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Marshall County in the World War  1917-1918





They Made the

Supreme Sacrifice

Marshalltown, Iowa

SERGT. FRANK L. GLICK, Marshalltown, son Mrs. Helen Glick, Ogden, Utah; aged 23, clerk; M.H.S., 11; enlisted, marine corps, May 20, 1917, at Chicago; sent to Paris Island, N. C., for training; transferred to Quantico, Va.; arrived in France, Feb. 13, 1918; Sergt., 80th Co., 6th Regt. Marines; killed in action at Chateau Thierry, June 3, 1918; first Marshalltown boy killed in world war.
SERGT. ELZA CLIFFORD McKIM, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. F. L. McKim; aged 22; Marshall county selective, inducted at Lincoln, Neb., April 29, 1918; sent to Camp Dodge; transferred to Camp Funston, Kan.; after four months training sent overseas; Sergt. M. G. Bn., 88th Div.; died of wounds received in action, Nov. 5, 1918.
SERGT. GEORGE W. PROBST, Marshalltown, son Mrs. W. M. Riley; aged 28; in army most of the time after his 18th birthday; last enlistment, Minneapolis, 1916; assigned 23d Co., G. S. I., Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; Sergt; sent to O. T. S., Camp Grant; killed in fall from train, while en route, near Litchfield, Ill., Nov. 12, 1918.
CORP. JOHN [or Joe] A. BENSON, Marshalltown, aged 31; selective, July 24, 1918, Camp Pike; Corp. Co. 11, Sept. A. R. D.; overseas October, 1918; died at sea, while en route home, Oct. 4, 1918.
CORP. GEORGE WILLIAM HAIRE, Marshalltown, son Mrs. Flora T. Haire, Bradley, Ill., aged 22; selective, July 24, 1918, Camp Pike Ark,; Cpl. 4th Tr. Reg.; died, Camp Pike, Oct. 16, 1918.
CORP. IVO A. McKIM, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. F. L. McKim; aged 23; enlisted, Lincoln, Neb., Feb., 1915; Cpl. Co. A, 25th Bn., U. S. Guards; died at Ft. Rosecrans, Cal., Nov. 9, 1918.
CORP. HAROLD G. RALLS, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Ralls; aged 24; recruited Feb. 18, 1918; stationed Camp Dodge and Camp Upton; overseas about May 1, 1918; Cpl. Co. G, 131st Inf., A. E. F.; Somme valley, Le Mort Homme, Argonne forest, Meuse river and Woevre region; gunshot wound in heel; died of disease in France, Oct. 22, 1918.
CORP. CLYDE L. THOMAS, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Thomas; enlisted, Sheridan, Wyo., Oct. 6, 1917; stationed Camp Lewis, Wash.; overseas Dec., 1917; Cpl.; killed in action in France, Sept. 30, 1918.
CHESTER A. ANDERSON, Marshalltown, son Mrs. Anna C. Anderson, aged 28; M. H. S., 06; enlisted in navy, Great Lakes, Ill., May 27, 1918; Co. 17, Regt. 12, Camp Paul Jones; mate, first class, U. S. N. R. F.; died Great Lakes, Ill., Sept. 26, 1918.
PETER ANDERSON, Marshalltown, aged 22; car repairer; enlisted, Story county, March 19, 1918; overseas May, 1918; Pvt. Co. B, 339th Inf.; killed in action in France, September, 1918.
WILLIAM H. BOWMAN, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bowman, aged 29, moulder; selective, Sept. 19, 1917, Camp Dodge; Co. H, 163d Depot Bri.; died at Camp Dodge, Feb. 2, 1918.
CALVIN C. [Lee] CROSON, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. Charles Croson, Kirksville, Mo.; aged 26, farmer; selective, May 24, 1918, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.; died in France.
FREDERICK G. EKSTROM, Marshalltown, aged 23, farm hand; selective, June 24, 1918, Camp Dodge; overseas August, 1918, Co. F, Med. Det., 350th Inf.; killed in action in France, Oct. 12, 1918.
HARRY E. EVERIST, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. Lee C. Everist; aged 26; recruited, Marshalltown, Jan. 7, 1918; stationed Camp Dodge, Co. F, 350th Inf.; transferred to Camp Gordon, Ga., then to Camp Upton, N. Y.; overseas, April 21, 1918; Pvt. Co. G, 325th Inf., A. E. F.; died of wounds received in action in France, Oct. 19, 1918.
ALONZO EVERTS, Marshalltown, son Mrs. Sanna Everts, Seattle, Wash.; aged 24, fireman; enlisted, navy, May 1, 1917; assigned to transport service and made several trips to France; engineer 2d class, U. S. S. Hancock; died at sea, Nov. 8, 1918.
WILLIAM McKINLEY GIFFORD, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gifford; aged 22, farmer; selective, Oct. 21, 1918, Camp Dodge, died, Camp Dodge, Nov. 13, 1918.
FLOYD C. GROOVER, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Groover; aged 22; selective, Sept. 6, 1918, Camp Dodge; Co. 56, 14th Bn., 163d Depot Brig.; died, Camp Dodge, Oct. 13, 1918.
VICTOR IMANUEL GUSTAFSON, R.F.D. 3, Marshalltown; son Mr. and Mrs. August Gustafson; aged 23, farmer; enlisted, Omaha, Neb., March 16, 1918; sent to Ft. Logan, Colo., and then to Kelly Field, Tex.; Aviation Sect. Sig. Corps, unassigned; died April 20, 1918, Base Hosp., Ft. Sam Houston.
HARRY C. HARTER, Marshalltown, son Charles C. Harter; aged 16; recruited, Marshalltown, April 14, 1917; stationed at Ft. Logan, Colo., and El Paso, Tex.; Pvt. Co. M, 23d Inf.; overseas September, 1917; reported missing in action in France, June 6, 1918; listed, in April, 1919, as killed in action on June 6, 1918.
CHARLES HUSTON JONES, Marshalltown; Mrs. Hattie E. Jones, wife; aged 41, machinist; enlisted, navy, Des Moines, June 24, 1918; stationed Great Lakes, Ill.; transferred to Dayton, O., petty officer and inspector naval ordnance; died, Logansport, Ind., while en route home, Feb., 1919.
BEVERLY PROCTOR, Marshalltown; Mrs. Beverly Proctor, wife; aged 28; selective, Oct. 27, 1917; Camp Dodge; Pvt. Co. A, 336th Inf.; died, Camp Dodge, Nov. 17, 1918.
ERWIN O. PURSEL, Marshalltown, son J. W. Pursel; aged 29, furnace finisher; waived deferred classification to go with draft contingent of Sept. 6, 1918, Camp Dodge; transferred to Camp Shelby, Miss.; died at Camp Shelby, Oct. 12, 1918.
CHARLES WESLEY RUNNER, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Runner; aged 18; enlisted March 18, 1918, C. A.; stationed Ft. Flagler, Wash., Co. 14, C. A. C.; died Ft. Flagler, April 28, 1918.
ELMER BURTON SOULES, Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Soules; aged 31, farmer; selective, Sept. 6, 1918, Camp Dodge; Co. 56, 14th Bn., 163d Depot Brig.; died, Camp Dodge, Oct. 12, 1918.
ALBERT STEPAN JR., Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stepan; aged 21, machinist; enlisted, Kansas City, Mo., May 20, 1918; stationed Jefferson Barracks, Mo., and Camp Dix, N. J.; landed in France July 19, 1918; Pvt. Co. H, 34th Eng., 42d (Rainbow) Div.; died in France Oct. 22, 1918.
THOMAS VANHOY, Marshalltown; James R. Vanhoy, brother; lineman; recruited May 9, 1917; Cpl. Co. E, 2d Engineers, A. E. F.; died of disease, Hosp. No. 35, Blois, France, Feb. 19, 1919; posthumously awarded croix de guerre for valor in service.




~ Transcribed, scanned and submitted by Polly Eckles