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Stories of Life on the Rivers


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The Mississippi

The Missouri

F. E. Deggendorf Leander G. Dolson Stephen I. Dolson Thomas Dolson
William Dolson Jessie Preston Farley John P. Farley George Ord Karrick
Capt. Thomas Levens Capt. Joshua W. Parker H. L. Ryder John G. Scott
Samuel Scott Edward Specht John Specht, Jr. Werner Specht
Norman E. Tibbals William R.Tibbals Marshall Walker Capt. N.F. Webb
W. E. Wellington G. R. West Capt. W.B. Yates Alexander Young
J.P. Kennedy      
Captain Vincent Peele and Henry Bell Ross Scandrett and Benetta Cook Captain August Reimers
Captain Ruben Owen & Mary Rambo Capt. Daniel C. Law & Capt. Albert F. Hollingsworth
Wm. R. Tibbals Early Days on the River at Montrose
Joseph Wilson  
Then and Now

The Active, Minnie Will The Union?

Rafting on the Mississippi

Montrose, Iowa Rivermen Muscatine, Iowa Rivermen  
Black Hawk, Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6  

Announcement by E. H. Thomas to Burlington Post

Cover Page



When Rafters Ruled - The Career of Capt. Jerome E. Short

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Ruth Van nt Grant Van Sant Elias Van Sant
John Wesley Van Sant Adam Clarke Van Sant Samuel R. Van Sant
Paul and Gertie Van Sant Lydia Van Sant James B. Eads
Sketch of S. R. VanSant Two Governors and a Anniversary
Letters from S.R. Van Sant to Capt. George B. Merrick  

The Jennie Gilchrist,  part 1

The Jennie Gilchrist,  part 2

The Jennie Gilchrist,  part 3

The Jennie Gilchrist,  part 4 The Jennie Gilchrist,  part 5 The Jennie Gilchrist,  part 6
The Jennie Gilchrist,  part 7 The Jennie Gilchrist,  part 8 Gilchrist  &  Schuler,  part 9
Charles Falkner    
Abner Bagley William W. Burns Capt. William M. Dalzell
Matthew Dalzell Capt. Decker Dixon Thomas Dixon
George Le Claire Charles Oleson George Rebuer
Capt. Christian W. Schricker Robert Rebuer John Schroeder

Murder on 'The Dubuque' 

Murder on 'The Dubuque', part 2 

Murder on 'The Dubuque', part 3  

Murder on 'The Dubuque', part 4 

Murder on 'The Dubuque', part 5

Murder on 'The Dubuque', part 6 

Murder on 'The Dubuque', part 7

Murder on 'The Dubuque', photos


Great Race Between "Nominee" and "Dr. Franklin, No. 2",  17 Sept. 1921

When Rafters Ruled

"From New Orleans to St. Louis Fastest Time on Record",  25 Jun 1870

Steamboat Races

Great Race on the Upper River, 06 Apr 1906


Circus Gangs and Other Bad Men

Murder on the Steamer Muscatine

Riot on the Dubuque

Recipe for Murder

Kelleys or Clancys

Stabbing of James Holden

What Happened to Bertha Knaack A Raft Pilot's Log

Old Times on the Mississippi by J. D. Barnes

The Steamer Lilly & Logs

Life and Adventures of Stephen B. Hanks

Recollections of the Old River

On the River by Capt. Walter A. Blair

The Real Story of the Lansing Explosion

The Old Des Moines Rapids Canal

Ferry Boats on the Upper Mississippi River

Life on the Main Deck

Down the Ohio and Up the Mississippi in 1823

A Compilation of Burlington River Men

The Good Old Days on the Mississippi River

Iowa Steamboat Wars

History of Packet Lines and Steamboats

Steamboat Disasters on the Rivers

Recollections of A. D. Summers

When the RI Road Reached the River, The Famous Excursion Train of 1854

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