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      Aaron D Hoyer Diary

Originally transcribed by Jessie Burkholder Peckenpaugh
preserving the original spellings and punctuation.
Transcribed for the Harrison County Iowa USGenWeb
by his descendant John Burkholder (email napagrappa@yahoo.com).

Further Reference: Aaron Hoyer Biography -- Hoyer family -- Hoyer house

This page covers 1887 -- Index for each Year -- Next Page: 1888

Saturday Jan. 1, 1887 � This was a very cold day. Ther. 24 below zero. Frank was to Dunlap to a shooting match.

Sunday Jan. 2 � It is still very cold, 28 below zero. Louis was over to H. DeCou's. Frank & the rest were home all day.

Monday Jan. 3 � It is still very cold. Frank made pictures all day. Frank & D. Ferguson were here and brought Frank's rifle. 34 below zero.

Tuesday Jan. 4 � I had a slight attack of Plurisy this morning but I am better. The boys, F. & L. were to town today. Austin & Ollie Lowrey were here this evening.

Wednesday Jan. 5 � Frank & Belle were to town. L. & I fixed up the straw stack that had blown over. Louis went over to the school house to practice singing. It snowed all day.

Thursday Jan. 6 � Frank made pictures all day. Louis was down for the girls with the sleigh. Louis, the girls & I were down to the Lyceum, DeCou's. 35 below zero, 8 P.M. Ours 32 below zero.

Friday Jan. 7 � It snowed all day & was very cold. We all staid home except Bertha & Millie who was in school.

Saturday Jan. 8 � Frank & Louis were to town today. It was bitter cold. I chored around near all day. 20 below.

Sunday Jan. 9 � Louis & I hauled out two loads of manure & brought in three loads of straw. (This is for Mon.)

Monday Jan. 10 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Arthur Deuel was here to supper. I had a headache & went to bed early. (This was written for Sunday & the one above is written for today, Monday. Mistakes will happen.)

Tuesday Jan. 11 � Frank was in town all day. Louis & I were to town & brought 1160 lbs S. coal at $4.50, bought of M. & K. This was a fine day.

Wednesday Jan. 12 � This was a fine day. Frank was retouching all day except awhile Him & Louis were out guning. They got three rabbits. I worked at the sewing machine awhile.

Thursday Jan. 13 � Frank & I & Louis went to Dunlap. Frank did not come home with us. The girls did not come home to supper. Frank came home late. We came from the Lyceum at 10 � P.M.

Friday Jan. 14 � I made a hay manger in the lower calf shed & Louis trimed the horses feet. Frank & Belle went to W. & did not come home yet, 7 P.M. Louis & the girls went to Lowreys to a singing. The young folks of the whole neighborhood are going they say.

Saturday Jan. 15 � Frank went to town early this morning. Louis, Belle & I were to town. Frank has not come home yet, 9 P.M. This was a very fine day.

Sunday Jan. 16 � It blew up very cold again this afternoon. Louis was to S.S. alone. Herbert Burkholder came home with Louis & staid until late. Frank came home this evening.

Monday Jan. 17 � Frank was at home & made pictures all day. I made two standards to a top box of wagon that was broke & put handles on two pails.

Tuesday Jan. 18 � Frank went to town. Louis was down to Tuttles. F. did not come home this evening.

Wednesday Jan. 19 � Louis & I hauled out three loads of manure. I made & painted 3 P. Can buckets. This evening we had a large surprise party for bertha, her birthday. Louis took Austin & Olla Lowrey home. 1 � A.M.

Thursday Jan. 20 � Frank, Louis & Belle were to town today. Mr. Kirkham was here today visiting. Louis & the girls are down to the Lyceum this evening.

Friday Jan. 21 � Louis & I changed the old sows in the fating yard & hauled out two loads of manure & brought in a load of straw. Frank & Belle went to town this afternoon.

Saturday Jan. 22 � Frank & Louis were in town today. I am troubled with the pain in my ear again.

Sunday Jan. 23 � Frank, Louis & all the girls were to S.S. Ed Deuel was here this evening.

Monday Jan. 24 � Frank went to Logan to see if he can get a Gallery. I signed a note with Frank for $50.00. I loaned $25.00 from Kibler Bros. to pay the Edward note, both notes to run one year from. Louis was along with me to W. Two notes to Kibler Bros., each for one year.

Tuesday Jan. 25 � Frank bought out a Photo Gallery in Logan. Louis hauled his things down today & came home at 6 � P.M. C.J. Tuttle & wife were here visiting today.

Wednesday Jan. 26 � Louis & I killed & dressed a pig & then we went down to see Mr. Kirkham about a boar. We then done the chores & after supper Louis went to town.

Thursday Jan. 27 � Louis & I were down to Farnsworth & bought a boar for $10.00 cash & brought him home. Louis & the girls went to Lyceum.

Friday Jan. 28 � Louis was to Farnsworth timber & brought 13 poles to build a cattle shed. I washed a two week wash. Herbert Burkholder came over this evening & went with Louis to town after supper. Louis brought 4 oak poles at 12c a piece & 9 red elm at 10� a piece.

Saturday Jan. 29 � Louis & I cleaned out the stable & calf pens & hauled the manure, 3 loads, out on the fall plowing. It is getting cold again. Zero.

Sunday Jan. 30 � Frank came home from Logan late last night. Louis & the girls were to S.S. Frank took a team & went to Woodbine this afternoon & brought Belle home with him.

Monday Jan. 31 � This was a very cold day. It snowed some last night. Frank left early this morning for Logan. Dr. Baker agent was here. I bought a stick of salve from him. 14 below.

Tuesday Feb. 1, 1887 � This was a very cold day. Chas. Davis was here to dinner & supper & went with Louis & I to Woodbine. We brought 75 lbs. lard from the Butcher Steis. This makes 162 lbs. we got from him. I paid him $10.00 on acct.

Wednesday Feb. 2 � Louis & I were to town. Louis bought a Washburn guitar. F.M. Smith had it sent to him from Chicago, cost $45.00. Herbert, Jesse & Amy Burkholder were here this evening.

Thursday Feb. 3 � This was a very cold day. C.J. Tuttle was here near all afternoon. Louis & our girls were down to the Lyceum this evening 11 � P.M.

Friday Feb. 4 � Louis & I hauled out two loads of manure & brought in two loads of straw. Herbert Burk. & Louis went over to Moores School House to an exhibition this evening.

Saturday Feb. 5 � Herbert Burk. was here all night. Took breakfast with us & went with Louis & I to town. We brought 1350 lbs. coal, paid for them, cash. Paid my bet with C.J. Tuttle, � lb. candy. A fine young sow was served by our boar yesterday. White cow stunk her calf, (aborted).

Sunday Feb. 6 � Frank came home late last night. Louis took him to the R.R. this afternoon & then L. went to S.S. The rest of us staid at home. J. Yount was here this evening.

Monday Feb. 7 � Belle went away, it seems for good, as she did not seem pleased. Charley Nichols was here this forenoon.

Tuesday Feb. 8 � It rained a good bit last night & is very icy today. Louis & Bertha went up to Lowreys this evening, came home 10 P.M.

Wednesday Feb. 9 � Louis & I hauled out three loads of manure & straw in.

Thursday Feb. 10 � C.J. Tuttle was here a good while. We measured off some hay for him which he bought. Louis & the girls were down to the Lyceum. It rained, hailed & snowed since yesterday. It is bad going.

Friday Feb. 11 � This was a cold day. The white cow froze her teats so that Louis had to thaw it out with cold water. G.L. Chapman was here. H. Burk. & Louis went to town this evening.

Saturday Feb. 12 � Mr. Tuttle was here visiting. I put a door in the east crib at barn & closed it up to put a cow in & then went with C.J. Tuttle & Yount to the Alliance. I joined it and paid 50c Entrance fee. Tracy & Wm. Burkholder joined it today also. Louis went to W. this evening.

Sunday Feb. 13 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. John Yount came home with Louis, took supper with us and staid until late.

Monday Feb. 14 � John Tracy was here and assessed my property. I finished the cow shed east of the stables. C.J. Tuttle was here this evening & brought our mail.

Tuesday Feb. 15 � Louis left the small horses have a run in the pasture lot, one at a time. I worked at a window sash. Lew DeJean was here to supper, then Louis & the girls went to a spelling Bee.

Wednesday Feb. 16 � I washed today. Louis was over to Deuels this afternoon. I was over to Deuels this evening.

Thursday Feb. 17 � I went over to Deuels this morning. It rained until noon. Mr. Deuel & I went to Woodbine. The roads are bad. C.J. Tuttle took some potatoes in town. I came home with Tuttle.

Friday Feb. 18 � Turned a sow in to B. Made a gate in fence to boar pen. The girls & Louis were over the river to Selleck School to a spelling school. They came home late. John Yount took them all over with his team.

Saturday Feb. 19 � I put the hinges on the door to the box stall I made & helped Louis to haul out three loads of manure & two loads of straw in. Put a cow for Damery.

Sunday Feb. 20 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Herbert Burk. was here this evening with his violin.

Monday Feb. 21 � I churned & Louis sorted beans. We had the young horses out in the pasture lot for a run. This was a soft cloudy day.

Tuesday Feb. 22 � I was down to C.J. Tuttles & helped him sort potatoes for awhile & took dinner with them. I was down again this evening for the mail he brought, he also brought me two hame staples. 10c. I finished a dress for Marm today on the sewing machine.

Wednesday Feb. 23 � It snowed a good bit today. I finished a dress again today. Bertha did not come home from school this evening. She went home with Lew DeJean. Louis went to town with H. Burk. & J. Yount.

Thursday Feb. 24 � This was a fine day. I washed. Louis chored around. Louis & the girls went to the Lyceum.

Friday Feb. 25 � Louis had the four horses in the stalks today. I churned & worked around the house. Marm has a headache. Arthur Deuel is here tonight. I churned.

Saturday Feb. 26 � Louis & I fixed at the harness. After dinner I went down to the Alliance. C.J. Tuttle was here & brought our mail. Herbert Deuel was here.

Sunday Feb. 27 � Amy Burk. was here today. F.M & Bell were here to dinner. Louis & the girls were to S.S.

Monday Feb. 28 � I was to Woodbine with C.J. Tuttle. He paid me eight dollars for hay, about two tons. Louis chored.

Tuesday Mar. 1, 1887 � Louis & I hauled out two loads of manure & brought in a jag of straw. Tuttle took away his hay today. Louis & the girls went to the Spelling School this evening.

Wednesday Mar. 2 � Louis & I made four calf muzzles. C.J. Tuttle's wife was here near all day sewing. Charley was here to supper.

Thursday Mar. 3 � I churned butter and worked in the house all day. Louis shook the carpet. Louis & girls went to the Lyceum.

Friday Mar. 4 � I made new feed boxes in the horse stable. Louis sorted apples. C.J. Tuttle had a cow here this morning.

Saturday Mar. 5 � I made two more new feed boxes in the horse stable. After supper Louis & I went to town. I was in the Lodge. Paid $6.25 Dues, up to the 30th April, 1887. I also saw Dr. Edwards. He looked in my ear & says it is doing well. I saw F.M. in Woodbine

Sunday Mar. 6 � Louis & the girls were in S.S. I was down to Tuttles & Kirkhams. Took their mail down.

Monday Mar. 7 � I was to town with Tuttle & Mr. Kirkham this morning. I worked at a box stall this afternoon and this evening Louis & I were over to School Meeting & elected L.L. Deuel Sub. Director.

Tuesday Mar. 8 � Was to town & got 54 lbs. clover seed & was to Farnsworth to see about seed wheat. I made a manger & two feed boxes. Clover seed is $6.50 per bushel. I churned today.

Wednesday Mar. 9 � Louis took out a load of manure & then sowed clover seed by hand a couple of hours & then he went down to J. Farnsworth & got 10 bus. of wheat seed for $10.00 W.R. Kirkham hauled his hay today & paid me $7.00 for it. We put Topsy in the box stall & Dep in the new stall.

Thursday Mar. 10 � Louis finished sowing the clover seed we had but it did not quite go over it. Mr. Evens & his son John were here to dinner.

Friday Mar. 11 � I went to Logan yesterday and came back today. Louis done nothing but choring.

Saturday Mar. 12 � Louis was in town this morning. I was down to the Alliance this afternoon. Walked there & back with Tuttle & Kirkham. Louis went to town again this evening.

Sunday Mar. 13 � Louis & Millie went to S.S. Bertha staid at home. John Yount & Herbert Burkholder were here to supper. After choring Louis went with them over to Burks with his guitar. We bred two sows today.

Monday Mar. 14 � I made two more feed boxes in the horse stable that were worn out. Louis cut stalks awhile with the hoe & he trimmed the grape vines. I churned.

Tuesday Mar. 15 � Louis & I were over to Woodbine & got the rest of our clover seed and sowed them when we got home.

Wednesday Mar. 16 � Louis & I were up to see a horse that Probasco bought in Illinois for $2000.00. Imported from France. We bought a turkey gobler from a Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Damery was here and got 30 bus. of oats at 25c. per bu.

Thursday Mar. 17 � Louis hauled a load of corn to Dunlap for C. Nichols. I washed & chored. We owed Nichols for hauling, this makes us even in work.

Friday Mar. 18 � Louis hauled out manure & cut stalks with the hoe. J. Yount was here to tell us to haul corn for them tomorrow. I cleaned up the calf pens & churned butter.

Saturday Mar. 19 � Louis hauled two loads (85 bus.) of corn to Woodbine for Mr. Yount. I had an attack of Pluresy & could do nothing. Mrs. Tuttle was here this afternoon to help sew.

Sunday Mar. 20 � Louis was to S.S. The girls do not go. It snowed quite a bit but melted as it fell. H. Burkholder & J. Yount was here this evening until late.

Monday Mar. 21 � I was in bed near all day with this pain in my lungs. I took another sweat in the chair. Louis loaned a hoe to Kirkham to cut stalks with.

Tuesday Mar. 22 � I am still on the sick list but better. Belle Boustead & Sister-in-law was here to dinner. Louis took Kit in to Dr. Edwards to sell for us and brought one of Dr. Edwards horses out.

Wednesday Mar. 23 � Louis hauled out manure until noon & then he cut stalks until late in the evening. He changed horses at 4 � P.M.

Thursday Mar. 24 � Louis seeded wheat until noon and Herbert Burkholder run the disc all day & Louis cut stalks all afternoon. I am still on the sick list. I churned butter.

Friday Mar. 25 � Topsy foaled last night at 10 o'clock, a mare colt. Louis harrowed wheat this forenoon & this afternoon he hauled manure out. Mr. Damery got the stalk cutter today. I was over to Wm. Burks. to see what to do to do for the colt. It is very ?? I gave it injection water, soap & milk.

Saturday Mar. 26 � Louis & I each took a load of corn to Woodbine for Wm. Burkholder. Herbert drove my team to W. & back the last load. It snowed & blowed all afternoon & evening. Herbert is going to stay all night.

Sunday Mar. 27 � Louis was to S.S. The rest of us stayed home. It snowed all night. Today was calm & cloudy.

Monday Mar. 28 � It snowed last night & near all day. Louis chored around. I did not feel well.

Tuesday Mar. 29 � It snowed last night. Louis hauled out manure. I was down to C.J. Tuttles this evening for matches. We were out.

Wednesday Mar. 30 � Louis fixed up some of the fences. The girls washed some. I churned & helped to chore. Louis & H. Burkholder went over to H. DeCous this evening.

Thursday Mar. 31 � I put a new gate in front of the house. Louis skinned a calf that was droped dead last night.

Friday April 1, 1887 � Louis was to town this afternoon & I went over to Damery for the stalk cutter & cut about one acre of stalks.

Saturday April 2 � Louis & I cut stalks all day, turn about changed teams. I also fixed the seat on cutter so as to take the weight off necks.

Sunday April 3 � Louis was to S.S. Frank M. came home last night. He rode over to Kellogs this evening. I was down to C.J. Tuttles this evening.

Monday April 4 � Louis & I was down to Wm. Evens & brought 70 bus. oats & took the same amount to him of our oats. We want to sow what we got from him.

Tuesday April 5 � It froze last night so we could do nothing outside. Louis sprouted potatoes. Chas. Nichols got 6 bus. potatoes at 85� per bu., $2.10. Churned.

Wednesday April 6 � Louis cut stalks until 1 � P.M. & then he seeded until 6 � P.M., about 3 hours. Mr. Evens & wife were here this afternoon. Cub, Doctor's horse seemed lame so we left him in the stable & worked Topsy.

Thursday April 7 � I cut stalks, Louis raked. At 5 P.M. I raked & Louis burned them. We turned the calves in the pasture. They were pened up all winter until now. Marm & the girls were down to Tuttles today.

Friday April 8 � Louis finished raking stalks at 3 P.M., he then went to seeding & I run the disc 1 � hours this evening. We took the shoes off Cub today. I was over to Deuels & Damerys. Louis went up to Lowreys to a surprise party.

Saturday April 9 � Louis burnt a couple of windrows of stalks & then he sowed oats until noon. I disced until noon. This afternoon the wind was too bad to do anything outside. The air was thick full of dust.

Sunday April 10 � It rained last night. The first of the season, not much though until this morning. Louis, Herbert Burk. & A. Deuel were fishing today. F.M. came home for awhile today. The girls were to S.S.

Monday April 11 � Louis seeded all day & I worked the disc. Dep is sick since yesterday morning but seems to be better this evening. We gave her a dose of ginger.

Tuesday April 12 � Louis finished seeding oats at 10 0'clock, he then went to harrow. I disced. After dinner it rained. Louis finished discing in the rain. He was to town this eve. He brought word that Harris Giddings died today at 11 o'clock. Herbert Burkholder was here this evening for strawberry plants.

Wednesday April 13 � Louis harrowed on the oats all day. I was to Tuttles & Deuels this morning to tell them of Giddings funeral. I cut stalks this afternoon. H. Burk. was here this evening for strawberries.

Thursday April 14 � Louis finish harrowing the oats at 3 � P.M. It rained part of the day & is raining this evening. We plowed & disced part of the hog yard.

Friday April 15 � Louis & I planted B.E. trees in the hog yard and planted potatoes between & mulched trees & potatoes & Louis worked at the berries. It is cold today.

Saturday April 16 � I worked at School House yard, planting trees all day. Louis raked & burnt the stalks I cut. They did not burn very well. I had Dep over to I.A. DeCous scales & weighed her, Wt., 670, one year old today. Deuel, DeJean, Tuttle, I.A. DeCou,Yount & Burk. worked at tree planting.

Sunday April 17 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. I was over to Damerys & Deuels this evening.

Monday April 18 � Louis hauled out manure until 2 � P.M. He then raked & burned the stalks I cut all day. Fine day.

Tuesday April 19 � Louis plowed near all day. I cut stalks until 11 A.M. After dinner Marm, Bertha & I went to town. It rained before we got home.

Wednesday April 20 � Louis plowed all day. I scoured the sulky plow & cut stalks three hours this afternoon. Louis & H. Burk. went fishing this eve.

Thursday April 21 � Louis plowed until noon. I cut stalks until near 4 P.M., then it rained too much to cut or burn stalks. Louis raked after dinner until 3 � P.M., he then started to burn them but they got too wet so he only got about half of them burned.

Friday April 22 � It rained & snowed all day, mostly snow & cold. Louis & I rubed our sulky plow with emery near all day.

Saturday April 23 � Louis took Topsy up to Probasco but she came home as she went, this afternoon. Louis plowed a couple of hours then we tried the sulky plow on the road, but would not work, so we took the mold board to town & had it scoured on an emery wheel. Cold day.

Sunday April 24 � Louis was down to Evens & took his two sacks filled with oats, back that we had got in exchange for seed. Louis & were to S.S. Frank came home on a visit last night. This morning he went down to Ned Bousteads & brought Belle home with him. Today I signed a note with Frank for $29.84, due June 25th 1887. Marm has sick headache today & was in bed near all day. C.J. Tuttle, H. Burkholder & Amy Burk. were here this eve.

Monday April 25 � Louis plowed until noon with the sulky. It did not scour for some time, so he did not plow very much. I worked on the road with C.J. Tuttle down at Honaker's bridge, half a day. Louis went to town for his plow. He left it Sat. evening to get it sharpened.

Tuesday April 26 � The heifer Roany droped a calf but it only lived a few hours. We had done some work with her then we went to plowing at 9 A.M. & quit 2 P.M., so we did not get very much done. I cut stalks from 4 until 6 P.M. We burned our meadow this evening, but would not burn very good. L.L. Deuel helped us burn it. Walt Kellog was here this evening. I paid him for the coat, twelve dollars, the same as the other. He paid me $6.50 that he owed me & $2.50 for the use of the disc on twenty-five acres of fall plowing, this spring.

Wednesday April 27 � Louis & I plowed until noon & then we cut, raked & burned stalks until sundown. I was up to James Tuttle to see about some calves he wants to sell. Deuel got the disc.

Thursday April 28 � Louis & I plowed all day & this evening we fetched three calves we bought for $11.00 on credit & left two of them to suck our cows.

Friday April 29 � Louis & I plowed all day. Deuel brought the disc home this eve. Herbert Burkholder was here this evening. C.J. Tuttle will finish his plowing tomorrow morning.

Saturday April 30 � Louis plowed until 4 P.M., he then done chores & went to town to bring Belle, Bertha & Frank home. The girls were to Logan today. I run the disc over 5 or 6 acres today. We intend to plant it without plowing. The cows would not let the calves (we got from Tuttle) suck.

Sunday May 1, 1887 � This was a very windy day. Blew dirt from Reiff's fall plowing over our wheat & meadow & covered it up.

Monday May 2 � Louis finished plowing, 10 A.M., then harrowed until 6 P.M. I was to Dunlap and brought a Haworth check Rower. It was a very windy day. A young man by the name of Mathew McKean, came this evening to work for us at seventeen dollars per month.

Tuesday May 3 � Louis & Mat harrowed until noon, finished the lower piece, then both plowed that piece that I run the disc on. This evening at 7 o'clock J.A. Moore & Mr. Townsend came to connect the check Rower to our planter but they could not do it. C.J. Tuttle was here and Mr. Kirkham brought back our hoe which he broke & bought it from me for 60 cents.

Wednesday May 4 � Louis & Mat finished plowing. Louis run the disc over the fall plowing at corners and hallows. Mat harrowed the rest of the day.

Thursday May 5 � Mat harrowed all day. Louis & I fixed fences at hog yard and got seed corn ready & at noon Dave Moore came with another check Rower. After dinner we adjusted it & went out and planted. It works first-rate.

Friday May 6 � Louis planted corn all day & Mat harrowed all day. I chored & fixed up a stall in the north end of the east crib at barn.

Saturday May 7 � The boys planted & harrowed all day. I went to town with C.J. Tuttle & L.L. Deuel. We all stayed to the Lodge. F.M. was in town this evening. Dr. Edwards sold Kit for $100.00. He wants us to keep Cub in place of Kit. Fan calved, steer.

Sunday May 8 � This was a very warm day. Ed Deuel, Frank & Arthur DeCou was here to dinner & C. Kellogg & Wm. Davis were this evening.

Monday May 9 � Louis planted all day. Mat sprouted potatoes until noon, then he harrowed.

Tuesday May 10 � Louis planted all day. Mat sprouted potatoes until noon & then he harrowed. It rained this evening from 6 � o'clock and is still raining slowly 10 P.M. I worked at barn making a new stall for an extra team.

Wednesday May 11 � The boys finished harrowing & planting at 4 P.M. I worked awhile at oat bin I am building east side of barn.

Thursday May 12 � We cut potatoes until noon and this afternoon we planted potatoes. Mrs. Reiff was here near all day. It rained a little today.

Friday May 13 � We finished planting potatoes at 4 P.M. We then put away the planter & plows & shelled corn. We had a very heavy rain & wind this evening. It is still raining 10 P.M.

Saturday May 14 � We planted a lot of walnut trees. Mat went with me to Woodbine to take the train to Logan. I bought a black mare from Dr. Edwards for $150.00, gave my note for $125.00 for one year at 7 per cent interest & gave a note to I.A. DeCou for $50.00. Due in one year, 10 per cent interest.

Sunday May 15 � Mat came back at 8 P.M. this eve. W.H. DeCou was here today, also C. Davis & C.J. Tuttle. 13 Young turkeys.

Monday May 16 � Harry Wingert came to visit with us on his way to Reading. Louis, Marm & Bertha were to town & brought Harry out. Mat harrowed all day. I was over to see the bridge at Sales with Tuttle to see what we want to fix it with.

Tuesday May 17 � I worked on road, built bridge at Sales. Louis worked in the garden. Mat finished harrowing the fall plowing & hauled manure on pasture.

Wednesday May 18 � Mat pulled Morning Glory vines all day. Louis planted Russian Mulberry seed & him & Harry were to town. I have a pretty sore arm so I do nothing. The Black mare foaled at 10 � this evening, a mare colt.

Thursday May 19 � Louis & Mat worked on the road down at Honaker's bridge. Harry & I chored & visited. Mr. Baldwin was here to get me to insure my buildings with Mutual.

Friday May 20 � Mat worked all day at the bridge at Honakers. Louis & Harry Wingert went to Logan to visit Frank. I fixed a stall in the stable that the horsed broke down. My arm is pretty sore yet. The boys didn't come home yet, 10 P.M.

Saturday May 21 � Mat cleaned out all the stables & put up the cultivator. Louis planted garden seeds & watermelon seeds. I done nothing. F.M. & Belle came very late.

Sunday May 22 � Frank & Belle left for home about 3 � P.M. John Yount, Herbert Burk. & Chas. Nichols were here. The girls were to S.S.

Monday May 23 � The boys cultivated until 11 A.M. Afternoon they each hauled a load (90 10/56 bus.) of corn for C. Nichols. I made a gate to the calf pen & chored.

Tuesday May 24 � The boys cultivated all day. I & Harry Wingert was over to I.A. DeCou. I spliced his rope he hoists hay with. We took supper at DeCou's. Lotta droped a heifer calf today.

Wednesday May 25 � Louis & mat each hauled a load of corn from Moore's place to Woodbine for H. Yount and then cultivated from 2 � until 6 � PM. Harry Wingert left for Reading, Pa. this noon. The colt Nick hurt the small colt in the hock joint, which is badly swollen.

Thursday May 26 � The boys plowed corn all day. It rained a little this evening.

Friday May 27 � Louis & I drove Topsy & Jull up to Probasco & served the black mare Jull. Mat plowed corn all day & Louis plowed this afternoon.

Saturday May 28 � Mat & Louis cultivated corn all day. I was to town for the mail. I took 8 � lbs. butter to Steas, 12 � � per lb. C. Tuttle came this evening for his mail. John Yount was here this evening. Young sow piged this evening, 8 pigs.

Sunday May 29 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. H. Burkholder & Clarence Kellogg were here today.

Monday May 30 � The boys cultivated until 4 P.M., which finished the first time through. I was down to C. Tuttles this evening.

Tuesday May 31 � I was to town, took Mat in. he went home for a couple of days. Louis Castrated a calf for C.J. Tuttle. I settled with Steas, the butcher. He owes me $2.84 to date.

Wednesday June 1, 1887 � Louis worked in the garden. I am not feeling very well.

Thursday June 2 � I was up to Probasco with Topsy. Louis was to town. Mat came with him. Mr. DeLar was here and took my application for $1100.00 Insurance in the State of Iowa Mutual, cyclone, tornado & windstorm insurance & also fire & lightening, Mutual.

Friday June 3 � Mat brought two loads (100) cedar posts & Louis one load (50) posts from Mathews & Kling. I was in with them. Ed Musgrave was here and said Louis bought 100 posts from him & wanted me to come to town & take them away or there would be trouble. Louis & I painted posts with coal tar this afternoon.

Saturday June 4 � Marm, Millie & I were to town and I bought forty Oak posts from Ed Musgrave just to satisfy him as I do not need them just now. Mat was in and brought the posts. Louis picked berries & worked in the garden all forenoon & painted posts in the afternoon. In the evening Louis & I was to town.

Sunday June 5 � Minnie Reiff was here to dinner & went with Louis & the girls to S.S. & preaching by Mr. DeLar. Marm & I did not feel very well so we both staid at home.

Monday June 6 � The boys commenced cultivating the second time through, they plowed all day. I helped in the house, very warm & dry.

Tuesday June 7 � The boys cultivated all day. I took bark off from 40 Oak posts & four poles.

Wednesday June 8 � It rained a little last night. The boys cultivated all day. I made a hog rack for R. wagon.

Thursday June 9 � The boys cultivated all day, I helped to wash & chored around the house. It rained a little this evening. Jull's colt is hurt again in right stifle joint.

Friday June 10 � Mat cultivated until noon. Louis & I were up to Probascos with the mares but did no good. Louis went out to cultivate at 11 o'clock when it commenced to rain & still raining, 9 P.M.

Saturday June 11 � It rained all day which is what was greatly needed. Mat & Louis were to town this afternoon. Old sow piged 3 pigs.

Sunday June 12 � It rained considerable today. Mike & Charlie McMillen were here & Herbert & Amy Burk. also. We had a good visit with music & sandwiches in between. Herb had his violin here.

Monday June 13 � It rained last night and we had a smart shower today. We made a hog shoot to load hogs in the wagons and the boys dug post holes this evening after the rain. C.J. Tuttle brought our mail this eve. Jesse Burk. stopped awhile.

Tuesday June 14 � Louis hauled corn over to W.H. & I.A. DeCou all day for C. Tuttle & Mat put the cobs in the cob house with the young team. L.L. Deuel had a cow here this morning served. I pruned the timber trees today around the house & Catalpas.

Wednesday June 15 � It rained smart for awhile but Charlie finished shelling. The boys hoed weeds in the corn until noon & then they both cultivated until 6 � P.M. I hauled out fence posts along the line of fence & this afternoon set 33 posts, east side of pasture.

Thursday June 16 � The boys finished the corn the second time through. Louis then cultivated the potatoes & the pumpkins. Mat hoed weeds until 4 P.M. I was up to Probasco's with the mares & bred Topsy. After I came home I set posts. Mat helped me.

Friday June 17 � Mat & I set posts all day 83 posts. I got up early and washed the wash out of the first water. Louis helped in the house & in the garden. The hogs got out & one is missing.

Saturday June 18 � We set the rest of the fence posts & stretched wire on around the Catalpa trees. We then set some poles for a cattle shelter, then after supper the boys & I went to town. I paid Mat a dollar in town.

Sunday June 19 � Frank & Belle came at noon. They & the girls were to S.S. I made a little shade for the hogs as it was very warm.

Monday June 20 � Frank left this morning at 4 � o'clock. Louis & Mat hoed in the corn until dinner & I set braces at the corners of new fence. Louis & Belle & Bertha went to town. Mat shelled corn & filled up holes in the Horse stalls & cleaned out the stables.

Tuesday June 21 � The boys cultivated all day. I mowed weeds in the Box Elder grove.

Wednesday June 22 � The boys hoed weeds in the potatoe patch. I mowed in the tree lot & this afternoon I was to Woodbine.

Thursday June 23 � I was to Dunlap Mill for flour & meal this forenoon. The boys hoed at the potatoes all day. I pruned trees this afternoon.

Friday June 24 � The boys cultivated all day. I was to Masonic Picnic. After coming home I sold our hogs to J.R. Burkholder at $4.50. Sid Winter was here to look at our hogs but would not give as much as Burk.

Saturday June 25 � Mat cultivated until noon, he then went home. Louis cultivated until 3 � P.M. We then done chores& got ready to load hogs & after supper Louis & I took each a load of hogs (12 head) to W. to J.R. Burkholder, 2810 lbs.

Sunday June 26 � Frank came home with Louis & mat at noon. The girls & Louis were to S.S. Mr. Kirkham & Lathrop were here this afternoon. I was down to Tuttles this eve. for eggs.

Monday June 27 � Louis & I took hogs, L. a load & I two loads (15 head). Mat cultivated all day & Louis about 5 hours.

Tuesday June 28 � Louis & I hauled I each 4 head of hogs which finishes the hogs at this time 8260 lbs., 35 heaqd, $4.50 per cwt., $370.70. Louis cultivated with Mat after he came home. They finished it at 6 P.M. They cultivated potatoes.

Wednesday June 29 � I took Mat to Woodbine. He left & I paid him in full $24.00. I got my Fire Insurance Policy. Louis hoed weeds in the pumpkin patch.

Thursday June 30 � I was to Dunlap & paid A.J. Moore $20.00 for check rower & wire tooth & $7.50 Int. on Bull note. Louis fixed up fences. C.J. Tuttle was to Dunlap with me.

Friday July 1, 1887 � I was up to Probascos with the mares but neither one to them was on it. Louis was over to the schoolhouse & took two 5 x 7 negatives of the scholars. I was up & paid James Tuttle $14.00 for three calves we got from him in the spring.

Saturday July 2 � Louis hoed weeds until non. I fixed fence & cut weeds on the road until noon. After Dinner Marm, Millie & I were to Woodbine.

Sunday July 3 � Frank came home late last night. Wm. Burk. was here was here & Mr. Kirkham brought our mail up. Bertha was ti S.S. Louis took Frank in to the train.

Monday July 4 � Louis & the girls were down to Logan to celebrate. Marm & I staid at home to see after things, I fixed fence.

Tuesday July 5 � Louis & I worked at putting the wire on the new pasture fence, It rained part of the afternoon. G.L. Chapman & his father were to dinner.

Wednesday July 6 � Louis cut three rounds with the mower this afternoon. This morning we put on a wire, new fence. I cleaned out stable & chored around.

Thursday July 7 � Louis mowed some of the Timothy. We then raked & bunched the Timothy & some of the oats. I was down to try to get Mr. Kirkham or Charlie Tuttle to help haul it up. I then went up t Burks. & got the promise of geting Jesse B.

Friday July 8 � Louis & I hauled up four loads of Timothy & two loads of oats for hay. It rained & hailed sharp for awhile this evening. Louis was to town. Came home 10 � P.M.

Saturday July 9 � Louis & I made a gate at the S.E. corner of new pasture & nailed boards on the S.W. corner. After dinner Louis cultivated the potatoes & I fixed the drapers for binder.

Sunday July 10 � Frank came home last night.

Monday July 11 � I took Frank to the depot. Louis buried a lot of dead pigs. We then made another wire gate & shock a row of corn that was close to the fence, on acct. of colts & mares. We dug up a lot of elderberry stalks in the oats. It rained heavy this evening.

Tuesday July 12 � I was up to see Mr. Yount about threshing & over to Moores for his boy to ride lead horses. Afternoon we cut & bound part of the wheat.

Wednesday July 13 � It rained some last night & this morning. Louis was around to the neighbors to show the picture of the school children. He was to Tuttles, Kirkhams, Damerys, Burks., Reiffs & Lowreys. I fixed some in the colts stable.

Thursday July 14 � Louis & I were to town & brought Jim Holeton & Willie Erlewine to help harvest. We cut oats this afternoon & made a good run, � day. Frank came home late last night.

Friday July 15 � Louis cut oats all day. Jim Holeton shocked & Willie Erlewine rode the lead horse. I chored. A nice wind blew all day. Cool.

Saturday July 16 � Louis cut oats all day. Finished oats at 5 P.M. Jim Holeton & Willie Erlewine worked until five o'clock. I paid Jim for two days & half, $3.75, one dollar & a half a day. We broke the neck of yoke or would got done sooner. It rained smart this evening.

Sunday July 17 � Louis McMillen, his mother Mary & little girl were here visiting. They went with Louis & girls to S.S.

Monday July 18 � Louis & I cut & shocked the rest of our wheat. I sewed on machine for Marm about an hour today.

Tuesday July 19 � I went to town & brought a load of lumber, 410 ft. boards, 115 ft. 2x4 scantling. Louis worked at manure hauling out. I worked at the oats bin this afternoon.

Wednesday July 20 � It rained heavy last night. Louis set up shocks that blew over. I finished the oat bin at barn. Mr. Deuel, C.J. Tuttle & Mr. Damery were here today.

Thursday July 21 � I cleared out the granary. Louis set up shocks until noon & then went to help C.J. Tuttle thresh. They finished at six o'clock & then it rained some.

Friday July 22 � I hauled a load of hogs to W. for Henry DeCou this morning. This evening Louis & I with two teams helped Mr. Kirkham to thresh. From 2 � to 5 P.M.

Saturday July 23 � The threshers came to us last evening. This morning we commenced to thresh 8 � & finished at 4 P.M., then Louis went with them to thresh for C. Campbell. I cleaned up & took Burks. wagon home & then I got a pain in my right foot in the instep so that I could not walk. I crawled to house. Oats 929 bus. Wheat 60 � bus.

Sunday July 24 � Frank came home last night and brought Belle with him. Louis was to meeting in Woodbine tonight.

Monday July 25 � Louis hauled manure this afternoon. This morning he helped me put up the fence that was taken down to make room to thresh. I cleaned up around the straw stack. We put a lot of straw up on the straw stack. There was a tree agent here this afternoon. His name is Greely.

Tuesday July 26 � Louis & I made a wire fence around the straw stack to save it for winter. We then set posts for cattle shed.

Wednesday July 27 � I worked at the cattle shed & Louis hauled out manure all day. It rained a very little this morning. Bertha & Belle were up to Reiffs visiting this afternoon. They rode Bill & Jull.

Thursday July 28 � Louis hauled manure & I worked at the cattle shed. It rained some.

Friday July 29 � Louis & I were to town & brought two loads of lumber, in all for the cattle sheds & oat bin, 1605 ft., $20.00 & $32.22. We worked awhile at the sheds this evening.

Saturday July 30 � Louis & I worked on the sheds until noon. Afternoon we went to the Alliance. Louis gave his name to join the Alliance. C. Tuttle & Mr. Kirkham went with us to Alliance.

Sunday July 31 � Louis & the girls were down to S.S. but there were only a few there & so there was no S.S. C.J. Tuttle was here.

Monday Aug. 1, 1887 � Louis & I worked at cattle sheds until noon. I then went to town. Millie & Marm went as far as W.H. DeCous. Henry DeCou went with me to town. After we came home I worked at the sheds awhile this evening.

Tuesday Aug. 2 � Louis hauled manure & I worked at sheds.

Wednesday Aug. 3 � Louis hauled manure & I worked at cattle sheds.

Thursday Aug. 4 � Louis helped Deuel at his well, he paid Louis. I was to town, Marm went with me as far as Burkholders.

Friday Aug. 5 � Louis & I fixed up the hog fence at the fattening pen & made a long shutter at the new calf shed. Louis went down to Younts to see if John will help us hay. It rained a very little last night.

Saturday Aug. 6 � We worked at the hog yards fence until noon. Louis helped Chas. Nichols thresh this afternoon. Louis & I was to town this evening. F.M. came home.

Sunday Aug. 7 � Louis was over to Kellogs this afternoon. The rest of us all stayed at home.

Monday Aug. 8 � Louis took Frank & some butter to town. After they were gone it rained very heavy.

Tuesday Aug. 9 � Louis cut grass about half a day in all. The rest of the time we raked & bunched the hay.

Wednesday Aug. 10 � Louis cut grass until noon. I was to Dunlap yo see Mr. Moore about the mower. It does not work right. Afternoon J. Yount helped to bunch. Louis raked & bunchrd & they brought one load up, put it in the hay barn.

Thursday Aug. 11 � Louis & J. Yount hauled up seven loads of hay in hay barn. I tromped it. Dave Moore & one of their men were to try to make our mower run better. They were to supper.

Friday Aug. 12 � Louis & John hauled up in hat barn, three loads of hay. I was out & tired to mow but it did not work much better so we loaded it on the wagon & took it to Dunlap & Mr. Moore gave me another one that has not been set yet. John only worked until noon.

Saturday Aug. 13 � John Yount & H. Burkholder were here last evening. Louis & they were over east visiting last night. I was to town with C.J. Tuttle & helped him bring a buggy that he traded calves & a cow for, it is near new, in first rate order. Louis did not do much, he was up to G.E. Reiffs with a picture of the school children.

Sunday Aug. 14 � J. Yount, Herbert & Amy Burk. came last evening. Louis & our girls went with them over to W.H. DeCou's. They say they had a very fine time there. L.B. & the girls were to S.S.

Monday Aug. 15 � J. Yount & Louis hauled up three loads of hay in the afternoon & shocked up a little. I cut all afternoon but it is too green to rake. This morning we fixed fence in hog yard. I gave Yount 25� on acct.

Tuesday Aug. 16 � J. Yount & Louis went to town this morning. It rained so we could do nothing at the hay. This afternoon Louis & I fixed at the hog yard fence.

Wednesday Aug. 17 � It is raining this morning so we could do nothing until 10 o'clock. I mowed until sundown. The boys hauled up five loads on stack. John Yount made three quarters of a day today.

Thursday Aug. 18 � I mowed & raked all day. The boys bunched & hauled up two loads & started another stack. Wm. Burk. had a cow here but it was no go. Mr. Kirkham had one here too but it was no go.

Friday Aug. 19 � John Yount & Louis hauled up ten loads of hay today. I took care of the teams while they loaded & unloaded the wagons. They hauled with two teams, 29 loads in all.

Saturday Aug. 20 � We got up very early this morning. It rained two very heavy showers before day-break. We put a load of hay in the shed that we brought up yesterday. John & Louis were to town with our team & took two plows & got them sharpened & I got a small pair of pincers sharpened. I went to town & back with C.J. Tuttle. We were out at the brick yard to see Mr. Van Scoy about a cave.

Sunday Aug. 21 � John Yount was here. Him & Louis & Bertha went to S.S. It rained a good bit last night & was cloudy & damp all day.

Monday Aug. 22 � It still looks for rain & is cool Louis dug a bushel of potatoes & plowed a couple rounds this forenoon. This afternoon John came up & we brought up two loads of hay & put them in the hay shed but it is too wet so we stopped. John went down & fixed up the hay cock so they will take no water as it looks very much for rain. Louis plowed this evening awhile.

Tuesday Aug. 23 � I was to town & sold our corn to I.A. DeCou for 30� per bu. & received five dollars on acct. I stopped at Isaac DeCous on my way. C. J. Tuttle was with me to Isaac's. F.M. was in town & I took dinner with him at the Hotel. Louis plowed all day from 9 o'clock A.M.

Wednesday Aug. 24 � I helped C.J. Tuttle to build a culvert bridge over at Ike DeCou's this morning. Louis plowed until eleven o'clock & this afternoon C.J. Tuttle helped us haul up five loads of hay which finished haying, 36 loads in all. One & a half load in a dudle.

Thursday Aug. 25 � Louis plowed until noon. I chored around the yards. At noon it commenced to rain & rained all afternoon. Mr. Damery borrowed ten bushels of oats until Burkholder gets his oats threshed.

Friday Aug. 26 � Louis plowed all day. Mr. & Mrs. Evens were here visiting until four o'clock. I then went to town.

Saturday Aug. 27 � Louis plowed until noon. I chored around & then helped Louis plow about 1 � hours with the sulky plow. Afternoon Louis & I & Mr. Kirkham were down to the Alliance. Marm went with us to Lowreys visiting.

Sunday Aug. 28 � Louis & the girls & Marm went to S.S. & Meeting. Mr. DeLar preached in our S. House today.

Monday Aug. 29 � Louis & I were to town this morning. Louis plowed this afternoon. I looked around for teams & shellers to shell tomorrow.

Tuesday Aug. 30 � It rained last night & some this morning so we could not shell.

Wednesday Aug. 31 � It is a little wet this morning. The shellers were here but did not shell on acct. of the picnic at J.R. Whites, the New York Reunion. Louis & I snaped a row of corn for feed, this afternoon Louis plowed. I was to town to look after shovelers to shell tomorrow. I was also over to Fergusons. Wm. Burkholder was with me to town & also to see after help for shelling.

Thursday Sept. 1, 1887 � It rained some last night & early this morning. We got a late start but finished shelling at six P.M. Mr. Harris & W. Kellogg shoveled the corn & C.J. Tuttle, J. Yount, Wm. Burk's two teams & C. Nichols. Mr. Kirkham was here but went home again as we had enough without him. Mr. Damery drove our old team. Louis hauled cobs in the cob house.

Friday Sept. 2 � It rained last night & some today. I cleaned up some around the yard & Louis plowed about � a day. The rest he fixed up hog yard fence. I was over to I.A. DeCou's & to town. I settled with Ike & Giddings, F.M. Smith & paid them in full & Kiblers one hundred dollars on acct.

Saturday Sept. 3 � I was to Dunlap & paid the W.H. Wood note of $55.00 & $3.80 interest. I stoped on my way & paid H. Yount for threshing $21.00 & $12.00 to D. Ferguson for shelling corn. Louis plowed near all day.

Sunday Sept. 4 � John S. Hall & I started for Des Moines to the state Alliance Convention & State Fair. Louis & Bertha to S.S. Mrs. Damery & C. Kellogg were here today.

Monday Sept. 5 � Louis cleaned out the stables & plowed in the afternoon.

Tuesday Sept. 6 � Louis plowed from 10 A.M. all day.

Wednesday Sept. 7 � Louis snaped corn for feed, cleaned up the yard & plowed in the afternoon. Topsy was hurt in the pasture. Her right eye is swelled very much. Wm. Burkholder cut grass for hay this evening.

Thursday Sept. 8 � Louis plowed all day & him & Burk. looked after Topsy's hurt. Burk. raked his hay this eve.

Friday Sept. 9 � Louis & Marm was down to Wm. Evens visiting this afternoon. Everything in good order.

Saturday Sept. 10 � Louis snaped corn & coming in at noon saw the black mare lying under the barb wire fence. He cut off the wires carefully & then went in a hurry & brought W. Burkholder. Jesse came also. They sewed up the cut, then brought Mr. Kirkham & C.J. Tuttle. They tried to get her to the stable but they could not get her up, Louis then went to the depot & brought pa home.

Sunday Sept. 11 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. I came home from Des Moines last evening & found Jewel lying out in the pasture. After supper Louis & I were going to build a shelter over the mare but in a very short time she died & this morning Louis & I buried her. Wm. Burk., C. Tuttle, Mr. Yount & John came to see how the mare was getting. They were all surprised to find her dead.

Monday Sept. 12 � It rained hard during the night. Louis plowed from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. I cleaned out the stables & chored & dug some potatoes.

Tuesday Sept. 13 � It rained hard last night. Louis plowed near all day. I was to town & got the sulky plow sharpened. I stoped at I.A. DeCou's for a lantern and coat Louis left there.

Wednesday Sept. 14 � Louis plowed with the walking plow until noon. After dinner he took the sulky plow but he has great trouble as it will not scour on the lay. I hauled out two loads of manure.

Thursday Sept. 15 � Louis & I were up to Dunlap & out to B.J. Moore's sale of cattle so we done nothing but chored. I have not been very well since I came home from Des Moines. I have diarrhea.

Friday Sept. 16 � Louis plowed all day. I fixed the partition between the young horses & cleaned out all the stables & hauled out the manure.

Saturday Sept. 17 � Louis & I husked four rows of corn for feed. Louis plowed half a day. We separated pigs.

Sunday Sept. 18 � F.M. came home last night. Belle came with him. I have been sick last night & am not much better this morning. . Louis went to S.S. F.M. went home this eve.

Monday Sept. 19 � Louis hauled out manure & fixed up hog yard fence. C.J. Tuttle was here. I paid him by cash, road tax & got a receipt for Louis Poll Tax.

Tuesday Sept. 20 � Louis helped Lowrey to thresh all day. I was to town, paid a note of $25.00 at Kiblers. C.J. Tuttle had a (cow) white face heifer served.

Wednesday Sept. 21 � Louis worked at Lowreys until 4 o'clock. He then came home, got the old team & went up to Reiffs & helped him thresh. It was late when he came home. Mat McKean was here. I hired him to husk corn at $17.00 per month. I churned & chored.

Thursday Sept. 22 � The threshers broke their power & sent for a new one, so Louis & I plowed all day & finished piece, N.E. Forty.

Friday Sept. 23 � Louis gathered pumpkins & fixed fence around hog pasture. Marm & I went to town this afternoon.

Saturday Sept. 24 � Louis helped Reiff to thresh until noon & then Louis & I went to Alliance meeting. There was a Republican Caucus after the Alliance meeting.

Sunday Sept. 25 � Marm, the girls & Louis were to S.S. I staid at home. There passed here a couple of young men from Logan & stoped to inquire for Kellogg's School House. They know F.M. well.

Monday Sept. 26 � Louis & I husked two small loads of corn for feed which finished corn straight with the new pasture fence. We also brought in two loads pumpkins, 440 in all. It is raining this evening.

Tuesday Sept. 27 � It rained off & on all day. I made an ironing board. Louis went with J. Yount & Burks. boys for walnuts. Louis got a basket full of grapes but no walnuts.

Wednesday Sept. 28 � Louis & I cleaned out the horse stables & hauled it out & we snaped two rows of corn & then we picked out some seed corn.

Thursday Sept. 29 � Louis plowed some & hauled in a load of pumpkins, 650 in all. I was to town & left twenty-five dollars in Bank to pay my taxes. Marm & the girls were up to Reiffs visiting. I paid Farnsworth in full.

Friday Sept. 30 � Louis was to Dunlap Fair. I churned butter, hauled out a load of manure, hauled in a load of pumpkins & plowed about an hour & a half. I washed George & Cub, they both were foul.

Saturday Oct. 1, 1887 � Louis went up to Younts at ten o'clock A.M. to help to thresh. He came home at 9 P.M. Marm, the girls & I were to town & from W. we went down to Pasleys to have a carpet wove.

Sunday Oct. 2 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Mr. Kirkham had a cow here. H. Burkholder was here this evening. Fine weather now.

Monday Oct. 3 � Louis plowed until 5 P.M., he then went to Younts to thresh. Marm, the girls & I were to town this afternoon & this morning I gathered & hauled in pumpkins. We got 1345 pumpkins.

Tuesday Oct. 4 � Louis worked all day at Younts. I plowed & chored all day. This evening I was up to Younts & paid John $7.25 for help haying, five & three quarters days at $1.25 a day. This makes us even with Younts.

Wednesday Oct. 5 � Louis helped Wm. Burkholder to thresh all day. I cut the stalks up where we have the corn husked. I churned & chored. Mat McKean came this evening to work for us.

Thursday Oct. 6 � Mat commenced to work this morning at ($17) seventeen dollars per month. Louis plowed until noon. Mat scattered manure & burned straw stack. This afternoon the boys gathered potatoes & I plowed with the sulky plow.

Friday Oct. 7 � The boys gathered potatoes all day. I plowed until 2 � P.M. I then took Topsy up to Sam Probasco's. It is very cloudy.

Saturday Oct. 8 � It rained last night & all day today. It rained slow & steady. Louis & Mat sorted potatoes up in the wagon shed. I made a small window sash & cut out a double tree from a piece of cord wood, Ash. C. Tuttle was here.

Sunday Oct. 9 � Louis was to S.S. I was over to Deuels to see the Old Gent before he goes home again. Chas. Davis was here & I was to C.J. Tuttles this evening.

Monday Oct. 10 � The boys snaped two rows of corn. I picked seed out of it. They then went to the potatoes & put a load in the cellar. I carried them (38 bus.) in the cellar. I also fixed a little fence to keep the pigs in.

Tuesday Oct. 11 � The boys worked at the potatoes all day. I churned butter and sorted some potatoes. Henry DeCou was here quite awhile.

Wednesday Oct. 12 � The boys & I sorted a load of potatoes. The boys then snaped a load of corn. After dinner Louis took a load of potatoes (36 10/ bus.) to F Folts at 40� Mat husked this afternoon. We brought some coal & lumber. 900 lbs. coal, $1.80.

Thursday Oct. 13 � The boys husked with one team & wagon. Ma, the girls & I were to Logan. I was to the Co. Mutual Insurance Association & visited with F.M.

Friday Oct. 14 � The boys husked all day. I made a couple of bumper boards, cleared out the cribs & chored. Mrs. Hupp was here to see me about some money she thought I owed her husband. I never owed him anything.

Saturday Oct. 15 � Mat husked until noon, then he went home. Louis husked all day. I worked at the colts stable & went to town after dinner. Took Mat in.

Sunday Oct. 16 � Mr. Kirkham brought our mail up. Louis was to S.S. Mat did not come home yet.

Monday Oct. 17 � Mat came last night late. The boys husked all day. I set posts for a yard to turn the colts in for exercise & chored & cleaned out the stable. Mr. Kirkham was here this eve. to have me help him tomorrow.

Tuesday Oct. 18 � Louis was to town for vinegar. Mat husked all day. Louis all day except while he was in town. I helped Mr. Kirkham to shingle his kitchen roof all day.

Wednesday Oct. 19 � Louis husked all day. Mat husked until noon then he snaped a load for feed. I worked at the fence for the colt yard.

Thursday Oct. 20 � The boys husked all day. I chored around & set 6 posts in fence around yard.

Friday Oct. 21 � The boys husked all day except Mat. About half of the forenoon he & I were to town. He got a pair of boots at Kiblers on my acct. I bought a faning mill from Jim Dally.

Saturday Oct. 22 � The boys husked all day. I went to town for the mail.

Sunday Oct. 23 � F.M., George Harvey & Adams came about noon. They were here until dark. We had a good visit together. I was to Tuttles & Kirkhams, took down their mail.

Monday Oct. 24 � Mat & Louis husked all day. Both with one team in the afternoon. I took three hogs in. Sold to Burkholder at $3.75, 1175 lbs., $40.15. Brought 1560 lbs. of coal, $3.12.

Tuesday Oct. 25 � I cleaned out the stables & fixed up hog pens for winter & was to town this afternoon & paid interest on my Sewing M. note, $8.60. The boys husked all day. It is very cold.

Wednesday Oct. 26 � The boys husked all day. I made a smooth wire fence around the stack yard to turn the colts in for exercise.

Thursday Oct. 27 � The boys husked all day. I hung a drive gate on large hinges & a wire from corner of hay barn. Some thing new for me to not know how it will work. Clarence Kellogg was here this evening.

Friday Oct. 28 � The boys husked all day. I was to town this afternoon. Louis went up to Gilchrists this eve.

Saturday Oct. 29 � The boys husked all day. I went with Mr. Kirkham to the Alliance.

Sunday Oct. 30 � The boys & girls were all to S.S. I was home all day.

Monday Oct. 31 � The boys husked all day. I cleaned wheat all day, 57 bus., with the fanning mill, to take to town. Sold to Mathews & Kling at 50� per bu.

Tuesday Nov. 1, 1887 � Mat husked all day. Louis worked around the yard. I took 57 bus. of wheat to town in two loads. Sold for $28.50, brought 1380 lbs. of coal at $4.00 per ton. $2.76.

Wednesday Nov. 2 � The boys husked all day. I worked around the yard as usual & cleaned the stables.

Thursday Nov. 3 � The boys husked all day. I was up to Dunlap & paid A.J. Moore the Bull note $75.00.

Friday Nov. 4 � The boys husked all day. I fixed up around the yard & chored.

Saturday Nov. 5 � The boys husked until four o'clock P.M. I took the old March harvester apart & chored. We, the boys & I went to town. F.M. & Belle came home with us.

Sunday Nov. 6 � F.M. left this morning afoot. The girls were to S.S. The boys were over to visit C. Kellogg. Marm, Mat & I were home all day. The girls were down to Kirkhams for the mail.

Monday Nov. 7 � The boys husked all day. I worked at making a wheel for the wheelbarrow. The colts broke down a gate so I had to fix up another one.

Tuesday Nov. 8 � Louis husked until noon & Mat husked until 4 P.M. when the rain drove him in. After dinner Louis & I went over to vote.

Wednesday Nov. 9 � The boys finished husking at 11 A.M. I took Mat & Belle to town. I sold Mat the revolver for six dollars & paid him a balance in full of $7.75. Louis fixed the fence around the yard.

Thursday Nov. 10 � I finished the wheelbarrow & helped Louis to haul out 6 loads of manure.

Friday Nov. 11 � I made a halter for Dot but it is too small. Louis & I made a scraper but it does not work right so we will make another.

Saturday Nov. 12 � Louis, the girls, Marm & I were to town this afternoon. We done nothing but chore.

Sunday Nov. 13 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Ma & I staid home all day.

Monday Nov. 14 � Louis was to town all day. I hauled out two loads of manure, scraped up in the cow yard. This was the first day of school for the fall term.

Tuesday Nov. 15 � Louis chored around the yard & helped some in the house. I churned & mended some tinware & helped to chore. H. Burkholder & Louis went over to Smiths this evening.

Wednesday Nov. 16 � Mr. Damery brought over ten bus. oats that he borrowed some time ago. I made a sash for a window in the calf pen. Louis fixed up around the hog yards.

Thursday Nov. 17 � Louis battened the cracks in the cattle shed & fixed up the boar pen. I made a fire shovel and worked at a couple of benches for the cellar to stand large jars & things on. Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Tuttle & Miss Alice Ford were here this evening.

Friday Nov. 18 � Louis was to town & borrowed a rifle for to use at the shooting match for turkeys. I finished two benches to put things on in the cellar & finished & put in the sash in calf pen. .

Saturday Nov. 19 � Louis & I cleaned out the stables & hauled the manure out on the tame pasture, then L.B. went up to Lowreys. I cleaned up the cellar & chored.

Sunday Nov. 20 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. J. Yount came home with them. He took supper with us. C. Tuttle & L.L. Deuel were here.

Monday Nov. 21 � C.J. Tuttle & I were to Dunlap & ordered each a Buckeye pump put in our wells in complete order for $26.00. Louis went to Woodbine to bring F.M. home.

Tuesday Nov. 22 � Dave Moore & another man were here & put in a Buckeye pump for us, they then stayed to the shooting match. They shot for ten turkeys. There was quite a few here. F.M. came this morning.

Wednesday Nov. 23 � F.M. & Louis were guning awhile this morning & this evening they went to Woodbine. Belle came home with them. I chored. Artie Deuel was here this evening.

Thursday Nov. 24 � It snowed last night. Louis took F.M. & Belle to the train this evening. We both worked at making troughs to lead the water from the well south through the cottonwood grove to water the cattle.

Friday Nov. 25 � Louis & I put up the troughs to pump water for the cattle. It snowed all afternoon. I went down to Tuttles this evening.

Saturday Nov. 26 � It snowed all day. We done nothing but the chores & gathered the turkeys in the wagon shed & hens in houses.

Sunday Nov. 27 � It is very cold. The thermometer this morning, 20 below zero. A yearling heifer died this morning from impaction of the stomach. L. skinned her. I fixed a barrel in a box of manure to water the cattle. The girls were to S.S.

Monday Nov. 28 � Louis & I was to Woodbine & took butter & the hide of the heifer that died yesterday. It keep cold, 10 below zero last night.

Tuesday Nov. 29 � Louis & I were to Dunlap & paid Moore for the Buckeye pump & got a $3.50 cot from S. Jensen on credit.

Wednesday Nov. 30 � Louis & I were over to Mr. Pharguson's funeral & to the Mill & Woodbine. Brought the girls from school.

Thursday Dec. 1, 1887 � It rained last night. I putied in glass & fixed up the cellar & churned. It rained all day. A strange bull came on the yard.

Friday Dec. 2 � This was a disagreeable day, although it did not rain. Louis & C.J. Tuttle went to town to hear Blind Boone sing. The strange bull is still here in the yard.

Saturday Dec. 3 � It is still cloudy. The bull is G.E. Reiffs, he fetched him today. I sewed on the machine.

Sunday Dec. 4 � Louis was to S.S. The girls staid at home.

Monday Dec. 5 � Louis & I were to town, got some medicine for Nick's eye.

Tuesday Dec. 6 � I was down to Kirkhams, he & I was down to see Yount thresh corn.

Wednesday Dec. 7 � Nick's eye is gone, he is blind in it. A great pity, he is a fine colt. Louis & I were to see an exhibition in the School House. Minnie Reiff was here to supper & stays all night.

Thursday Dec. 8 � Ma washed today. I helped Louis kill three roosters. I cleaned them. Louis was down to Kirkhams. This evening Louis & the girls went to the Lyceum. John Yount took the girls in the buggy.

Friday Dec. 9 � I was down to Tuttles but he went to Dunlap. I then went to Burkholders. Louis was there. We came home together. A stranger came this evening to stay overnight. His name is Billderbeck, from Tama County.

Saturday Dec. 10 � I was down to C. Tuttles, they were working at his well. Louis hauled two loads of corn to I.A. DeCou for Charley Nichols. It snowed all this afternoon.

Sunday Dec. 11 � Louis was to S.S. H. Burk. was here this evening with his violin. We had some nice music.

Monday Dec. 12 � Bertha, Ma & Louis were to Woodbine. I put a partition in one of the horse stalls.

Tuesday Dec. 13 � I was to Dunlap with C. Tuttle. I paid Mr. Jensen $3.50 for the cot I got from him Nov. 29 /87. I was over to Deuels this evening.

Wednesday Dec. 14 � I churned & sewed on the Machine & worked in the house near all day. Louis was over to Deuels, Kirkhams & Tuttles.

Thursday Dec. 15 � Wm. Tuttle's wife was buried today. I was to town horseback. Louis hauled out a load of manure. Kirkham was here.

Friday Dec. 16 � I was over to Deuels & also to Burkholders.

Saturday Dec. 17 � Louis & I were to town. We took a hog (400 lbs.). Sold to J. R. Burkholder at $4.70, $18.80.

Sunday Dec. 18 � Louis & H. Burk. were down to McMillens visiting today. Chas. Davis was here to dinner.

Monday Dec. 19 � I was to Logan to see the Clerk of the Court about Guardianship of the Legacy of J. Mertz Est. Louis hauled out a load of manure.

Tuesday Dec. 20 � This was a cold windy day. C.J. Tuttle was here awhile. We done nothing but chored.

Wednesday Dec. 21 � Flora was fast in the stable this morning when I got up there to feed. She is still lieing as she was this morning & there is very poor hope of her geting over it. Wm. Burkholder was here this evening.

Thursday Dec. 22 � Louis & I worked at the mare(Flora) but she is no better as I can see. We gave her a dose of ginger last night but she is the same this evening. Louis went over to Kellogg's shooting match for a while. Mr. Kirkham & Mr. Deuel were here this evening.

Friday Dec. 23 � Flora dies this morning at 8 � o'clock. Wm. Burk. brought over his team & helped us to drag her out in the cow pasture. None of our horses being shod & it is very icy in front of the stable. Louis was to town this afternoon. I chored around & helped Ma in the house. She did a small washing this afternoon.

Saturday Dec. 24 � Louis had a shooting match for turkeys today. Fifteen turkeys were shot & raffled off. Louis & Herbert Burkholder went to Woodbine this evening.

Sunday Dec. 25 � We all went up to Reiffs to spend Christmas. C.J. Tuttle had a spotted heifer served, also one of ours.

Monday Dec. 26 � I worked at the stable fixing up the manger & stalls that Flora kicked to pieces before died. Louis was to town today.

Tuesday Dec. 27 � It snowed & blew all night. We done nothing but the chores. C.J. Tuttle was here visiting near all day. Herbert Burk. brought our wagons home this evening. He had them to haul corn to town. He shelled yesterday & had to leave the wagons in town all night as they could get no cars.

Wednesday Dec. 28 � It snowed last night & is very cold this morning & all day. The thermometer 18 below zero & this evening 14 below. We done nothing but the chores.

Thursday Dec. 29 � C.J. Tuttle & Louis were over to Kelloggs shooting match. Tuttle got one turkey & Louis got none. It was cold & stormy.

Friday Dec. 30 � This was another stormy windy day but not near so cold as yesterday. Louis was up to Lowreys awhile this evening before he milked the cows. I made a fire shovel.

Saturday Dec. 31 � This was a very stormy day. It snowed & blew heavy all day. Louis was to town. Herbert Burkholder came over with his violin to spend the evening.

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