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Many people have shared their unidentified photographs with us. If you can identify the people in a photograph, please contact the individual who submitted them. If there is no email link, please contact the county coordinator. Thank you.

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 I would like to know if anyone can identify the three people in the picture. The picture was among the genealogy that I inherited from my grandmother. There is nothing on the postcard to identify where it was taken. This is possibly Christopher Osborn, brother of John A. Osborn.

Contributed by Hazel.



Denise received a box of photos and would like to identify them. They are mostly of the Robinson/Osborn Families of Decatur County. If you can help Denise in identifying these people, email Denise, making sure to put "Decatur County Photos" in the subject line and a short description of the photograph you are referring to.

My grandmother was a daughter of Carey Deisher and Sarah Jane Riddle of Decatur County. These belonged to her. I believe most of them could be Beavers, Rains, Dents or Elders. She married the son of Marcellus Brown and Rebecca Lilly from Wayne County so it's possible that some of them are connected with the Browns. My best guess as far as time frame is 1870's to 1890's.

Contributed by IrishStock.


Photos from Barb - Part of an album purchased at a Tigard, Oregon antique mall that were taken in Leon, Decatur Co., Iowa.

Benton McClaran from Davis City

The following photos contributed by Craig Fenton.

An Unknown photo from the Bassett Family Collection.
Contributed by Frank Durham.

Submitted by Kathleen.

Is this Pearl King?

Any ideas on this couple?

These photos are possibly some members of the Gray Family of Decatur County, Iowa.
Contributed by Janette Welch.

Some unidentified photos from the Shields Family Collection shared by Cleone Shields Woughters.
These are from Grand River. Contributed by Joanne Baker.

Some unidentified photos contributed by Gayle from Kansas.

George Sapp's dinner, Aug. 1937

"This is those that was present that day that
attended school at the old Riddle school house."

House in the Woodland, Garden Grove,
or Big Springs Cemetery area?
Cora Curry Woods photo collection.

"This is one of the hole (sic) crowd" same
day as the Riddle School students photo.

From the collection of Cora Curry Woods

Cora Curry Woods, b. 1876 in Woodland, IA, was related to Riddle, Beavers, Curry, Woods, Ashkettle families.

From Larry McElwee

Grandma's Family

From Sherry Balow

The photograph of the couple in front of the house has a visible address - 412.
Possibly from the Van Wert or Leon area either pre or early 1900's.


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