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Alumni and Ex-Students of Iowa State College

...with notes from 1917

Alumni Association Branch
Officers, 1917

Branch & Name Position in 1917 ISC Class 1917 Address
Stanton, E.W. Honorary President 1872 Ames, Ia
German, Burt President 1895 401 S & L Bldg., Des Moines, Ia
Fish, Don E. Vice-president 1906 Mt. Pleasant, Ia
Fowler, Myrtle (Little) Recording secretary 1896 Ames, Ia
Knapp, Herman Treasurer 1883 Ames, Ia
Jones, Ward M. General secretary 1897 Ames, Ia
Two Year Branch      
Nettleton, W.D. President 1913 Whiting, Ia
Jones, C.C. Vice-president 1914 Missouri Valley, Ia
Hanson, F.B. Secretary-Treasurer 1913 Inwood, Ia
Ames, Ia. Branch      
Beyer, S.W. President 1889 Ames, Ia
Thornburg, M.G. Vice-president 1910 Ames, Ia
Evinger, Mae (Jackson) Secretary 1906 Ames, Ia
Blackhawk Co. Branch      
Miller, Geo. W. President 1903 Waterloo
Cerro Gordo Co. Branch      
Frost, Geo. E. Executive Committee Ex-'03 not given
Simpson, I.J. Executive Committee 1908 not given
Farmer, Geo. E. Executive Committee 1909 not given
Moore, H.I. Executive Committee 1906 not given
Wakeman, R.P. Executive Committee Ex-'11 not given
Jones, Ira W. Executive Committee 1903 not given
Root, Walter Executive Committee 1911 not given
Chicago Branch Meeting of the Chicago Branch    
Evans, A.L. President 1904 608 Dearborn St., Chicago
Cooley, C.H. Vice-president 1911 605 St. Clair St., Chicago
Harris, C.E. Secretary-Treasurer 1909 2717 Pine Grove Ave., Chicago
Colorado Branch      
Garard, G.A. President 1876 Brighton
Whiting, F. Vice-president not given Denver
Corvallis, Ore. Branch      
Bevan, W.E. President 1904 not given
Edgecomb, Rex Secretary-Treasurer 1911 not given
Dallas Co. Branch      
Kulp, Dr. A.I. President 1909 Adel
Des Moines Branch      
Corry, E.C. President 1892 not given
Marsh, Ione (Weatherby) Secretary 1884 1700 W. 9th St.
Detroit, Mich. Branch      
McCain, Geo. L. President 1909 995 Virginia St.
Kelly, W.T. Secretary 1902 Pere Marquette Ry.
Floyd Co. Branch      
Frudden, C.E. President 1909 Charles City
Nazaarine, E.G. Secretary 1909 Charles City
Hamilton Co. Branch      
Henderson, O.J. President 1898 Webster City
Austin, R.G. Secretary 1904 Webster City
Idaho Branch      
McElroy, H.E. President not given Boise, Idaho
Ashby, H.P. Secretary-Treasurer not given Boise, Idaho
Kansas City Branch      
Govier, G.S. President 1887 3304 Karnes Blvd
Spencer, Nat Vice-president 1888 3727 Warwick Blvd
Wind, Hortense Secretary-Treasurer 1915 German Hospital
Marshall Co. Branch      
Greene, Merritt JR Secretary-Treasurer 1905 Marshalltown
Minnesota Branch      
Paulson, Leonard President 1880 Y.M.C.A., St. Paul, Minn.
Reynolds, M.H. Vice-president 1886 2145 Knapp St., St. Paul, Minn.
Bruntlett, Edith (Stevens) Secretary-Treasurer 1904 4808 Lyndale Ave., Minn.
Montgomery Co. Branch      
Conlon, Grace President 1914 Red Oak
Muscatine Co. Branch      
Hoopes, Amy President 1910 Muscatine
McClean, Gale Vice-president Two Year Ag 1915 Wilton Junction
Hinkhouse, Nell Secretary-Treasurer 1918 Muscatine
New England Branch      
Chamberlain, Joseph President 1890 Amherst
Quaife, E.L. Secretary-Treasurer 1911 Amherst
New York City Branch      
Fitzwater, Dr. W.A. President 1901 178 Prospect Park, W., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Orcutt, L.E. Treasurer Ex-'09 Christian Herald
Anderson, E.G. Secretary not given 60 Wall St.
Northern California Branch      
Blochman, Mrs. Ida Twitchell President 1878 2434 Bowditch St., Berkeley
Whitton, Mrs. Mame (Tooley) Secretary-Treasurer 1899 3117 Lewiston Ave., Berkeley
Oklahoma Branch      
Curtis, Geo. W. President 1883 910 W. 18th St., Oklahoma City
O'Hearn, J.L. Secretary 1904 725 Ins. Bldg., Oklahoma City
Omaha, Ne. Branch      
Booth, Frank W. President 1877 School for the Deaf
Snyder, C.J. Secretary 1909 2444 Spalding St., Omaha, Ne.
Pittsburgh, Pa. Branch Pittsburgh Branch Annual Banquet  
Jackson, W.H. President 1891 Curry Bldg, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mereness, G.N. Vice-president 1904 West View
Schworm, F.G. Secretary 1909 Ambridge
Portland, Ore. Branch Oregon Alumni Entertain    
Burke, Thos. C. President 1881 Custom House
Guthrie, Carolyn (Grimsby) Secretary-Treasurer 1905 54 N. King St.
Seattle & Northwest Branch      
Thomas, E.R. President 1899 1420 Warren Ave.
Wakefield, Helen First Vice-president 1910 1708 Haywood St.
Jones, R.H. Second Vice-president 1909 653 W. 81st St.
Rice, Maude L. Secretary Ex-'98 519 Union St.
Walker, Ruth Treasurer 1906 612 W. McGraw St.
Sioux City Branch      
Colby, F.E. President 1881 510 Davidson Bldg.
Moriarty, Clarence Vice-president 1912 not given
Booher, Edith Secretary-Treasurer 1910 1620 Jackson St.
Southern California Branch      
Hurt, Dr. L.M. President 1904 665 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena
Rogers, Dr. A.R. Vice-president Ex-'95 317 Bonnie Brae Ave., Los Angeles
Mann, Alice Secretary-Treasurer 1890 225 Pacific Ave., Long Beach
South Dakota Branch      
Hansen, N.E. President 1887 Brookings, S.D.
Fritzel, H.O. Vice-president 1899 De Smet, S.D.
Prusia, Jeanette (Younie) Secretary-Treasurer 1899 Brookings, S.D.
Spokane, Wash. Branch      
Saylor, J.F. President 1880 Crestline St. & Lacross Ave. Spokane
Wells, Erma (Wiley) Secretary 1905 1428 10th St., Spokane, Wash.
St. Louis, Mo. Branch      
Hurst, N.C. President 1895 228 Dover St.
Nicoli, T.E. Vice-president 1899 G.E. Co., Pierce Bldg.
Tri-City Branch      
Le Buhn, Carl President 1897 Davenport
Webster, Hugh Vice-president 1912 not given
Kepler, W.T. Secretary-Treasurer not given Davenport
Van Buren Co. Branch      
Day, Edna President not given Keosauqua
Washington, D.C. Branch      
Warburton, C.W. President 1902 B.P.I., Dept. of Agriculture
Benhart, E.A. Secretary-Treasurer 1910 B.P.I., Dept. of Agriculture
Winnebago Co. Branch      
Gjellefald, O.N. President 1912 Forest City
Schaffer, Roscoe Secretary 1914 Forest City


General Transcription notes
~Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the IAGenWeb Iowa History Project
1) The Alumnus of Iowa State College, April, 1917, Vol XII, No. 7

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