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Delaware County, Iowa


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Colony Township, Iowa, 1878

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Adams W. S. blacksmith;  P. O.  Colesburg

Averitt Jas F.; P. O. Colesburg

Averitt Thomas E., M. D.; P. O. Colesburg




Barker Wm. Farmer and mason; Sec. 10; P. O. Colesburg

Bassett George, renter; Sec. 17; P. O. Colesburg

Boekenstedt Clemens, farmer; Sec. 26; P. O. New Vienna

Boekenstedt F. H., farmer; Sec. 27; P. O. New Vienna

Bohnenkamp T. far.; S. 36; P. O. New Vienna

Bohnenkamp W. far.; S. 36; P. O. New Vienna.

Bolsinger, A. J.; P. O. Colesburg

Bolsinger, C. W. clerk; P. O. Colesburg

Bolsinger, E. J. far.; P. O. Colesburg

Bolsinger, J. W. clerk; Colesburg

Bolsinger P. C. merchant; Colesburg

BUSH, Elizabeth, Widow; (maiden name Long); resides on farm; Sec. 6; P. O. Colesburg; born in North­ampton Co,, Pa., Nov., 1799; was married in 1818, to Henry Bush, who was born in Pa. in 1797; died July 16, 1647; have seven children living — Sarah M, (Kinney), George, Wm. Warren, Ellen (Strader), Emily (Potts), and John V.; lost three — Henry, Mary A. and Sophia; came to this county in 1851, when the country was quite new; she is now in her 79th year, and never until last Fall required the services of a physician; she is a member of the Congregational Church.

Bush Geo. W. far., S. 0; P. O.  Colesburg.

BUSH, John V., Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Gro­ceries, Hardware, Boots, Shoes, Station­ery and Toilet Goods. Prescriptions carefully compounded. Born in Monroe Co., Pa., Jan. 11, 1840, accompa­nied his mother to this county in 1851, settled  on the farm two miles west of town, where she still resides. He was married. May 22, 1861 to Amelia Bris­tol; she was born in Orange Co., N. Y., March 13, 1840. have four children— Wilbur H, Ella, John A. and Lizzie.  In 1869, he came to Colesburg, and was in charge of the steam saw-mill until 1875; commenced the drug business here in 1876. When Mr. B. first came to this county, it was wild and all kinds of game abundant, of which he has brought down his share.





Cairl Dan’l S.,  carpenter;  P. O. Colesburg

Cairl Eugene, photographer; Colesburg

Caskey James, miller; P. O.  Colesburg

Chapman Jos., Justice of the Peace; Colesburg

Chapman Wm. P., tinner; P. O. Colesburg

Cleveland Chas. carpenter; Colesburg

Cloud Marion, far. S. 30; P. O. Colesburg

Cole Geo. renter, S. 20; P. O. Colesburg

Cole Jas. farmer S. 20; P. O. Colesburg

Cole Michael, far., S. 5; P. O. Colesburg

COLE,  Thomas, Dealer in Goods, Groceries, Drugs, etc.  Colesburg. Born in England June 11. 1825, came to the United States in 1832, and settled in Tioga Co., N. Y.; came to this county in 1847, went to New York in 1849, and was married to Hannah Wilson, and  returned the same year; she was born in England in 1829. Mr. C. engaged in business soon after his arrival, occupying a part of the same building he is in at present. There was only a log cabin in Colesburg when he came the following year there were two more built, and for ten years settlers came in slowly. Is probably the oldest merchant in the county.  Have one child—Ella L.; lost two—Mattie and Minnie.  Mr. C. was Township Clerk two terms, Trustee four, and School Director one; was Post­master five years.  Family belongs to the Methodist Church.

Cole Wm. renter, Sec. 21; P. O.  Colesburg

Coleman B. F., shoemaker; Colesburg.

Conrad Geo. far., Sec. 1; P. O. Colesburg.

Crebal John, far., Sec.34; P.O. Petersburg

Curler Francis, far. S. 3;  P. O.  Colesburg

Curry R. C. potter; P. O. Colesburg





Datars Henry, renter; P. O. New Vienna

Delong O. P., blacksmith; Colesburg

Dentmeyer Henry, farmer, Sec. 27; P. O.  Petersburg

Dickson George, P. O. Colesburg

Dickson Jas, Jr., P. O. Colesburg

DICKSON, James, Farmer. Sec. 30; P. O. Colesburg; born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, May 10, 1820. Was married April 23, 1843, to Margaret Hill; she was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1818; emigrated to the U.S. in 1849; lived in New York till August of the same year;  moved to Perry Co., Ind., and to this township in 1851; set­tled on Sec. 1, near Colesburg.   Mrs. D. died Oct. 12, 1866; she was the mother of three children—Thomas, Grace and George; all born in Scotland.  Moved to this farm in 1871, and owns 210 acres. Has been Road Supervisor three years, and his third term as School Di­rector, Family attend the Congrega­tional Church.

DICKSON, John, Farmer, Sec. 31; P. O.  Earlville; born in Lanarkshire, Scotland June 13, 1815, Was married December 29, 1835, to Isabelle Rodger, who was born in same county in 1811.   Mr. D. was apprenticed to the milling business in 1831; was master of the trade in 1845; has worked at it for 30 years. Came to this county in 1871; bought this farm of 54 acres, and still resides here. Mrs. D. died March 27,1878; she was the mother of  eleven children, nine living — Margaret, Elizabeth, John, Agnes, Jane, Isabel, James, Thomas and Janet; lost two — Thomas and Mary. Family are all members of the Church of Scotland.

DICKSON, Robert, Farmer, Sec, 31; P. O., Earlville; born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, April 21, 1830; came to the U. S, in 1851  and to this county  same year; settled near Colesburg in 1853, his parents whom he had left in Scotland joined him here and remained with   him  till  their deaths. Mr. D. then returned to Scotland, and was married there June 6, 1872, to Catharine Bell; she was born in Lanarkshire in 1839, returned  home Fall of 1872; owns 146 acres of land.   Attends the Congregational Church.

Dickson T. M. far.; S. 20; P. O. Colesburg.

Dickson Thomas Jr. P. O. Colesburg

Dittmer George, S. 30; P. O.  Colesburg

Dittmer J. C. E. farmer Sec. 30; P. O. Colesburg

Domeyer A. far.; Sec. 34; P. O. Colesburg





Eikman Henry, farmer; Sec. 24;  P. O. New Vienna

Ellis Wm, C. far.; Sec, 14 : P. O.  Colesburg





Feusterman Detrick, renter; Sec. 19 P. O.  Colesburg

Fishel G. A. far.; S. 23; P. O.  Colesburg

Fishel J. far., 23; P. O.  Colesburg

Fitch Robert, laborer; P. O.  Colesburg

Fitzpatrick Luke, farmer; Sec. 18; P. O. Colesburg

Fleubrer Jacob, far.; Sec. 19; P. O. Colesburg

Flynn Geo., farmer; Sec. 10; P. O. Colesburg

Flynn Wm., farmer; Sec. 10; P. O. Colesburg

Foley David, laborer; P. O. Colesburg

Frericks Henry, farmer; Sec.  33;  P. O. Petersburg

Frank J. W. clerk; Colesburg

Frank Wallace, farmer;  Sec. 3;  P. O. Colesburg

Funk Benj., proprietor, Centennial Hotel; Colesburg





Gebhard Joseph, farmer; Sec. 22; P. O. Petersburg

Glynn Michael, renter; Sec. 23; P. O. Petersburg

Goodken Barney, farmer; Sec. 35: P. O. Petersburg

Goodken G. H., farmer; Sec. 35: P. O. Petersburg

Goodken John, farmer; Sec. 35: P. O. Petersburg

Goodken John G., farmer; Sec. 35: P. O. Petersburg

GRAVES, WILLIAM H., Re­tired Farmer; P. O. Colesburg; born in Sullivan Co., N. H., July 4, 1814; moved to Sangamon Co., Ill., in 1838; was married there May 26,1839, to Lavina Sherman. She was born in Addison Co., Vt.; soon after moved to Jack­son Co., Iowa; was in Bellevue when the citizens drove the gamblers, horse thieves, etc., out of the place, about the time of the Davenport murder. Voted for the first Governor elected in Iowa; came to this county in 1848, where Mr. G. died June 2, 1873. She was the mother of four children — Henry W., born in 1842, and Marcia J. (now Mrs. McPherson) in 1848, are living. Lost two, Julia and Orson. Mr. G. was married again Sept. 15, 1873, to Belin­da Bristol, born in N. J., Dec. 10, 1835; owns 110 acres of land in Clayton Co.

Grimes F. A.  potter; Colesburg

GRIMES, Joseph, Retired Farm­er; P. O. Colesburg; born in Tioga Co., N. Y., July 4, 1814; was married Sept. 6, 1838, to Melissa A. Phelps; she was born in Rensselaer Co., N. Y., July 25, 1819; came to this county in 1844; settled in this town, but moved the following Spring to Clayton County, where he built a saw mill on Elk Creek, and operated it three years; moved to farm in this township, where he continued to reside until March, 1877; owns 183 acres and considerable town property; have four children living—Ralph M., Frank A., Emma E. and Joe E.; lost two—Caroline and Ruth;  Mr. Grimes represented the county in the Lower House of the State Senate from 1868 to 1872; has been Justice of the Peace and Notary Public about twenty years, besides other minor offices, family attends the M. E. Church.




~ source: History of Delaware County, Iowa, Published by Western Historical Company, Successors to H. F. Kett & Co., Chicago., Illinois, 1878.

~ Transcribed by: Constance Diamond for Delaware County IAGenWeb