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Alumni and Ex-Students of Iowa State College

...with notes from 1917

Class of 1889

Ashworth, C.A. D.V.M. Valley Junction, Iowa    
Baker, Jas. A. B.S. not given    
Banks, Jno. E. B.C.E. American Bridge Co., Ambridge, Pa.    
Beyer, Samuel W. B.S., Ph. D. Station A., Ames, Iowa   Alumni Assoc. Officers (Ames)
Bisbee, D.B. B.S., M.S. 444 W. Swan Ave., Webster Grove, Mo.    
Bosquette, A.E.D. D.V.M.   deceased  
Budrow, W.B. B.S. Calle Morelos, 571, Guadalajara, Mex    
Chamberlain, H.W. B.S.   deceased  
Cooley, F.H. B.C.E.   deceased  
Day, Harry B. B.M.E. Sidney, Iowa    
Durkee, J.E. B.S. Anaheim, Calif.    
Gossard, H.A. B.S., M.S. Wooster, Ohio    
Graham, A.L. B.M.E.   deceased  
Green, B.T. B.S. Brookings, S.D.    
Henson, Wm. R. B.S. Chinook, Mont.    
Johnson, Nellie B.L. 1026 College Ave., Racine, Wis.    
Kelsey, Jas. A. B.S., M.S. not given    
Kimball, C.F. B.M.E. 505 Broadway, Council Bluffs, Iowa    
Lamborn, Chas. W. B.C.E. 111 W. Monroe St., Chicago, Ill.   Chicago Alumni Meet
McClelland, Albert B.S. Adelphi, Iowa    
Meissner, J.A. B.S. Reinbeck, Iowa    
Morris, S.W. B.S. Corning, Iowa    
McBirney, Jno. D.V.M. Boise, Idaho    
McLaughlin, A.A. B.S. 3610 Lincoln Blvd., Omaha, Nebr.    
Nelson, Sofus B. D.V.M. Pullman, Wash.    
Patterson, Belle B.L. 904 Penn Ave., Riverside, Calif. NEWELL  
Nichols, I.A. B.S. Iowa Falls, Iowa    
Platt, J.H. D.V.M. Montezuma, Iowa    
Reynolds, M.H. B.S.A., D.V.M. 2145 Knapp St., St. Paul, Minn    
Rickard, W.U. B.C.E. not given    
Rolfs, Peter H. B.S., M.S. Gainesville, Fla.    
Schoenleer, Jno. B.M.E.   deceased  
Scott, Wm. U. B.S. not given    
Shelton, Jno. A. B.S. 81-82 Hirbour Bldg., Butte, Mont.    
Shoemaker, Wm. R. B.S. Kalamazoo, Mich.    
Simcoke, Jos. O. D.V.M. 4358 Vincennes Ave., Chicago, Ill.    
Snyder, Virgil B.S. Ithaca, N.Y., 214 Univ. Ave.    
Stearns, Chas. H. B.S. Santa Rosa, N.M.    
Stroud, Jno. S. B.S. 1305 6th Ave., Des Moines, Iowa    
Thornburg, M.W. B.S. Redfield, Iowa    
Thurliman, Rosalie B.L. Carroll, Iowa    
Wade, Chas. M. B.S. Sioux City, Iowa    
Otis, Mary B.L. 322 Story St., Boone, Iowa ZIMBLEMAN  
Hulse, L. Elmer none Keota, Iowa Ex-student  
Morris, T.B. none Co. Supt. Of Schools, Sioux City, Iowa Ex-student  
Richman, Lettie none Fullerton, Calif. Ex-student; THOMPSON  
Whited, Myra E. none Eldora, Iowa Ex-student  


General Transcription notes
~Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the IAGenWeb Iowa History Project
1) The Alumnus of Iowa State College; Alumni Directory, June, 1914, Vol. IX, No. 9
2) The Alumnus of Iowa State College, April, 1917, Vol XII, No. 7

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