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Crawford County Names, 1875 Atlas Patrons

1875 Crawford County Residents

Who Were Patrons of

Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa

by A. T. Andreas

Note: The 1875 Township maps can be used to locate residences.
Name Residence Business Nativity Came to State Post Office
Denison Township          
Bartley, R. P. Denison Attorney at Law New York City 1867 Denison
Bond, A. F. Denison Justice of the Peace Worcester Co., Mass. 1857 Denison
Bond, A. J. Denison Clerk Springfield, Mass. 1863 Denison
Bassett, J. R. Section 1 Farmer Cayuga Co., N.Y. 1854 Denison
Burk, B. W. Denison Merchant Pulaski Co., Ky. 1868 Denison
Burke, J. C. Denison Restaurant Roscommon, Co. Ire. 1865 Denison
Carr, L. T. Denison Clerk Stark Co., Ohio 1869 Denison
Cornwell, L. Denison County Treasurer Fulton Co., N.Y. 1856 Denison
Cornwell, A. Section 16 Farmer and Miller Fulton Co., N.Y. 1856 Denison
Cavett, Orlando Section 15 Farmer Alleghany Co., Pa. 1854 Denison
Chapin, G. D. Section 22 Farmer Oswego Co., N.Y. 1868 Denison
DeWolf, C. H. Denison Farmer and Lumber Dlr. Bradford Co., Pa 1865 Denison
Dunbar, J. B. Denison Miller Franklin Co., Vt. 1873 Denison
Engstrom, J. Otto Denison Bookkeeper Sweden 1869 Denison
Furr, C. C. Section 14 Farmer London Co., Va. 1873 Denison
Gardner, Sterling P. Denison Propr. Gardner House Ontario Co., N.Y. 1840 Denison
Gulick, H. S. Denison Agricultural Montgomery Co., N.Y. 1854 Denison
Gillett, D. L. Section 30 Farmer and Stk. Raiser Genesee Co., N.Y. 1866 Denison
Goodrich, L. C. Section 3 Farmer Battle Creek, Mich. 1852 Denison
Gilbreath, John Section 36 Farmer Armstrong Co., Pa. 1852 Denison
Heffelfinger, R. Denison Hardware Wood Co., Ohio 1866 Denison
Hawk, Z. T. Denison Teacher Delaware Co., Ohio 1854 Denison
Keith, A. B. Denison Crawford Co. Bulletin Waldo Co., Me 1865 Denison
Lyttle, C. C. Denison Railroad Agent Cayuga Co., N.Y. 1857 Denison
Laub, Henry C. Denison Merchant Little York, Pa. 1851 Denison
Lochmiller, Casper Section 24 Farmer Prussia 1859 Denison
Myers, J. Fred Denison Editor Review Bavaria, Germany 1874 Denison
McHenry, Morris Denison Banker and Land Agt. Alleghany Co., N.Y. 1856 Denison
McHenry, Wm. A. Denison Banker Alleghany Co., N.Y. 1865 Denison
Nicholson, J. S. Denison Attorney at Law Washington Co., Ohio 1854 Denison
Norman, H. Denison Contractor and Builder Sweden 1868 Denison
Porter, W. A. Denison Section Foreman C. & N. W. R.R. Chautauqua Co., N.Y. 1866 Denison
Romans, J. B. Denison Hardware and Agric. Implements Harrison Co., Ohio 1858 Denison
Rogers, J. I. Section 22 Farmer Oswego Co., N.Y. 1866 Denison
Strohm & Co. Denison Dealers in Grain and Agric. Impts. Iowa City 1851 Denison
Smith, N. F. Denison County School Supt. Jasper Co., Iowa 1848 Denison
Smith, A. C. Denison Stock Broker Jackson Co., Iowa 1841 Denison
Stephens, G. W. Denison Crawford Co. Bulletin Brooks Co., W. Va. 1857 Denison
Trowbridge, E. J. Denison Farmer Ashtabula Co., Ohio 1868 Denison
Wygant, M. H. Denison Attorney at Law Ulster Co., N.Y. 1873 Denison
Wiggens, M. G. Denison Blacksmith Holmes Co., Ohio 1860 Denison
Wagoner, W. J. Denison Real Estate Broker Sandusky Co., Ohio 1856 Denison
Otter Creek Township          
Beck, P. F. Section 13 Farmer Smoland, Sweden 1867 Kiron
Carlson, Carl Section 25 Farmer Dalarne, Sweden 1868 Deloit
Dohms, C. F. Section 18 Farmer Pommern, Sweden 1854 Denison
Erickson, J. Section 12 Farmer Smoland, Sweden 1869 Kiron
Ewoll, Elias Section 1 Farmer Skone, Sweden 1869 Kiron
Hendrikson, Anders Section 25 Farmer Dalarne, Sweden 1869 Deloit
Hagglund, J. A. Section 25 Farmer Jemtland, Sweden 1868 Deloit
Johnston, Peter Section 24 Farmer Upland, Sweden 1870 Deloit
Kastner, Fred Section 11 Farmer Saxon Gotha, Swd'n 1857 Denison
Lehfeldt, Henry Section 22 Farmer Holstein, Germany 1870 Denison
Lehfeldt, Rudolph Section 27 Farmer Holstein, Germany 1870 Denison
Lass, George Section 17 Farmer Schleswig, Germany 1863 Denison
Larson, Olof Section 25 Farmer Dalarne, Sweden 1868 Deloit
Monson, Elias Section 13 Farmer Skone, Sweden 1867 Kiron
Olson, N. Section 12 Farmer Skone, Sweden 1867 Kiron
Petterson, Wald'mar Section 24 Farmer Skone, Sweden 1865 Deloit
Swenson, Nils Section 12 Farmer Skone, Sweden 1872 Kiron
Star, C. J. Section 13 Farmer Ostergotaland, Swdn 1855 Kiron
Schwartz, Henry Section 22 Farmer Lubeck, Germany 1870 Denison
Wiek, Olof Section 23 Farmer Jemtland, Sweden 1870 Deloit
Winey, David Section 36 Farmer Perry Co., Pa. 1854 Deloit
Stockholm Township          
Anderson, James Section 19 Farmer Skone, Sweden 1867 Kiron
Carlson, Peter Section 19 Farmer Wermland, Sweden 1867 Kiron
Engberg, C. E. Section 8 Farmer Helsingland, Swed'n 1870 Kiron
Edling, C. O. Section 7 Farmer Smoland, Sweden 1869 Kiron
Frodig, C. P. Section 19 Farmer Smoland, Sweden 1865 Kiron
Johnson, Chas. Jno. Section 7 Farmer and Carp. Smoland, Sweden 1869 Kiron
Johnson, D. L. Section 30 Farmer Hessinger, Sweden 1868 Deloit
Johnson, Julius Section 20 Farmer Smoland, Sweden 1869 Kiron
Johnson, Peter Section 6 Farmer Jemtland, Sweden 1867 Kiron
Lindberg, Ole Section 20 Farmer Dalarne, Sweden 1868 Kiron
Michaelson, Ingem'n Section 7 Farmer Wester Norrl'nd, S'n 1868 Kiron
Newcom, John D. Section 32 Farmer Scotland Co., Mo. 1865 Deloit
Norelius, Andrew Section 7 Farmer and P. M. Helsingland, Swed'n 1869 Kiron
Olson, P. Section 18 Farmer Skone, Sweden 1869 Kiron
Petterson, Chas. Section 29 Farmer Smoland, Sweden 1868 Deloit
Rodin, N. T. Section 18 Farmer Smoland, Sweden 1865 Kiron
Star, Peter Section 29 Farmer Ostergotaland, Sweden 1855 Deloit
Westside Township          
Colman, J. M. Vail Merchant Ashtbula Co., O. 1853 Vail
Catt, A. B. Section 3 Farmer Cincinnati, Ohio 1856 Westside
Cox, Joshua Westside Miller Clermont Co., O. 1865 Westside
Fellingham, A. P. Section 15 Farmer Suffolk Co., Eng. 1873 Westside
Head, G. H. L. Vail Railroad Agent Hookset, N.H. 1871 Vail
Hope, Robert Section 11 Farmer Alleghany Co., Pa. 1851 Westside
McHenry, Josiah Vail Farmer and Hotel Alleghany Co., N.Y. 1873 Vail
McCartney, James Section 12 Farmer Fulton Co., Ills. 1869 Westside
Powers, J. F. Vail Merchant Beaver Co., Pa. 1864 Vail
Savage, E. P. Westside Lumber, Coal and Agi. Impts. Fayette Co., Ind. 1842 Westside
Smith & Gary Westside Agents Iowa R.R. Land Co.,
dlrs in Stk, Grain & Prod'ce
Sullivan Co., N.H. &
DuPage Co., Ills.
1872 Westside
Watson, Wm. Vail Laborer England 1868 Vail
Woolhiser, J. J. Section 1 Farmer Dutchess Co., N.Y. 1868 Westside
Young, A. D. Vail Builder & Lumber Dealer Scotland 1865 Vail
Union Township          
Buss, C. F. Section 7 Farmer Mossow, Prussia 1853 Dunlap
Butler, Don Section 1 Farmer Crawford Co., Io. 1851 Dowville
Binnall, Thos. W. Section 31 Farmer Worcestershi'e En. 1851 Dunlap
Chatburn, T. W. Dowville Flouring Mill England 1850 Dowville
Dow, S. E. Section 10 Farmer Merrimack Co., N.H. 1852 Dowville
Farmer, Richard Section 31 Farmer Herefordschi'e Eng. 1856 Dunlap
Graves, Abner Dowville Land Agt., Lumber, Grain,
Stk. & Agricultural Impts.
Otsego Co., N.Y. 1865 Dowville
Heath, Ben Dowville Railroad Agent Cortland Co., N.Y. 1865 Dowville
Pett, John Section 26 Farmer Warwickshi'e, Eng. 1852 Dowville
Rae, Geo. Section 2 Farmer Fifeshire, Scot. 1865 Dowville
Rae, Thomas Section 3 Farmer Fifeshire, Scot. 1867 Dowville
Talcott, Alphonso Section 11 Farmer Lake Co., O. 1862 Dowville
Wilder, Benjamin Section 1 Farmer Ashtabula Co., O. 1854 Dowville
East Boyer Township          
Gould, H. W. Section 18 Farmer Lewis Co., N.Y. 1872 Denison
Graham, Wm. Section 9 Farmer Franklin Co., O. 1860 Denison
Lochmiller, Phillip Section 3 Farmer Prussia 1857 Denison
Luney, Thomas Section 4 Farmer Belfast, Ire. 1868 Denison
Lochmiller, Herman Section 16 Farmer Minden, Prussia 1867 Denison
McWilliams, Hugh Section 8 Farmer Down Co., Ire. 1859 Denison
McWilliams, David Section 8 Farmer Down Co., Ire. not given Denison
Rollins, James Section 7 Farmer Antrim Co., Ire 1865 Denison
Seabury, A.J. & A.P. Section 8 Farmers Albany Co., N.Y. 1868 Denison
Smyth, J. & S. B. Section 7 Farmer Antrim Co., Ire 1865 Denison
Slater, S. W. Section 10 Farmer Ulster Co., N.Y. 1854 Denison
Sherrard, Edward Section 4 Farmer Tyrone Co., Ire. 1872 Denison
Goodrich Township          
Case, Wm. Section 1 Farmer Devonshire, Eng. 1868 Deloit
Gillett, W. P. Section 26 Farmer Steuben Co., N.Y. 1871 Denison
Goodrich, I. B. Section 34 Farmer Cortland Co., N.Y. 1852 Denison
Goodrich, Oscar Section 24 Farmer Illinois 1852 Denison
Gulick, Eugene & Mary Section 34 Farmer Montgomery Co., N.Y. 1854 Denison
Morris, Lyman F. Section 12 Farmer Wyoming Co., N.Y. not given not given
Printice, B. F. Section 13 Farmer Toronto, Canada 1845 Deloit
Snell, B. F. Section 23 Farmer Montgom'y Co., N.Y. 1872 Denison
Woodruff, D. F. Section 27 Farmer Tuscarawas, O. 1865 Denison
Wilson, G. F. Section 19 Farmer McHenry Co., Ill. 1867 Denison
Paradise Township          
Bell, Robert Section 34 Farmer Berwickshire, Scot. 1855 Dowville
DuBois, F. Section 1 Farmer Milwaukee, Wis. 1850 Denison
Dunkin, S. S. Section 10 Farmer Brown Co., O. 1844 Denison
Gront, O. G. Section 22 Farmer Worcester Co., Mass. 1867 Dowville
Hawk, David Section 24 Farmer Brown Co., O. 1872 Dowville
Harper, John A. Section 34 Farmer Frontenac Co., Can. 1872 Dowville
Hallowell, Jos. & J. Section 33 Farmer Saratoga Co., N.Y. 1855 Dowville
Jordan, G. V. Section 22 Farmer Oxford Co., Me. 1865 Dowville
Munson, J. H. Section 2 Farmer Delaware Co., O. 1855 Denison
Smith, J. M. & W. K. Section 27 Farmer Monroe Co., Pa. 1866 Dowville
Tierman, James Section 22 Farmer O'Galway, Ire. 1855 Dowville
Washington Township          
Adams, W. R. Section 14 Farmer Surry Co., N.C. 1855 Denison
Bonsall, J. W. Section 7 Farmer Lancaster Co., Pa. 1861 Dowville
Bonsall, Albert Section 6 Farmer Chester Co., Pa. 1861 Dowville
Harkness, D. D. Section 15 Far. & Cheese mnfr. Clinton Co., N.Y. 1868 Denison
Hardy, A. P. Section 30 Far. & Stk. Raiser Penobscot Co., Me. 1865 Dowville
Haley, John Section 31 Farmer Galway Co., Ire. 1857 Dowville
Kelly, John Section 32 Farmer Clare Co., Ire. 1862 Dowville
Patton, Samuel Section 8 Farmer Antrim Co., Ire 1857 Denison
Riddle, Moses A. Section 1 Farmer Holmes Co., Ohio 1852 Denison
Thew, E. & S. M. Section 15 Farmer Clinton Co., N.Y. 1871 Denison
Charter Oak Township          
Atwood, Andrew Section 14 Farmer Middelsex Co., Can. 1866 Denison
Criswell, O. M. Section 23 Farmer Blair Co., Pa. 1852 Denison
Hart, A. P. & J Section 29 Farmer Ripley Co., Ind. 1854 Denison
Hubbard, John H. Section 23 Farmer Hartford Co., Conn. 1866 Denison
Marshall, Clark T. Section 14 Far. & Stock Raiser Kane Co., Ill. 1868 Denison
Squibb, C. Section 12 Farmer Fayette Co., Pa. 1852 Denison
Smith, Francis Section 12 Farmer Monroe Co., Pa. 1869 Denison
Weed, C. H. Section 27 Stock Raiser Madison Co., N.Y. 1864 Denison
Boyer Township          
Acker, J. M. Section 13 Farmer Wayne Co., N.Y. 1858 Dunlap
Dunham, Z. T. Section 33 Far. & Stk. Raiser Jackson Co., Iowa 1850 Dunlap
Dunham, S. S. Section 33 Farmer Jackson Co., Iowa 1842 Dunlap
Ernst, H. B. Section 14 Farmer Wabash Co., Ill. 1855 Dunlap
O'Banion, J. N. Section 27 Farmer Morgan Co., Ill. 1846 Dunlap
Hayes Township          
Chamberlain, E. Section 10 Farmer Racine Co., Wis. 1872 Vail
Dunham, S. C. Section 18 Farmer Clinton Co., Iowa 1851 Vail
McClure, J. Section 16 Farmer St. La'rence Co., N.Y. 1872 Vail
Nixon, Thomas Section 11 Farmer Fermanagh, Ire. 1874 Vail
Milford Township          
Cullum, J. W. Section 7 Farmer Muskingkum Co., O. 1871 Deloit
Dobson, Thomas Deloit Clergyman of Latter Day Saints Butler Co., O. 1846 Deloit
Gable, S. I. Section 21 Farmer York Co., Penn. 1844 Vail
Ginn, Alvin Section 15 Farmer Hancock Co., Me. 1855 Vail
Marshall, Wm. H Section 10 Farmer Yorkshire, Eng. 1871 Vail
Whiting, Warden Deloit Blacksmith Canada 1870 Deloit
Wedlock, J. A. Section 4 Farmer Albany, N.Y. 1863 Deloit
Hanover Township          
Bockelman, Fred Section 8 Farmer Hanover, Ger. 1868 Denison
Shelm, C. Section 10 Farmer Hanover, Ger. 1866 Denison
Nishnabotany Township          
Schwartz, Chas. Section 24 Farmer Prussia 1858 Denison
Wenzel, Chas. Section 24 Farmer Prussia 1869 Denison
Soldier Township          
Schroder, Henry Section 31 Farmer Hanover, Ger. 1869 Denison
Jackson Township          
Isbell, James Section 22 Far. & Stock Raiser Medina Co., O. 1872 Westside
Morgan Township          
Mundt, Chas. Section 13 Farmer Holstein, Ger. 1846 Denison
Willow Township          
Hull, I. D. Section 15 Farmer New Haven Co., Con. 1857 Dunlap

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