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Bockelmann Family Cemetery

Hanover Township

The site is located two miles north and about three and one-half miles east of Charter Oak on the north side of the county gravel road. The stones are in an enclosure approximately eighteen feet square with iron post in concrete bases and railings with wire surrounding the site and are located at the top of a road cut.

The site was visited and recorded during the summer of 2000 by Norm and Carol Prince.

1Large white stone
 south face
 Sophie Bockelmann
 Gestorben 28 Oct 1881
 Alter 43 Jahren
2west face
 Freiderich Bockelmann
 Gestorben 21 Dec 1871
 Alter 76 Jahren
3Medium stone
 Catharina Bockelmann
 Gestorben 23 Maerz 1873
4Fritz Bockelmann
5Small stone
 Hier milh (?)
 soun ov
 G & S Kuhlman
 Gestorben 10 Apr 1887
 Alter 2 mon 3 (?)
6Small stone

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