Lamoni, Decatur County, Iowa

Contributions by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
Some of these photos given to her by Sadie Moon Negaard

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James & Mary Ann (Mills) Allen
Lamoni, ca. early 1920s

Mary Ann Mills Allen
Saint's Home, Lamoni
James Allen and his son Robert Allen ran the mill in Lamoni. Later, James and his grandson Willard Moon ran the mill when Robert left for Pittsburg, KS. Eventually the mill was left to Willard who used the building for several other things, eventually turning it into an apartment building.

James died on February 18, 1923, and was interred at Rose Hill Cemetery, Lamoni. Mary Ann Mills Allen lived at the Saint's Home in Lamoni from about 1922 until her death September 1, 1927. She was interred at Rose Hill Cemetery, Lamoni.

Elizabeth Ellen Allen Williams

Alice Allen Thornburn

Jessie Thornburn Fleming

Charles W. & Sarah "Sadie" Emma Allen Moon

Charles & Sadie (Allen) Moon Family
Elizabeth Ellen Allen Williams, eldest daughter of James and Mary Ann Mills) Allen and wife of Joseph T. Williams, ran the Saint's home for a time and took care of her parents there. After Mary Ann's death in 1927, Elizabeth went to Independence, Missouri. She died on October 24, 1938 and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Lamoni, Iowa.

Alice Allen Thornburn, second daughter of James and Mary Ann Mills Allen, was the wife of George W. Thornburn. She lived in Lamoni from about 1900 until October 4, 1906 when she died of cancer. She was interred in Rose Hill Cemetery, Lamoni.

Jessie Thornburn Fleming was the daughter of George W. and Alice Allen Thornburn. She married Mr. Fleming in Lamoni.

Sarah Emma "Sadie" Allen Moon was the youngest daughter of James and Mary Ann Mills Allen. Willard Charles Moon who ran the mill with his grandfather, James Allen, was Sadie and Charles Walter Moon's son. Willard died on April 12, 1995 and was interred at Rose Hill Cemetery, Lamoni. Charles Moon died on March 28, 1952 and is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Lamoni.
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