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1930 Federal Census, Union Twp., Dow City Town

Crawford County, Iowa

Microfilm Series , Roll 650, Page 10

Department of Commerce-Bureau of the Census, Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930, Population Schedule
State of Iowa, Crawford County, Union, Enumber District No. 24-28, Supervisor's District No. 5, Enumerated by me on April 26, 1930 Alvin W. Michaelsen, Enumerator

51School Str   HENRYBessie M.Daughter   XFW32M30NoYesIowaPennsylvaniaPennsylvania   YesNone       
52    WELLSCleo G.Granddaughter   XFW14S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
53School Str 116117TALCOTTIda MHeadO$1400RNoFW57Wd NoYesIowaCanadaCanada   YesNone       
54School Str 117118PETERSENLars P.HeadR$5 NoMW81S NoYesDenmarkDenmarkDenmarkDanish1870NaYesNone    No  
55School Str 118119SWASUY?Lillian EHeadO$4000RNoFW58M22NoYesIowaPennsylvaniaEngland   YesNone       
56    MOELLERArlo P.Son-in-law   XMW34M24NoYesIowaGermanyIowa   YesSalesmanTravelingW  No  
57    MOELLERRuth A.Daughter   XFW31M22NoYesIowaIllinoisIowa   YesNone       
58    MOELLERRobert E.Grandson   XMW9S Yes IowaIowaIowa    None        
59    MOELLERHelen L.Granddaughter   XFW7S Yes IowaIowaIowa    None       
60    MOELLERBruce E.Grandson   XMW3/12S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
61School Str 119120FISHELWillie EHeadO$3000RNoMW64M20NoYesOhioOhioOhio   YesAgentInsuranceOYes No  
62    FISHELMary BWife   XFW64M20NoYesIrish Free StateIrish Free StateIrish Free StateEnglish1870NAYesNone       
63Myrtle Str 120121BRINKGeorge C.HeadO$1500 NoMW36M26NoYesS. DakotaGermanyGermany   YesLaborerCommonWYes YesWW 
64    BRINKGolda M.Wife   XFW28M18NoYesIowaSwitzerlandGermany   YesNone       
65    BRINKGeorge Jr.Son   XMW8S Yes IowaS. DakotaIowa    None       
66    BRINKKathryn L.Daughter   XFW6S Yes IowaS. DakotaIowa    None       
67    BRINKLila J.Daughter   XFW5S No IowaS. DakotaIowa    None       
68    BRINKJoyce E.Daughter   XFW2 9/12S No IowaS. DakotaIowa    None       
69    BRINKGwenith N.Daughter   XFW3/12S No IowaS. DakotaIowa    None       
70Howard Str 121122McCOLLOUGHThomas W.HeadR$25NoNoMW42M23NoYesIowaUnited StatesUnited States   YesEngineerCity Light PlantWYes No  
71    McCULLOUGHEdna M.Wife   XFW37M18NoYesIowaMichiganIowa   YesNone       
72    McCULLOUGHDonovan E.Son   XMW12S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
73Franklin Str 122123RIGSBYMarion A.HeadR$28 NoMW72M26NoYesVirginiaUnited StatesUnited States   YesBakerBakeryOYes No  
74    RIGSBYAmanda C.Wife   XFW64M18NoYesVirginiaVirginiaVirginia   YesNone       
75Franklin Str 123124FARMERUla RHeadR$15 NoMW36M32NoYesMissouriUnited StatesUnited States   YesPainterGeneral PaintingOYes YesWW 
76    FARMERWave W. Wife   XFW26M23NoYesIowaMinnesotaIowa   YesClerkGeneral StoreWYes    
77    THOMPSONRobert K.Stepson   XMW6S  YesIowaIowaIowa    None       
78Howard Str 124125LANGLEYJay W.HeadO$2000RNoMW51M24NoYesIowaPennsylvaniaOhio   YesOwnerGeneral StoreOYes No  
79    LANGLEYBessie I.Wife   XFW48M34NoYesNebraskaUnited StatesUnited States   YesNone       
80Howard Str 125126THOMPSONCharley FHeadR$15 NoFW?M24NoYesIowaMinnesotaIowa   YesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
81    THOMPSONBernice M.Wife   XFW24M18NoYesIowaNebraskaIowa   YesNone       
82    THOMPSONCharles V.Son   XMW5S No IowaIowaIowa    None       
83    KNIGHTSamuel J.Roomer   XMW36S NoYesEnglandEnglandEnglandEnglish1911NaYesLaborerGeneral FarmWYes No  
84Howard Str 126127BERRYWilbur O.HeadO$950RNoMW42M20NoYesIndianaUnited StatesUnited States   YesMechanicGeneral ShopOYes No  
85    BERRYVera B.Wife   XFW39M18NoYesIowaPennsylvaniaPennsylvania   YesNone       
86    BERRYBessie L.Daughter   XFW19S YesYesNebraskaIndianaIowa   YesNurse Training W     
87    BERRYFrances BDaughter   XFW18S YesYNebraskaIndianaIowa   YNone       
88Howard Str 127128LAIRDArchibald G.HeadR$15RNoMW51M27NoYesIowaCanadian EngIndiana   YesProprietorPool HallOYes No  
89    LAIRDMaryWife   XFW48M24NoYesIAIreland I.FsIreland I. Fs   YesNone       
90    LAIRDWillard A.Son   XMW19S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone        
91    LAIRDEva A.Daughter   XFW15S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone       
92Howard Str 128129RULEGeorge CHeadO$2000 NoMW51M21NoYesIowaCanadian EngVermont   YesTruck DriverGeneralWYes No  
93    RULENettie BWife   XFW50M21NoYesIowaMaineVermont   YesNone       
94    RULEFrank H.Son   XMW24S NoYesIowaIowaIowa   YesTruck DriverConstruction CoWYes No  
95    RULEGeorgia P.Daughter   XFW10S YesYesIowaIowaIowa   YesNone W     
96Howard Str 129130GLASGOWHal. W.HeadR$25RNoMW35M25NoYesNebraskaUnited StatesIowa   YesPrincipalHigh SchoolWYes YesWW 
97    GLASGOWMarian JWife   XFW28M18NoYesNebraskaPennsylvaniaNebraska   YesNone       
98    GLASGOWLois W.Daughter   XFW7S Yes NebraskaNebraskaNebraska    None       
99    GLASGOWGene M.Daughter   XFW2 9/12S No NebraskaNebraskaNebraska    None       
100    GLASCOWJoanDaughter   XFW9/12S No NebraskaNebraskaNebraska    None       

Transcribed by Melba Winans McDowell
Blue Folder Page 11 of Dow City 1930 Census

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