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Biographical History of Crawford, Ida and Sac Counties, Iowa. 1893. The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago

The following is the list of names with biographical sketches in this book. The list was provided to us by Melba McDowell.

NOTE: At the end of the table below is a list of individuals for which a portrait was published in the book. Blue Folder

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Abbott, E. A. & Son Crawford
Abbott, T. E. Crawford
Adams, Jarvis Sac
Adams, J. F.Crawford
Ahart, G. W. Crawford
Allen, C. E. Sac
Allen, H. B. Sac
Allen, J. W. Crawford
Allen, S. G. Sac
Allen, W. H. Sac
Allison, H. H. Sac
Anderson, A Ida
Anderson, J Ida
Andre, T. J. Sac
Arff, H. F. Crawford
Armstrong, P Sac
Arnold, W. F. Crawford
Arthur, I. & Son Ida
Atherton, Charles Crawford
Bailey, E. R. Sac
Baird, E. B. Ida
Ballantyne, R Crawford
Balle, A. C. Crawford
Bamford, R. W. Crawford
Barber, Rockley Crawford
Bardwell, E. J. Ida
Barnes, G. F. Ida
Barnt, S. M. Sac
Barrett, J. C. Crawford
Barrick, A. A. Ida
Barrick, G. Z. Sac
Barsby, A Crawford
Bartlett, M. Sac
Bartlett, Thomas Crawford
Bassett, Thomas Ida
Bassett, W. H. Ida
Batie, Thomas Sac
Baxter, Hector Ida
Bell, Andrew Crawford
Bell, Henry Crawford
Bell, Robert Crawford
Belt, D. W. Sac
Bennett, C. J. Ida
Bennett, W. H. Crawford
Bill, J. B. Crawford
Binnall, G. W. Crawford
Blackman, J Crawford
Blair, W. S. Ida
Blass, George Sac
Bliss, W. H. Ida
Boardman, H. E. Ida
Bochmann, T. Ida
Bock, L. H. Ida
Bodine, J. C. Sac
Bogett, H. H. Sac
Bolieu, John Crawford
Boots, Charles Sac
Booth, J. H. Ida
Booth, O.K. Sac
Bowman & Kranz Bros. Ida
Bowman, W. Sac
Boynton, F. L. Crawford
Brainard, E.C.S. Crawford
Brannan, T. S. Ida
Brazell, Barnett Crawford
Brazell, Jerome Crawford
Brockelsby, J. R. Crawford
Brockelsby, W. H. Crawford
Brodersen, B. Crawford
Brogan, John Crawford
Brogden, Joseph Crawford
Brown, James Ida
Brownlee, R Ida
Brummer, Fred Crawford
Bruner, T. G. Crawford
Brus, John Ida
Bryan, A. L. Sac
Buell, C. S. Ida
Buffington, B. H. Crawford
Bullock, Charles Crawford
Bullock, D. P. Ida
Burch, E. K. Crawford
Burke, J. J. Crawford
Burns, R. H. Crawford
Bush, G. H. Sac
Buss, C. F. Crawford
Butler, J. M. Crawford
Butler, J. N. Sac
Butler, L. C. Crawford
Butterworth, C. E. Crawford
Butterworth, R. W. Crawford
Cain, Dennis Ida
Campbell, J. M. Crawford
Carr, C. W. Crawford
Carr, J. P. Sac
Carter, J. M. Sac
Carton, James Sac
Casey, M. J. Crawford
Cassaday, C. F. Crawford
Chalfant, J. K. Sac
Chapman, A. S. Crawford
Chapman, T Crawford
Charter Oak Times Crawford
Chase, Charles Crawford
Chattin, J. F. Crawford
Cheney, H. W. Ida
Childress, J. M. Crawford
Childress, R. H. Crawford
Childs, M Sac
Christie, W. S. Crawford
Clapsaddle, G. A. Ida
Cleveland, Benjamin Sac
Clouse, M Ida
Clouser, A. L. Sac
Cobb, L. Ida
Coleman, Wm. Crawford
Collamore, I. W. Crawford
Collin, Jonas Ida
Conn, J. E. Ida
Conner, J. P. Crawford
Connor, James Crawford
Connor, J. C. Crawford
Conover, C. B. Ida
Cooch, J. D. Ida
Cook, A Crawford
Cook, C. W. Sac
Cook, H. A. Crawford
Cook, Samuel Crawford
Cook, William Crawford
Coon, J. W. Crawford
Coon, W. W. Crawford
Cooper, M Ida
Corderman, D Sac
Cornwell, L Crawford
Correll, D. Sac
Costello, T Crawford
Countryman, D Ida
Cox, Clarke Sac
Cox, F. L. Ida
Crakes, Wm. Crawford
Crane, Thomas Ida
Crane, Wm. Ida
Crawford, J. O. Ida
Criss, Eugene Sac
Criswell, A. S. Crawford
Criswell, O. M. Crawford
Crouch, F. L. Crawford
Crozer, R Sac
Crum, D. O. Ida
Cue, Joseph Crawford
Cummings, I. A. Crawford
Cunard, A Crawford
Cushman, W. W. Crawford
Dall, H. C. Ida
Daniels, E. B. Ida
Dann, W. M. Sac
Dano, J. P. Sac
Darling, C. S. Sac
Darling, Edd Crawford
Davie, W. A. Crawford
Davis, W. H. Crawford
Day, W. N. Crawford
Deal, J. H. Ida
Dessel, H. A. Ida
DeVine, Wm. G Sac
Dewell, M. F. Ida
DeWolf, C. H. Crawford
Dickey, F. H. Crawford
Dickson, Thomas Crawford
Dieter, J. A. Crawford
Dieter, R. J. Crawford
Dilivan, W. Crawford
Drake, Theodore Crawford
Drake, W. C. Ida
Draper, Oscar Sac
Duncan, J. P. Crawford
Dunkin, O.P. Sac
Dunn, A. R. Ida
Early, D. C. Sac
Eaton, H. Sac
Eckman, Edward Ida
Edson, S. L. Sac
Eicholtz, J. G. Ida
Ellwanger, Wm. Sac
Elwood, S. M. Sac
Evans, W. B. Crawford
Fair, Edward Ida
Fair, James H Ida
Fair, J. H. Ida
Farquhar, T Sac
Fessler, David Sac
Fienhold, F. W. Crawford
Fisher, Joseph Ida
Fitzgerald, M. Crawford
Fitzgibbons, T Crawford
Flack, D. W. Crawford
Fleming, Wm Crawford
Forney, W. C. Ida
Forsyth, A. E. Sac
Fosdick, M. Sac
Fowler, D. T. Ida
Fowler, J. O. Ida
Fox, M. D. Sac
Frahm, J. M. Crawford
Francis, Job Ida
Friott, George Ida
Fyfe, M. M. Sac
Gable, J. H. Crawford
Gardner, A Crawford
Gardner, J. B. Crawford
Garrison, T. J. Crawford
Gates, C. W. Sac
Geddes, S. S. Ida
Getman, R.M. and Son Ida
Gibson, Frank Crawford
Gibson, J. I. Crawford
Gibson, S Crawford
Gilbert, H. F. Ida
Gillmor, Isaac Crawford
Gitty, Robert Crawford
Goff, I. A. Crawford
Goodenow, R. L. Sac
Goodman, H. C. Sac
Goodrich, I. B. Crawford
Goodrich, J. W. Ida
Goodrich, L. C. Crawford
Graham, J. C. Sac
Graves, G. F. Ida
Graves, J. H. Sac
Gray, Babcock & Sears Sac
Gray, L. M. Sac
Greek, S. B. Crawford
Green, C Crawford
Greenwalt, Benj Sac
Grimes, W. R. Crawford
Grote, J. F. Crawford
Grouell, George Ida
Gruver, Daniel Sac
Hackett, H Ida
Hahn, A. F. Ida
Hallander, H Ida
Hamilton, T. N. Sac
Hamilton, W. E. Sac
Haradon, Eli, Jr. Sac
Haradon, Orlin Sac
Harding, P. W. Crawford
Hardy, A. P. Crawford
Hardy, C. C. Crawford
Harkness, W. A. Crawford
Harm, Christian Crawford
Harper, John Crawford
Harrington, J. D. Ida
Harrison, John Ida
Hartman, M Ida
Harvey, C. P. Crawford
Harvey, George Ida
Hathaway, Ernan Crawford
Haugh, J. T. Crawford
Hawley, R. C. Crawford
Hayes, J. H. Crawford
Hayward, James Sac
Heffelfinger, F Crawford
Heffelfinger, R Crawford
Heilman, E. C. Ida
Henney, G. E. Crawford
Henry, Joseph Ida
Hensen, C. F. Crawford
Herrold, A Sac
Herrold, F Sac
Herrold, Wm. Sac
Herrold, Woodruff Sac
Higley, L. B. Crawford
Hills & Jenness Crawford
Hink. J. J. Ida
Hink, Otto Crawford
Hirons, W. J. Sac
Hockett, W. B. Crawford
Hoffman, J Crawford
Holdridge, L. C. Sac
Holmes, G. W. Crawford
Hose, J Ida
Houston, Wm. Crawford
Hovenden, A. Sac
Hovey, B. L. Sac
Howard, Henry Ida
Howard, J. S. Sac
Howell, B. F. Ida
Howland, E. D. Crawford
Howlett, C. Crawford
Howorth, E. Crawford
Hoyt, John Ida
Hoyt, O. C. Ida
Huie, John Crawford
Hunt, C. J. Crawford
Hunt, N. L. Crawford
Hunter, H. S. Sac
Hunter, R. M. Sac
Hutchinson, G. Crawford
Impson, Wm. Sac
Inghram, J Crawford
Irwin, C. W. Sac
Irwin, L. E. Sac
Irwin, M. A. Sac
Jackson, James Sac
Jackson, W. W. Crawford
James, W. H. Crawford
Jamieson, R. M. Ida
Jamieson, W. L. Ida
Johnson, A. Crawford
Johnson, A. A. Ida
Johnson, D. O. Crawford
Johnson, N. V. Crawford
Johnston, R Crawford
Jones, E. M. Crawford
Jones, Enoch Ida
Jones, John Ida
Jones, Joseph Sac
Jordan, G. S. Crawford
Jorgensen, N Crawford
Judiesch, W. F. Ida
Jump, C. H. Sac
Keller, D Crawford
Kelly, Henry Crawford
Kelly, John Crawford
Kelly, T. J. Crawford
Kennedy, Frank Crawford
King, David Sac
King, M Crawford
Knight, G. R. Crawford
Knock, F. A. Ida
Kral, M Crawford
Kruser, J. P. Sac
Kruthoff, Carl Crawford
Kuehnle, C. F. Crawford
Louis KuhlCrawford
Theodor KuhlCrawford
Lambach, Gus Crawford
Lamoreux, D. M. Sac
Lane, C. E. Sac
Larson, P. W. Ida
Laub, H. C. Crawford
Law, James Ida
Lee, Henry Ida
Lehfeldt, R Crawford
Leitner, D. E. Crawford
Lewis, F. M. Ida
Lewis, J. M. Ida
Lewis, M. L. Sac
Lochmiller, P. Crawford
Logan, M. W. Ida
Love, J. C. Ida
Low, C. A. Ida
Lucas, E. R. Crawford
Lusk, F. A. Ida
Mains, I. A. Crawford
Manley, Charles Sac
Mann, James Ida
Manson, F. S. Ida
Maple Valley Era Ida
Marshall, C. T. Crawford
Marshall, W. H. Crawford
Martens, Wm Crawford
Matlack, Enoch Ida
Mattes, Joseph Sac
Maule, B Sac
Maynard, H. W. Crawford
Maynard, J. W. Crawford
McAlpin, M. M. Crawford
McAlpin, P Crawford
McAndrews, J. Crawford
McClintock, J Sac
McCollough, H. Crawford
McCord, David Crawford
McElwain, M. L. Crawford
McGee, T. N. Ida
McGrath, Daniel Crawford
McGrin, Thomas Crawford
McHenry, W. A. Crawford
McKay, James Ida
McLaughlin, R Crawford
McMahon, P. D. Crawford
McNally, J. E. Crawford
McVey, W. S. Crawford
McWilliams, D. H. Crawford
McWilliams, David Crawford
McWilliams, J. J. Crawford
Mentzer, Benj Ida
Mesenbrink. L Crawford
Meyers, J. F. Crawford
Miller, C. D. Crawford
Miller, I. V. Ida
Miller, J. P. Crawford
Miller, John Sac
Miller, P. M. Ida
Mitchell, Wm. Ida
Montgomery, J. T. Ida
Moore, F. P. Ida
Moorehead, G. C. Ida
Moorehead, J. H. Ida
Moorehead, Wm. Ida
Morris, Lyman Crawford
Morrison, D. Ida
Morrison, P. Ida
Mullin, E Ida
Neal, Martin Crawford
Neely, S. M. Crawford
Nelson, K. N. Crawford
Nelson, N Crawford
Newcom, J. T. Crawford
Nicholas, D. W. Ida
Nicholson, G W. Crawford
Nicholson, R. A. Crawford
Nicoll, David Ida
Norgaard, C. C. Crawford
North, J. M. C. Crawford
Northrop, Thomas Ida
Nutter, F Crawford
O'Conner, John Crawford
O'Farrell, Edd Crawford
Osborn, R. L. Crawford
Pahl, Henry Crawford
Paine, C Crawford
Paine, R. M. Sac
Parkinson, J. Sac
Parkinson, W. Sac
Patterson, I Crawford
Payne, J. T. Ida
Perkins, W. W. Ida
Perrott, G. G. Sac
Pett, John Crawford
Pettit, S. K. Ida
Peyton, M Sac
Pieper, Joseph Crawford
Pierce, L. W. Ida
Porter, W. A. Crawford
Pottiger, J. H. Ida
Powers, David Crawford
Powis, Charles Crawford
Prentice, F Crawford
Preston, Andrew Ida
Preston, J. C. Ida
Preston, John Ida
Price, Dillon Ida
Quail, Robert Sac
Rae, Thomas Crawford
Ranch, A. A. Ida
Rannells, Wm. C. Crawford
Rees, J. M. Sac
Reid, David Ida
Renkenthaler, A. E. Ida
Richardson, C. F. Sac
Richardson, G. A. Crawford
Richardson, J. L. Crawford
Riddle, G. M. Ida
Rinehart, Joseph Ida
Robertson, C Crawford
Robinson, J. C. Crawford
Rochan, C. Ida
Rogers, A. H. Ida
Rogers, J. J. Ida
Rollins, James Crawford
Rolls, W. C. Crawford
Romans, J. B. Crawford
Romans, R. A. Crawford
Ross, W. C. Ida
Rudd, A. Z. Crawford
Rule, W. H. Crawford
Rupert, G. H. Ida
Russell, Andrew Sac
Rutledge, F. Sac
Ryan, Thomas Crawford
Salmonson, S. Ida
Sargent, J. W. Sac
Saunders, G. W. Crawford
Schade & Hose Ida
Schaller, Phillip Sac
Schlumberger, P. A. Crawford
Schouten, W. M. Crawford
Schumacher, M. Crawford
Schurke, Carl Crawford
Scott, W. J. Ida
Scott, Wm. Sac
Scriver, W. J. Crawford
Searle, C. N. Sac
Searls, A. P. Sac
Seger, C. A. Ida
Seiford, George Crawford
Selfert, J. W. Ida
Selley, T. Sac
Sewell, L. A. Crawford
Seymour, S. W. Crawford
Shade, F. J. Ida
Shadle, G. H. Sac
Shaw, W. C. Ida
Shaw, W. W. Sac
Shawvan, R. Crawford
Shelmerdine, J. Sac
Sherwood, C. L. Sac
Sherwood, G. C. Sac
Sherwood, S. Crawford
Shives, W Crawford
Shoop, Samuel Ida
Shorett, A Ida
Short, John Crawford
Siglin, Isaiah Crawford
Simpson, John Sac
Slagg, Joseph Crawford
Slater, F. J. Crawford
Slater, Israel Ida
Slater, S. W. Crawford
Sleeper, A. A. Crawford
Smith, A. B. Sac
Smith, E. P. Ida
Smith, R. H. Ida
Smith, Wm. Ida
Smutney, A Crawford
Soesbe, James Ida
Sowers, R. H. Ida
Spafford, D. E. Sac
Spaulding, L. Q. Ida
Staller, S. B. Crawford
Stenhouse, Wm. H. Sac
Stepanek, A Crawford
Stephan, George Sac
Stevens, Benj Sac
Stoecks, C. Crawford
Stone & Temple Crawford
Stoothoff, W. E. Ida
Sutton, C. W. Sac
Swasey, E. H. Crawford
Talbot, G. F. Crawford
Talcott, Mrs. M. W. Crawford
Tamm & Brummer Crawford
Taylor, S Sac
Temple, W. R. Crawford
Tenney, S. M. Ida
Terry, W. E. Crawford
Theobald, George Crawford
Theobald, Robert Crawford
Thew, S. M. Crawford
Tillotson, C. F. Ida
Towle, T Sac
Trainer, F. H. Ida
Trinkle, A. Sac
Turner, J. T. Crawford
Underhill, N. P. Crawford
Usher, G. S. Ida
Van Houten, C. C. Ida
Van Vleck, W. W. Crawford
Vore, Reuben Crawford
Wade, C. L. Sac
Waitley, C. H. Crawford
Walker, H Crawford
Walrod, Jonas Sac
Walter, J. G. Ida
Walter, J. L. Ida
Warren, C. S. Ida
Warren, Wm. Sac
Wasser & Bleakly Ida
Wasser, R. S. Ida
Watson, C. C. Sac
Way, John Crawford
Weed, C. H. Crawford
Weltzheimer, J. Sac
Wenzel, Charles Crawford
Wenzel, George Ida
Wheeler, N. J. Crawford
Whinery, H. M. Ida
Whitcher, S. E. Crawford
Wicks, B. F. Crawford
Wickwire, James Crawford
Wiemer, H. R. Crawford
Wiggins, B. H. Crawford
Wiley, J. F. Crawford
Wilkinson, A. D. Crawford
Williams, G. C. Ida
Williams, Noah Ida
Williams, Richard Ida
Williamson, J. B. Sac
Willians, W. H. Sac
Willis, A. H. Crawford
Wilson, H. A.Sac
Wilson, J. Crawford
Wilson, J. N. Crawford
Wilson, Wm. G. Crawford
Winans, Clark Crawford
Winans, George Crawford
Winey, David Crawford
Wingrove, Wm. Crawford
Wise, J. U. Crawford
Wodell, J. H. Sac
Wolcott, V. D. Ida
Woolhiser, J. J. Crawford
Wright, G. L. Crawford
Wright, M. E. Sac
Yauger, T Sac
Young, F. J. Crawford
Young,S. W. Ida
Yousling, George Ida
Yousling, J. W. Ida
Zupp, C. C. Sac
Names With a Portrait
Armstrong, Platt
Chapman, Tracy
Conner, J. P.
Cook, H. A.
Criss, Eugene
DeWolf, C. H.
Early, D. Carr
Gilmor, Isaac
Greek, S. B.
Kuehnle, C. F.
Laub, H. C.
Lehfeldt, Rudolph
Marshall, C. T.
McAlpin, M. M.
McHenry, W. A.
McWilliams, D. H.
Meyers, J. Fred
Neal, Martin
Nicoll, D
Quail, Robert
Short, John
Weed, C. H.

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