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1930 Federal Census, Union Twp., Dow City Town

Crawford County, Iowa

Microfilm Series , Roll 650, Page 4

Department of Commerce-Bureau of the Census, Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Population Schedule
State of Iowa, Crawford County, Union, Enumber District No. 24-28, Supervisor's District No. 5, Enumerated by me on April 24, 1930 Alvin W. Michaelsen, Enumerator

51    GLAWINSKICatherine EWife   XFW29M22NYesIowaGermanyIowa   YesNone       
52    GLAWINSKIMargaret H.Daughter   XFW5S NYesIowaIowaIowa    None       
53School Str 3939KILLION John H.HeadO$2500 NoMW56M21NYesMissouriIndianaWisconsin   YesPlumberGeneral PlumbingOYes No  
54    KILLIONMargaret J.Wife   XFW53M17NoYPennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaPennsylvania   YNone       
55    KILLIONBernice M.Granddaughter   XFW8S Yes IAIowaPennsylvania    None       
56    GALLOWAYOliver H.Son-in-Law   XMW32M30NoYesIAIowaIowa   YesPlumberGeneral PlumbingWYes No  
57    GALLOWAYMae G.Daughter   XFW32M30NoYesIowaMissouriPennsylvania   YesNone       
58    KILLIONEldridge L.Son   XMW36Wd NoYesIowaMissouriPennsylvania ;  YesMechanicGarageWYes No   
59School Str 4040SHARPBRINTONHeadRUnk NoMW75M21NoYesPennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaIndiana   YesFarmerGeneral FarmWYes No 2
60    SHARPEmmaWife   XFW52M21NYesIowaNew YorkEngland   YesNone       
61    NORTONRussell D.Adopted Son   XMW14S YesYesIowaKentuckyIowa   YNone       
62School Str 4141BUTTERWORTHLeonard JHeadO$1800RNoMW67M46NoYesIowaEnglandEngland   YesMinisterChurchWYes No  
63    BUTTERWORTHChristenaWife   XFW52M33NoYesDenmarkDenmarkDenmarkDanish1905NaYesNone       
64School Str 4242REDMANWilliam B.HeadO$2500 NoMW30M23NoYesIowaIndianaIowa   YesVeterinarian OYes YesWW 
65    REDMANLeona A.Wife   XFW30M23NYIowaIowaIowa   YNone       
66    REDMANVirginia MDaughter   XFW5S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
67    REDMANWilliam B.Son   XMW2 2/12S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
68    REDMANJames ASon   XMW11/12S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
69School Str 4343ROWEMyron E.HeadO$1800 NoMW83M23NoYesMichiganVermontNew York   YesNone    YesCiv 
70    ROWEAddie J.Wife   XFW81M21NoYesIndianaVermontPennsylvania   YesNone       
71School Str 4444JUDDOrin J.HeadO$5000RNoMW53M22NoYesMissouriMissouriKansas   YesTelegrapher WYes No  
72    JUDDNellieWife   XFW46M17NoYesIowaNew JerseyOhio   YesNone       
73    JUDDOrnella M.Daughter   XFW16S YesYesIowaMissouriIA   YesNone       
74School Str 4545CLARKDavidHeadO$3000 NoMW63M21NoYesIndianaEnglandEngland   YesNone       
75    CLARKMinnie C.Wife   XFW68M26NoYIowaGermanyGermany   YesNone       
76School Str 4646ARMSTRONGGuy B.HeadR$20RNoMW39M22NoYMissouriNew YorkNew York   YEngineerCity Light PlantWYes No  
77    ARMSTRONGWilma I.Wife   XFW36M18NoYesMissouriMissouriOhio   YesNone       
78    ARMSTRONGStella E.Daughter   XFW16S YesYesMissouriMissouriMissouri   YesNone       
79    ARMSTRONGPauline E.Daughter   XFW14S YesYesMissouriMissouriMissouri   YesNone       
80    ARMSTRONGImogeneDaughter    FW8S YesYesMissouriMissouriMissouri    None       
81    ARMSTRONGJuniorSon   XMW7S Yes IowaMissouriMissouri   YesNone       
82    ARMSTRONGWiletta M.Daughter   XFW4 ?/12S N IowaMissouriMissouri    None       
83    ARMSTRONGJames L.Son   XMW2 7/12S N IowaMissouriMissouri    None       
84School Str 4747HOWORTHLessie AHeadO$2500RNoFW53S NYesMichiganMichiganMichigan   YesNone       
85    HOWORTHDaniel ASon   XMW19S YesYesIowaIowaMichigan   YesNone       
86School Str 4848THOMPSONJoseph E.HeadO$4000RNoMW48M24NoYIowaMinnesotaIowa   YNone    No  
87    THOMPSONMyrtle C.Wife   XFW44M20NoYIowaEnglandOklahoma   YNone       
88    THOMPSONFred W.Son   XMW18S YesYIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
89    THOMPSONDon M.Son   XMW16S YesYesIAIowaIowa   YesNone       
90    THOMPSONAlberta M.Daughter   XFW13S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone        
91    THOMPSONEmmett E.Son   XMW11S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
92Clark Str 4949TURNLANDCaroline J.HeadO$1400RNoFW76WD NoYesSweedenSweedenSweedenSweedish1880NaYesNone       
93    TURNLANDHilda Daughter   XFW44S NoYesIowaSweedenSweeden   YesTeacherPublic SchoolWYes    
94    TURNLANDJames O.Son   XMW39S NoYesIowaSweedenSweeden   YesClerkGeneral StoreWYes YesWW 
95Clark Str 5050BRASELElmer N.HeadO$1500RNoMW36M24NoYesIowaIllinoisIllinois   YesDraymanCity DrayOYes No  
96    BRASELAnna L.Wife   XFW33M21NoYesIowaIrelandIreland   YesNone       
97    BRASELLois V.Daughter   XFW11S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
98    BRASELCleota M.Daughter   XFW10S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
99    BRASELRussel L.Son   XMW7S Yes IowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
100    BRASELRobert N.Son   XMW6S Yes IowaIowaIowa   YesNone       

Transcribed by Melba Winans McDowell
Blue Folder Page 5 of Dow City 1930 Census

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