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Ringgold County, Iowa

In an attempt to provide a more convenient method of delivering mail to the early settlers of Ringgold County, Iowa, than relying upon the stage coaches, two Star Routes were established. One route ran from Grant City, Missouri, to Mount Ayr, Iowa. The second route ran from Bedford, Iowa, through Blockton and on to the "Old Redding" town site. At this time, there was a post office at Ingart Grove, located a few miles northeast of the present-day town site of Redding, Iowa.

The post office at Ingart Grove was founded in September 26, 1860, with Milton TRULLINGER as the postmaster. Mrs. Mary M. MILLER assumed the job as postmaster on November 25, 1863, and held the position until March 18, 1864.

During this time, the post office was located within the home of the postmaster. Here, people would come to conduct their postal business, picking up and sending off their mail.

L. ARNETT assumed duties as Ingart Grove's postmaster on March 18, 1864. He held the office for three months. Milton TRULLINGER again became the postmaster, holding the position until March 7, 1865. Henry GLENDENNING was the postmaster from March 8, 1865 until July 27, 1871. Milton TRULLINGER assumed the postion for a third time, holding the office from 1871 to 1876.

William ROBERTS was Ingart Grove's postmaster from 1876 until March 28, 1878. Della STEADMAN was named postmaster from March 29, 1878 until October 3, 1881. Louisa F. CHAMBERLIN was the postmaster from October 4, 1881 until December 21, 1885. On June 20, 1883, Ingart Grove was renamed Ingart. Salley L. GUTHRIE was Ingart's postmaster from December 22, 1885 until October 24, 1888, when Jane E. HAGANS assumed the office, holding it until Ingart's post office was discontinued on April 18, 1894, and the mail was then delivered to the newly founded town of "New" Redding.

Ingart's last post office was located in Jane E. HAGANS' home located east of the Middle Fork Cemetery and Middle Fork Methodist Church, approximately 5 miles east of Redding. Isaac CLAYBURG carried the mail three times a week between Redding and Ingart, either on horseback or driving a one-horse cart. At Redding, the mail was placed into saddle bags and then the postmaster would lock the bags with a key. Once he arrived at Ingart, the postmaster would then unlock the saddle bags and distribute the mail. Often one person would collect the mail for several families within the neighborhood.

Jane E. HAGANS rented her farm to W. B. MEKEMSON and his family a few years after the Ingart post office was closed in 1894. Later, William GRAY rented the farm and resided there until 1910. Homer DENNEY rented the farm and later purchased it from Mrs. HAGANS in 1913.

SOURCE: DENNEY, Mrs. Homer. "History Highlights: Notes from the Ringgold County Historical Society." Redding, Iowa: The First Hundred Years: 1882-1982 p. 79.

Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, September of 2009

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