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Information for Family Albums:

The information is organized according to the following surnames, but there are many more family names mentioned. Use the search engine to locate other surnames.

These pages are filled with photos, histories, documents and miscellaneous items of Decatur county families. Many of the photographs have unidentified people in them and you are invited to fill in the blanks.

Click on a name for information about that family. If you have information you would like to see posted on this page, please e-mail it to the county coordinator.
People of Decatur County IA
AllbaughDunbar Perks
AllenEckardt Petticord
Barrett Fenton Price
Bassett Fetty Puckett
Beers FolandRoberts
Bicknell Gammon Sapp
Boles Garber Spurrier
Bronson GilbertStrong
BullockGore Thomas
BurchettHacker Traxler
BurnsHarp Walton
CarltonHenderson Wasson
ColeKent West
CottonLentz Winans
CurryMcDowell Wood
DavisMcJimsey Woods
DayPalmer Young
NOTE: Many people have generously opened up their photo albums and collections to graciously share with us. Please extend the same courtesy back to them ~ ask for permission from the county coordinator before you "borrow" these images. Thank You.
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