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Alumni and Ex-Students of Iowa State College

...with notes from 1917

Class of 1910

Adams, H.E. B.S. in C.E. At. Gulf & Pac. Co., Galveston, Texas    
Reedy, Edna B.S. Schaller, Iowa ANDRE  
Andrews, Earle D. B.S. in C.E. 319 So. Barclay St., Waterloo, Iowa    
Armstrong, Alice B.S.  225 Central Ave., Wilmette, Ill.    
Athanasion, Basil B.S. in Agron. Belgrad, Bessarabia, Russia    
Austin, Fred H. B.S. in C.E. Webster City, Iowa    
Baker, Henry R. B.S. in Mn. E. Grand Forks, N.D.    
Baker, Margaret B.S. Menominee, Wis.    
Barry, O.T. B.S. in M.E. 1739 5th Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa    
Barndt, H.P. B.S. in M.E. not given    
Beattie, W.S. B.S. in C.E. Charles City, Iowa    
Beecher, M.F. B.S. in Cer. Station A, Ames, Iowa    
Beinhart, E.G.
[E.A. Benhart]
B.S. U.S. Dept. of Ag., Washington, D.C.   Alumni Assoc. Officers (Washington, D.C.)
Bergman, H.D. D.V.M. Ames, Iowa    
Beuck, Henry B.S., A.H. Avoca, Iowa    
Black, W.H. B.S. in A.H. Ft. Dodge, Iowa    
Blackburn, J.R. B.S. in A.H. Royal, Nebr.    
Blumenscheinm, E.W. B.S. in C.E. Station A, Ames, Iowa    
Board, A.R. B.S. in E.E. 204 Telephone Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.    
Boden, A.G. B.S. in C.E. Mitchell, Nebr.    
Bolling, A.J. B.S. in M.E. c/o C.A. Dunham Co., Toronto, Ont.    
Bolles, L.C. B.S. in C.E. County Surveyor, Lewiston, Mont.    
Booher, Edith B.S. 1620 Jackson St., Sioux City, Iowa   Alumni Assoc. Officers (Sioux City)
Brown, C.W. D.V.M. 914 Orville Ave., Kansas City, Mo.    
Bullen, A.C. B.S. in M.E. Box 64, Swink, Colo.    
Burger, A.A. B.S. in Agron. Cedar Falls, Iowa    
Butler, D.V. B.S. in C.E. Charles City, Iowa    
Cable, E.Y. B.S. in Agron. Cedar Falls, Iowa    
Calonkey, Josephine B.S. Woodward, Iowa    
Campbell, G.S. B.S. in M.E. 80 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Ill.    
Carson, H.J. B.S. in M.E. Muscatine, Iowa    
Carlson, R.Q. B.S. in A.H. Meriden, Iowa    
Houghton, May B.S. Strathmore, Calif. CHASE  
Chase, O.A. B.S. in C.E. 2807 17th Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minn.    
Chatterton, Ralph B.S. in E.E. 146 E. Euchlid Ave., Des Moines, Iowa    
Cheney, H.E. B.S. in A.H. Emerson, Iowa    
Clark, Sadie B.S. 1205 Clark Ave., Ames, Iowa    
Cleveland, W.J. D.V.M. Rocky Ford, Colo.    
Cline, J.D. D.V.M. Clarion, Iowa    
Collins, Floyd F. B.S. in A.H. Raymond, S.D.    
Conger, Carol B.S. Adel, Iowa    
Cooley, D.M. B.S. in M.E. 9 Skillern Bldg., Little Rock, Ark.   Alumni Notes: D.M. Cooley (CE), who is with the Howe Scale Co., was recently transferred from Portland, Ore. To San Francisco.
Cooney, F.H. B.S. in E.E. Anna Arbor, Mich. Old address  
Cooper, A.R. B.S. in E.E. Marshalltown, Iowa    
Cooper, E.E. B.S. in A.H. Corning, Iowa    
Copeland, Frank B. D.V.M. Logan, Iowa    
Corlette, Lyle H. B.S. in M.E. & B.S. in E.E. Box 762 Schenectady, N.Y.    
Coutts, H.G. B.S. in C.E. 1202 Hamilton Ave., Grinnell, Iowa   Alumni Notes:  Harry G. Coutts (CE) is building superintendent for the M.J. Hoffman Construction Co.  He is at present located at South Bend, Ind.
Cover, L.G. B.S. in E.E. National Lamp Ass'n., Cleveland, Ohio    
Cox, I.W. B.S. in C.E. 4124 62d St. S.E., Portland, Ore.    
Cox, L.W. B.S. in C.E. 412 W. 15th St., Des Moines, Iowa    
Coykendall, Claude B.S. in C.E. Highway Commission, Ames    
Creel, E.J. B.S. in A.H. Apartado 1999, Mexico City, Mex.    
Crewdson, A.B. D.V.M.   deceased  
Crowley, P.W. B.S. in Dy. 338 Ewing St., Des Moines, Iowa    
Dahlby, Isaac E. B.S. in A.H. Collins, Sask.    
Davis, C.W. B.S. in A.H. Jefferson, Iowa    
Davis, R.E. B.S. in M.E. Ext. Dept. Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa    
Chase, Maud B.S. in D.E. 2807 17th Ave. South, Minneapolis, Minn. DEAL  
Dorsey, S.H. B.S. in M.E. 231 S. Clairmont Ave., Springfield, Ohio    
Dragoun, F.A. B.S. in C.E. Iowa State College, Ames    
Drury, W.F. B.S. in C.E. Waterville, Maine    
Eby, C.W. B.S. in C.E. 512 W. 11th St., Waterloo, Iowa    
Edmunds, W.E. B.S. in M.E.   deceased  
Egan, Chas. B. B.S. in C.E.   deceased  
Estel, Edw. S. B.S. in Dy. Ia. State Dairy Ass'n., Waterloo, Iowa    
Bush, Edna B.S. Ames, Iowa EVERETT  
Evers, H.C. D.V.M. Goldfield, Iowa    
Ewen, Earl B.S. in A.H. Beardsley, Minn. Old address  
Fedderson, M.H. B.S. in A.H. Bryant, Iowa    
Ferguson, Myrtle B.S. in D.E. Peru, Nebr.    
Forrest, Augustus B.S. in Dy. Garner, Iowa    
Forsbeck, C.D. B.S. in C.E. Audubon, Iowa    
Fowler, E.S. B.S. in C.E. Room 1832, 72 W. Adams St., Chicago, Ill.    
France, B.L. B.S. in A.H. Moville, Iowa    
Fultz, T.G. D.V.M. Pella, Iowa    
Gilbert, Ray D.V.M. Milton, Kans.    
Norman, Edith B.S. in D.E. Conway, Kans. GLIDDEN  
Gockley, W.L. B.S. in M.E. Des Moines, Iowa    
Graham, Chas. H. B.S. in A.H. The Knolls, Barrington, Ill.    
Graham, Rob't D.V.M. Exp. Station Univ. of Ky., Lexington, Ky.    
Gray, R.B. B.S. in A.E. Des Moines, Iowa    
Greene, S.R. B.S. in C.E. Pierre, S.D. Old address  
Elijah, Murl B.S. Clarence, Iowa GREER  
Gregory, C.V. B.S. in A.H. Prairie Farmer, Chicago, Ill.    
Griffith, Bessie B.S. Chico, Calif.    
Holcomb, Inez B.S. in D.E. Fayetteville, N.C. HALLOWELL  
Hamilton, J.W. D.V.M. Hawarden, Iowa    
Harp, P.W. B.S. in A.H. Pleasantville, Iowa    
Haskins, W.A. B.S. in A.H. Whitten, Iowa    
Haw, E.P. B.S. in C.E. University Club, Ancon, Canal Zone    
Heggin, Albin M. B.S. in A.H. Carlisle, Iowa    
Hendricks, C.W. B.S. in Agron. Spring Valley, Minn.    
Herbert, H.M. B.S. in A.H. Breeder's Gazette, Chicago, Ill.    
Hill, H.T. B.S. 1135 Tennessee St., Lawrence, Kans.    
Horton, J.O. B.S. in C.E. Y.M.C.A., Gary, Ind.    
Hoyt, S.H. B.S. in C.E. Des Moines Bridge & Iron Co. Des Moines, Ia    
Hubbard, Homer B.S. in M.E. Station A, Ames, Iowa    
Hukill, E.C. B.S. in A.H. Des Moines, Iowa    
Hyland, Jno. B.S. in C.E. Osceola, Iowa    
Johnson, G.B. B.S. in E.E.   deceased  
Johnson, F.B. B.S. in E.E. 1515 W. Monroe St., Chicago, Ill.    
Johnson, W.D. B.S. in C.E. Waterloo, Iowa    
Joiner, M.W. B.S. in A.H. Maquoketa, Iowa    
Jones, F.O. B.S. in C.E. Fairmont, Minn.    
Jones, Helen M. B.S. in D.E. Park Rapids, Minn.    
Ka Del, Orpha B.S. Ames, Iowa    
Kemler, C.H. B.S. in C.E. Dubuque, Iowa    
Kendall, R.W. B.S. in M.E. 701-2 Terre Haute Trust Bldg, Terre Haute, Ind.    
Knudson, Susie B.S. Ames, Iowa    
Korf, E.T. B.S. in C.E. Newton, Iowa    
Kraft, J.H. B.S. in C.E. Des Moines, Iowa    
Kyhl, L.C. B.S. in E.E. Box 745, Clifton, Ariz.    
Landes, G.B. B.S. in M.E. 534 So. Lawndale, Chicago, Ill.    
Lane, W.G. B.S. in M.E. 124 W. 4th St., Los Angeles, Calif.    
Langseth, Ruth B.S. in D.E. Salt Lake City, Utah    
Laughlin, Floyd B.S. in A.H. Osage, Iowa    
Law, V.V. B.S. in M.E. Richard, Sask.    
Leffler, J.M. B.S. in A.H. Stockport, Iowa    
Lemon, L.C. B.S. in C.E. 117 No. 12th St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa    
Lockwood, Howard M. B.S. in A.H. Central City, Iowa    
Loring, David M. B.S. in C.E. 316 Barker St., Peoria, Ill.    
Lungren, A. B.S. in Ag. E. Boone, Iowa    
Libby, Anna B.S. in D.E. 532 Ave. C., Snohomish, Wash. MADSON  
Madson, Nina B.S. 155 Pike Ave., Ames, Iowa    
Mann, F.D. B.S. in Agron. Ashland, Ore.    
Mantor, H.O. D.V.M. Orange, Calif.    
Mason, J.W. B.S. in E.E. 238 Park Ave., Ben Avon, Pa.   Pittsburgh Alumni Banquet
Matter, Otto B.S. in E.E. Waukon, Iowa    
Maytag, L.B. B.S. in M.E. Newton, Iowa    
McArthur, Wm. B.S. in A.H. Mason City, Iowa    
McCall, Thos. M. B.S. in Hort. N.W. School of Agr., Crookston, Minn.    
McCormick, Rob't B.S. in E.E. 1230 23d St., Des Moines, Iowa    
McCulloch, B.E. D.V.M. Eagle Grove, Iowa    
McCullough, C.B. B.S. in C.E. Ames, Iowa    
McElroy, D.W. B.S. in E.E. Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N.Y.    
Menary, A.R. D.V.M. 122 A. Ave. East, Cedar Rapids, Iowa    
Mercer, J.M. B.S. in E.E. 319 W. Ontario St., Chicago, Ill.    
Merten, C.F. B.S. in C.E. Bu. Of Lands, Manilla, P.I.    
Meyer, J.E. B.S. in C.E. Mead, Wash.    
Miller, H.C. B.S. in C.E. 20 Pike Blk., Bellingham, Wash.    
Miller, R.E. B.S. in C.E. 432 Central Bldg., Seattle, Wash.    
Cooper, Maud B.S. 128 Marshall St., Boone, Iowa MIRICK  
Morrison, G.W. B.S. in M.E. Ingersoll Rand Co., New York City    
Murray, Chas. B.S. Ames, Iowa    
Myerly, H.B. B.S. in M.E. 1700 Oakland Ave., Des Moines, Iowa    
Myers, L.C. B.S. in A.H. Shell Rock, Iowa    
Myers, Boyd S. B.S. in C.E. Ames, Iowa    
Nelson, Geo. M. B.S. in A.H. Goldfield, Iowa    
Nicolay, Jas. J. B.S. in M.E. Postville, Iowa    
Noble, J.A. B.S. in E.E. 2420 18th Ave., Rock Island, Ill.    
Nygren, H.J. D.V.M. Waverly, Iowa    
O'Donnell, M.W. B.S. in A.H. Mantorville, Minn.    
O'Leary, J.E. B.S. in C.E. 50 Church St., New York City    
Pettinger, Athyl B.S. in D.E. 126 12th St., Idaho Falls, Idaho OLSON  
Palmer, W.H. B.S. in C.E. 201 So. Independence Ave., Rockford, Ill.    
Pammel, Edna B.S. Emmett, Idaho    
Anderson, Amy B.S. in D.E. 711 No. 7th St., Keokuk, Iowa PARSONS  
Pearson, A.F. B.S. in A.H. Washington, Iowa    
Peters, C.H. B.S. in E.E.   deceased  
Pooley, R.J. B.S. in C.E. Greene, Iowa    
Prouty, E.D. B.S. in C.E. Sears-Roebuck Co., Dallas, Texas    
Randau, Fred B.S. in A.H. Ames, Iowa    
Reeves, A.B. B.S. in C.E. Mitchell, Nebr.    
Davis, Coral B.S. in D.E. Knoxville, Iowa ROBERTS  
Rudnick, Arthur W. B.S. in Dv. Dept. Ia State College, Ames, Iowa    
Sanders, J.S. D.V.M. Paullina, Iowa    
Schader, F.M. B.S. in C.E. Sunnyside, Wash.    
Schemann, Carl H. B.S. in C.E. Ames, Iowa    
Schrader, E.F. B.S. in E.E. Davenport, Iowa    
Scoates, Daniel B.S. in C.E. Ag. College, Miss.    
Semmons, Mildred B.S. 802 Burnett Ave., Ames, Iowa    
Sherwood, R.M. B.S. in A.H. Iowa State College, Ames    
Simpson, J.W. B.S. in Agron. Whittemore, Iowa    
Sloan, M.L. B.S. in E.E. 101 Taylor Rd. East, Cleveland, Ohio    
Soth, A.A. B.S. in M.E 1543 C. Ave. East, Cedar Rapids, Iowa    
Sprague, A.W. D.V.M. Crawford, Nebr. Old address  
Springer, Spencer B.S. in E.E. Eddyville, Iowa Old address  
Steigerwalt, Sam B.S. in C.E. Nevada, Iowa    
Knapp, Laura B.S. in D.E. 815 8th St., Ames, Iowa STORMS  
Taylor, I.I. B.S. in C.E. Golden, Colo.    
Tellier, G.H. B.S. in Dy. Dairy Com., State House, Des Moines, Iowa    
Keipp, Helen B.S. Kerens, Texas THOMAS  
Thomas, Roy B.S. in Mn. E. Box 514, Miami, Ariz.    
Thompson, Jno. I. B.S. in A.H. Davis, Calif.    
Thornburg, M.G. B.S. in A.H. Ames, Iowa   Alumni Assoc. Officers (Ames)
Thornton, H.L. B.S. in A.H. Millersburg, Ill. Old address  
Tracy, F.E. B.S. in A.H. Nashua, Iowa    
Trullinger, Rob't W. B.S. in C.E. 918 B. St., S.E., Washington, D.C.    
Van Meter, M.E. B.S. in E.E. Box 762 Schenectady, N.Y.    
Van Slyke, Fred C. B.S. in C.E. Amer. Bridge Co., Gary, Ind.    
Mantor, Inez B.S. in D.E. 406 So. Glassel St., Orange, Calif. VINCENT  
Waggoner, J.E. B.S. in A.E. International Harv. Co., Chicago, Ill.    
Wagner, Herbert W. B.S. in E.E. Eng. Exp. Station, Ames, Iowa    
Wakefield, Helen B.S. in D.E. 1708 Hayward St., Seattle, Wash.   Alumni Assoc. Officers (Seattle & Northwest)
Walker, H.B. B.S. in C.E. 1011 Osage St., Manhatan, Kans.    
Wallace, H.A. B.S. in A.H. Des Moines, Iowa    
Schreiber, Helen B.S. in D.E. Watertown, S.D. WATTS  
Wells, Walter T. B.S. in E.E. 3905 Tejon St., Denver, Colo.    
Wentworth, W.A. B.S. in Agron. Waverly, Iowa   Alumni Notes: Allerton Wentworth (Agron) was recently chosen county agent for Kossuth county.  His headquarters will be at Algona, Ia.
Wettengel, Frank B.S. in E.E. Stone & Webster Co., Houston, Texas    
Whalen, W.T. B.S. in E.E. 1325 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa.    
Beadle, Myrtle B.S. Ames, Iowa WHITE  
White, Ross B.S. in C.E. R.F.D. Turlock, Calif.    
Winslow, L.M. B.S. in A.H. Belle Plaine, Iowa    
Wood, J.R. B.S. in M.E. 34 Trumball St., New Haven, Conn.    
Yeomans, H.C. B.S. in M.E. Ames, Iowa    
Yocum, J.R. B.S. in E.E. 601 Chambers Ave., Peoria, Ill.    
Young, Geo. H. B.S. in Agron. Marshall Wells Hdw. Co., Portland, Ore.    
Skinner, Grace none 97 Kenmore Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. Ex-student; AKIN  
Barber, Sam none Kanawha, Iowa Ex-student  
Blair, Warren none 815 Walnut St., Webster City, Iowa Ex-student  
Black, Clyde none Panora, Iowa Ex-student  
Bliss, Chas. F. none Saguache, Colo. Ex-student  
Bossert, H.B. none Primghar, Iowa Ex-student  
Browne, Herman H. none Knoxville, Iowa Ex-student  
Sievers, Lucetta none Alta, Iowa Ex-student; CAMERON  
Carlsen, Elise none St. Ansgar, Iowa Ex-student  
Carpenter, Burton A. none Antigo, Wis. Ex-student  
Coldren, C.M. JR none Milford, Iowa Ex-student  
Crawford, A.R. none Northfield, Minn. Ex-student  
Day, Wm. H. none Hedge Hill Farm, North Lima, Ohio Ex-student  
Davenport, Laura M. none Odebolt, Iowa Ex-student  
Dewey, Arthur O. none Indianola, Iowa Ex-student  
Evans, Julia P. none Marcus, Iowa Ex-student  
Gowdey, Lewis none Dexter, Iowa Ex-student  
Greenwald, Carl C. none Ft. Sill, Okla. Ex-student  
Habercorn, J.B. none Rodeny Farm, Libertyville, Ill. Ex-student  
Hanna, Harvey E. none Grand View, Idaho Ex-student  
Hanson, R.E. none Forest City, Iowa Ex-student  
Hayes, Grant L. none Mt. Ayr, Iowa Ex-student  
Hicks, Geo. R. none U.S. Army, 26th Inf., Texas City, Texas Ex-student  
Higley, Fred M. none 1710 7th Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ex-student  
Hutton, M.L. none Wapello, Iowa Ex-student Alumni Notes: M.L. Hutton (Ex) is county engineer of Des Moines county. His headquarters are at Burlington.
Scott, Elizabeth none 503 E. Boone St., Ames, Iowa Ex-student; JOHNSTON  
Kirstein, J.E. none Clarion, Iowa Ex-student Attended ISC 3 yrs.; Polled Hereford cattle breeder; owner of Pine Grove Farm in Wright co. Iowa; biography
Kelsey, C.J. none Iowa Falls, Iowa Ex-student  
McComb, R.L. none Paullina, Iowa Ex-student  
McCord, Ralph E. none Barley, Mont. Ex-student  
McKibbin, Guy none Rembrandt, Iowa Ex-student  
Meacham, H.A. none Richland, Iowa Ex-student  
Elwell, Marie none National Stock Yards, Ill. Ex-student; MELLOR  
Morrow, Clarence H. none 1472 W. 112th St., Cleveland, Ohio Ex-student  
Peters, C.R. none Winterset, Iowa Ex-student  
Pinney, Floyd W. none Humboldt, Iowa Ex-student  
Pitts, Eva L. none Alton, Iowa Ex-student  
Smith, Ruth E. none 511 Blondeau St., Keokuk, Iowa Ex-student  
Strong, Harry L. none Humboldt, Iowa Ex-student  
Tone, Elmer J. none 139 No. Clark St., Chicago, Ill. Ex-student  
Slyke, Paul B. none 1520 Mondamin Ave., Des Moines, Iowa Ex-student  
Van Fossen, Ralph E. none Luseland, Sask. Ex-student  
West, E.C. none 679 42d St., Des Moines, Iowa Ex-student  
Winchell, I.J. none 25th & Cottage Gr., Woods Motor Vehicle Co., Chicago, Ill. Ex-student  
Wilmarth, R.H. none 265 Spring St., Aurora, Ill. Ex-student  
Wolcott, H.A. none Belmond, Iowa Ex-student  
Wood, Herman N. none Iowa Falls, Iowa Ex-student  
Woods, L.A. none Fonda, Iowa Ex-student  
Hoopes, Amy       Alumni Assoc. Officers (Muscatine co.)
[transcriber's note: this woman was not listed in the 1914 directory]


General Transcription notes
~Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the IAGenWeb Iowa History Project
1) The Alumnus of Iowa State College; Alumni Directory, June, 1914, Vol. IX, No. 9
2) The Alumnus of Iowa State College, April, 1917, Vol XII, No. 7

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