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Alumni and Ex-Students of Iowa State College

...with notes from 1917

Class of 1883

Allen, A.M. B.S. 2116 Kenwood Park, Minneapolis, Minn    
Andrews, Allison G. B.C.E. U.S. Surveyor General's Office, Salt Lake City, Utah    
Burnham, G.M. B.S. Ashland, Wis.    
Cleave, Luberta B.S. 224 Catherine St., Ottawa, Ill CARSON  
Caven, Geo. B.C.E. 136 W. Lake St., Chicago, Ill.    
Christman, Jennie L. B.S. Albany, N.Y.    
Quint, Virginia B.S. Metuchen, N.J. COLCLO  
Curtis, Geo. W. B.S.A., M.S.A. Plano, Texas   Alumni Assoc. Officers (Oklahoma)
Doxsee, C.M. B.S. Redwood City, Cal.    
Estees, Lottie B.S.   deceased  
Flynn, G.H. D.V.M. Postville, Iowa    
Muncey, Jessie B.S.   deceased; FRATER  
Hunter, R.M. B.S.   deceased  
Kegley, Chas. H. B.S.A., M.S.A. 619 W. Lake Ave., Los Angeles, Cal    
Knapp, Herman B.S.A. Station A., Ames, Iowa   Alumni Assoc. Officers (General)
Mayo, Minnie not given Lake Charles, La. KNAPP  
Knapp, Mary B.S. Station A., Ames, Iowa McDONALD  
Wells, Kate B.S. 412 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich McNEILL  
Mead, Elwood B.S., C.E. Melbourne, Australia    
Miller, A.M. B.S. 1314 E. 13th St., Des Moines, Iowa    
Reeve, Emily A. B.S. Hampton, Iowa    
Riggs, M.J. B.C.E. 3136 Collingwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio    
Smith, Ferdinand J. B.S. Little Rock, Ark.    
Wells, Myron E. B.S., M.E. 412 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich    
Ramsey, Agatha B.S. Rock Rapids, Iowa WEST  
Alexander, Mabel B.S. Clarion, Iowa YOUNG  
Wells, W.D. B.S.   deceased  
Slater, Effie G. B.S.   deceased  
Keffer, Chas. A. none Univ. Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn Ex-student  


General Transcription notes
~Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the IAGenWeb Iowa History Project
1) The Alumnus of Iowa State College; Alumni Directory, June, 1914, Vol. IX, No. 9
2) The Alumnus of Iowa State College, April, 1917, Vol XII, No. 7

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