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Montrose, Iowa



Compiled by Georgeann McClure




Anderson, George Gerboth, Henry Ruby, E. Jerome
  Gillespie, Charles Ruby, Oscar Mills
Barber, J. P. Goodnough, Rufus, Capt. Ruby, Homer Sheldon (Shell)
Best, George   Ruby, Perry
Best, James Hartley, Thomas  
Brierly, James, Capt. Hilton, George Schroeder, Henry
Brierly, Samuel   Speake, Charles
Brierly, Thomas H., Capt. Lewis, Marcina Speake, Sam
    Speake, Samuel Carlton
Campbell, Andrew McBride, Steve Speake, Samuel L., Capt.
Campbell, James W. Morris, W. J. Speake, Valentine
Cay, H. M.   Stewart, Edward
Cheeseman, M, (Michael) Omen (Owen?) George Stiner, Thomas
Cooper, Elishia Owen, Ephriam  
  Owen, George West, Harrison
Davis, D. C. Owen, Robert West, Hugh
Davis, Frank, Pilot Owens, William West, James
Faris, Charley, Capt.   White, William
Farris (Faris), Eugene Patton, C. H. White, William
Farris (Faris), Joseph Patton, F. D. (Dee) Withrow, Mordacai
Faris, Robert Patton, H. M. Withrow, S. B.
Ferrin, Joseph   Williams, S. A.
Ferrin, Joseph    

Collected and Transcribed by

Georgeann McClure


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