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      Aaron D Hoyer Diary

Originally transcribed by Jessie Burkholder Peckenpaugh
preserving the original spellings and punctuation.
Transcribed for the Harrison County Iowa USGenWeb
by his descendant John Burkholder (email napagrappa@yahoo.com).

Further Reference: Aaron Hoyer Biography -- Hoyer family -- Hoyer house

This page covers 1888 -- Index for each Year -- Next Page: 1889

Sunday Jan. 1, 1888 - Herbert staid here until after dinner. Louis hitched the horses to the sled & took the girls up to H. Reiffs a sleighing. I was home all day. C.J. Tuttle brought our mail. Fine day & evening.

Monday Jan. 2 - Louis & I cleaned out the horse stables & hauled it out to the fall plowing. We sold to C.J. Tuttle & Kirkham the old wheat straw stack out in the corn stalk field. Sow served.

Tuesday Jan. 3 - Louis & I was up to Dunlap to get Bertha's shoes & Evens rifle repaired. I was also over to I.A. DeCou's. After supper Henry DeCou & family & Arthur Deuel & Perry Holdegel & Ed Deuel came & visited until 12 midnight. We had a fine time.

Wednesday Jan. 4 - Louis & I was to Dunlap again & we stoped at Hein's sale & thought we would buy a horse but it did not suit us. Mat McKean came this evening. Him & Louis went to Burks.

Thursday Jan. 5 - Mat staid all night and left about one o'clock. It rained near all day. Jesse & Amy Burk. came over & went with Louis & our girls to the Lyceum.

Friday Jan. 6 - Louis went to Logan to visit with F.M. I was down to Mr. Kirkhams & C.J. Tuttle was here awhile this afternoon.

Saturday Jan. 7 - Herbert Burk. came last night to help do the chores. Herbert & I done up the chores & then went to Woodbine to bring Louis & F.M. home. 22 below zero at 9 - P.M.

Sunday Jan. 8 - We were all at home all day. F.M. brought a nice large Music Box along home. We had a fine turkey roast for dinner. We all enjoyed ourselves first rate. Herbert Burk. staid here for dinner, he then went home.

Monday Jan. 9 - F.M went to town a foot this Morn. Louis & I chored around near all day. I churned butter.

Tuesday Jan. 10 - Marm & I started to wash & then Mr. & Mrs. Oley Lowrey came & visited until dusk. After supper Herbert, Jesse & Amy Burkholder came & then Steve Smith came & stayed until midnight.

Wednesday Jan. 11 - Louis cleaned out the stables & hauled out the manure yesterday. Chas. Nichols was here. I bought a quarter of beef from him at 5- per lb. Mr. Kirkham brought our mail.

Thursday Jan. 12 - It stormed last night and drifted the roads shut. It snowed & blew all day. Louis & I was down to Nichols and fetched a quarter of beef, 126 lbs. at 5- per lb. The roads are in bad condition so the girls & Louis did not go to the Lyceum. It is now blowing from the N.W. It blew from the S.E. all day. Turned two sows to Dan.

Friday Jan. 13 - We done nothing all day but choring. It was very cold all day, 22 below.

Saturday Jan. 14 - This was another very cold day. We put straw in all the hog pens. One dead one in the small pigs pen. The thermometer 24 below zero last night, 22 below this morning & all day.

Sunday Jan. 15 - This morning the thermometer registered 36 below zero & C.J. Tuttles registered 40 below. The roads are completely blockaded, can get nowhere. Louis was down to Tuttles.

Monday Jan. 16 - Louis helped C.J. Tuttle & Mr. Kirkham to shovel out the road, then they went to Woodbine. Herbert Burk came with Louis to help do the chores. I am on the sick list with a lame back. 22 below.

Tuesday Jan. 17 - Louis shoveled out the road down to the corner. C.J. Tuttle came to help him but came after L. finished. Herbert is still here.

Wednesday Jan. 18 - Herbert is still here to help chore morning & evening. He goes to school. I am much better but not good yet. We dressed a dozen of turkeys to take to Woodbine tomorrow if the weather is so we can go. 10 below.

Thursday Jan. 19 - Louis & I were to Woodbine today, took in the 12 dressed turkeys. Sold to K. Bros. at 7- per lb., $9.38 & 9 - lbs. butter at 18-, $171 in trade. Louis got $3.10 & I got $8.00 in cash. Herbert, Louis & the girls went to the Lyceum this evening. 16 below. We received Jewelery for a present.

Friday Jan. 20 - This was a very cold day again. I churned butter & fixed a place to put a cow in the stable. She is going to calf pretty soon. Herbert & Louis done the chores. Ther. 16 below.

Saturday Jan. 21 - Louis & Herbert went to town this evening & brought Frank & Belle home with them. This was another cold day. Thermometer 22 near all day. This evening late it got some warmer.

Sunday Jan. 22 - This was a fair day. Thermometer 8 below this morning, 10 below this evening. Louis was to S.S.

Monday Jan. 23 - Louis took Belle to town & brought two sacks of flour home. Alex McMillen & his wife were here. They are selling a wash machine. Herbert came again this evening. Fine day.

Tuesday Jan. 24 - White cow droped a pair of twin calfs last night. Alex McMillen & his wife were here & washed with their washer and done good work. Jesse Burk. & Amy came over this evening & took the boys & girls with them in their sleigh to Younts to spend the evening.

Wednesday Jan. 25 - Louis & I hauled in part of a load of straw. It was too windy or we would have hauled it all down to the barn. I tried to fix up the wringer but I do not have the proper tools. We put Sky in the barn in George the bulls place last night.

Thursday Jan. 26 - It was too windy to haul up straw so we done nothing but chore. Herbert is still here.

Friday Jan. 27 - Louis & I hauled up one load of straw but it got too windy in the afternoon. Louis then cleaned out the stables & I went down to Tuttles & Kirkhams to see if either was going to town. K. went to Dunlap. T. was shelling corn to haul to I.A. DeCou.

Saturday Jan. 28 - I went to town with Kirkham. Tuttle went along. After dinner we went to the Alliance with Kirkham. Nichols went with us. I gave Kibler Bros. a note for $319.09. Due in one year. I left the wringer with C. Smith to put a spring on it. Louis & Herbert was guning & got three rabbits. This evening they, the boys & girls went up to Lowreys to spend the evening. They took Jesse & Amy Burk. & Minnie Reiff along. They came home at 12 o'clock midnight.

Sunday Jan. 29 - Herbert, Louis & the girls were to S.S. Marm & I were home all day.

Monday Jan. 30 - Louis was to Woodbine & brought a letter from Lina K. in Oregon to the girls. I made brine and put the beef in to pickle Mr kirkham was here this evening & brought a letter for Marm from Mother & Annie. Louis & I run our wheat, 6 - bus. through the fanning mill.

Tuesday Jan. 31 - Louis & I was to town this forenoon & brought in a jag of straw this afternoon. The weather has been very warm the last three days & is thawing fast. The sleighing is near all gone at some places. We took the last of our wheat (six bus.) to Mill & got two hundred wt. of flour. Louis turned -Dan- in the East hog yard this morning.

Wednesday Feb. 1, 1888 - Louis & I hauled three loads of hay in the hay barn. We had one upset for us in the snow.

Thursday Feb. 2 - Louis & I put three loads of hay in the barn & fixed up the stacks. Louis was over to I.A. DeCou's this evening & brought the girls & Herbert in the buggy. Amy Burk. came with them to stay for supper & then they intend to go to the Lyceum.

Friday Feb. 3 - The boys & girls did not go to the Lyceum as it was very dark & cloudy & the road is very bad. I made a couple large iron washers & fixed the sheller.

Saturday Feb. 4 - I filed the rest of the saws, 5 in all. I finished up & painted a new double tree. Herbert & Louis were to W. & brought me three bottles of Ayer Sarrasparilla. I am not as well as I usually am. The weather changed wonderful as it is very cold & snowy.

Sunday Feb. 5 - It was cold this morning, thermometer 2 above. It snowed a good bit yesterday but not much left on the ground. Louis & Millie were to S.S. Herbert went home.

Monday Feb. 6 - Louis was to Woodbine. I was down to Kirkham's & Tuttles. This evening Louis & Herbert went over to S. Smiths. 2 below.

Tuesday Feb. 7 - Louis & I cleaned out the stables. This afternoon I was up to see some mares that Mr. Mungan wants to sell. I sent to for Haaff.

Wednesday Feb. 8 - I helped Louis to chore. It turned cold again.

Thursday Feb. 9 - The thermometer was 24 below this morning & 16 below last evening. Louis was over to visit at school. Lew DeJean was here to supper & then went with our girls & Louis to the Lyceum.

Friday Feb. 10 - Marm was very sick this morning but is better this evening. Louis & I done nothing but chores today. C.J. Tuttle was here near all afternoon.

Saturday Feb. 11 - Louis & I was over to the Alliance. We had a good meeting, discussed the pig & the chinch bug. Mat McKean came this evening to visit.

Sunday Feb. 12 - Louis, the girls, Mat & I were visiting over to Burkholders. The boys & girls with Burks. were to S.S. I stoped at Mr. Damery to see how the family are getting along & to see how Mr. Damery is & how he likes Florida.

Monday Feb. 13 - Louis & I were to I.A. DeCou's & from there we went to town. Mat left for home this morning. Herbert came here from school & stays all night.

Tuesday Feb. 14 - Louis & I went up to R. Mungan & bought a mare & brought her home. Paid $80.00 for her, said to be with foal. Herb, Jesse & Amy Burk. came & Louis & the girls went with them up to DeJeans to a party. Shy droped a heifer calf.

Wednesday Feb. 15 - The boys & girls got home at 2 o'clock in the morning. C.J. Tuttle & wife were here visiting today. I sold Tuttle a stack of hay for $12.00 today. Shy droped a calf yesterday evening.

Thursday Feb. 16 - Louis & I fixed up the oat bin in the barn, which was broke down by the weight of the oats. Millie & Louis were to the Lyceum.

Friday Feb. 17 - C.J. Tuttle brought 1500 lbs of coal for us as we have no team shod & the roads are very bad. Louis was with him to town. Louis went over to Walt Kellogg's dance.

Saturday Feb. 18 - Marm & I washed. Louis cleaned out the stables.

Sunday Feb. 19 - It rained last night & part of today & it snowed a little. C.J. Tuttle was here, he brought the mail & this evening he brought a heifer. J. Yount & H. Burk. are here this evening.

Monday Feb. 20 - Louis was to town. C.J. Tuttle hauled hay he bought from us. Mr. L.L. Deuel was here & bargain for 10 feet of stack at $1.00 a ft., $10.00, to take away in about a month.

Tuesday Feb. 21 - I made a oats seive for the faning mill. Deuel had one of Mr. Damery's cows here today. Arthur Deuel brought their mules over & hitched our buggy & him, his father & Louis went to town to see a concert of vocal & instrument music. Dr. Edwards was here to see Bertha.

Wednesday Feb. 22 - C.J. Tuttle, Kirkham & I were over to Geo. Moore's sale. Kirkham bought a cow. I churned this evening.

Thursday Feb. 23 - I churned again yesterday, I did not get butter but today I got nice butter. C.J. brought our mail up and Mr. Kirkham had a cow here.

Friday Feb. 24 - I sewed on the machine today a good bit.

Saturday Feb. 25 - Mr. Kirkham was here to go to the Alliance but it was too cold & blustery. It snowed & blowed all day. I was down to Tuttles for the mail. Mrs. Honaker was buried today.

Sunday Feb. 26 - There was no S.S. today on account of Scarlet Fever. H. Burkholder & Amy & John Yount were here this evening.

Monday Feb. 27 - I fixed up the Faning Mill & cleaned oats. Mr. Lowrey was here with his Stalion. Louis was to town this afternoon.

Tuesday Feb. 28 - I cleaned oats near all day. C.J. Tuttle was here awhile. Louis helped me clean oats.

Wednesday Feb. 29 - I was to Woodbine with C.J. Tuttle. There was a good bit of talk in town about the Scarlet Fever cases. Louis hauled out manure. Mr. Kirkham loaned the draw knife.

Thursday Mar. 1, 1888 - It rained & sleeted all day & is still raining, 10 P.M. Louis & I punched a new piece of tin full of holes to make a sieve for the faning mill. Mr. L. Deuel had one of Damery's cows here today.

Friday Mar. 2 - I cleaned a few bus. oats. It was too sleety to carry them over to the barn. Louis chored.

Saturday Mar. 3 - I cleaned oats. Louis went to town with C.J. Tuttle. Belle B. came home with him & F.M. came later on.

Sunday Mar. 4 - It snowed a good bit last night & snowed all day & is still snowing 9 o'clock P.M.

Monday Mar. 5 - I was in the house all day and yesterday all day with a very bad cold & yet Louis & I were down to the school election & helped elect W.R. Kirkham Sub-Director.

Tuesday Mar. 6 - I was in the house all day. I am very much worse today. I can scarsley speak above a whisper.

Wednesday Mar. 7 - Louis was to Dunlap with John Yount & ordered a tank made for an incubator.

Thursday Mar. 8 - I took a sweat and was in bed near all day. Louis was over to help Frank Knapp to get a horse up in the stable, that was down in the stalks. They drawed her up on a sled. Louis went to town to bring Frank home.

Friday Mar. 9 - It rained some today and a good bit last night. I am better today but my throat is still very sore.

Saturday Mar. 10 - Frank went to Dunlap & bought a breech loading shotgun. Louis went to Woodbine for the mail.

Sunday Mar. 11 - This was a fine day. There is still no S.S. for some time on acct. of the sickness. Geo. Reiffs were here this evening. Belle B. is still here.

Monday Mar. 12 - Dr. Edwards stoped in to see Bertha. He was over to Walter Kelloggs. F.M. went to town with him. Louis helped Marm to wash. Jake Weiss stoped in, asking after Jordon.

Tuesday Mar. 13 - Marm washed woolen today & churned. Louis helped some then he went to Dunlap. F.M. went with him part way with his gun. It was cloudy today.

Wednesday Mar. 14 - I am feeling much better so I worked at making a 200 egg incubator. Louis helped a little.

Thursday Mar. 15 - I worked at the Incubator & Louis helped a little. F.M. went a guning. John Yount was here.

Friday Mar. 16 - I worked at the Incubator. Louis helped a little. F.M. came home this evening but brought no game.

Saturday Mar. 17 - Louis & Frank went to town. F.M. went to Logan I worked at the Incubator. Mr. Kirkham was here quite a while, he brought home the drawing knife.

Sunday Mar. 18 - Louis & I were down to Tuttles. I was over to see Kirkham's sick horse. This evening Louis & F.M. were over at the river & shot two ducks. It rained this evening & thundered & lightninged.

Monday Mar. 19 - I worked at the Incubator. Louis helped some. It is cold.

Tuesday Mar. 20 - I worked at the incubator. Louis helped a little. Wm. Loyer & wife & three children were here over night. They are moving on the Geo. Moore farm. He is going to work for Fred Jordon. He got stuck in the snow drift & mud, Louis took one of our teams & helped him up the hill into our yard.

Wednesday Mar. 21 - I worked at the incubator for awhile. John Yount & H. Burkholder were here. Louis & Frank went with them over to Roche's sale. Cold raw day.

Thursday Mar. 22 - I & Louis winowed oats for chaff for the Incubator. F.M. helped awhile. Chas. Nichols was here for pay for the quarter of beef I got from him.

Friday Mar. 23 - I worked at the Incubator & winowed oats for chaff for the Incubator. Frank & Belle was to Woodbine. F.M. was guning this evening, got one duck. Louis cleaned out the stables. Weighed Nick, 625 lbs.

Saturday Mar. 24 - I painted the Incubator & winowed some oats. Louis & Frank went to Woodbine. This evening H. Burkholder & Louis went guning. Mat McKean came this afternoon. It is raining this evening.

Sunday Mar. 25 - It rained a good bit today and froze as it fell. H. Burk. & J. Yount were here this evening.

Monday Mar. 26 - I.A. DeCou intended to have his cattle dehorned today but Mr. Deuel was not ready yet. Louis, Tuttle & I was over to Deuels near all day helping him a little. He had his old cow in the machine twice but it would not work.

Tuesday Mar. 27 - Louis was to town & brought 1300 lbs. coal. F.M. came home with him. I was up to Nichols. I saw Mr. Mungan, he said Flora was due April 22.

Wednesday Mar. 28 - Frank & the girls were to town. I cleaned oats for seed. Louis hauled out some manure.

Thursday Mar. 29 - I cleaned some oats for seed. C.J. Tuttle was here this afternoon.

Friday Mar. 30 - I worked at making a new oats sieve. Louis & I was over to I.A. DeCou's too see Deuel dehorn cattle. He had dehorned 45 when we left, 4 - P.M. Louis bought two roosters from I.A. DeCou. Frank left for Logan.

Saturday Mar. 31 - I cleaned seed oats until noon. Louis hauled out manure, & afternoon I filled up the Incubator with 18 buckets of boiling water. The thermometer run up to 118 degrees.

Sunday April 1, 1888 - Tuttles & Miss Ford were here to dinner. This was a very fine day. No one to S.S.

Monday April 2 - Louis, C.J. Tuttle, Kirkham & I was up to Gilchrists to see Gage & Nichols dehorn, then we went to H. DeCou to see Deuel dehorn. L. & I were over to Burkholders this evening.

Tuesday April 3 - We took 17 head cattle & the bull up to Nichols & they dehorned the 17 head in just twenty minutes. I paid him $1.80 also $6.30 for a beef I got from him.

Wednesday April 4 - We cleaned out the calves stables. L.L. Deuel brought one of Damerys cows & served her. Louis & H. Burk. went over to davis.

Thursday April 5 - Frank, Belle, Bertha & I was to town. I sent for two bus. of legal Lanten seed corn. Renewed the Homestead I was down to Tuttles, Kirkham & I.A. DeCou to see about eggs for the Incubator.

Friday April 6 - I took three hogs (1210 lbs) to J.R. Burkholder at W. Got $4.50 per cwt. L.B. cut stalks all afternoon.

Saturday April 7 - Louis cut stalks until noon. I cleaned out the stables & fetched the eggs at Tuttles & DeCou's & then cut stalks. Louis raked & burned what we had cut.

Sunday April 8 - We set the Incubator with 184 eggs last night. Frank, Louis & H. Burk went fishing. Mat came this afternoon.

Monday April 9 - Mat McKean commenced to work today at $18.00 per month. I helped C.J. Tuttle on the road work one & one half hours, at the bridge, N.E. corner of our farm. Mat & Louis went to town this afternoon.

Tuesday April 10 - Louis & Mat hauled in a load of straw, then dug a little garden. This afternoon Louis sowed oats & Mat cultivated them in. I helped.

Wednesday April 11 - Louis cut stalks all day. Mat seeded & disced & raked & burned stalks. I changed the teeth in the smoothing harrow and helped around the house.

Thursday April 12 - Louis cut stalks all day. Mat seeded & run the disc part of the time. I scattered the bulk of the straw stacks. A sow piged last night & It was cold. Froze - of an inch on the horse tank. We burned the meadow this evening.

Friday April 13 - Louis finished sowing oats at 4 P.M. Mat disced all day. Louis, Frank & I were to town this eve. We received 45 pure Minorca & Duck winged Bantam eggs through Amos Reiff from A.W. Wentzel, Reading, Pa. Cost $5.00, two settings, Expressage $1.20.

Saturday April 14 - Wm. Burkholder, G.E. Reiff, M. Kinney & I were down to Jeddo to help organize a Farmer's Alliance Louis disced & Mat harrowed all day.

Sunday April 15 - Mr. & Mrs. Burkholder & Amy & Lou were here visiting all day. Mat was out with the gun. We tried the biting rig on Dep today.

Monday April 16 - Louis cut stalks all day. Mat finished harrowing & then hauled out manure. Frank went to Dunlap for a casting Louis broke on the cutter. Lotta droped a bull calf.

Tuesday April 17 - It rained last night & a little this morning. The boys cut potatoes & this afternoon they planted potatoes. F.M. & I were to Woodbine.

Wednesday April 18 - The boys cut & planted potatoes. F.M. helped to plant this afternoon. I cut stalks all day.

Thursday April 19 - It froze hard this morning. The boys finished cutting, planting & harrowing the potatoes. This evening Frank & I were to W. I brought the tank for brooder. It cost $2.50 but he said he would not make any more for less than $3.50.

Friday April 20 - It froze again this morning. The boys plowed all day & I worked at the brooder & done some chores around. We set a hen with Minorca eggs.

Saturday April 21 - Mat plowed until noon. He then went home. Louis hauled two loads of corn to Woodbine for C. Nichols. I worked at the brooder until noon & I churned & worked butter. Afternoon I cut stalks. Louis brought the lard and seed corn I sent for to Emerson.

Sunday April 22 - Mat came home with Frank about one P.M. They were all to S.S.

Monday April 23 - Louis fixed the pasture fence. Mat plowed all day, finished at 7 P.M. Frank plowed all day for W.H. DeCou.

Tuesday April 24 - Louis raked & burned stalks until noon. I was over to I.A. DeCou's. This afternoon Louis & I hauled & scattered manure from an old straw stack but. Mat plowed all day.

Wednesday April 25 - The boys plowed until noon then it rained pretty fast. It drove them in just at noon. They went out again about 2 o'clock. I worked at the brooder & finished it. Cherry droped a bull calf last night.

Thursday April 26 - The boys plowed all day until 5 o'clock P.M., when the rain drove them in. It rained right smart this evening. I sprouted the potatoes.

Friday April 27 - It rained all day off & on. The boys were to town. I churned and made a run for chickens.

Saturday April 28 - It is still raining at intervals & it turned cold this evening. We butchered a pig, about a 100 pounder.

Sunday April 29 - It was cold & wet all day. A. Deuel & C.J. Tuttle were here.

Monday April 30 - The boys plowed near all day. We had four hogs smothered last night. Louis buried them this morning. I was over to I.A. DeCou & got a loan of seven hundred dollars to be paid on or before five years with eight per cent interest from date. He deducted $350.00 & the interest, twenty two dollars on three notes which were cancelled & given to me, leaving me $328.00 of the $700.00.

Tuesday May 1, 1888 - It rained today. The boys done nothing except ring 18 hogs and plant 25 raspberries plants. I finished a sash for the chicken run. C.J. Tuttle & L.L. Deuel were here. F.M. came home from Nebraska.

Wednesday May 2 - The boys plowed all day & finishing all the plowing. I was over to Burks. & stoped awhile at Damery. C.J. was here to get help on the road.

Thursday May 3 - Louis & Mat worked on the road half a day with one team. It rained this afternoon. Frank & I were to town. I paid the horse note (Edward's), $125.00, interest, $8.50 & $90.00 on acct. of note to Kibler Bros., also lard $4.25 & smoking 6 pieces of Beef, 25-. This is a very wet & cold spring.

Friday May 4 - Topsy foaled a mare colt last night. 18 days before her time. The boys dug out Sumach along Reiffs line. I done nothing but look after Topsy's colt. Mr. Garrison was here to see Frank. They went to Logan together.

Saturday May 5 - It rained near all day. We done nothing. Mat went home. Louis went to town. John Yount & C.J. Tuttle were here. F.M. came home from Logan this evening.

Sunday May 6 - It rained all day off & on and is still cold. Mat came back this afternoon. Wm. Burkholder & Herbert were here.

Monday May 7 - It rained steady all day & is too cold for anything to grow. The colt is getting along fine so far.

Tuesday May 8 - It rained all day. We done nothing. Louis & I were down to the School House to a meeting, called to buy Binding Twine through the State Alliance.

Wednesday May 9 - Louis & Mat worked on the road in front of the house. I helped them. They worked from 8 A.M. to 3 P.M., one hour for dinner. Louis weighted Dep, 995 lbs.

Thursday May 10 - I went over to W.H. DeCou & signed a note foe three hundred dollars in favor of W.H. DeCou due in three years at 10 per cent interest. Mat run the disc. This afternoon Louis put the planter up & planted Plum trees. Signed the note with F.M. Hoyer to use in Osceola, Nebr.

Friday May 11 - It rained smart last night and near all day today. Clarence Kellogg was here to dinner. Frank left for Osceola, Nebraska. The boys & girls were down to C.J. Tuttles this evening.

Saturday May 12 - It was too wet to disc before dinner. Mat disced this afternoon. Louis shelled seed corn. I helped him. I cut a window in the north side of the cobhouse & made a sash for it.

Sunday May 13 - Louis took Topsy & her colt up to Probasco & bred Topsy to his large pedigreed horse & paid him $20.00 for the colt we got 10 days ago. C.J. Tuttle, A. Deuel, Herbert & Jesse Burk. were here today. I was over to Burks.

Monday May 14 - Mat disced all day. Louis & I shelled corn and winowed it for seed. Marm, the girls & Louis were to town this afternoon. I made a beam for the seat of the disc. Mat broke it this afternoon.

Tuesday May 15 - Louis planted about 7 acres at the other end of the farm. Mat finished discing at noon & then went to harrowing.

Wednesday May 16 - Louis planted all day & Mat harrowed all day. I puttied in some glass for the window in the north side of the cob-house & others. Clarence Kellogg got the disc today.

Thursday May 17 - It rained a little off & on all day. Louis planted & Mat harrowed all day. They were both wet when they came in. Clarence Kellogg brought the disc home this evening. He broke off the tongue. I cleaned out the stables & put in straw.

Friday May 18 - Louis planted all day. Mat harrowed all day. I was to town & got a stick for a tongue in the disc.

Saturday May 19 - Mat harrowed until noon & then went home. Marm, Belle & I were to town. We brought two rocking chairs. Louis planted all day. I went to the Alliance meeting & ordered & paid for 50 lbs. twine at 13- per lb., $6.50. Mat left for about two weeks.

Sunday May 20 - Louis & Millie were to S.S. I was visiting at C.J. Tuttles, took dinner with them.

Monday May 21 - Louis finished the planting at 12 noon. He harrowed after dinner. I put the new tongue in the disc. The small colt is sick. Mat did not come yet.

Tuesday May 22 - Louis harrowed some. I was to W. to see the Doctor about the colt which is very sick. Mat came this evening. It rained smart for awhile this evening but it is warm.

Wednesday May 23 - Louis harrowed all day. I churned, cleaned out the stables & Bull stall. Mat went away again this morning to stay two weeks, when he will be here again to work. Today was cool & cloudy. I was down to Tuttles this & last evening.

Thursday May 24 - Louis planted some peas & chored around & I done nothing but look after the colt. We gave it two tablespoons full of Castor Oil this evening & gave it an injection this morning. Mr. Kug was here this evening.

Friday May 25 - Louis harrowed all day. I done nothing but chored & look after the colt. It seems to be getting better. Saturday May 26 - It rained off & on all day. Louis, Marm & Millie went to town between showers. I was over to W. Burks. We gave the colt an injection after dinner. It rained some today.

Sunday May 27 - Louis & I were up to Wm. Moores to see his Stallions. Mr. Gilchrist went along. Marm & the girls were to S.S. It rained today.

Monday May 28 - It rained heavy last night. Louis was up & tried to shoot some grey squirrels that take the corn, but got none. C.J. Tuttle was here. I went with him to look what the bridge was like at out N.E. corner.

Tuesday May 29 - Louis & I worked on the road 3 - hours, from 8 until 11 - A.M., Then Louis took Topsy up to Probasco, had her served by his large horse. We set the incubator this evening.

Wednesday May 30 - Louis, Millie & Belle were to town to see the Decoration. I cleaned out the stables & forked the manure pile around. We gave the colt - a pint raw Linseed oil this eve.

Thursday May 31 - Louis & I were up to Z.T. Dunkan sale. Stock went very low and slow bidding. We gave the colt another - pint of raw Linseed Oil this morning. W.H. DeCou was here and castrated Nick for us. C.J. Tuttle helped. It is raining fast now 9 - P.M. We left Nick out. DeCou thought it best.

Friday June 1, 1888 - It rained heavy last night. We done nothing much. Wm. Burkholder was here to get some hay. I promised him about a load. We took the clamps from Nick. He seems to be all right.

Saturday June 2 - Louis cultivated the potatoes. I worked butter & cleaned out all the stables. This evening Louis & I were to town & brought some lumber for a horse trough.

Sunday June 3 - Mat came this evening. Louis & the girls were to S.S. & drove around by Kelloggs.

Monday June 4 - Louis cultivated all day & finished the south end piece the first time over. Mat hauled out manure all day on the pasture.

Tuesday June 5 - Mat hauled out manure all day. Louis harrowed a little. We turned the calves out to pasture. Deuel fetched & paid his hay. Burkholder got a load of hay.

Wednesday June 6 - Mat hauled out manure all day. Louis & I were to town for lumber for a chicken house yesterday. Today Louis was up to Probasco & bred Topsy again. Afternoon we started to build a hen house. Louis was to Tuttles for C. shovels.

Thursday June 7 - Mat cultivated corn all day & Louis & I worked on the hen house. This afternoon Louis, Marm & the girls were to town. C. Kellogg stoped in his way home. He got his twine.

Friday June 8 - Mat cultivated all day & Louis about 7 hours. We brought our twine from Kirkhams this evening. C.J. Tuttle had one of our wagons to haul hogs for I.A. DeCou.

Saturday June 9 - We hauled three loads, 19 head of hogs, 4340 lbs. at 5-. Sold to Jesse Burkholder. Mat cultivated this afternoon. Mat got a suit of clothes on our acct., $12.50. I paid a note of $25.00 & interest & part of another note to Kibler Bros., & got 10 sacks at Dally's Mill for $10.00.

Sunday June 10 - Herbert Burkholder & Louis were over east to S.S. & then Mat, Louis, Herbert & all the girls were to our S.S.

Monday June 11 - The boys cultivated all day. Chas. Nichols got a bu. of corn for seed. The squirrels took some of it. I worked at the hen house.

Tuesday June 12 - It rained last night. Too wet to plow this morning. The boys cultivated this afternoon. The boys & girls were over to DeCou's.

Wednesday June 13 - The boys & girls came home this morning. It rained very heavy last night & washed a good bit. Too wet to cultivate. The boys & Belle & C.J. Tuttle were to town this afternoon.

Thursday June 14 - The boys cultivated all day. I cleaned out the stables. Herbert Burkholder came over this evening, him & Louis went over to Arnolds to a surprise party.

Friday June 15 - The boys cultivated. Mat all day & Louis until noon. Louis hoed weeds this afternoon. I worked at a window sash.

Saturday June 16 - Louis & I were to town this morning. Mat cultivated all day. Louis scoured at his shovels and chored this afternoon.

Sunday June 17 - There was none to S.S. today. John Yount was here this evening.

Monday June 18 - Mat cultivated all day. Louis cultivated until noon & then him & I hoed in the potatoe patch. Minnie Reiff came home with Millie & is going to stay all night.

Tuesday June 19 - We have six little chicks in the incubator this morning. Mat cultivated all day. Louis cultivated the potatoes this evening. I hoed some. Louis then cultivated corn this afternoon. Our little colt was cut on the back. It looks like a barb wire cut, but we don't know. It is a bad cut.

Wednesday June 20 - It rained last night some. Mat cultivated all day. Louis, Marm & the girls were to town. I mowed weeds & cleaned at the incubator.

Thursday June 21 - Mat cultivated all day, Louis until noon & then he helped to clean & fix up the picnic ground for the school. I set the incubator with 67 eggs.

Friday June 22 - Mat cultivated about 2 hours & then we all went to the picnic. Came home about 6 o'clock P.M. Belle's sister Kate is here visiting.

Saturday June 23 - The boys cultivated all day. I hoed the row of trees west of the grove. W.H. DeCou & family were here until midnight.

Sunday June 24 - The young folks were all to S.S. This evening all but Bertha went to town meeting. Kate went with them. She had a nice visit & was well pleased. The colts sore is a bad one but it is lively & spry.

Monday June 25 - The boys cultivated all day and finished crossing the corn. The colt's back is very sore. I think the hot sun is bad for it.

Tuesday June 26 - It rained last night & near all day off & on. We took up the barb wire fence between the pastures & made one pasture field out of it.

Wednesday June 27 - The boys mowed weeds in the house yard & chored around. After dinner they went to town.

Thursday June 28 - It is still wet, raining a little at intervals. We cooked the last of the pig that was processed & killed April 28 & was kept until now without a bit of salt. It hung in the cob house. Louis was up to Probasco & to Dunlap for coal. Mat hoed Morning-Glories all day. Colt's back is better but very sore.

Friday June 29 - The boys hoed weeds until noon, then both started to cross the piece of corn south of the pasture. Louis got sick & came home early.

Saturday June 30 - Mat cultivated all day. Louis part of the day as he does not feel very spry. He picked berries in the evening.

Sunday July 1, 1888 - Louis & Millie were to S.S. This was a very warm day. The little colt's sore is healing nicely but it is swelled up some. C.J. Tuttle was here.

Monday July 2 - The boys cultivated until noon. Then Louis stayed to help McKnight to fix the pump which leaked & did not work well otherwise. Mat cultivated all day.

Tuesday July 3 - Mat cultivated until noon, he then went home. I was over & spliced large rope for I.A. DeCou. Louis cultivated all day.

Wednesday July 4 - Louis & the girls were to W. for the celebration. They came home 5 P.M. Louis went in again after chores. Mat came home 7 P.M.

Thursday July 5 - Belle came this morning at 5 o'clock. The boys cultivated all day. The colt's back is healing but is swelled yet.

Friday July 6 - The boys cultivated all day. I hoed the watermelon patch & chored. Louis & the girls went over to I.A. DeCou's this evening.

Saturday July 7 - The boys cultivated all day. I was to town with C.J. Tuttle and bought a wringer on credit from Alex McMillen.

Sunday July 8 - It rained last night & today heavy. The boys were to the river to swim.

Monday July 9 - It rained a little last night, too wet to cultivate. The boys hoed in the potatoe patch until noon. After dinner they both cultivated corn until supper time. Jesse Burkholder was here this evening awhile to ask Louis to a party. Chas. Nichols fetched the mower.

Tuesday July 10 - Mat finished cultivating at 11 - A.M. Louis hoed potatoes all day. Mat helped him this afternoon.

Wednesday July 11 - The boys hoed potatoes all day & cultivated some of them. I worked at making a sash for the chicken house.

Thursday July 12 - Mat hoed & cultivated potatoes until five o'clock when he finished them. Louis helped him until noon. Louis, Marm, Bertha & Belle went to town after dinner. I helped some at the potatoes.

Friday July 13 - Mat & I worked at the wash house, putting up a wall on the east side. Louis cut grass for hay down in the meadow where the wash comes down. After dinner Louis was to town & brought lumber for the wash house. This evening after dark it rained & blew heavy.

Saturday July 14 - Flora foaled a horse colt after midnight last night. I.A. DeCou was here this morning to get Mat to help him hay. Mat & I worked at the wash house. Louis worked in the garden at the berries. C.J. Tuttle brought our mail this evening.

Sunday July 15 - We were all to S.S. except Marm. It was very warm today. Flora's colt is very weak & crooked legs. I am afraid we can not raise it.

Monday July 16 - It rained very heavy this morning until noon. I worked at the wash house this afternoon & changed the watering trough. Flora's colt died last night. I buried it this morning. Louis & Mat were to town this afternoon.

Tuesday July 17 - I worked some at the wash house. Louis helped. He then bunched up the hay he cut & raked. Mat went over to help I.A. DeCou to hay. He will come help us harvest.

Wednesday July 18 - I fixed up the hay rack. Louis cut three times around the oats. After dinner we hauled up three big loads of hay.

Thursday July 19 - We brought up one load & finished the stack of hay. Louis then raked & bunched the oats. I worked at the wash house. Mat was here this eve.

Friday July 20 - I worked at the wash house all day. Louis, with Herbert Deuel to help, brought up the oats we had cut for hay. They finished at 3 - P.M. I am not feeling well.

Saturday July 21 - Louis done the chores and then went to town. Belle went with him. They came home about 2 0'clock, then Louis helped me at the wash house. I did not do much as I felt too sick. We then finished puting on the roof & painted it.

Sunday July 22 - They were all to S.S. except me. I am not feeling good at all. Louis & the girls were out riding this evening. Mat was here & changed clothes.

Monday July 23 - I worked some at the wash house. Louis was to town & over to get Sam Erlewine to ride the horse. We took out the harvester. Bertha & Belle were horseback riding to DeCou's.

Tuesday July 24 - Louis cut around the oats twice, it then rained fast so they had to come home. Commenced again at three & cut until sunset.

Wednesday July 25 - Wet & damp. It rained heavy last night, too wet to cut. C.J. Tuttle had his white face heifer here & bred her. The boys went to cutting at three & cut until sunset. Mat shocked.

Thursday July 26 - Very hot today. Louis cut oats all day & Mat shocked all day. Sammy Erlewine rode the lead horses. I am so lame in the back yet that I can do nothing. C.J. finished at 4 - P.M.

Friday July 27 - Louis finished cuting at 4 P.M. Sammy Erlewine went home right away. Louis then helped Mat shock until near sunset. I am some better.

Saturday July 28 - Louis & Mat finished shocking at about 9 - A.M., they then put away the Harvester. After dinner they went to town. I done nothing.

Sunday July 29 - Millie was the only one that went to S.S.

Monday July 30 - Louis took a load (6 head) of hogs to Burkholder. Mat hauled out manure. Mrs. Boustead & Kate were here visiting.

Tuesday July 31 - Louis & I each took hogs, 8 head, to J.R. Burkholder, 14 head in all, 2955 lbs at $5.75 except a stag that weighed 520 lbs. at $5.50 & 80 lbs. off.

Wednesday Aug. 1, 1888 - The boys hauled manure all day. I worked at the wash house.

Thursday Aug. 2 - Louis run about near all day to see after a threshing machine. Mat finished hauling manure at noon. This afternoon Mat & I commenced to build a dam down at the creek. Mat had Flora down to Rugs.

Friday Aug. 3 - Mat & Louis worked at the dam until noon. After noon they hauled dirt around the house. I with Wm. Burkholder & Geo. DeJean were out looking for a thresher. I paid Dr. Edwards in full.

Saturday Aug. 4 - It rained last night. We fixed up the riding cultivator without the shovel beams & hitched Dep & Bill to it to break Dep in harness. She went first rate. It was the first time she was put to wheels. Sidney Winters was here & insured our house and contents for $1000.00, for five years. Louis, Mat, Belle & Bertha was to town this afternoon.

Sunday Aug. 5 - The boys & girls & Marm were to S.S. They drove over to see Morton's fish pond & fish. It rained last night.

Monday Aug. 6 - It rained heavy last night. Mat went home this morning. Louis took him to town. C.J. Tuttle was here. We settled our road work in full. I paid $2.95 in cash & $43.00 in Labor.

Tuesday Aug. 7 - It rained heavy before noon. This afternoon was fine. Louis cut my hair & chored is all he done today. Bred Flora to Rugs Norman horse.

Wednesday Aug. 8 - I painted the wash house & Louis fixed up the shocks and this afternoon Louis & I worked on the roads, I built a bridge & Louis worked at the scraper with his team, each - a day. This is overwork.

Thursday Aug. 9 - Louis, Marm & Millie were to town after supper. Louis & I went to town for Mat. The girls went to Tuttles. It rained & very dark.

Friday Aug. 10 - It rained all day & is still raining. Louis was down to C. Nichols.

Saturday Aug. 11 - It rained near all day. Louis took Gem over to I.A. DeCou & served a cow for him & weighed Gem, 1540 lbs. is what he weighed. I was down to Kirkhams for the mail.

Sunday Aug. 12 - This was a fine day. Mat came at noon on horse back. He was to S.S. with us. We were all to S.S. Millie was horseback riding with Amy Burkholder, Nellie DeCou & Miss Gilky.

Monday Aug. 13 - I was with Chas. Nichols to see the threshers. He brought 7 boards along for me. Louis & Mat & Belle were to town & Marm was visiting over at I.A. DeCou's. I painted the sash for the W. house.

Tuesday Aug. 14 - Mat helped Geo. DeJean to stack. Louis & I cleaned up the corn cribs and grainery to get ready to thresh and Louis was down to see the threshers.

Wednesday Aug. 15 - The boys did not do anything. Mat mowed weeds awhile. I put a head on my lemon cane. Louis, Belle & Bertha were up to Lowreys.

Thursday Aug. 16 - It rained again last night like fury. Louis mowed some on the road but it was too wet to do well. Marm & I were up to Younts to visit. Fine day.

Friday Aug. 17 - The threshers came this morning but the grin is too wet to thresh, so they left the thresher here & went home. Louis, Mat, Belle & Bertha went to town. Millie & Marm went to W.H. DeCou's to visit. I went over at noon. The boys & girls stoped on their way back. We all had a fine time. We got some apples & honey.

Saturday Aug. 18 - Mat & Louis drove Dep with Cub. They were over to DeCou's & then up to Geo. Reiff's. I was down to Kirkhams for the mail, stoped with Tuttle quite awhile.

Sunday Aug. 19 - We were all to S.S. & Meeting. Mr. DeLar preached. Louis, Mat and the girls were over to Kellogg's & Davis.

Monday Aug. 20 - It rained heavy near all day so we could not thresh. The boys were up to Younts.

Tuesday Aug. 21 - This was a pretty fair day. Al Cecil was here to see about threshing. The boys & girls were to town this evening. The boys were around to order out thresher hands.

Wednesday Aug. 22 - We threshed 780 Bushels of oats. It was very late when we finished. The machine cloged & broke belts very often. Cecil with a Minnesota Chief threshed for us. We commenced at 9 A.M.

Thursday Aug. 23 - The boys helped thresh at Wm. Burkholders all day. The girls & I were to town. I paid for 5 years insurance to Sidney Winter. I paid the threshers for threshing 780 bus. of oats, $15.60 & a dollar for band cutter.

Friday Aug. 24 - The boys finished threshing at Burk's. at 10 - A.M., then threshed at Nichols until 5 P.M. A Mr. Townsend was here to sell Certificates of Membership to a Supply House in Chicago. Marm was down to Tuttles & Kirkhams visiting.

Saturday Aug. 25 - The boys fixed up the straw stack & made a fence around it. I helped C.J. Tuttle to haul up & stack two loads of oats. After dinner Louis & I went to the Alliance. Louis was elected Secretary, I Vice President. Mat was to Woodbine this afternoon.

Sunday Aug. 26 - We were to S.S. except ma. H. Burkholder & Douglas Lancaster were here to supper. Nellie DeCou came home with us.

Monday Aug. 27 - It looked for rain this morning. Louis took plow to get sharpened. Mat plowed. Louis & I got a couple of baskets of sweet corn to dry for winter. Louis & the girls went over to W.H. DeCou's to take Nellie home.

Tuesday Aug. 28 - Mat plowed all day. Louis hauled out a load of manure, shoveled oats around & worked in the garden. I & Ma were to town and brought Lya Kibler home with us.

Wednesday Aug. 29 - I was in bed near all day sick. Louis cut grass until noon. He then shoveled oats & then raked the hay he had mowed & him & Mat bunched it up.

Thursday Aug. 30 - I am some better. Louis cut again until 2 - P.M. He then raked what he cut before dinner. Him & Mat bunched it up. Hauled up one load of hay.

Friday Aug. 31 - I took Lyda K. home. The girls went with me. The boys hauled up eight loads of hay. I raked & bunched what Louis had cut yesterday afternoon.

Saturday Sept. 1, 1888 - Louis & Mat finished hauling up hay that was cut. Mat went home at noon. I took him to town. I was to Younts & got near a bu. of tomatoes. Up 4 loads hay today.

Sunday Sept. 2 - Louis, Millie & I were to S.S. Mat came home this evening. Louis went to Des Moines this eve.

Monday Sept. 3 - Mat plowed all day. I cleaned out the stables & cleaned oats. Nick got in the wire either Saturday or Sunday. he has a very bad cut inside the hock. Emilie & Nellie DeCou was here to supper.

Tuesday Sept. 4 - Mat plowed all day. I mowed around a weed patch in the meadow. After dinner I was over to W.H. DeCou's for apples but only got a few. He sold what he had. C.J. Tuttle had a cow here this morning & bred her.

Wednesday Sept. 5 - Mat plowed all day. At about 6 P.M. his horses run around & around on account of a bee's nest & broke the plow. Marm, the girls & I were to town. Ma had four teeth drawn & I had one drawn.

Thursday Sept. 6 - Mat plowed all day. I cleaned some oats & brought a pail full of potatoes & brought Bertha from Burkholders. She was visiting at Reiffs.

Friday Sept. 7 - It rained some at 4 o'clock A.M. Mat hauled out two loads of manure & cleaned out the stables. We got fence posts around the cattle yard & drove Dep the colt.

Saturday Sept. 8 - Mat plowed until noon, we then both went to town & brought 32 fence boards to make the cattle yard hog tight. Louis did not come home this evening as we expected he would. Millie was horseback riding with Amy Burkholder. I cleaned oats this forenoon.

Sunday Sept. 9 - Ma, the girls, Mat & I were to S.S. Louis came home this evening from the State Fair, Des Moines.

Monday Sept. 10 - Mat cut grass until noon. L. & I cleaned oats. In the afternoon I cut grass & the boys cocked up hay. Wm. Burkholder bought the grass in the S.E. corner for $3.50 in the lump.

Tuesday Sept. 11 - The boys raked & cocked up & hauled three loads & I worked around the yard & cut the grass on potatoe patch. I was down to C.J. Tuttles.

Wednesday Sept. 12 - The boys & I hauled up ten loads of hay & put them in a stack.

Thursday Sept. 13 - I cut grass until noon. The boys hauled up five loads of hay, they cocked up the hay I cut & raked. Wm. Burk. got more at $3.50 per acre.

Friday Sept. 14 - It rained at 4 - this morning. The boys got up & unloaded the hay that was left standing all night. It rained near all day. Wm. Burk. was here to rake the hay he cut last evening but it was too wet. We made fence around the cattle yard.

Saturday Sept. 15 - We hauled up four loads of hay when it rained again so we done nothing this eve.

Sunday Sept. 16 - Louis was to S.S. C.J. Tuttle was here & brought Ma a birthday present. Chas., H. Burk., J. Yount and other boys were here.

Monday Sept. 17 - We hauled up six loads of hay which finishes our haying for this fall. The girls, Ma & I were to W. this evening.

Tuesday Sept. 18 - Louis, Mat & I were to Dunlap & this eve. all of us except Mat were up to Reiffs to see Chas. Heilig. He is very sick.

Wednesday Sept. 19 - I fixed up the sheller & cleaned oats. After dinner I took Chas. Heilig out to ride. The boys gathered seed corn & cut & pened up the little pigs. Louis went over to Ferguson.

Thursday Sept. 20 - Mat cleaned oats all day. I helped until noon, I then went up to Reiffs & got Chas. Heilig & drove over to W.H. DeCou & brought two bus. apples & 2 gal. vinegar. Louis hauled brick & worked at haying for I.A. DeCou.

Friday Sept. 21 - Mat worked at I.A. DeCou's today. Louis cleaned oats. I took two hogs, 665 lbs., to W. Sold to J.R. Burk. at $5.00 per cwt., $38.55.It rained a little at noon. Louis was up to see Heilig.

Saturday Sept. 22 - We cleaned oats until noon. The boys then hauled out two loads of manure & snaped a load of corn & picked out seed. I was to Woodbine.

Sunday Sept. 23 - They were all to S.S. except I, was not too well.

Monday Sept. 24 - Fuguson's boys shelled corn for us & Mat & I each hauled a load to town. Sold to S. Winter. Louis cleaned up.

Tuesday Sept. 25 - Mat & I each took two loads of corn to town. Louis put away the cobs & was to W.H. DeCou's for apples. 277 bus. in all at 80- $83.35. W.H. DeCou & two children were here this eve. Commenced to feed 4 head of cattle. Belle came.

Wednesday Sept. 26 - Mat worked for I.A. DeCou today. I took Chas. Heilig out riding, over to Rocks & over to W.H. DeCou & to town. He took dinner with us. I got two tickets to Souix city for C.J. Tuttle & I to go tomorrow to see the Corn Palace. Served white face for C.J. Tuttle. Belle left this evening.

Thursday Sept. 27 - I was to Sioux City to see the Corn Palace. Louis went to Dunlap Fair. Mat was up too. Louis took Dell and entered her for premium. I came home 11 - midnight. Mat was to fair yesterday & today.

Friday Sept. 28 - Mat & I was up to the Dunlap fair. We took Chas. Heilig along. Was over to G.L. Chapman's. Louis was up all night, C. McMillen's colt took first Special premium & Mr. Wetherby's colt took second Special & Wetherby took first on best colt at fair.

Saturday Sept. 29 - Mat plowed all day. Louis snaped corn & picked seed. Louis & I were to the Alliance.

Sunday Sept. 30 - Louis & Herbert Burk. were off for Hazelnuts. Marm, the girls & Mat & I were to S.S. We then drove to Reiffs to see Charley Heilig.

Monday Oct. 1, 1888 - Mat plowed until noon. Louis brought up potatoes & got the wagons ready. Afternoon Mat & Louis brought each a load of coal, 2640 lbs. & 2740 lbs.

Tuesday Oct. 2 - The boys each brought a load of coal, 11360 lbs. in all, $3.25 per ton. Louis & I were to town this afternoon. Mat plowed this afternoon.

Wednesday Oct. 3 - Louis plowed all day. Mat went to M. Valley Fair. I paid him $15.00. Ma & I was to Dunlap. Took dinner at G.L. Chapmans.

Thursday Oct. 4 - Mat came back last evening. He went with me to Dunlap. I bought three Oak chairs & a bed for twenty two dollars. Louis plowed all day.

Friday Oct. 5 - Mat went away again this morning. Louis finished plowing. Him & I was to Woodbine this eve. I was sick last night & am not feeling well today. Saturday Oct. 6 - Louis snaped a load of corn for feed. I cleaned out the stables. We then brought three big loads of pumpkins. The Reading Circle met here this evening.

Sunday Oct. 7 - We were all to S.S. except Ma. Belle Boustead came last eve. The girls & I took a drive over to Furgusons & around by Arnolds.

Monday Oct. 8 - Louis helped C.J. Tuttle to thresh half a day. He planted walnuts this afternoon. I made a fence across the stack yard & cleaned out the stables & winnowed oats.

Tuesday Oct. 9 - Louis husked a little corn for feed & then went to Geo. Reiffs & help to thresh. This afternoon I was up to Dunlap & got the castings for cook stove. Paid $2.25 for them. I done the chores this evening except the milking.

Wednesday Oct. 10 - Louis threshed at Reiffs. John Yount came home with him & staid for all night. I & Ma was to Woodbine.

Thursday Oct. 11 - Louis threshed at Reiffs until noon, then threshed at Lowreys this afternoon. I was to Logan to Insurance Association meeting. W.H. & I.A. DeCou went with me.

Friday Oct. 12 - Louis threshed all day at Mr. Lowreys, finished after sundown. I worked at the hen house & chored.

Saturday Oct. 13 - Louis & I got some potatoes & husked two rows of corn. This afternoon we were to the Alliance.

Sunday Oct. 14 - It rained near all day. We all staid at home.

Monday Oct. 15 - Mr. Kirkham had a cow served this morning & paid for three calves, $6.00. Louis & I went to gather potatoes this afternoon. Mat came this evening on horseback but is going home again tomorrow morning.

Tuesday Oct. 16 - Mat stayed to help gather potatoes until 4 o'clock. He then went home. We finished gathering potatoes about 4 o'clock. We got about fifty bus., 1 - acres.

Wednesday Oct. 17 - Mat came back at 3 P.M. Him & I then went to W. & Mill. Got 300 lbs. flour, $3.50 per 100. Louis was over to W.H. DeCou to thresh & I.A.

Thursday Oct. 18 - Mat went cribing at $18.00 per month. Louis threshed at I.A. DeCou. Came home at 5 - P.M., finished. I cleaned out the cribs.

Friday Oct. 19 - Mat husked two loads of corn. Louis & I scraped up the manure in the cow yard & hauled it on the pasture. Geo. DeJean was here awhile.

Saturday Oct. 20 - Mat husked two loads of corn. Louis & I hauled out manure & fixed up around. This afternoon Louis threshed at Geo. DeJeans, which finishes our exchange work this fall.

Sunday Oct. 21 - None were to S.S. I was over to Deuels to dinner & stayed until near sun-down.

Monday Oct. 22 - Mat set posts to fence off part of the stalks to turn cattle in while they husk the rest. Louis & I plowed & picked potatoes on the potato patch.

Tuesday Oct. 23 - Mat husked one & a half load. After finishing the plowing & Louis & I husked two and a half loads.

Wednesday Oct. 24 - Louis husked two loads & Mat one & a half, which finished the south piece. I washed & this eve. the boys & I put up the fence to keep the cattle in the stalks.

Thursday Oct. 25 - Mat & I were to town this forenoon. Louis husked two loads & Mat husked a small load, about 18 bus. I was down to Tuttles, took their mail & the staples. I borrowed & got a little morter from him.

Friday Oct. 26 - The boys husked each two loads. I helped so as to get done early. We then after supper went to town & brought two bbls. apples & a barrel of salt.

Saturday Oct. 27 - We turned the cattle in the stalks awhile the day before yesterday & yesterday & today a full half day. Louis & Mat each husked two loads of corn. I was to the Alliance but there was no meeting as only four were there. Bertha & I were at Kirkhams this evening.

Sunday Oct. 28 - Millie & Ma was to S.S. Louis & I drove Dep over to W.H. DeCou & back to Burks. She goes first rate. J. Yount was here this evening.

Monday Oct. 29 - I helped Louis about an hour. He got a big load but Mat got each load about twenty bushels. Louis one load was not more than 23 bus.

Tuesday Oct. 30 - Louis husked two big loads. I helped him. Mat got two small loads. I washed this morning. The boys went to Woodbine this evening late.

Wednesday Oct. 31 - Louis & I husked three good loads of corn. Mat husked two small loads. The boys & girls went over to W.H. DeCou's this eve. Mr. Kirkham had a cow here this evening.

Thursday Nov. 1, 1888 - We did not get out until after 8 o'clock this morning. Louis & I husked two large loads & Mat two small loads. I cleaned stables.

Friday Nov. 2 - Louis husked two large loads. I helped him awhile this afternoon. Mat husked two small loads. I churned butter & helped Ma in the house.

Saturday Nov. 3 - Louis & I husked until noon. I then with Louis team went to town with Ma & Bertha & Mat & Louis husked a load & then they went to town& Mat went home. Today I was appointed Solicitor for our Mutual Insurance Association for Douglas Township.

Sunday Nov. 4 - Louis, H. Burk., Chas. Heilig were down in the grove. The girls were to S.S. & Ma was up to Reiffs visiting.

Monday Nov. 5 - The boys husked all day. L. two good loads & Mat 2 small loads. I washed & chored.

Tuesday Nov. 6 - Mat husked two loads, Louis six rows, 1 - loads. He then went to the election & voted. I was at the election Poll all day electioneering for R.R. Commissioners.

Wednesday Nov. 7 - The boys husked each two loads of corn. I went to Logan for I.A. DeCou.

Thursday Nov. 8 - The boys husked each two loads of corn. I was at Logan. Came home at 3 - P.M.

Friday Nov. 9 - The boys husked each two loads of corn. I churned & helped Ma in the house.

Saturday Nov. 10 - The boys husked each two loads but Mat as usual only about 20 bus. to a load & some not that. I shelled corn & cleaned out the stables & helped in the house.

Sunday Nov. 11 - We were all to S.S. except Ma. Very fine day.

Monday Nov. 12 - The boys each husked two loads. I cleaned out the stables & chored & helped Louis a little while to husk.

Tuesday Nov. 13 - Mat husked two large loads of Legal Tender Corn. Louis & I husked three loads of old stile corn. Louis & the girls went to Reiffs this eve. to visit Chas. Heilig.

Wednesday Nov. 14 - Mat husked two big loads & Louis & I husked three big loads. A very nice day.

Thursday Nov. 15 - The boys each husked a big load of corn. I was to Woodbine. I.P. Hill, excounty Treasurer, was sentenced to two & a half years to the peniteniary at hard labor.

Friday Nov. 16 - The boys each husked two loads. I fixed up the driveway between cribs to put the rest of our corn in as the cribs are both full. It was very cold this morning, but the day was pleasant & yesterday was cold & cloudy with the first snow of the season. Cleared up nice toward sun-set.

Saturday Nov. 17 - Louis & Mat each husked two loads. I helped mat & then him & I went to Woodbine. The boys & girls were over to DeCou's (Circle).

Sunday Nov. 18 - Mat, Louis & Millie were to S.S. Turned cattle into straw stack.

Monday Nov. 19 - Frank came last night late. Mat & I husked three loads & a half, 22 rows east of the Cottonwoods. Louis husked three loads, 12 rows south of the Cottonwoods. C.J. Tuttle was here & cleaned his beans with our fanig Mill.

Tuesday Nov. 20. Louis husked two loads & Mat & I husked three. We made a fence west of the Cottonwoods this morning as it was very frosty. Commenced to husk at 9:40 A.M. Frank brought Chas. Heilig at noon from Reiffs & took him back 9 P.M. We all enjoyed the evening. C.J. Tuttle & his father were here & cleaned their beans yesterday afternoon.

Wednesday Nov. 21 - Louis husked two big loads and Mat & I husked four loads which finished our husking for this fall. Frank Knapp, H. & Jess Burk came with their musical instruments & we enjoyed ourselves immencely. Geo. DeJean was here & got Mat to promise him to come & husk for him.

Thursday Nov. 22 - Louis took Frank to the 5A.M. train. Mat was up to DeJean but they could not agree on wages so Louis & I went to town & took Mat to the train. I was down to Kirkhams.

Friday Nov. 23 - Ma & the girls were up to DeJeans visiting this afternoon. I chored around all day. Louis after taking the women up to DeJeans, went up to Reiffs and went with Chas. Heilig to Woodbine. After doing the chores he went up to DeJeans & brought Ma & the girls.

Saturday Nov. 24 - Louis & I were to the Alliance & chored around the barn & yard.

Sunday Nov. 25 - C.H. Heilig, Minnie Reiff, Frank & Nellie DeCou & Herbert Burkholder were here visiting. They all with Louis & Bertha were to S.S. Tuttle had a cow here.

Monday Nov. 26 - Louis took C.H. Heilig to town & fixed roosts in the new hen house & chored around.

Tuesday Nov. 27 - We fixed fence & cleaned & hauled manure out of the cattle yard. Louis was over to see Lowrey about husking but he is so near done he wants no help. I was down to Tuttles. Louis & I helped C.J. Tuttle to serve two of his cows this morning.

Wednesday Nov. 28 - Mr. Kirkham had his heifer Nellie served. I cut a hole through the shed to let hogs in the cattle yard to eat up waste corn & I enlarged the calf pen.

Thursday Nov. 29 - Louis hauled out a couple loads of manure. I did not feel well so I done nothing. Louis & the girls went up to Reiffs this evening.

Friday Nov. 30 - Ma was up to a sewing party. Louis, C. Heilig & I were to town. Took dinner at Reiffs. Damery had a white cow here this morning.

Saturday Dec. 1, 1888 - Louis was over to Damery & castrated his calves. Him & I were up to Younts and then we went to town.

Sunday Dec. 2 - There was no S.S. on account of sickness. Louis & I were up to Reiffs to visit Charley.

Monday Dec. 3 - We all were to town to see Chas. Heilig off. He started for home this morning. Louis took out two loads of manure this evening after we came home.

Tuesday Dec. 4 - We were all up to Dunlap to get our pictures taken but Mr. Waitly is sick so we came back & stoped at Gilchrists & visited until near sundown.

Wednesday Dec. 5 - Louis & I were to Woodbine & hauled out a load of manure. Louis went over to Burks. this eve. to practice music with the boys.

Thursday Dec. 6 - Louis hauled out two loads of manure on the pasture. Mr. Kirkham was here & stayed quite awhile.

Friday Dec. 7 - Louis & I run two of the buggy wheels in oil when we had to stop as the pan leaked.

Saturday Dec. 8 - Louis & I were to town to get the L. oil pan mended & then we went to the Alliance. Mr. Kirkham & Mr. Yount went with us.

Sunday Dec. 9 - We were all to S.S.

Monday Dec. 10 - Louis & I run the other two wheels of the buggy in oil today, then Louis went to town to get his guitar fixed. I done chores & shelled corn.

Tuesday Dec. 11 - It snowed all day but no wind & not very cold.

Wednesday Dec. 12 - Ma, Bertha, Louis & I were to Woodbine. Chas. Nichols was here. I got a new fur cap as the other one was much too large for me. K. Bros. exchanged even up. A fine day.

Thursday Dec. 13 - I drove to Logan. I.A. DeCou, W.R. Kirkham went with me & Chas. Nichols came back with me. We organized a County Alliance. I settled with I.A. DeCou. He paid me $3.50 less one dollar difference in threshing for which we owed him.

Friday Dec. 14 - This was a pleasant day although a little cloudy. I wrote a letter to F. Krieg, also one to Amos Reiff.

Saturday Dec. 15 - We all were to Dunlap and sat for our pictures, each a separate to send negatives to Frank. It rained this evening after we came home. Louis & Bertha was over to Burks.

Sunday Dec. 16 - It rained a good bit last night & was cloudy & cold all day. Louis & the girls were to S.S.

Monday Dec. 17 - Louis & Bertha were to Woodbine. I shelled corn & cleaned out stables & chored around.

Tuesday Dec. 18 - Cloudy all day but not cold. We done nothing but shell corn & chore. Louis & the girls went down to the school house to rehearse their pieces for Christmas & practice music.

Wednesday Dec. 19 - It snowed a little last night. Mr. Damery had a white cow here for 2nd time. Louis & the girls went to Woodbine to a Christmas Concert.

Thursday Dec. 20 - C.J. Tuttle was here this morning. Louis & I was to town to a shooting for turkeys. The boys each got two. (Whiskey) $1.00. John Yount came up this eve. Louis & John went over to DeCou's tonight.

Friday Dec. 21 - Louis & Bertha were over to the School House to rehearse their parts they are to take at the Christmas Festival. Frank DeCou & H. Burk. were here today & this evening, Yount's boys, Nellie & Frank DeCou and Miss Ford were to fix pop corn & etc. for the Festival. J. Yount stays all night. I wrote a letter to D.A. Yoder in Reading, Pa.

Saturday Dec. 22 - J. Yount, H. Burk., F. DeCou, Jesse Burk. & Louis went to town to buy things to decorate the Christmas tree. Louis went to town this evening horse back.

Sunday Dec. 23 - Jesse & Herb Burk. & F. DeCou were to dinner. They all went to S.S. Bertha was to S.S. H. Burk. staid here to supper & spent the evening here.

Monday Dec. 24 - Burks. Boys. Frank DeCou & Louis were to town to buy things for C. tree. They were over this afternoon to fix up & trim tree & this evening we were all over to see the fun. I done chores.

Tuesday Dec. 25 - Merry Christmas to all. We enjoyed the fun at the Schoolhouse last night. Louis, our girls, Burk's boys & Amy together went to Morgan's. They have a party there. We had a heavy snow last night, the first of the season of any amount, but it is not very cold.

Wednesday Dec. 26 - Louis & I were home all day and done nothing but chore. C.J. Tuttle was here quite a while. Louis went over to DeCou's this evening to practice with the boys.

Thursday Dec. 27 - Louis was to town this forenoon. I shelled corn & chored around. This evening Louis & the girls were to the Lyceum. Very nice day, warm. Louis sold Fan to Weiss at $2.00 per hun., to take her in Monday.

Friday Dec. 28 - Louis hauled out some manure. I was to Tuttles, Kirkhams & to Mr. Damery, to try to sell beef in case we should butcher one.

Saturday Dec. 29 - Louis was to town this forenoon & after dinner Mr. Yount, Lowrey & I went in the sled to the Alliance but owing to school being in session we did not meet.

Sunday Dec. 30 - Louis was to S.S. Jesse & Amy Burk. were here this evening visiting.

Monday Dec. 31 - Louis took (Fan) to Weiss, the butcher in Woodbine. Sold her at 2- a lb., 1160 lbs., $23.20. I drove in to bring Louis back. Mr Damery went along.

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