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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1911

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa, Vol. I., 1911. S. J. Clarke Publishing, Chicago

Surnames Starting With M and N

Name: MAACK, AugustBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Hanover Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 17 October 1870, Germany; b. a few weeks before coming to US with his parents.
Father: Ernest Maack, d. 1895, Hanover Twp; came from Germany to US in late 1870.
Mother: Mary Sachau; came from Germany to US in late 1870.
Siblings: Henry (Hanover Twp), Emma (m. F. W. Dorale of SD), John (Hanover Twp), Annie (m. Henry Dorale of Soldier Twp, Crawford Co), Matilda (m. Andrew Namanny, SD), Mary (at home), Christ (d. at age 17 yrs).
Spouse 1: JOHANNSEN, Dora, of Clinton IA (d. 08 January 1904)
Marriage: 12 March 1896
Children: Henry (b. 11 Oct 1896), Lonie (b. 03 April 1899), Edna (b. 27 March 1901), one unnamed died in infancy.
Spouse 2: BOYENS, Wiebke (b. 24 Dec 1876, Germany); came to Denison at age 5 with her parents. Her first husband: Johannes Thun (m. 18 Feb 1896); he d. 04 Oct 1905.
Marriage: 3 Mar 1907
Children: August (b. 22 Nov 1908), Martha (b. 06 Aug 1910)
Stepchildren: Children of Wiebke & Johannes Thun: Hilda (b. 09 May 1900), Hans (b. 23 Aug 1902), Annie (b. 29 June 1905).
Spouse 2 Parents: Mr. Boyens (farmer in Goodrich Co; retired in 1899; d. 19 Sept 1906). Mrs. Boyens
Spouse 2 Siblings: Peter F. (Plainview NE), Henry (Hanover Twp), Christina (m. Clouse Hendricksen), Mary (m. Casper Miller, Charter Oak), Hans (Goodrich Twp), & 2 who died in infancy.
Note: German Lutheran. Democrat
Name: MAHONEY, Joseph H.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Freight inspector, Chicago & Northwestern Railroad
Birth: 24 May 1866, Kenosha WI
Father: Timothy Mahoney, (b. Ireland) now living in Boone IA
Mother: Mary Hickey, (b. Ireland), now living in Boone IA
Siblings: William (Casper WY); Frank (Denver CO); Edward (Boone IA); Dora (m. P. M. Reilly, Hastings NE); Mary(at home); Timothy (Boone IA); 3 deceased: James; George; John
Spouse: MALONY, Mollie B.
Marriage: 20 June, 1898
Children: George Andrew (b. 1911)
Spouse Parents: Andrew Malony & Bridget Sherran
Spouse Siblings: Judith (m. C. S. Marshall, Charter Oak); Mary (m. Edward Phalen, Omaha NE); Kate (widow, m. D. O. Johnson, Denison); Maggie (d.)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Note: Timothy and Mary (Hickey) Mahoney emigrated to WI and came to Boone Co. IA in 1867
Name: MAINS, Isaiah A.
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Postmaster
Birth: 18 June 1853, Perry Co., Ohio
Father: Thomas F. Mains, b. Ohio; d. 14 Jan 1908. Second marriage: 1867 to Catharine Richter (d.) of Ohio.
Mother: Sarah Hazelton, b. Ohio; d. 1861
Siblings: John H. (Stewart, Neb.), Jane (d. age 45, m. James B. Wilson; Ohio), Mary (m. C. C. Hardy; Charter Oak)
Step Sibling: Child of Thomas Mains and Catharine Richter: Florence (New Lexington, Ohio)
Spouse: ADAMS, Katherine, b. 10 Feb 1852, Ohio
Marriage: 3 March, 1875
Children: William T. (b. 23 Jan 1876; living in Charter Oak), Charles A. (Charter Oak), Harry H. (Chicago, Illinois), Grace A. (at home)
Spouse Parents: William Adams (b. Penn; d. 1883) and Amelia Taylor (b. Ohio, d.)
Spouse Siblings: John F. (Craig, Neb.), Mrs. J. H. Mains (Stewart, Neb.), William (Omaha, Neb.), Frances (m. A. D. Fowler; New Lexington, Ohio), 3 others (d.)
Name: MARSHALL, C. T.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Farmer, cattle feeder, president, Farmers Bank, Charter Oak and stock holder, Charter Oak Peoples Store
Birth: 3 Jan 1847, Kane Co. IL
Father: John Marshall, (b. 12 Feb 1806, NY; m. New York, 1832; moved to Kane Co. Il in 1843.
Mother: Margaret Davis, (b. Nov 1810, NY)
Siblings: Harriet (m. Joseph Wilson, Crawford Co.); Julia (m. Henry Jobe, Denison); Mary (m. H. Sheldon, Colorado); Albert (Omaha); Celia (m. Daniel Sheldon, IL); Alice (m. Horace Nash, IA)
Spouse 1: COMSTOCK, Dora (b. Denison IA, d. 1903)
Children: Celia (m. John Hart, Minneapolis MN); Elgia (m. Unnamed Stark, Charter Oak); Harriet (m. Gus Peters, Charter Oak); Nellie (m. Unnamed Fitzpatrick, Nevada); Lena (m. W. L. Smith, Lane, SD); Martha (m. John Jacobsen, Charter Oak); Iona (m. S. Jones, Charter Oak); Jessie Belle and the following on the farm in Charter Oak Twp.: Mabel; C. T. Jr. (b. 20 Aug 1890); C. J. (b. 19 Feb. 1892).
Spouse 1 Parents: Mr. Comstock (b. near Albany NY, d. Denison, 1872) and Mrs. Comstock (b. near Albany NY, d. Denison, 1862)
Spouse 2: MALONEY, Judith (b. 28 Feb, 1855 Denison). Her first spouse: Mr. Matthews.
Marriage: 29 May, 1905
Stepchildren: Children of Mr. Marshall: Cecil (m. Mr. Nichols, South Omaha, NE); Marie (Omaha)
Spouse 2 Parents: A. D. Maloney (b. 28 Feb 1819, Queens Co. Ireland, d.1888, Denison) and Bridget Shearman. (b 28 Mar 1835, Longford Co., Ireland). They married in Lexington KY in 1854. He a railroad worker, farmer, emigrated to US 1836. Bridget emigrated to US in 1842.
Spouse 2 Siblings: Catherine (m. D. O. Johnson, Charter Oak); Mary (m. Ed Phelan, Omaha)
Name: MARTENS, Peter J.
Residence: Westside
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 23 Oct 1852 Holstein, Germany. Emigrated to U.S. 27 March 1865 with parents to Clinton County, Ia.
Father: John H. Martens, d.10 May 1893
Mother: Margerette Hansen, d. 1865
Siblings: Annie (m.Claus Binning, Clinton co.), Henry J.(Council bluffs), Herman C.
Spouse 1: HOHN, Minnie, d. Feb 1887
Marriage: 11 May 1875
Children: Ida (m. August Rohwer), John, Edward, Herman, Charles, Louis, Emil, Jennie (m. Leroy Dolise), Ella, Clara ( infant)
Spouse 1 Parents: Carl Hohn and Mary
Spouse 2: KAY, Emma L., of Wheatland, Clinton Co., IA
Marriage: 1 Dec 1888
Spouse 2 Parents: Gottlieb and Christina Grau
Name: MARTINS, H. C.
Residence: West Side
Occupation: Hardware Merchant (Evers & Martins), Undertaker, and Lumber Yard Owner
Birth: 6 Feb 1861, Germany; emigrated to US in 1865
Father: John Martins (b. Germany, d. 1893)
Mother: Margaret Hansen (b. Germany, d. 1865, Wheatland, Clinton Co.)
Siblings: Peter J. (West Side); Anna (m. Claus Benning, Clinton Co.); Henry (Council Bluffs)
Spouse: JAHN, Margaret (b. Germany, 1868)
Marriage: 12 Dec 1885
Children: Jessie; Elmer J.; Cora; Grace
Spouse Parents: J. F. Jahn and Kathrina (both deceased)
Name: MAYNARD, George
Residence: Jackson twp
Occupation: agriculturist/ stock-raiser
Birth: 31 Oct. 1881, Jackson Twp.
Father: Henry W. Maynard. SEE his biography
Mother: Julia Lane
Spouse: SWARTZ, Angie Irene
Marriage: 3 Feb. 1909
Spouse Parents: George Swartz and Anna Nash (d. 16 Sept 1887)
Spouse Siblings: Catharine E (m. P. C. Lawrence, Houston, TX); Anna (d.)
Religion: Methodist
Name: MAYNARD, Henry W.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Jackson Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 29 May 1850, Kane Co., ILL
Death: 19 April, 1911
Father: Abraham Maynard, b. NY state
Mother: Ann Terwilliger, b. NY state
Siblings: George (Lake View, IA), Edwin and Charles in ILL, Etta (m. S. M. Dow; ILL), James (d. 1910, Lake View, IA), Mary (d. age 12), Phillip (d. infant)
Spouse: LANE, Julia, b. Syracuse, NY.
Marriage: 1876
Children: Ruby (m. John Richardson; Omaha, Neb.), Lilly (m. Anthony Slechta; Fowler, Kan.), James (Kan.), and George (SEE his biography), William, Harrison, and Henry in Crawford Co.
Spouse Parents: W. M. Lane (b. Syracuse, NY) and Julia Adams
Spouse Siblings: Leroy C. (Troy, NY)
Name: McCLELLAN, John Louis
Residence: Denison (since about 1867)
Occupation: Retired. Previously building contractor, soldier, City Marshal.
Birth: 7 Apr, 1838, Gettysburg, PA
Father: John McClellan (b. PA), Hotel keeper, banker. (d. age 81)
Mother: Mary (b. PA)
Siblings: None
Paternal Grandfather: William McClellan, soldier in War of 1812.
Spouse: WADE, Georgia (b. 4 Jul 1841, Gettysburg, PA). Milliner prior to marriage.
Marriage: 15 Apr 1862
Children: Louis Kenneth (m. Bessie McMulkin; Children: Joseph and John; Farmer, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada); Jennie Wade (m. Richard Cook, Monmouth, IL); Jim Britton (SEE his family in next line); Nellie G. (m. Fred S. Heffelfinger; Children: Annie M., John M., Kitty; Los Angeles), John H. (m. Carrie Kelley; Carroll, IA); unamed infant (d.)
 Jim Britton of Denison, married Ala Kinney; 18 children: Georgia, Gladys, Mary, Martha, Bessie, Fred, Jim, William, Job, Harry, John, Russell, Louis, and 5 others deceased.
Spouse Parents: James Wade (b. Virginia; d. age 63, Gettysburg, PA) & Mary Filby (b. PA, d. age 72, Gettysburg, PA)
Spouse Siblings: Jennie (d. in battle of Gettysburg); John James (Mancos, CO); Samuel S. (Peoria, IL); Harry M. (d. 1907, Seattle WA).
Spouse Paternal Grandmother:Elizabeth Mills
Spouse Maternal Grandparents:Samuel Filby and Elizabeth DeGroff
Name: McCONNAUGHEY, Ralph Otis
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Dentist
Birth: 23 July 1878, Washington Co. IA
Father: John T. McConnaughey (b. PA, d. 1900, age 58)
Mother: Lucetta Mills (b. Western Reserve of OH. Resides Benzonia, MI)
Paternal Grandparents:David P. McMonnaughy (b. PA; d. age 94. Emigrated to Washington Co. IA in 1850.) and Catharine Thompson. Children: Samuel, David Jr., Alexander, William, John, Emily, Elizabeth, one other (d. infancy)
Maternal Grandfather: Manning Mills (b. OH, emigrated to Washington Co., IA. Children: Harlow, Ernst, Jay, Lucetta, Isabel, Myra, Effie)
Siblings: Harlow Alexander (Pittsburg, PA); Grace Elizabeth (Missionary in China); John (d. age 11); William (d. in infancy)
Spouse: SEWELL, Allie
Marriage: 2 Oct 1907
Children: John Sewell
Spouse Parents: Luman Sewell and Ella Wieting
Name: McCORD, E. N.
Residence: Paradise Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 23 Sep 1868, Arcola, IL; To Crawford Co. 1872; (Scotch-Irish lineage)
Father: David McCord (b. 28 Apr 1839, Lawrence Co., PA; m. Douglas Co., IL; d. 7 Jan 1892, Crawford Co). Farmer. To Douglas Co., IL 1860; Crawford Co. 1872.
Mother: Phoebe J. Schouten (b. Saratoga Co., NY); To Douglas Co., IL at age 15; resided summers in Crawford Co., and winters in OK
Siblings: Mamie (m. Robert Grayson, Atty; Boynton, OK), Addie (m. James Bixler, farmer; Centerville, SD), Nannie (m. W. D. Suiter, farmer; Boynton, OK), Alma (m. Ed Duncan, farmer; Crawford Co.), Allen (adopted; govt. draftsman; Santa Fe, NM)
Paternal Grandparents: Allen McCord and Nancy Hezlep
Spouse: BIXLER, Ida (b. Jackson Co., IA)
Marriage: 15 Mar 1891
Children: Clarence (age 18); Gladys (age 16); Marcus (age 11); Ione (age 10) (all Paradise Twp.)
Spouse Parents: Isaac Bixler (b. 14 Mar 1839, OH; m. Springvale, IA; d. Feb 1909, Crawford Co.; Farmer; To Jackson Co., IA 1840; Paradise Twp., 1881) and Mary E. Jones (b. England; Emigrated to US as infant; To Lyons, IA at age 13.; lives in Dow City)
Spouse Siblings: Frank (farmer; Paradise Twp.), William (carpenter; Elk City, OK), James (farmer; Centerville, SD), Etta (m. Carey Saxton; Denison), Samuel (farmer; Oaks, ND), Lottie (Dow City)
Name McDERMOTT, John Joseph
Residence Manilla
Occupation Newspaper editor
Birth 11 Dec. 1878 Clinton, IA
Father Anthony McDermott; b. 16 July 1852 County Mayo, Ireland; m. Toronto, IA; d. 12 August 1910, Manilla, IA
Spouse Mary Agnes Hook; b. Liverpool, England; d. 3 Feb. 1897
Paternal Grandfather b. Ireland; d. Clinton, IA. Children: Michael, Anthony, Patrick, John, Mrs. Owen Kingsley, Mrs. James Sheridan, Bridget, Mrs. Thomas Rimmer
Maternal Grandparents James Hook and Kate Sibbons ( m. in England; both d. Manilla) Children: James, Mary Agnes, Patrick, Mrs. Kate Haley, Mrs. James Norkett, William, Francis
Siblings Kathryn ( Omaha), George, Anthony, Theresa, Lillian, 4 children (d.)
Spouse BROCKELSBY, Marguerite
Marriage 5 Nov. 1903
Children Jospeh Muril, Francis Clyde
Spouse Parents W. H. Brockelsby (b. England) and Malinda (b. PA)
Spouse Siblings Richard, Edward, Winifred, Elsie
Name: McDONALD, W. B.
Residence: Union Twp (previously NY; Richland Co. WI; Cedar Co. IA; Carroll Co. IA; Boyer Twp)
Occupation: Farmer and Stockman (280 acres)
Birth: 6 Mar 1860, Cattaraugus Co. NY
Father: John McDonald (d.)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth West
Siblings: Euphemia (m. E. E. Newkirk); one other (d.)
Spouse: LANGELY, Sarah Ellen (b. Coshocton Co. OH)
Marriage: 20 Mar 1886
Children: Nellie (m. Fred Wiley); Ward; Carl Frederick
Spouse Parents: G. W. Langely (b. OH) and Nancy J. Gearheart (b. OH)
Spouse Siblings: Margaret Elizabeth (m. Charles Rasmussen); Walter; Jay; Clement; Ethel (m. Frank Bennall); Bessie (m. George Bennall)
Name: McELWAIN, E. E.
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: livestock and thoroughbred Hampshire hogs
Born: 5 May, 1878, Oakland, IA
Father: Myron L. McElwain, b. 25 May, 1843, MI; served in the Civil War; veterinarian by trade
Mother: Lydia M. Muns
Siblings: Jay B. ( editor of Moorhead Times, Moorhead, IA); Ed R. ( elevator business in Blencoe, IA); Bert M. (Kenwood, IA); A. L. (Kenwood, IA); Arthur (Moorhead, IA); Ora (Charter Oak, IA); Emma; Laura (Millinery business in Denison)
Spouse: HAWORTH, Clarissa; b. Crawford Co.
Marriage: 1903
Children: Myron; Loa; Vernon
Note: Marshall McElwain, a brother of Myron L. McElwain, also served in the Union Army during the Civil war, he was wounded and died near St Louis, Mo. Another brother Marcus, was a solider during the latter part of the war. Our subject's great-grandfather fought during the entire period of the American Revolution. On his mother's side three brothers fought under the stars and stripes. Henry Muns enlisted at the age of 16 and was killed at the battle of Atlanta.
Name: McHENRY, Frank
Residence: Section 18, Union Twp
Occupation: Farmer (80 acres on Section 18 and 80 acres on Section 20)
Birth: 9 Apr 1856, Rock Co. WI
Father: Vincent McHenry (b. Allegheny Co. PA.; m. Allegheny Co., PA; d. 1891, Crawford Co.)
Mother: Dency Nefft (b. RI. d. 1903 Crawford Co.)
Siblings: Helen (m. C.F. Cassidy, Denison); and 2 others deceased
Spouse: GIBSON, Margaret (b. 12 Aug 1858, Huron Co. Ontario, Canada)
Marriage: 21 Mar 1883
Children: Ruth (m. E. R. Morrison; Child: Raymond McHenry; Union Twp)
Spouse Parents: Samuel Gibson (b. Canada. d. 1910, Crawford Co.) and Margaret Shillington (b. Ireland. d. 1877, Crawford Co.)
Spouse Siblings: Robert Henry (Hugo, Colorado), Lydia (m. C. W. Pierce; Denison)
Name: McMAHON, Patrick D.
Residence: Denison IA
Occupation: Attorney at Law. Title examiner for Bank of Denison. Mayor of Charter Oak. Justice of the peace. Postmaster.
Birth: 25 March 1863, Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland. Came from Ireland to Ida Grove, IA, 1885.
Father: Denis McMahon of Ireland. Served in English army. Was civil bill officer in West Clare Ireland. Roman Catholic. D. 1875, at age 48. One brother Thomas.
Mother: Kate O'Dea of Ireland, dau of Michael O'Dea. D. age 30. Roman Catholic.
Siblings: John, Andrew (d.), Mary (m. Michael Frawley of Ennis, Ireland), Ella (m. P. F. Barrett of Dunlap, IA)
Spouse: BARRETT, Marie (b. Monona Co IA)
Marriage: 19 February 1901
Children: Robert Emmet, Jacob Barrett
Spouse Parents: Martin Barrett (Dunlap IA; of Ireland. To US age 5) and Ann Hart (Dunlap IA; of Canada)
Spouse Paternal Grandparents: Patrick Barrett of Ireland (merchandising business). Martin's siblings: Michael, Martin and Mary.
Spouse Maternal Grandparents: Unnamed. Of Ireland. Both d. Clinton Co IA. Children: Ann, Peter, John, Edward, Rose, Mary
Spouse Siblings: William, Michael L., Peter F., Jacob F. (d.), Martin, John, Helen
Note: Catholic. Republican
Name: McSORLEY, Francis
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: farming
Born: 1858, County Tyrone, Ireland
Father: Michael McSorley, d. 1889, emigrated in 1878
Mother: Alice Donnelly, d.1906
Siblings: Catherine (m. William Smith, Nishnabotny Twp.); John (d.); Mary (d.); Peter (d.); Lizzie ( m. James Lauren, Nishnabotny Twp.); Alice (m. Henry Slater, Nishnabotny Twp.); Ellen (m. Albert Carson, Nishnabotny Twp.); Thomas (d.); Jennie (m. Patrick Hook, South Dakota)
Spouse: HASSETT, Bridget
Marriage: 1898
Children: Francis (age 11); Leo ( age 7); Clara ( age 5); John (age 2); Thomas (d. age 9 months); Unknown (d. infancy)
Spouse Parents: Jerry Hassett ( b. Ireland, emigrated in 1865, married in America) and Bridget Donovan ( b. Ireland)
Spouse Siblings: Mary (m. Michael McMahon, Denison); Cornelius ( East Boyer Twp); Thomas (East Boyer Twp); Patrick (Denison); Margaret (m.P.M. Lane, Vail, IA); John ( at home); Ellen (m. Joseph Boman, Buck Grove, IA); Hannah (m. Frank Comstock, East Boyer Twp); Catherine ( Denison); Lizzie (m. Clarence O'Mara, Washington Twp)
Note: Francis McSorley emigrated 6 months after his parents did.
Name: McWILLIAMS, John J., M.D.
Residence: Charter Oak, IA
Occupation: Doctor
Born: 5 June, 1860 Denison, IA
Father: Dr. David McWilliams, b. Belfast, Ireland; d 1898, Denison, IA, age 81; 1st wife unknown
Mother: Mary Cleghorn, b. Glasgow, Scotland. Second wife of David McWilliams
Siblings: Charles (d. age 2); Elizabeth J. (m. J.S. Nesbit, Missouri); Charley M. (Denison); Marie A. (m. Henry Slater, Denison); Emma (m. Albert Healy, Oto, IA); Lillian (m. Rev. L. C. McCuen, Kearney, NE)
Step Siblings: (mother unknown) Hugh C. (Denison); David H. (Charter Oak, IA);
Spouse: LYON, Ada C., b. 1862 Morrison, IL;
Marriage: 15 April, 1883
Children: Nellie L.(b. 2 July, 1884); Homer D.(b 1 Feb, 1889)
Spouse Parents: N. J. Lyon (b. Vermont) and Unnamed mother (b. Vermont)
Spouse Siblings: Nellie (m. Daniel Fegan, Clinton, IA); Julia (d. age 51); Harley (Morrison, IL.); Ada C.(m. John J. McWilliams); Frank (Morrison, IL);
Name: MELTON, Jerome S.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Bricklayer (Civil War Vet)
Birth: 18 Jun 1847, Scott Co. IA
Father: Preston Melton, b. KY; m. IN; d. 1860 KS age 60 yrs.; Brickmaker; Methodist
Mother: Zerna McDonald, b. Indiana; d. age 70 yrs.; Methodist
Siblings: John F.; Sidney; Philip; Sarah (m. William Gray); Hannah (d.); and Zura (m. William Effingham).
Paternal Grandfather: Clifton Melton, b. KY; farmer. Children: Preston; Clifton; Nehemiah; Sydney
Maternal Grandparents: Born in Canada
Spouse: SMITH, Susan A., b. Davenport, IA
Marriage: 01 Aug. 1868
Children: William; Alexander; Jessie (m. John Liggett of Deadwood, SD); Cora (m. George Bailey of San Francisco, CA); James; Price (d.); Zura (d.); Lilly (d.); Katie (d.)
Spouse Parents: Alexander Smith (b. VA; d. WA) and Catharine (b. IN; d. WA)
Spouse Siblings: John; Jacob; James; May; Catharine.
Church Affiliation: Methodist
Name: MENAGH, George
Residence: Dension (since 1880)
Occupation: Merchant, Miller; Previously cabinet maker; farmer
Birth: County Down, Ireland. Emigrated to US at age 17.
Father: Hugh Menagh, b. Ireland; Engineer, Northern Counties Railroad, emigrated 1869; farmer, East Boyer Twp;
Mother: Ann , b. Ireland; d. August 1902
Siblings: Charles; Anna (m. A. D. Randall); Hugh; Sarah (widow of a Mr. Chesney)
Spouse: HENDERSON, Isabella (County Antrim, Ireland; Orpahned at 14; Lived w/Uncle LUNEY, Thomas)
Children: Elizabeth; Charles William (m. Sadie Bohart - son George); James; David; John
Name: MERRILL, Charles W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Carriage & wagon shop owner, wagon maker
Birth: 7 July 1855, Ohio
Father: John W. Merrill (b. New York, d. Montezuma IA)
Mother: Julia Heaton (b. New York)
Siblings: Harriet (m. R. C. Ring, Linn Co.); 5 siblings deceased: James; Quincy; Rufus; William C.; Lucy
Spouse: POTTER, Addie L.
Marriage: 28 Dec, 1879
Children: Clifford C. (Omaha NE); Mabel J. (m. A. L. Moeller, Council Bluffs IA)
Spouse Parents: J. M. Potter (b. IN) and Eliza Torrence (d. 1907, 74 years)
Spouse Siblings: Ella M. (m. H. C. Printy, Center Point IA); Franklin (Columbia Falls MT); Artie Mabel (m. Geo W. Lee, Sac City IA)
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
Note: John W. and Julia Heaton Merrill moved to Linn Co. IA in 1869
Name: MEYER, August
Residence: Soldier Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 3 Nov 1867, Du Page Co., ILL
Father: Adolph Meyer, b. Germany, m. Illinois; d. 1907 Charter Oak Twp.; emigrated to US prior to Civil War
Mother: Katrina Vogelpohl, b. Germany; d. 1900
Siblings: Minnie (m. Otto Stegemann; Crawford Co.), William (Crawford Co.), Dora (m. Henry Neddermeyer; Crawford Co.), Adolph (Crawford Co.), Henry (d. age 20), Edward (Crawford Co.)
Spouse: HAMMANN, Dora, b. 19 April 1876, Crawford Co.
Marriage: 8 March 1895
Children: Anna (b. 20 April 1898), Ida (b. 25 April 1900), Dora (b. 27 Nov 1901), Henry (b. 12 Jan 1903), Martha (b. 23 Feb 1906), Minnie (b. 5 Aug 1908), Herman (b. 28 April 1910)
Spouse Parents: Carl Hamman (Baltimore, Maryland, age 66) and Therese Seils; both b. Germany and emigrated to US in 1870s; m. in Iowa
Name: MEYER, Edward
Residence: Charter Oak Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 27 Nov 1883, Charter Oak Twp.
Father: Adolph Meyer; b. Hanover, Germany; m. Cook Co., Illlinois; d. 3 June 1907, Crawford Co.Blue Folder Photo
Mother: Katrina Vogelpohl, b. Hanover, Germany
Siblings: Minnie (m. Otto Stegemann), August, William, Dora (m. Henry Weddenmeyer), Adolph, all living in Crawford Co. and Henry (d. age 18 years)
Spouse: MAAS, Emma, b. 15 Feb 1886, Crawford Co.
Marriage: 26 Oct. 1904
Children: Edwin (b. 26 Mar 1905), Willie (b. 23 April 1907), Louis (b. 27 June 1909), Elmer (b. 2 Nov 1910)
Spouse Parents: Charley Maas (age 64 in Crawford Co.) and Christina Krueger (d. 1906), both b. in Germany and emigrated to US 1874
Spouse Siblings: William, Martha, Gusta, Elizabeth, Herman, Emma, Alvena and Max all in Crawford Co., and 5 others (d.)
Name: MEYER, William H.
Residence: Lake View, IA
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 3 May 1879, Denison
Father: August Meyer; b. Germany; emigrated 1865, IL, Denison, Lake View
Mother: Henrietta Hardar; b. Germany
Siblings: Minnie (m. William Haller, Lake View); Arthur (Guthrie Co); Franz (Auburn, IA); Bertha (m.John Dorfler, Soldier twp); 8 (d.)
Marriage: 1 June, 1904
Children: Julius (b. 6 Jan 1905); Elmer (b. 29 March 1906); Mabel (b. 15 Oct 1909)
Spouse Parents: Anton christiansen and Wilhelmena Prien
Spouse Siblings: Julius (Ricketts); Marie (m. William Evers, WY); (Albert, Bernard, Louis, John, Henry, and Otto all in Dakota); Carl (d.) 1 infant (d.)
Name: MEYERS, Adolph F.
Residence: Section 34, Soldier Twp (320 acres)
Occupation: Farmer, stock feeder.
Birth: 30 Jul 1877, Crawford Co.
Father: Adolph Meyers (b. Germany. Emigrated to Cook Co. IL at age 20, Crawford Co. in 1876. d. 1906)
Mother: Katerina Vogelpohl (b. Germany; d. 1903)
Siblings: Minnie (m. Otto Stegemann); August; William; Dora (m. Henry Weddemeyer); Henry; another Henry (d. age 18)
Spouse: CHEER, Emma (b. 1 Jun 1880, IA)
Marriage: 5 March, 1903
Children: George; Otto; Edna; Clara
Spouse Parents: John Cheer age 67 (b. Germany) & Barbara Lamp, age 54 (b. IA). Residing in Woodbury Co. IA.
Spouse Siblings: Louie; Lena; Adolph; Minnie; Emil; Clara (d. age 14); Leacy; Freda; Albert; Willie (d. in infancy)
Name: MICHAELSEN, Thomas
Residence: Section 1, Hanover Twp
Occupation: Farmer and cattle feeder (240 acres); Also 240 acres in OK
Birth: 5 Jan 1870, Germany.
Father: C. H. Michaelsen (b. Germany. Emigrated to US in 1883), Wheatland, OK
Mother: Katrina Hansen (b. Germany. Emigrated to US in 1883). Wheatland, OK
Siblings: Henry (Canadian Co. OK); Johannes (Missouri); H. F. (OK); Margaret
Spouse: SIEVERS, Mary (b. Scott Co., IA)
Marriage: 28 Jan. 1891
Children: Herbert H. (b. 28 sep 1892); Ehrhardt J. (b.11 Feb 1894); Robert N. (b. 27 Sep 1895); Alwin W. (b. 15 Apr 1897); Victor S. (b. 7 Nov 1898); Zuehla A. C. (b. 24 Sep 1900); Leonhardt (b. 13 Apr 1902); Hortense J. M. (b. 30 Apr 1908); Walter T. (b. 4 Jun 1910); one other (d. in infancy).
Spouse Parents: John Sievers (b. Germany; d.1900) and Anna Hansen (b. Germany; d. 1898). Emigrated to US 1867.
Spouse Siblings: None
Name: MILLER, Charles
Residence: Iowa Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 2 May 1852, New York City
Father: Christopher Miller, b. Hamburg, Germany; d. 1903; emigrated to NYC (arrived 29 Apr 1852); buried in Mechanicsville, Cedar Co., IA
Mother: Madeline Hager, b. Hamburg, Germany; d. 1899; buried in Mechanicsville, Cedar Co., IA
Siblings: Betty (m. E. W. Stoddard; Cedar Rapids, IA), Lizzie (m. John Sutton; Manilla, IA), John (Mechanicsville, IA), Frank
Spouse: THOMPSON, Minnie O., d. 14 Nov 1908; buried in Manilla cemetery
Children: C. F. and W. A. of Isabel, S. Dak.; and John M, Eli Alfred, Hugh Edward, Guy Elijah, Clarence Chester
Name: MILLER, Chauncy D.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Farming and Milling
Birth: 4 January 1846, Thompkins County, NY
Father: Andrew J. Miller (b. NY, d. abt. age 80, Lenawee Co. MI)
Mother: Marilla Searles (b. MA; d. abt. age 80, Crawford Co.)
Siblings: Aretas H. (soldier in Civil War; now living in Denison); Clara E. (m. Henry Hall, Boyne, MI).
Paternal Grandfather: Alexander Miller (b. NY). Served Revolutionary War.
Maternal Grandfather: Mr. Searles (b. MA)
Spouse: BUTLER, Marcia T. (b. Morenci, MI)
Marriage: September 1868
Children: Ethel T. (Bookkeeper, Teacher); Arthur W. (Whittier, CA); Albert E. (Washington, D. C.); Edward F. (m. Daisy Miller, NY)
Spouse Parents: Flavel Butler and Jane Baldwin
Spouse Maternal Grandparents: Elias Baldwin and Tryphena Moore
Affiliations: Baptist Church, Republican Party, past member of school board, past Justice of the Peace
Name: MILLER, Jonathan
Residence: Milford Twp
Occupation: Farmer. Previously a carpenter.
Birth: 27 July 1850, Berks Co PA; came to Crawford Co abt 1876.
Father: Michael Miller of PA (d.)
Mother: Elizabeth Wagner of PA (d.)
Siblings: Hiram (d.), Josephus (d.), Allan (fought in 151st PA Reg & died at Gettysburg), Elizabeth (m. Elias Webber of PA), Matilda (m. William Moyer of PA), Mahala (PA), Harriet (d.)
Spouse: THOMAS, Ella (d. 22 Sept 1899)
Marriage: 08 Oct 1874
Children: Grace G. (m. N. Ingram of Crawford Co), Carrie (m. Charles Richardson), Horace (m. 18 April 1906, Marie Monahan [dau of Anthony Monahan & Mary Curry]; one child Ila Elizabeth, now age 19 mos.)
Spouse Parents: William Thomas & Clarissa Baker
Note: Methodist. Republican
Name: MILLER, Peter
Residence: Denison (Winter); Lloyd, Montana (Summer)
Occupation: Farmer and Sheep rancher. 240 Acres (Previously sailor, army teamster; railroad construction).
Birth: 30 Dec 1846, Prussia. Emigrated to Davenport in 1867.
Father: Christian Dietrich Miller (b. Galding, Prussia); contractor and Bridge Builder; Emigrated to Davenport 1869; Denison 1879; d. 1891, age 74.
Mother: Sophia Peterson (b. Prussia; d. 1894, age abt. 74)
Siblings: Nicholas (Denison); Henry (Holstein, IA); Christina (m. William Werner, Holstein, IA); John (Schleswig, IA); Doris (widow of Nicholas Frantz, Denison); Minnie (m. Fred Martens, Davenport); August (Denison)
Paternal Grandfather: Nicholaus Miller (government forester in Germany; Army officer during Napoleonic Wars. Children: John, Nicholaus, Christian)
Maternal Grandfather: Claus Peterson (Thatch roofer; soldier in Napoleonic Wars)
Spouse: CLAUSSEN, Elizabeth (b. about 1851, Eckenford, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; Emigrated to Davenport in 1853)
Marriage: 22 Dec 1875, Scott Co.
Children: Henry (m. Sophia Hofeldt. Children: Ervin Peter, Leslie Robert, Dorothea, Marjorie; Montana); Christ (m. Caroline Khure. Children: Lillian and twins Dorine and Doris; Montana); Louis (d. age 13); Lillian (m. J. W. Miller. Child: Waline; Denison)
Spouse Parents: George Henry William Claussen (d. 1906, age 84) and Marie Wieland (d. about 1853)
Spouse Stepmother: Mary Stegermann (d. 1891)
Spouse Siblings: John (Wilton, IA). Parents George Claussen & Marie Wieland.
Spouse Step Siblings: Christian (SD); Doretta (m. George Banick, Wilton, IA), Parents George Claussen & Mary Stegerman.
Spouse Paternal Grandfather: John Claussen (Carpenter, d. age 50). Children: John, Henry, Frederick, Rudolph.
Spouse Maternal Grandfather: Mr. Weiland. Children: Peter, Dirk, Sarah, Marie.
Name: MINSTER, Claus
Residence: Charter Oak Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 8 Jan 1871, Clinton Co., IA
Father: Claus H. Minster, b. Germany, emigrated to US 1866, living in Crawford Co.
Mother: Annie Petersen, b. Germany; d. 28 April 1905; emigrated to US 1866
Siblings: John (d. child), Peter (d.), Thomas (Ricketts, IA), Christian (d.), Kate (d.), Theodore (Crawford Co.)
Spouse: JORGENSEN, Caroline, b. Clinton Co., IA
Marriage: 22 Nov. 1893
Children: Edna T. (b. 5 Oct 1894), Bertha V. (b. 12 Jan 1897), Alta A. (24 Jan 1899), Elmer H. (b. 25 Jan 1901), Laura A. (b. 3 Apr 1903)
Spouse Parents: Soren Jorgensen (b. Denmark; m. Iowa; living in Clinton Co., IA) and Bertha Roden (b. Scott Co., IA; d. 15 March 1887)
Spouse Siblings: Amanda (Clinton Co., IA), Albert (Clinton Co., IA), Laura and Lawrence (twins; Clinton Co., IA), Harvey, Otto (d. infancy)
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer and stock-raiser
Birth: Sep 1855 Ireland. Emigrated 1874 to IL; to Crawford 1883
Father: B. Mitchell (b. and d. Ireland).
Mother: Jennie (b. and d. Ireland)
Spouse: FLYNN, Kate F., b. Franklin Grove, Lee Co. IL;
Marriage: 10 Feb. 1878
Children: William J.; Bernard F.; Edward Earl; Gertrude E.; Florence A.; Mabel (b. 25 Jan 1886, d. 27 Aug 1888); one other (d.)
Spouse Parents: Peter Flynn (b. Ireland; d. 28 Jun 1896) and Anna Station (b. Ireland; still living, age 74; mother of nine children, seven survive).
Church Affiliation: Catholic
Name: MOELLER, H. J.
Residence: West Side Township
Occupation: Merchant, lumber business
Birth: 25 Dec 1863, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; Emigrated to US (Davenport, IA) 1881, to West Side Twp. abt. 1883.
Father: Peter Moeller (d. Germany, age 65)
Mother: Catherine Diers (d. 1901, Davenport, IA, age 82); Emigrated to US (Davenport, IA) with children 1881.
Siblings: George (Davenport, IA), Peter (farmer; West Side Twp., IA), Minnie (m. William Lepteen; Davenport, IA), Wiebke (m. John Luetz; Chicago, IL), Annie (m. Rudolph Meyer; Chicago, IL).
Spouse: BOOCK, Ida (b. 14 Apr 1867, Bryant, IA)
Marriage: March 1886
Children: Harry (Omaha, NE), Fred (d. 24 Nov 1892 age 4), Alma (d. 6 Dec 1892 age 2), Carl (Omaha, NE), Roy (IA), Arlo (West Side Twp., IA), Earl (West Side Twp., IA)
Spouse Parents: Henry Boock & Catherine Kuhl
Spouse Siblings: Chris (West Side Twp., IA), Henry (West Side Twp., IA), Tillie (m. John Rinefeld; KS), Emma (m. Jack Hall; Boone, IA).
Religion: Lutheran
Name: MOHR, George C.
Note:See biography of his brother John G. Mohr
Residence: Iowa Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 21 Sept 1877, Jackson Co IA
Father: Frederick C. Mohr of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; came to US in the early 1870's.
Mother: Mary Kruse of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; d. Oct 1903.
Siblings: Otto (Iowa Twp, lives with John), Maggie (m. Fred Renfeldt of Manilla IA), Peter (Ute, IA), C. D. (Iowa Twp), John G. (Iowa Twp).
Spouse: MOLTER, Alfrida
Marriage: 1903
Children: Nellie
Note: Lutheran. Democrat
Name: MOHR, John G.
Note:See biography of his brother George C. Mohr
Residence: Iowa Twp
Occupation: Farming, raising stock.
Birth: 08 Oct 1875, Jackson Co IA
Father: Frederick C. Mohr of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; came to US from Germany in the early 1870's.
Mother: Mary Kruse of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (d. Oct 1903)
Siblings: Otto (Iowa Twp, lives with John), Maggie (m. Fred Renfeldt of Manilla, IA), Peter (Ute, IA), C. D. (Iowa Twp), George C. (Iowa Twp).
Spouse: LAGE, Ida M., of Germany
Marriage: 21 September 1899
Children: Freddie, Lena, Raymond
Note: Lutheran. Democrat
Name: MONAGHAN, Michael J.
Residence: Vail (previously two years in Indiana)
Occupation: Editor and Proprietor, "The Observer at Vail"
Birth: 12 May 1887, Vail
Father: Michael J. Monaghan
Mother: Mary A.
Name: MOORE, Winfield Scott
Residence: Manilla (previously Springfield MO; KS; Oklahoma City; Salix, IA)
Occupation: Attorney and farmer (340 acres in Meagher Co. MT)
Birth: 4 Feb 1866, Springfield, MO.
Father: William Moore (b. 1830, Monroe Co. TN; age 81)
Mother: Ruth Ann (Graham) Price (b. TN.; d. 7 Jan 1897; age 58 yrs, 10 mths, 3 days). Widow of John Price.
Siblings: Nathaniel D.; Susie M. (m. Rankin C. Stokes); Rev. William G.
Half-Siblings: Children of William Moore and Susan Christian: James I.; Lucinda J. (m. W. W. Wheeler); and Simon C. . Child of Ruth Ann Graham and John Price: Martin L. Price
Paternal Grandparents: Nathaniel Davis Moore (b. 10 Oct 1790, Greenville, TN; Farmer; Soldier-War of 1812 d. age 77) and Margaret Dyke (b. VA; d. age 84). Children: Henry D., Nathaniel B., William, Christina, Penelope, Catharina, Louisa, Margaret
Paternal Great Grandfather: William Moore Jr., b 1759, Berkely Co., West Virginia
Paternal 2nd Great Grandfather: William Moore, b. 1735, Augusta Co., Virginia
Paternal 3rd Great Grandfather: John Moore, b. Ireland
Maternal Grandparents: James Graham (TN farmer; d. age 84) and Lucinda Wilson (d. age 68). Children: Ruth Ann, Margaret L., William R., Sarah L., Caroline, Helen, James H., Richard, Josephine
Maternal Great Grandparents: Richard Graham (emigrated from Scotland to North Carolina) and Elizabeth Massey
Spouse: BIGELOW, Fannie (b. 16 Nov 1876, Woodbury Co. IA)
Marriage: 12 Oct 1898
Children: Ruth
Spouse Parents: Ariel T. Bigelow ( b. MA, age 71) and Sarah Beers (age 66)
Spouse Siblings: Rosa L. (m. Mr. Gibbs); Charles H; Warren T.; Belle (m. R. D. Markell); George F.; Laura K. (m. J. E. O'Meara); Madge E. (m. Ml. L. Duggan); Nettie O. (m. Thayer Vincent)
Name: MULLENGER, William G.
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: Farmer (previously printer).
Birth: 01 Oct 1857, Milwaukee, WI; came to Denison 01 Apr 1877
Father: W.R. Mullenger (b. England; emigrated to Milwaukee 1857, to Audubon Co. IA in 1862; lives with dau in OR)
Mother: Mary Tyler (b. England; d. 1871).
Siblings: Robert (Hamlin, IA); Mary (Oregon); Charles; Fred; James; Ernest; Emma.
Spouse: JOHNSON, Mary
Marriage: 1899
Children: Ruby; William; Mildred
Name: MUNDT, Louis Martin Henry
Residence: East Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 7 July 1878, East Boyer Twp.
Father: Robert Mundt, b. Hanover, Germany; d. 1908, Denison; emigrated to US 1865 to McGregor, Clayton Co., IA; came to Crawford Co. abt. 1868
Mother: Frederica Voss, b. Germany; lives in Denison
Siblings: W. N. (Calif.), Ida (d.), Willie (d.), Emma (d.), Freda (m. William Plagge; Buckgrove, IA), one other (d. infancy)
Spouse: KAHL, Dora, b. Holstein, Germany
Marriage: 1900
Children: Freda (age 10), Albert (age 8), Hattie (age 4)
Spouse Parents: Christ Kahl and Henrietta Coke, both born in Holstein, Germany; emigrated to US 1890; settled in Goodrich Twp. where they reside.
Spouse Siblings: August (Goodrich Twp.), Lizzie (d.), Bertha (m. Fred Kahl; Milford Twp.), William (Goodrich Twp.), Anna (m. John Keighan; Shelby Co., IA), Minnie (m. William Watje; Redlands, CA), Augusta (m. William Warn; Goodrich Twp.)
Name: MUNDT, W. D.
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 12 Feb 1873, Hanover, Germany
Father: Diedrich Mundt, b. Hanover, Germany, emigrated to US 1880
Mother: Sophia Meyer, b. Hanover, Germany
Siblings: Minnie (Calif.), Lena (Denison)
Spouse: LOCHMILLER, Anna
Marriage: 1896
Children: Bernhard, Lulela, Reinhard
Spouse Parents: Herman Lochmiller (East Boyer Twp.)
Name: NAEVE, George
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Vice Pres. Crawford Co. State Bank, German Bank of Schleswig, Farmers State Bank of Charter Oak
Birth: 11 Oct 1857, Gross-Wittensee, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, emigrated to US 1876
Father: Jurgen Naeve
Mother: Catharina Fleck
Maternal Grandmother: Marie Stroch
Spouse: KNAUL, Anna; b. Berlin, Germany
Marriage: Dec. 1885
Children: Marie, Louis (d. age 10 mo.), Erma, Margaret (d. age 2 mo.)
Spouse Parents: unnamed. Father married 3 times.
Spouse Siblings: Gertrude and Lena from father's 2nd marriage, mother d. Clinton, IA
Spouse Half Siblings: Rudolph from father's 1st marriage, mother d. Germany; Otto and Bertha from father's 3rd marriage
Name: NEHLS, August
Residence: Dension Twp.
Occupation: Farmer; former miner and farm hand
Birth: 05 Jan 1863, Clayton Co., IA
Father: Daniel Nehls (b. Germany; m. 1857; d. 10 Oct 1900, Crawford Co.) Emigrated to Clayton Co. IA 1853; 1878 to Crawford;).
Mother: Mary Cords (b. Germany; emigrated to Clayton Co., IA 1854; mother of thirteen)
Siblings: Martin (on home farm); John (Denison with mother); Those deceased: Charles; Minnie; Rosina; Mary; Lizzie; Daniel; Tillie; Mahlie; and two infant sons.
Church Affiliation: Lutheran
Name: NELSON, J. G.
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 25 Sept 1859, Botelsater, Wurmland Co., Sweden. Emigrated to US 1884 from Gutenburg to Castle Garden, NY
Father: Nels Johnson, b. Sweden; d. 1887, Sweden; farmer
Mother: Sarah Kajsa, b. Sweden; emigrated to US after husband died; lives with son J. G. Nelson; age 82
Siblings: Mary (m. Mr. Carlson; Sweden), Hanna (m. August Arenson; Willow Twp.), Carl A. (Sioux City)
Spouse: SWANSON, Anna, b. Sweden; emigrated to US 1888
Marriage: 1889
Children: Alben, Arthur, Robert, Mary, Alma, Gustave, David, Elsie
Name: NEUMANN, Johann
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 Apr 1854 Germany. Emigrated age 28 to Crawford
Father: Frederick Neumann (b. Germany; d. Crawford Co.; Emigrated 1883 to Crawford Co.)
Mother: Maria (b. Germany; d. Crawford Co.; mother of five, four survive)
Spouse: TAMS, Anna b. 01 May 1853, Schleswig, Germany
Marriage: 1886
Children: Elsabeth (m. John Neumann; Omaha, NE); Maria (m. Henry Neumann; Omaha, NE); Minnie (m. John Hagge; Boone Co. IA); Agnes (m. Louis Gronau); Augusta (dressmaker, lives at home); and Frederick; Amelia; Freda; Johann; and Walter (all at home).
Spouse Parents: Detlef Tams (b. Germany; d. Crawford Co.; Emigrated 1879 to Crawford Co.) and Katherine (b. Germany; d. Crawford Co.; mother of eight children).
Religion: Lutheran
Name: NEWCOM, John DaleBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Stockholm and Milford Twps.
Occupation: Farmer and stock-raiser
Birth: 11 Jan 1843, Scotland Co. MO
Father: W. T. Newcom (from Frankfort, KY; Crawford Co. 1867; d. age 82 yrs. Veteran Black Hawk War)
Mother: Margaretta Dale (from Frankfort, KY; d. 72 yrs. 3 yrs before spouse; mother of thirteen children)
Siblings: Mary E. (m. Charles O. Stovall, Peabody, KS); John S. (d. 25 Mar 1909); Martha A. (d. age 18 yrs. in MO); Sam (Boyer); Clarinda (m. T. D. Tucker, Kent, WA); Richard (Mason City); Robert (d.); George W. (Odebolt, IA); Alice (d., m. W. M. Tucker, Denison); Cassius W. (Bonesteel, SD); Louisa (m. C. Arnold, Mason City); Joshua (Arlington, NE).
Spouse 1: DOBSON, Sarah Ann of Deloit, IA; d. Feb 1881, buried Deloit.
Marriage: 01 Nov 1868
Children: Anna Beatrice (m. J. L. Riggleman of Crawford Co.); James Eli (d. age 4 yrs.)
Spouse 1 Parents: Thomas Dobson and Sarah Taylor
Spouse 2: JOHNSON, Mary Jane of Palmyra, MO
Marriage: 22 Feb 1882
Spouse 2 Parents: William R. Johnson and Clementine Adams
Adopted Children: with Spouse 2: Raymond I. and Irene
Note: He with Latter Day Saints. Spouse 2 with Christian denomination.
Name: NEWKIRK, E. E.
Residence: Paradise Township
Occupation: Blacksmith, farmer, manager at Neola Elevator Co.
Birth: 11 Sept 1862, PA; To Bureau Co., IL 1880, to Carroll Co., IA 1883, to Crawford Co. 1885.
Father: William Newkirk (b. PA; m. PA; d. battle at Gaines Hill, VA)
Mother: Elizabeth Huggans
Siblings: John (Elizabethville, PA), Infant (d.), William, Perry (Amorita, OK), Joel (Montclair, NJ)
Spouse: MC DONALD, Euphemia (b. PA)
Marriage: 14 Dec. 1884
Children: (none mentioned)
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
Note: Family name originally Van Newkirk, from Holland
Name: NICHOLSON, Benjamin Y.
Note:See the biography of his brother George W. Nicholson
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Secretary, Treasurer of Nicholson Produce Co.
Birth: 3 October 1863, Jerusalum, Ohio.
Father: John L. Nicholson
Mother: Eleanor Young
Spouse: WATSON, Lydia Maude, b. England,
Marriage: 18 May 1888
Children: Clair W, Pearl E, Benjamin Y Jr, Gladys, Erma, two died in infancy, Russel, Merrill.
Spouse Father: W. W. Watson, d. in Vail, abt. 1891
Spouse Siblings: William W, Charles S, John S, James, Fannie, Alice, Lizzie
Name: NICHOLSON, George W.
Note:See the biography of his brother Benjamin Y. Nicholson
Residence: Denison at death. (Previously New Sharon, IA; Vail, Denison, Grand Junction)
Occupation: President, Nicholson Produce Company, Denison
Birth: 6 Oct 1853, Barnesville, OH. Emigrated to IA 1864.
Death: 2 Mar 1911, Tampa, FL
Father: John L. Nicholson (b. OH; d. 1899, Denison, age 81)
Mother: Eleanor Young (b. OH; d. 1903, age 77)
Siblings: Amanda J (d. as young woman); Martin W. (New Sharon, IA); John W. (d.); Charles L. (Lincoln, NE); Ross A. (d. 1909, Newton, IA); Benjamin Y., (Denison); Oliver E. (d. Boulder, CO); Mary (d. in infancy)
Paternal Grandparents: John Nicholson (b. Baltimore, MD; Early settler of Smithfield, OH)
Spouse 1: LONG, Frances (b. Elk Point, Dakota. d. 1896, age 34)
Marriage: 4 Aug. 1884
Children: Grace Frances (m. Guy O. Baker); George (d. age 2); Georgiana May; John (d. in infancy)
Spouse 1 Parents: J. F. Long (b. Boston, MA. d. Vail, IA) & Bridget Butler (b. Ireland. Emigrated to US at age 1; d. Spring 1910, Grand Junction, IA)
Spouse 2: ADAMS, May O. (b. Atlantic City, NJ)
Marriage: 14 Aug 1905, Chicago, IL
Spouse 2 Father: Alfred Adams, Atlantic City, NJ
Spouse 2 Paternal Grandfather: John Adams (b. France. Emigrated to US w/4 brothers)
Spouse 2 Siblings: Louis, Alfred; Bentley; Carrie (m. Louis Rothchild); Pauline (m. Frederick Holmes)
Name: NIELSEN, Thomas
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Hotel proprietor, farm hand, clerk at G. P. Miller & Company
Birth: 12 March 1857, Denmark. Emigrated to US at age 25, coming directly to Denison
Father: Niels Thomsen, (b. Denmark, d. Denmark)
Mother: Mattie Clausen, (b. Denmark, d. Denmark)
Siblings: 4 deceased
Spouse: CHRESTENSIN, Mary (b. 1857, Denmark)
Marriage: Denmark
Children: Ever (MT); Maurice C. (at home); Mattie, (m. R. B. Smith, Denison); T.W.(at home); Albert (at home); Emma (at home)
Spouse Parents: Names unknown, (b. in Denmark), both living in Denison. Father emigrated to US in 1885
Religion: Lutheran
Name: NISSEN, Christ
Residence: Stockholm Twp
Occupation: Farming. Raising cattle & hogs
Birth: 07 March 1857, Germany. Came to US in 1881
Father: Paul Nissen; lived entire life in Germany.
Mother: Mary C. Christiansen; lived entire life in Germany
Siblings: John (lives in US), and 6 unnamed deceased
Spouse: OTTO, Wilhelmina (b. 07 Sept 1861, Germany); came to US in 1884
Marriage: 1884
Children: 1 unnamed died in infancy. William, John, Edward, Christina, Anna, Freda, Louise, Elsie, Amanda, Marvin
Spouse Parents: Christ Otto, & Christina Gotwig (d. 15 Sept 1906); both came from Germany to Crawford Co in 1884.
Spouse Siblings: 9 unnamed
Note: Lutheran. Democrat.
Name: NORELIUS, AndrewBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Retired preacher, lawyer, businessman
Birth: 1 July 1830, Sweden. Emigrated to US age 20. Arrived in Crawford Co. 1869.
Father: A. P. Norelius, b. Sweden; d. 1888, Minn.; emigrated to US 1853; located in Minn.
Mother: Elisabeth, b. Sweden; d.1864, Minn.; emigrated to US 1853
Siblings: Peter (d.), John (d.), Erick (Vassar, Minn.), Olef (d.), Louis (d.), Carrie (d.), Julia (m. Ben Bong; Minn.)
Spouse: PETERSON, Christina, b. 1832, Sweden
Marriage: 1855, ILL
Children: Adolph (S. Dak.), Hilma (m. Erb Stolt; N. Dak.), Francis (Crawford Co.), Elizabeth (Kiron), G. A. (Kiron)
Spouse Parents: Samuel Peterson and Margaret, both b. and d. in Sweden
Name: NORELIUS George A.
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: Mercantile
Birth: 5 December 1868, Hamilton Co, Iowa.
Father: A. Norelius
Mother: Christina
Spouse: HANSON, Emma , b. Sweden
Marriage: 21 December 1890
Children: Neva C., Elsie R., Jessie P., Irma E., Everett A
Spouse Parents: N. A. Hanson (b. Sweden) and Christina (b. Sweden, d. 1888, USA). Emigrated to US abt. 1870
Name: NORRIS, Thomas
Residence: Denison Twp
Occupation: Farmer, hogs, shorthorn cattle and Percheron horses
Birth: 2 Apr 1851, County Cork, Ireland
Father: Thomas Norris, (b. County Cork, Ireland). Farmer
Mother: Mary Nash, (b. County Cork, Ireland).
Siblings: Lucy, (m. A. Dwindle, Delaware Co. IA); Benjamin (Central City, IA); James (deceased 1892); William (Manchester, Delaware Co. IA); one died in infancy
Spouse: MALONEY, Mary Anne (b. Whiteside Co., IL)
Marriage: 21 Sept. 1878
Children: James Henry (b. 7 Jul 1879); Mary Effie, (b. 3 Feb 1883, living at home); Ralph Arthur (b. 11 Dec 1885; m. Claraa A. Mc Ahron; Denison). The following are at home: Paul Ford (b. 19 Sept 1888); Vera Victoria (b. 30 Oct 1896); William John (b. 12 Dec 1898).
Spouse Parents: Timothy Maloney (b. Abt.1810, County Roscommon, Ireland; m. 1852; d. 12 Nov 1890 near Des Moines) and Nancy Maria Smith (b. Seneca Co. NY, 21 Sept. 1820; d. 20 Oct 1899)
Spouse Siblings: John Smith (OK); Andrew K. (deceased); Mary Ellen (deceased); Sarah Ella (deceased); Effie Elizabeth
Note: Thomas and Mary (Nash) Norris emigrated to South Reading MA in 1853 and came to Delaware Co. IA in 1862. Timothy Maloney came to Springport NY in 1849; married Nancy Maria Smith in 1852. Smith family can be traced back to Revolutionary War.
Name: NOVOTNE, Emiel
Note:See biography of brother George Novotne
Residence: West Side Twp
Occupation: Farming; stock-raising
Birth: 07 Oct 1877, Carroll Co IA
Father: Jacob Novotne of Bohemia (farmer & stock-raiser in Crawford Co); d. 1896, Crawford Co.
Mother: Petronella Vosta of Bohemia (d. 1902)
Siblings: 9 siblings, all unnamed.
Spouse: RICHARDSON, Ada, b. 28 March 1880, Jackson Twp
Marriage: 22 October 1902
Children: Francis, b. 16 Nov 1904
Spouse Parents: James & Elizabeth Richardson (both b. England)
Note: Catholic
Name: NOVOTNE, George
Note:See biography of brother Emiel Novotne
Residence: West Side
Occupation: Farmer; serves as township trustee
Birth: 19 Jun 1879, Sac Co. IA
Father: Jacob Novotne (b. Bohemia; d. 1896; farmer; emigrated to Johnson Co. IA, then Carroll, Sac, and Crawford).
Mother: Petronnell Vosta (b. Bohemia; died six years after spouse; farmer; emigrated to Johnson Co. IA, then Carroll, Sac, and Crawford; mother of ten, all living).
Spouse: AHRENKIEL, Anna; b. 07 Nov 1882 in Vail
Marriage: 22 May, 1902
Children: George A. (b. 06 Aug 1904); Mary A. (b. 23 Aug 1906); Leonard F. (b. 11 Feb 1909, d. 23 Feb 1909); Leroy A. (b. 31 Oct 1910)
Spouse Parents: Hans Ahrenkiel (b. Denmark; d. 1904) and Marie Hanson (b. Denmark; living in Vail; mother of nine, all living)
Church Affiliation: Catholic
Name: NUTTER, William F.
Residence: Willow Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 21 Aug 1874, Clinton Co., IA
Father: Franklin Nutter, b. Licking Co., Ohio; m. Licking Co., Ohio; d. 1899
Mother: Elisabeth Mathing, b. Licking Co., Ohio; d. abt 1902
Siblings: Alitha (m. James Wickwire; Boulder, Colo.), Jackson (Durango, Colo.), Wallace ( works boat on Great Lakes), James (Clarinda, IA), Mary (Minneapolis, Minn.), Edward (Minneapolis, Minn.), Ida (m. F. H. Brown; Charter Oak)
Spouse: CUE, Augusta
Marriage: 1896
Children: Charlotte (age 14), Hazel May (age 12)
Spouse Parents: Joseph Cue ( b. England, living Witchita, Kansas) and Susannah R. Arrowsmith (d. May 1901)
Spouse Siblings: Alfred (Gordon, Neb.), Marion (Willow Twp.), Elisabeth (Willow Twp.), Ralph (Willow Twp.)

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