Marshall County in the World War  1917-1918






Erwin O. Pursel

9 January 1892






            Marshalltown, son J. W. Pursel.

            Aged 29.

            Furnace finisher; waived deferred classification to go with draft contingent of Sept. 6, 1918, Camp Dodge; transferred to Camp Shelby, Miss.; died at Camp Shelby, Oct. 12, 1918.


Elmer Burton Soules


12 October 1918




              Marshalltown, son Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Soules.

              Aged 31.

              Farmer; selective, Sept. 6, 1918, Camp Dodge; Co. 56, 14th Bn., 163d Depot Brig.; died, Camp Dodge, Oct. 12, 1918.


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~  Transcribed, scanned and submitted by Polly Eckles