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Krueger Family Biographies

These pages contain the biographies for John George Frederick and John Ernest Martin Krueger, the sons of Carl and Maria Krueger.

Left: John George Frederick
Right: John Ernest Martin

John George Frederick was born in Gribow, Germany, and John Ernest Martin was born in Krien, Germany, two nearby villages in the present German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The current page contains the biography of John Ernest Martin Krueger.

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Generation 1

John Ernest Martin Krueger

1862 - 1931

Front Row: John Ernest Martin, Anna Maria, John William, Albert Franz Carl
Back Row: William Frederick Carl, Reinhold Franz Carl

John Ernest Martin Krueger was born February 21st, 1862 in Krien, Germany, the son of Carl and Marie Wienholz Krueger.

Grandpa Krueger came to America in 1888 with his wife Fredericka Taufmann Krueger and a son, Reinhold. To this union seven children were born, Reinhold Franz Carl, William Frederick Carl, John William, Albert Franz Carl and Anna Marie. Two of their children, Richard and Emma, had passed away in Germany.

The family settled in Ida County, Iowa, not far from were his brother would soon settle with his family in 1888 leaving their two sisters, Caroline and Fredericka, in Germany.

His wife, Fredericka, passed away June 19th, 1896 in Ida County leaving him with five children to raise.

He married Dorthea Boehm Schlie on Dec. 11th, 1902 in Hanover Township, Crawford County, Iowa. A son, Walter Frederick, was born to this union.

Dorthea passed away on April 7th, 1924 in Denison, Iowa. She is buried beside her first husband, Henry Heinrich Schlie, in the Morgan Cemetery in Schleswig, Iowa. Dorthea and Henry had eleven children together.

When Grandpa's health began to fail, he went to live with his son, Walter. After a long illness and the amputation of his right foot, he passed away at the Denison Hospital in Denison on March 19th, 1931. He is buried beside his first wife, Fredericka, at the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Grant Township, Ida County.

At the time Grandpa lived with us, only German was spoken in our home. Consequently, when Leslie, my brother, started school he could only speak German.

Dorthea Margaret Boehm Schlie Krueger

Dorthea was born March 20th, 1861 at Schwaikheim, or Ortenberg near Stuttgart, Germany. Her parents were Henry and Sophie Grage Boehm.

At the age of twenty-two she came to this country and first resided at Davenport, Iowa. Later, in the same year, she came to Denison, Iowa, and it was there that she married Henry Heinhich Schlie on September 30th, 1883. She died April 7, 1924, in Denison.

Eleven children were born to this union, three of which preceded her in death. Her daughter, Dora and one unnamed child. Her son, William Robert, died serving his country in World War I. The children that missed her dearly are, Alvena Marie Joens of Parade, South Dakota, Frederick Henry of Kenwood, Iowa, August Otto of Radium, Minnesota, Augusta Margaret Christina Kluver of Ricketts, Iowa, Bertha Magelena Christine Kluver of Schleswig, Iowa, Bernhard Frederick of Radium, Minnesota, Anne Christine Krueger of Kenwood, Iowa, and John Otto of Charter Oak, Iowa. At this time I only have the name Dora for one of the kids and don't have the name of the other child.

Henry Heinhich Schlie was born February 27th, 1854 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and passed away on January 31st, 1901 in Denison, Iowa. He is buried at the Morgan Cemetery in Schleswig, Iowa.

On December 12th, 1902, Dorthea married John Ernest Martin Krueger in Hanover Township, Crawford County, Iowa. To this union a son was born, Walter Frederick Krueger.

After nearly a year of suffering, on April 7th, 1924 Dorthea passed away at her home in Denison, Iowa. While her health had been such that she was not active in her declining years, she had many warm friends and acquaintances with whom she enjoyed visiting. She was a caring, sympathetic lady, a devoted mother and wife and her death caused much sorrow in the family.

Besides her husband and children to mourn her death, her two brothers, Henry Boehm of Denison, Iowa, Anton of Germany, two sisters, Mrs. Henry Maack of Denison, Iowa, and Elsie of Germany. She left many grandchildren and one great grandchild and many other relatives and friends. Dorthea is buried beside her first husband at the Morgan Cemetery in Schleswig, Iowa.

Generation 2

Reinhold and Anna Krueger

Reinhold Franz Carl Krueger was born in Germany May 22nd, 1887 and came to the United States with his parents when he was very young. He was the son of John Ernest Martin and Fredericka Taufmann Krueger. They settled in Grant Township, Ida County, Iowa, but at the age of nine his mother passed away.

Reinhold met and married Anna Christine Schlie on February 21st, 1918. They raised their six children, Marcella Mae, Dwight Earl, Alice Luverne, Erwin Edward, Anne Marie and Loraine Lois, in the Kenwood and Charter Oak, Iowa, area.

In 1941 they bought a farm southeast of Charter Oak and for several years they lived there but later moved to Denison, Iowa, where Reinhold worked for the Illinois Central Railroad. On March 7th, 1949 he passed away there.

Anna Christine was born April 4th, 1899, the daughter of Henry Heinhich and Dorthea Margaret Boehm Schlie. Anna was raised in Crawford County, Iowa, where she spent the rest of her life. Anna's health was never very good. It was discovered later in her life that she suffered from a congenital heart defect. She passed away February 6th, 1958 in Denison, Iowa. Reinhold and Anna are both buried at Oakland Cemetery in Denison.

William and Anna Krueger

William Frederick Carl Krueger was born October 9th, 1889 in Hanover Township Crawford County, Iowa. He was the son of John Ernest Martin and Fredericka Taufmann Krueger.

William's brothers and sister were Reinhold Franz Carl, John William, Albert Franz Carl and Anna Marie. He also had a half brother on his father's side of the family, Walter Frederick Kruger, plus nine half brothers and sisters on his stepmother's side of the family. One brother and sister, Richard and Emma, died in Germany.

William married Anna Maria Christine Wiebner on October 16th, 1915. Anna was born on October 11th, 1896. Even though their union was not blessed with children, they lived a long, full life together.

Anna passed away April 25th, 1968 at the age of 72. William joined her on September 22nd, 1972 at the age of 83. They both are buried at Sioux Valley Cemetery, Sioux Valley, Minnesota.

Albert and Laura Krueger

October 6, 1920

Albert Franz Carl Krueger was born February 9th, 1893 in Hanover Township, Crawford County, Iowa. He was the son of John Ernest Martin and Fredericka Taufmann Krueger.

Albert served in the Army from 1917-1919. After getting out of the Army, he farmed for a year and hired out as a farm hand and that is how he met Laura.

On October 6th, 1920, at the age of 27, he married Laura Sophie Doescher in Beemer, Nebraska. Laura was 16 years of age when she married.

They had seven children, Delilah Elizabeth Sophie, Delbert Fredrick Carl, Duane Albert John, Dorothy Anna Laura, Don Leon Albert Charles and two stillborn, Delores and Diane.

Albert and Laura farmed at Wisner, Nebraska, until 1931. After that they brought 130 acres east of Belden, Nebraska, and farmed there until they lost the farm due to the drought and depression. In 1942 they moved to a half section four miles southeast of Belden, Nebraska.

In 1945 Albert and Eugene Victor James (Albert's son-in-law) farmed together for one year, sharing the crop's. Then later Albert and his son Delbert Fredrick Carl farmed together for one year sharing the crops. Both Eugene and Delbert had been in the service and this was Albert's way of helping them get started in farming.

Albert sold his farm machinery in 1947 and moved to Norfolk, Nebraska, working there until he brought a grocery store in Fremont, Nebraska, in 1948. He sold the store in 1958 and retired at the age of 75.

He continued to live in Fremont until he could no longer care for himself and at this time moved to Randolph, Nebraska, to a retirement Home. He remained there until March 9th, 1977 when he passed away at a nearby hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, at the age of 84.

Laura was born March 24th, 1904 in West Point, Nebraska, and died May 16th, 1945 in Los Angeles, California. They are both buried at the Belden Cemetery, Belden, Nebraska.

Anna Marie Krueger Dargits

Anna Marie Krueger was born July 28th, 1894 in Morgan Township, Crawford County, Iowa. She was the daughter of John Ernest Martin and Fredericka Taufmann Krueger.

She was united in marriage to George Hamilton Dargits on July 29th, 1914 in Battle Creek, Iowa. To this union six children were born. They were Charles Milton, Mary Elizabeth, Margaret Isabel, Esther Pearl, George Wilber Edger and Larry Dean.

George Hamilton Dargits was born June 4th, 1892 in Ida Grove, Iowa. He passed away October 5th, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois, and is buried at Irving Park Cemetery in Chicago.

Anna Marie passed away May 27th, 1961 in Chicago, and is buried beside her husband.

Walter and Louise Krueger

March 19, 1925

Walter Frederick Krueger was born on February 20th, 1904 in Hanover Township, Crawford County, Iowa. He was the son of John Ernest Martin and Dorthea Margaret Boehm Schlie Krueger.

At the age of 21 he married Louise Anna Hesse on March 19th, 1925 at the Lutheran Church in Denison, Iowa.

The couple made their living farming in the Crawford County, Iowa. area and continued to farm until Walter contracted Polio and 3 days later passed away on August 9th, 1952 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, at the age of 48.

Their children were, Leslie John August, Elizabeth Ella, Wayne Walter, Robert William and Dorothy Jane. She continued to raise the younger children in the Lutheran faith, attending churches in Buck Grove, Arcadia and Denison, Iowa.

Louise was born October 24th, 1905 in Seguin, Texas. She was the daughter of August and Ernestine Marie Demuth Hesse. They came to Crawford County, Iowa, in 1911 where they made their home.

After Walter passed away, Louise continued to live on the farm, raising her family there near Vail, Iowa. In 1958, she moved to Denison, Iowa, where she lived a full life working, visiting family and friends and enjoying playing cards and traveling.

Louise moved to Twilight Acres Nursing Home in Wall Lake, Iowa, on August 21st, 1995. She passed away at Twilight Acres Nursing Home on October 12th, 1998 at the age of 92. Walter and Louise are both buried at the Morgan Cemetery in Schleswig, Iowa.

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