RUDEN, Jacob
MUELLER, John Peter, b.1855 in Niederanven,Campagne,Lux. m.BURGER, Magdalena
MUELLER, Karl H., b.1868 in Niederanven,Campagne Lux., m. SCHEURING, Angela
MUELLER, Katharine, b. 1849 in Niederanven,Campagne,Lux. m.SCHIEBER, Michael
MUELLER, Magdalena, b. 1851 in Niederanven,Campagne, Lux. m. RUDEN, Peter
MUELLER, Maria, b. Abt 1860 in Niederanven,Campagne,Lux. m. HERTERT, Emiius
MUELLER, Mathias, b.Abt 1818 in Niederanven,Campagne,Lux. m. ROCHELS, Maria
MUELLER, Matthias, b. Abt 1878 in
MUELLER, Peter, b. 5 Jun 1868 in Elkader, Clayton County, IA, m.GOERES, Anna
PETERS, Maria, b. Abt 1857 in Luxembourg, m. KENKEL, Theodore
PINTZ, Barbara, b. in Iowa, m. KENKEL, Nickolaus
PROBST, Catharina, b. in Luxembourg, m. HERTERT, Mathias
RIES, Katharine, b. Abt 1840 in Luxembourg, m. RUDEN, Johann Peter
ROCHELS, Maria, b. Abt 1821 in Luxembourg, m. MUELLER, Mathias
RUDEN, Elisabetha, b. 12 Aug 1880 in Luxembourg, m. JACOBI, William
RUDEN, Jacob, b. Abt 1851 in Luxembourg, m. MUELLER, Anna
RUDEN, Johann Peter, b. 1839 in Luxembourg, m. RIES, Katharine
RUDEN, Peter, b. 1842 in Luxembourg, m. MUELLER, Magdalena
SCHECHINGER, Franciska, b. 28 Dec 1858 in Bavaria, m. KAUFMANN, Peter
SCHEURING, Angela, b. 1867 in Henry, Illinois, m. MUELLER, Karl H.
SCHIEBER, Michael, b. Abt 1844 in Luxembourg, m. MUELLER, Katharine
SCHILZ, John, b. Nov 3, 1827 in Luxembourg, m. MERT, Maria
SCHLEIMER, Anton, b. 29 Aug 1869 in Luxembourg, m. BEHRENDT, Wilhelmina
SCHLEIMER, Jacob,b. Abt 1836 in Luxembourg, m. MAJERUS, Marika
SCHMITZ, Margaretha, b. 3 Jun 1847 in Luxembourg, m. KENKEL, John Peter
SCHMITZ, Peter, b. 25 Nov 1881 in Luxembourg, m. WINDESHAUSEN, Catharina
SCHRAMM, Nicollaus, b. Abt 1841 in Luxembourg, m. THIELEN, Catharina
SCHUMACHER, Catharine Abt 1847 in Arsdorf, Wiltz, Lux. m. MILLER, Michael
SCHWERY, Godfried, b. 18 Jun 1835 in Switzerland, m. JEMMING, Margaretha
SCHWERY, John A., b.10 Sep 1873 in Illinois, m. SCHMITZ, Mary
THINNES, Anna Maria, b. in Luxembourg, m. BRACK, Johann Baptist
TRESCH, Elisabetha, b. Aug 1844 in Luxembourg, m. HENNES, John
WARK, Theresia, b. 1867 in Luxembourg, m. WINDESHAUSEN, Nicholas
WILWERDING, Anna, b.25 Jun 1866 in Luxembourg, m. SCHABEN, Adolph
WILWERDING, Jacob, b. Nov 1862 in Canach, Remig, Lux., m. GOLLOBITH, Rosa
WILWERDING, Micheal, b. Mar 7, 1836 in Canach, Remig, Lux. m. KUMMER, Catherina
WINDESHAUSEN, Catharina, b. 12 Dec 1890 in Iowa, m. SCHMITZ, Peter
WINDESHAUSEN, Nicholas, b. 1856 in Luxembourg, m. WARK, Theresia
WINGERT, Peter, b. 24 Jan 1832 in Luxembourg, m. MAJERUS, Eva
WINGERT, Peter, b. 10 Jul 1868 in Missouri, m. KENKEL, Maria

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Descended Families

Links to Descendant information for Luxembourgers in Shelby County, Iowa.
Jean-Baptist BRACK was born in Watrange, Kanton Harlange, Luxembourg, on 5 July 1810. He married Anne-Marie THINNES from Luxembourg. He came to Shelby County, Iowa in 1875. Descendant information provided by Marlene Ricci on 5/7/97.

Peter GOERES was born 17 May 1849 in Eschweiler, Wiltz, Luxembourg. Peter married Elisabeth KOCH, who was also born in Luxembourg. He arrived in Shelby County in the 1870's. Descendant information provided by Matt Miller on 10/23/97.

Michel MULLER (MILLER) was born About 1845 in Kaundorf, Wiltz, Luxembourg. Michel married Cathrina SCHUMACHER from Luxembourg. He came to Shelby County, Iowa about 1873. Descendant information provided by Matt Miller on 5/30/97.

John SCHILZ was born in Luxembourg, Germany, November 3, 1827. He came to the U.S. in 1852, married Maria MERT in 1856 and later settled in Shelby County, Iowa. Descendant information provided by Matt Miller on 5/30/97.

Margaret JEMMING was born in Kehlen, Luxembourg in May 1845. She married Godfried SCHWERY and they settled in Shelby County, Iowa in 1880. Descendant information provided by Dennis Walsh on 5/31/97.
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