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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1911

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa, Vol. I., 1911. S. J. Clarke Publishing, Chicago

Surnames Starting With T, V, W and Y

Name: TABOR, Charles Walter
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Lawyer. Established law firm in Denison in 1873 with his brother Frank H. Taylor
Birth: 4 June 1848, Rollin, Michigan
Father: Stephen W. Tabor, came from Bradford, Vermont. Wagonmaker. He and wife went to Rollin, Michigan, and then to Prarie du Sac, Wisconsin. Family traces ancestry back to Philip Tabor, who come to Massachusetts in 1635.
Mother: Caroline Cecelia, came from Bradford, Vermont; d. 16 Feb 1908
Sister: Helen Josephine (b. Rollin, Mich., m. W. H. Littell of Independence, Iowa)
Brother: Frank H. Tabor, b. Prairie du Sac, Wisc.;d. 31 Dec. 1878; m. 1874 to Florence Bowen (d. 22 Jan 1879). Both died from diptheria.
Spouse: WILKENSON, Abigail H., d. 14 May 1902
Marriage: 26 July, 1873
Name: TAMM, John H.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Merchant, Salesman
Birth: 14 Apr 1865, Clinton County, IA
Father: Henry Tamm, b. Germany, d. age 47, (Emigrated U.S. age 18)
Mother: Catharine Stoltenberg, b. Germany (Living in Ida Grove)
Siblings: Charles; Edward (both live near Schleswig).
Paternal Grandfather: Mr. Tamm, b. Germany; d. age 65 (blacksmith). Children: Henry, Fred, Anna and Dora came to US; two remained in Germany
Maternal Grandparents: Peter and Betty Stoltenberg (Crawford Co., IA). Children: Catharine; Henry, Bertha (m. John Johann, Davenport, IA), William
Spouse: HILBERT, Orville, b. Clinton County, IA
Marriage: 8 Jun. 1892
Spouse Parents: Hans Hilbert (b. Iowa) and Lena Paulman (b. Germany)
Spouse Siblings: Ferdinand, William, Alfred, Minnie
Name: TEBBE, Henry
Note:SEE biography of his brother John Tebbe
Residence: Hanover Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 27 Nov 1847, Germany. Came to Clinton Co IA 1874 with parents
Father: Albert Tebbe of Germany. Was agriculturist in Germany. Came to Clinton Co IA 1874; d. 1894.
Mother: Henrietta Tebbe (no maiden name given) of Germany. Came to Clinton Co IA 1874; d. abt 1890
Siblings: John (farmer, Crawford Co), Elizabeth (m. George Busch, Clinton Co IA), Anna (m. Henry Busch, Clinton Co IA), Minnie (m. William Kuehn of Clinton Co IA); Matilda (m. August Keuhl, Clinton Co IA), Christina (m. Leonhard Zogg, Wisconsin)
Spouse: WIESE, Sophia; b. 13 Sep 1863, Germany
Marriage: 25 Feb 1885
Children: Elizabeth (d. as infant), Matilda (d. as infant), John (d. as infant), Albert W. (b. 15 March 1887; lives at home)
Spouse Parents: William Wiese, came to Clinton Co IA 1883 (d. 1909) and Elizabeth Stoelk, came to Clinton Co IA 1883 (d. 1906). Both are buried in German Lutheran Cemetery in Denison
Spouse Siblings: Elizabeth (m. Ernest Steffen, AR), Christina (m. Louis Dorale, Wyoming IA), Henry (d. in Germany).
Note: Lutheran
Name: TEBBE, John
Note:SEE biography of his brother Henry Tebbe
Residence: Paradise Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 16 March 1850, Rhine Province, Germany, emigrated to the USA 1875
Father: Albert Tebbe (d. 12 May 1894, Clinton Co., IA), b. Rhine Province, Germany, emigrated to the USA 1875
Mother: Henrietta Tebbe (d. 30 July,1890, Clinton Co., IA), b. Rhine Province, Germany, emigrated to the USA 1875
Siblings: Henry, Elizabeth (m. George Bush; Lost Nation, IA), Anna (m. Henry Bush; Jackson Co., IA) Minnie (m. William Kuhn; Clinton Co., IA) Matilda ( m. August Kuehl; Clinton Co., IA), Christina (m. Leonard Zogg; Genow, Wisc.)
Spouse: TEBBE, Johanna
Marriage: 1881
Children: Anna, (d) Emma (m.Jurgen Detlefsen), Albert, Christina, Herman, Elizabeth (d), George.
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: Wagon & Repair shop keeper (formerly farmer)
Birth: 30 Jan 1862, Sweden
Father: G. F. Tellgren, b. Scandanavia; d. 21 Mar 1908. Emigrated to US in 1885
Mother: Elizabeth Katherine , (b. Scandanavia, now resides Crawford Co. age 75)
Siblings: Andrew (d.); O. F. (Crawford Co.); Enoch (Ida Co.); Alfred (Crawford Co.)
Spouse: SWANSON, Matilda
Marriage: 3 Jul. 1889
Children: Maud T.; Anna V.; Minnie M.
Spouse Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Swan Nelson, Sweden
Name: THEOBALD, William A.
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Stock feeder
Born: 14 Jan, 1854; Middleberry, Iowa Twp., Wisc.
Father: Robert Theobald, b. England; d. 1900 Crawford Co.; emigrated age 12; locating on Prince Edward's Island till 1848, then moved to Middleberry, Wi; 1871 moved to Crawford Co.. Spouse 1: Sophia Goldsmith, m. Prince Edward's Island, d. Wisconsin;
Mother: Isabelle Bernard, b. Prince Edward's Island, m. Wisconsin; second spouse of Robert Theobald
Siblings: Jane (m. Ed Pennison, Defiance, Ia); Sophia (m. Joseph Slagg, North Dakota); Phyliss (m. Addison Morgan, Manilla, Ia); James (d. infancy); Delia (m. Flecther Dyson, Boone Ia); Edward (Manilla, Ia)
Step Siblings: William (d. infancy)
Spouse: McCLOUD, Christina, b. Nova Scotia
Marriage: 1882
Children: Maybell Eliza (teacher), Forester M., Ravina, Herbert Alfred, Margaret, Edward Henry, R. Fred, Blanche, and Beulah all at home.
Note: Christina McCloud, was a teacher in Crawford County, at time of marriage.
Name: THIEDEMAN, Julius C.
Residence: Hayes Twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 17 March 1878, Hayes Twp
Father: Claus Thiedeman (b. Germany; m. Germany; emigrated 1871/72, Scott Co., IA, then Crawford, near West Side, farmer)
Mother: Margaret Gruenwaldt (b. Germany)
Siblings: Anna (m. John Hogge, West Side); Dora (m. Herman Hogge, SD); Louis, Charles (home farm); Ella (m. Henry Barnhoff, West Side)
Spouse: KRUSE, Anna
Marriage: 1902
Children: Harold, Gilbert (d.) Velma
Spouse Father: Otto Kruse
Religion: Lutheran
Name: THOMPSON, Silas
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 25 July 1852, near Davenport, IA
Father: Montgomery Thompson, b. Thompsontown, PA; m. 1849, Scott Co., IA; d. 1901, buried in Manilla, IA. He remarried unnamed spouse after Rachael died in 1865.
Mother: Rachael Lease, b. Stark Co., Ohio; d. 28 July 1865, Scott Co., IA; buried in Allen's Grove cemetery
Great Great Grandfather: emigrated from Scotland to America during Colonial days and locating in Pennsylvania
Siblings: A. C. (Marshalltown, IA), Robert H. (Nishnabotny Twp.), Victoria J. (m. T. J. Campbell)
Step Siblings: Children of Montgomery Thompson's second marriage: Montgomery C. (Burlington Junction, Missouri), Harriet May (m. A. M. Collins; Riverside, CA)
Spouse: MOWRY, Eshter A. of Clinton, IA
Marriage: 6 Jan. 1877
Children: Grace Eleanor (m. O. A. Logue; Martinsville, Illinois), Dawn Ethel (m. W. C. Goodnough; Centralia, Washington), H. S. (at home)
Name: TRYON, J. H.
Residence: Manilla (previously Vigo Co., IN; Shelby Co., IA)
Occupation: Building Contractor
Birth: 13 Aug 1852, Terra Haute, IN
Father: Noah J. Tryon (b. IN or OH; m. Vigo Co., IN; d. 1873; buried in Vigo Co., IN)
Mother: Elizabeth Jane Smith (b. Mercer Co. KY; d. 1894, Defiance, IA))
Maternal Grandfather: John Wesley Smith
Siblings: Amanda (d.); John Wesley (d.) William (d.); Cynthia Ellen (d.); Albert Riley; Agnes (d.) Mahlon B. (d.); Katherine (m. John Alman Dunham); Noah J. (d.)
Spouse: SMITH, Elizabeth Jane (b. Vigo Co. IN)
Marriage:Vigo Co. IN
Children: Claude Orval (m. 1908, Hazel May DeWitt; Child: Merle); Rula A.; Charley A.; Bertha Ethel (m. G. J. Disburg; Children: Georgia Elizabeth, Gilbert James); one other (d. in infancy)
Name: VAN NESS, Walter Crosby (Professor)
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Principal, Denison Normal and Business College
Birth: 7 Oct 1854, Perry, Lake Co., Ohio
Father: James Van Ness, b. NY state, d. 1909, Lake Co., Ohio, age 75
Mother: Laura Ann Cook, b. NY state
Paternal Grandfather: Caleb Van Ness. One living child: Henry Van Ness of Perry, Lake Co., Ohio
Maternal Grandparents: Joseph Cook (b. 1 Apr 1800; d. 13 Sept 1844) and Nancy Richmond
Children of Paternal Grandparents: Joseph W., Nancy J., Jehial P., Laura Ann, Colonel B., Susan Marie, James B. (1st), James B. (2nd), Cynthia R., Benjamin A., Martha Amelia, Emma A.
Siblings: Eugenia (d. child), Emogene (m. D. J. Webb; Perry, Ohio)
Spouse: WEBB, Ida R., b. Lake Co., Ohio
Marriage: 27 June 1883
Children: Grace R., Loretta I. (Denison), Irene L., Hubert J.
Spouse Parents: Wilford Webb (d. age 70) and Wilhelmina Champion, both b. Schoharie Co., NY
Spouse Siblings: Delbert J., Carrie (d.)
Name: VAUGHAN; Raymond E.
Residence: Schleswig
Occupation: Editor and Publisher-Schleswig Leader (previously railroad worker; printer)
Birth: 20 Jan 1890, Jasper, MN
Father: L. M. Vaughan (b. OH)
Mother: Anna York (b. Grant Co. WI; d. 26 Aug 1906)
Siblings: Harry L.; Laura (d. age 14); one other (d. infancy)
Name: VERNON, Albert
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 May 1862, Jones Co., IA
Father: Edward Vernon, b. England; d. 15 March 1894, Stockholm Twp., abt. age 70
Mother: Bridget Flaherty, b. Ireland; d. Oct 1904, age 80
Siblings: Mary (d. infancy), David (Okla.), Ellen (m. Patrick Keeney; Vail, IA), Alice (twin of Albert, m. James Aldridge; S. Dak.)
Spouse: HILL, Margaret (Maggie),
Marriage: 25 Feb. 1895
Children: Edward Francis (b. 22 Dec 1896), James (d. age 8)
Spouse Parents: Michael Hill (b. Ireland; d.) and Margaret Brady (b. Ireland; living in Vail, IA)
Spouse Siblings: John (d.), Frank (d.), Michael (S. Dak.), Catharine (m. Benjamin Finnerty; Omaha), James (Vail, IA), Mary Ann (m. William De Vine; Okla.), Susan (m. M. J. Kane; Vail, IA), Bernard (Vail, IA), John (d.), Ella (d.), Sarah (d.), William (Boyer, IA)
Name: VOGT, Emil
Residence: Crawford
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 11 July 1878, IL
Father: Henry Vogt (b. Germany, emigrated 1874, IL, IA)
Mother: Elizabeth Jocks, (b. Germany)
Siblings: William (Crawford) John (Crawford) Annie (m. John Hildebrandt, Crawford); Alvina (m. William Hildebrandt); Elizabeth (m. Fred Fredrick, Hanover twp); Henry (Crawford); Emma (Crawford); Alvina--the first of that name-- (d.); Ella (d.)
Spouse: FREDRICKSEN, Helena (b. 17 April, 1881, Illinois)
Marriage: 12 June 1901
Children: Elizabeth C. A. (b 12 July 1902); Minnie H (b 25 June 1904); Edna M (b 8 April 1906)
Spouse Parents: Fred Fredricksen (b. Germany); Christina Steffen (b. Germany); m. IL
Spouse Siblings: first child (d. infant); Charles, Fred, Henry, Gill (Crawford); Mary (at home)
Name: VOLLERSEN, Christ P
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Grain and live-stock business
Birth: 10 January 1867, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Father: Christ Vollersen, b. and d. Germany
Mother: Christina Inguersen, b. and d. Germany
Siblings: Samuel (Germany); Mary (Duluth, MN); Nicholas (Ricketts, IA), Ingburg (Chicago); Paul (Germany) and Christina (Mineola, IA).
Spouse: PETERSON, Eliza; b. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Marriage: About 1892
Children: Christina, Emma, Minnie, Henry, and Mary (all at home)
Affiliations: German Lutheran Church, democratic party, past school director
Residence: Charter Oak (emigrated to US March 1882)
Occupation: Manager, Green Bay Lumber Yard; Farmer (Battle Creek, IA, Hand Co. SD, Rickets, IA); and 1/3 owner hardware and implement store, Battle Creek, IA
Birth: 18 Jun 1865, Hogel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Father: Christopher Vollersen (b. Germany; d. 1881)
Mother: Christina Ingwersen (b. Germany; d. 1880)
Siblings: Mary (widow of J. H. Sorgenfrei); C. P.; Ingeburg (m. Peter J. Petersen); Christina (m. Rev. Otto Fitzler); Paul H. (Germany); Henry (d.); Matilda (d.)
Spouse: TEBBE, Christina (b. Dec 1864, Scott Co. IA)
Marriage: 20 Feb 1885
Children: Christopher H. (b. 1 Jan 1886; m. Freda Voss; Battle Creek, IA); Anna C. (b. 26 Feb 1887; m. Louis E. Haag; Winner, SD)
Spouse Parents: Herman Tebbe (b. Germany; d. 1897) and Anna Graff (b. Germany; d. 1903)
Spouse Siblings: Herman; Hannah (m. John Tebbe); Emma (m. William Keuhl); Clara (m. Herman Kramer);
Name: VORE, L. A.
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 25 May 1858, Union twp.
Father: R. Vore, b. Athens county Ohio. m. 1855
Mother: Anna Eliza Whaley, b. Athens county Ohio. d. 20 Jan 1911, IA
Siblings: Ellen (m. A. P. Lyman; Oklahoma), Charles (d.), Pearl (Spring Lake, Texas), Fred (Nebraska).
Spouse: BUSS, Lydia
Marriage: 1884
Children: Nellie (m. Isaac Gardner, Topeka Kansas), Susie, Pearl, Hattie, and Charles.
Name: VOSGERAU, Otto Henry
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Manager of Der Crawford County Demokrat.
Birth: 17 October 1886, Stockholm twp.
Father: Henry Vosgerau, b. 1834, Schleswig-Holstein; d. 9 Oct 1910 Sac Co., IA
Mother: Elise Kreuger, living in Crawford Co.
Siblings: Seven, five survive
Spouse: BOETTGER, Margaret, native of Goodrich twp
Marriage: 28 July 1909
Children: Lucille H. (b. 23 Oct 1910)
Spouse Parents: Fred Boettger, mother (d).
Name: VOSS, Charles L. (C. L.)Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Cashier, Bank of Denison; IA real estate buyer/seller; abstractor; bookkeeper
Birth: 19 Oct 1867, Freeport IL
Father: Henry Voss (b. Abt. 1837, Holstein, Germany; d. Jan 1908, Freeport IL), merchandiser
Mother: Catherine Maurer (b. Alsace, Germany) Resides in Freeport IL
Siblings:Lucy (Freeport IL), Josephine (m. Frank Miller; Norway, IA), the following all in Freeport IL: Emma, Matilda, Jacob, Kathryn, and Daniel
Paternal Grandfather: Unnamed (b. Germany; d. Germany).
Maternal Grandparents: Daniel Maurer (b. Germany) and Catherine (b. Germany) Children: Catherine; Jacob; Lucy; Carolina
Spouse: GULICK, Gertrude (b. Denison)
Marriage: 2 Oct. 1895
Children: Eugene Loyal
Spouse Parents: Eugene Gulick, Denison. SEE his biography.
Religion: Methodist
Note: Henry Voss wounded as member of Union Army
Name WALSH, John T.
Residence West Side Twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 10 June 1869 Livingston Co., Illinois
Father James E. Walsh; b. Ireland. Emigrated in 1850.
Mother Honora Breen, b. Ireland (m. Illinois and have 4 children)
Spouse COUGHLIN, Alice; b. Canada
Marriage 21 May 1907
Children Maurice Francis Carroll (b.19 Oct. 1909), James P. (b. 17 April 1910; d. 6 July following)
Spouse Parents Patrick Coughlin (b. Ireland) and Mary Quinn (b. Canada). They had 11 chlidren.
Name: WALTERS, David
Residence: Paradise twp
Occupation: Farmer; miner in Wales; stationary engine operator in PA
Birth: 23 Apr 1841, Wales
Father: John Walters (b. Wales; d. 1887 in Brookville OH), coal miner
Mother: Elizabeth Richards (b. Wales; d. Crawford Co., 1891)
Siblings: Margaret (m. Alex Allen, Oliver Springs, TN); Thomas (Florence CO); Samuel (New Castle, CO); John (Palmer NE); James(d.); William (d.)
Spouse: MORGANS, Elizabeth (b. Wales)
Marriage: 1880
Children: Anna (m. Carl Nicholson, Bloomfield NE); others at home: David J.; William T.; and Bessie
Spouse Parents: John Morgans (b. Wales; d. 1889, Reynoldsville PA) and Hannah Davis (b. Wales; d. 1878)
Spouse Siblings: John (d. 1878); Thomas (Franklin PA)
Religion: Baptist
Note: John Walters emigrated to Danville PA, in 1853 and moved to Fallbrook PA in 1860. John & Hannah Morgans emigrated to Brookville OH in 1872.
Name: WATERHOUSE, George S., (M. D.)
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Physician and Surgeon, M.D. from State Univ. at Iowa City
Birth: 9 Jan 1870, Dubuque, IA
Father: George Waterhouse, b. 1841, London, England; m. 1865; d. 14 June 1909; emigrated to US 1856 to Dubuque, IA.
Mother: Mary Armstrong, b. 1853, in north of Ireland; living in Farley, IA
Siblings: William H. (Oakland, CA), D. A. (Charter Oak), Alice (m. Charles Freeman; Farley, IA), Joseph E. (Greeley, Colo.), J. E. (Lansing, IA), Madge (Farley, IA)
Spouse: DICKINSEN, Emma, of Clinton, IA. Parents were Mr. and Mrs. Stroud who died during her infancy and she was adopted by her grandparents and she took their name of Dickinsen.
Marriage: 2 July 1895
Children: Lucille M., 2 others (d.)
Spouse Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Stroud
Spouse Grandmother: Mrs. Emily Dickinsen, age 80
Name: WEBERG, P. W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Farmer and Stockraiser (614 acres in Otter Creek Twp and Stockholm Twp and 200 acres in Denison)
Birth: 13 Jan 1854, Sweden (emigrated to US 1867)
Father: Not Named (d. age 76)
Mother: Not Named (d. age 74)
Siblings: Anna (widow of Peter Larsen); Christina (widow of E. W. Anderson); Larson; Lydia (m. Andrew Larson); Inez (m. N. A. Christensen)
Spouse 1: LARSON, Bertha (d. 1885)
Spouse 2: RODINE, Lottie
Children with Spouse 2: Earl DeWitt; Ralph Waldo; Percy Bryan; Peter Carroll
Spouse 2 Parents: N. F. Rodine and Ingred (d. 13 Feb 1907). By his first wife, Sophia, Mr. Rodine had children: Matilda and the following all deceased, Caroline, John, Carl, Maud, John Abel, Maria, and Charlotta.
Name: WEEKS, A. C.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: City marshal; street commissioner; dray business owner; farm hand
Birth: 12 Apr 1852, Cedar Co., IA
Father: L. A. Weeks (b. Pennsylvania; d. 1897, Kansas). Spouse 2: Unnamed
Mother: Elizabeth Rigby (b. Ohio; d. 13 Apr, 1861, Cedar county IA)
Siblings: Leroy T. (Sabula IA); Alice M. (m. S. E. Day, Sabula IA); O. W. (Vancouver WA).
Half Siblings: From 2nd marriage of L. A. Weeks: Clifford (Kansas); Sylvia (m. Zene Smith, Salem OR)
Spouse: KALB, Elmira Elizabeth (b. 1853, Cedar county IA)
Marriage: 13 Apr. 1875
Children:Hattie A. (b. 31 Aug 1876; m. Ray D Garrison, Grand Junction CO); G.D. (b. 17 Nov 1878, Cedar Co. IA; lives in Springfield MO); Jessie (b. 13 Apr 1883; m. Francis J. Gable, Lincoln NE); Lucas (Monett, MO)
Spouse Parents: George Kalb (b. Ohio, living in OK) and Dorcas (b. Ohio; d. 1900)
Religion: Methodist
Name: WEISS, Jacob
Residence: Denison Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 25 March 1860, Germany
Father: George Weiss, d. 1894, Crawford Co., age 76; emigrated to US 1880
Mother: Madelaine Feuerbach, d. Germany
Spouse: BACHMANN, Rosa
Marriage: 14 Nov 1883
Children: George, Albert, John, Emily, Matilda, Edward (d.), Annie, Martha, August (d.), Ruth, Clara, Marie, Theodore, Walter, Elizabeth
Name: WHITE, Clark W.
Residence: Westside Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, stock-raising
Born: 16 May, 1858 McHenry Co., Illinois
Father: Benjamin White; b. England, d. November ,1908, emigrated in 1856, moved to Crawford Co. in 1872;
Mother: Elizabeth Whimble; b. England, d. 1903, emigrated in 1856
Siblings: There were seven children in this family, all of whom are deceased except the subject of this review.
Spouse: TEFFT, Ada; b. 25 Dec.,1867, Richmond, Illinois
Marriage: 23 Feb, 1887
Children: Beulah B.; Howard; Leslie (b. 7 May, 1898, d. 7 Sept., 1898); Evelyn L.
Spouse Father: C. H. Tefft (b. Rhode Island; d. Illinois) and Mary Churchill (b. New York State; d. Illinois)
Spouse Siblings: Charles: & two other children who are deceased;
Name: WICHMANN, Marcus
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Saloon keeper; former milkman and farmer
Birth: 27 Sep 1865 Germany; emigrated 1887 to Chicago; 1892 to Crawford; also lived Monona Co.
Father: Henry Wichman (b. Germany; d. 1908 Germany)
Mother: Charlotte Schmidt (b. Germany; d. 1870 Germany)
Siblings: Christina (m. Frederick Westfall, Germany)
Spouse: FRAASA, Magdalena (b. 18 Aug 1871 Germany)
Marriage: in early manhood
Children: Henry (b. 19 Jul 1887; lives Monona Co; married); George (b. 17 Mar 1889); William (b. 24 Oct 1891); Fred (b. 11 Nov 1893); Dora (b. 10 Nov 1898); Herman (b. 12 Jul 1900).
Spouse Parents: Max Fraasa and Marie Hechen (both b. and d. Germany)
Spouse Siblings: Katrina (m. Claus Bratencheon, Germany); Christ (d).
Church Affiliation: German Lutheran
Name: WIEMER, Henry R.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Willow twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 28 Feb 1858, Burlington, IA
Death: 6 Jan. 1901, Willow twp
Father: Henry Wiemer (b. Germany of nobility; m. Burlington, IA; d.)
Mother: Helen Lambach (b. Germany; d.)
Siblings: Ludwig, Lizzie, Laura, Helen, Bertha, Emma
Spouse: LAMBACH, Ida (b. LeClaire, IA)
Marriage: Aug 1880
Children: Frederick (m. Mary Shuipeter, home farm); Henry (m. Nellie Fritz, home farm); Frank (home); Patsy (d.); Lulu (home)
Spouse Parents: Frederick Lambach (b. Germany; d. Texas 1897) and Sophia Puls (b. Germany; d. 1901)
Spouse Siblings: Gustave (Boise City, ID); Frederick (Doctor, Davenport, IA); Robert (d.)
Religion: Lutheran
Name: WIESE, C. H.
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 22 Mar 1862, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Father: John Henry Wiese, d. 1904, Westside, IA
Mother: Margaret Katrina Ghoul, d. 1885, Crawford Co.
Siblings: Ida (m. in Germany), John (Omaha, Neb.), 2 others (d.)
Spouse: SCHMAHL, Katrina, b. 14 Feb 1865, Schleswig-Holstein
Marriage: 22 March 1885
Children: Minnie (m. Detlef Peterson; Washington Twp.), Emil, Bridget, Emma, Ida, Florence, Etta, Elsie
Spouse Parents: Kai Schmahl (d.) and Katrina Mueller (Germany)
Spouse Siblings: Sophia (m. Otto Passick; Carroll Co., IA)
Name: WIGGINS, Willis H.
Residence: Dow City
Occupation: Merchant
Born: 12 May 1872, Union Township
Father: M. G. Wiggins (Dow City)
Mother: Sarah Hayes
Spouse: GRIFFIN, Kate E.
Marriage: 6 February, 1901
Children: John and Martin
Spouse Parents:Mr. and Mrs. John Griffen of near Buck Grove, IA
Affiliations: Methodist Episcopal Church, Republican Party, Past Township Treasurer
Name: WILKEN, A. F.
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: farming and livestock
Born: 29 March, 1852, Holstein, Germany
Father: A. Wilken, b. Germany; stayed in Germany
Mother: Mary, b. Germany; stayed in Germany
Siblings: Henry (justice of peace, Germany); Johannas (Germany); Caroline (Germany)
Spouse: EVES, Louise
Marriage: 1879, in Germany
Children: Hans (Crawford Co); Otto (West Side Twp.) Agness (m. Alfred Casperson, Crawford Co); Elsie (at home, teacher); Henry (at home); Emma (at college in Storm Lake, IA); Frank (at home)
Note: A. F. Wilken emigrated at age 27.
Name WITT, Fritz
Residence Schleswig
Occupation retired farmer
Birth 4 Nov. 1847 Germany. Emigrated in 1870.
Father Carl Witt; d. Germany
Mother Joanna Esmark; d. Germany
Siblings Sophia (m. Hans Kruse), Louisa (d.), Johanna (m. Carl Staak, Germany), Christina (d.), Maria (d., m. Rudolph Lehfrerdt), Carlotta (m. Frtiz Hensen, Germany), Carl
Spouse OHL, Johanna of Otter Creek Twp.
Marriage 6 January 1875
Children Emma (d., m. Amos Hollander), Ludwick, Christina (m. John Krohnke), Amanda (m. William Schmidt), Benjamin, Ella (m. Paul F. Wilson, Omaha)
Spouse Parents Ernest Ohl and Delside Dibbern
Spouse Siblings August, William, Amil (Blue Island, lLL), Margaret (m. Carl Schreder), Matilda (m. Herman Framberg, Chicago), Christina (m. Jurgen Schroeder)
Name: WRIGHT, Alfred
NOTE: See biography of his brother William T. Wright
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Manager, Green Bay Lumber Company; teacher
Birth: 8 Oct 1868, Waverly IA
Father: William Wright, (b. Abt. 1824, England; d. 1900, Denison).
Mother: Rachel Smith, (b. England; d. 1910)
Siblings:William T. (Denison), Leighton (Denison)
Paternal Grandfather: Unnamed grandfather Wright (b. England) and Unnamed Eldershore (b. England). He a merchant. Children: John, Richard, William, George, Thomas
Maternal Grandfather: James Junea Smith (manufacturer of sauces & pickles in England). Children: James, Zealing, Rachel
Maternal Grandmother: Rachel Eldershore. Spouse 2: Mr. Reynolds, Philadelphia PA Children: Margaret
Spouse: KELLY, Margaret (b. Crawford Co.)
Marriage: 12 June, 1909
Spouse Parents: John Kelly & Bridget Rasp
Religion: Alfred, Episcopal; Margaret, Roman Catholic
Note: William Wright emigrated to US in 1848, architect in Baltimore MD, Episcopal minister in IA, served in Civil War, and came to Denison in 1876. William Wright and wife were missionaries to Africa
Name: WRIGHT, William T.; M.D.
NOTE: See biography of his brother Alfred Wright
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Doctor
Birth: 1 Sept 1856, Lewes, DE
Father: William Wright (b. London; d. 1900, Denison, age 76; emigrated 1850,Baltimore)
Mother: Rachel Weld Smith (b. London; d. March 1910, age 81)
Siblings: John (d.), Mary (d.), Robert (d.), Leighton(Denison); Alfred (Denison)
Paternal Grandfather: Unnamed grandfather Wright (b. England) and Unnamed Eldershore (b. England). He a merchant. Children: John, Richard, William, George, Thomas
Maternal Grandfather: James Juneau Smith (England); Spouse 1: Unnamed Eldershore. Child: Eliza. Spouse 2. Rachel Eldershore (sister of Spouse 1); Children James, Yealing, Rachel
Maternal Grandmother: Rachel Eldershore. Spouse 2: Mr. Reynolds, Philadelphia PA Children: Margaret
Spouse: BRIGHAM, Florence M. (Boston, MA)
Marriage: 22 Oct. 1891
Children: Winifred Weld, Alma Lucile, Alice Edna
Spouse Parents: J. B. Brigham, (b. VT; d. Ute, IA 1890, age 75) and Julia Fuller (b. VT; d. NY)
Religion: Episcopal
Name: YOUNG, J. M. (M. D.)
Residence: Vail
Occupation: Physician; State Medical College of Omaha, 1898
Birth: 27 Sept 1869, Greene Co., IA
Father: Thomas Young; b. South Carolina; d. 2 June 1882
Mother: Jane Burke; b. Iowa; d. Sept 1872
Siblings: William (physician; Jefferson, IA), Emma (m. Daniel Beterbenner; Alliance, Neb.), Eva (m. William Elmore; Alliance, Neb.), one other (d.)
Spouse: LUNDY, May, of Jamaica, IA
Marriage: 6 March, 1901
Spouse Parents: T. C. Lundy (b. Ohio) and Mattie Harrison (b. Alabama), both living in Coon Rapids, IA, where he is bank cashier
Spouse Siblings: six

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