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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1911

Source: History of Crawford County, Iowa, Vol. I., 1911. S. J. Clarke Publishing, Chicago

Surnames Starting With E, F and G

Name: ECK, JohnBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Crawford County
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 10 January 1856, Germany
Father: John Eck (b. Germany, d. 1869)
Mother: Lena Moeller (b. Germany, d. 1881)
Siblings: Katrina (d.), Matilda (Germany), Lena (Germany), Wilhelmina (d.), Theodore (NE), Wiebke (Germany).
Spouse : HARGENS, Minnie (b. Germany, 5 November 1866, d. 1895)
Marriage: 1885
Children: John (b. 31 January 1885; at home), Lena (b.1 April 1889; m. Herman Schneekloth), Ferdinand (b. 28 March 1891), William (d.), Henry (d.)
Spouse Siblings: Gertrude and John (SD), Celia (d.)
Affiliations: German Lutheran Church, Democratic Party, Past Township Trustee and School Board
Name: EGGERS, Peter J.
Occupation: Horse Breeder
Birth: 25 Feb 1872 Jackson Co. IA
Father: Fred Eggers, b. Germany, living in Denison
Mother: Anna Dietz, b. Germany, living in Denison. Father was Frank Dietz
Siblings: William, (Denison); Sophia (m. William Marr, Arion); Rika (m. John Brandfas, Crofton, NE); Anna (m. Al Conrad, Arion); Mathilda (m. Thomas Ransom, Denison); Emma (m. Ralph Jackson, Denison); Albert, (Crofton, NE); John, (Paradise Twp.); Chris, (Laurel, NE); three deceased.
Spouse : SHERIDAN, Sarah, b. 11 Jun 1875, Dunlap, IA
Marriage: 26 Dec 1896
Children: Glen; Vern; Grace.
Spouse Parents: James and Bridget Sheridan, both born in Ireland. He died 11 Mar 1906 at 65 years. She is still living.
Spouse Siblings: Mary (m. William Coan, Denison); Sarah; nine deceased.
Church Affiliation: Catholic
Name EGGERS, William E.
Residence Arion
Occupation farmer
Birth 3 Sept. 1863 near Green Island, Jackson Co., Ia.
Father Frederick Eggers
Spouse LANSER, Carrie
Marriage 22 March 1893
Children Arthur, Ellen, Sears William
Name: EGGERT, Johannes
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 24 Aug 1887, Crawford Co.
Father: Adolph Eggert, b. Germany; m. Crawford Co.
Mother: Alvina Ruberg, b. Clinton Co., IA
Siblings: Henry (d. age 2), Willie, Fred
Spouse: HILDEBRANDT, Christina, b. 1 June 1887, Chicago
Marriage: 23 March, 1910
Spouse Parents: John Hildebrandt (b. Germany; m. Germany) and Sophia Tegen (b. Germany), living in Denison
Spouse Siblings: Mary (m. Hans Fierem; Crawford Co.), Emma (m. Gustave Detlefsen; Crawford Co.), Anna (m. Ernest Moeller; Chicago), Rosa (m. Emil Jaacks; Crawford Co.)
Name: EGGERT, John Adolph
Residence: Hanover Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 09 April 1858, Germany; came from Germany to Chicago 1882
Father: Carl Eggert of Germany; was farmer in Germany; d. 1870 in Germany.
Mother: Catharina Schoer of Germany; d. 1877 in Germany
Siblings: August (d.), Henry, Carl (d. in Germany army on 18 Aug 1870), Margaret, Dora (d.), Elsie
Spouse : RUBERG, Alvena; b. 30 Oct 1867, Jackson Co IA.
Marriage: 20 Feb 1885
Children: Johannes A. (b. 24 Jan 1887; m.; lives in Crawford Co); Henry (d. age 8 mo); William (b. 08 March 1890); Freddie J. H. ( b. 18 Sept 1892).
Spouse Parents: Fritz Ruberg (b. Germany; came to US in early manhood; fought for Union in Civil War.) and Catharina Jepsen (b. Germany; came from Germany to Crawford Co 1877; d. 24 July 1880.)
Spouse Siblings: Johannes (Crawford Co), Annie (d.)
Note: German Lutheran. Republican.
Name: EHLER, John
Residence: Schleswig, IA
Occupation: buying and selling of livestock
Born: 27 Sept., 1867, Germany
Father: Matt Ehler, d. age 77, Ida Co, IA ; emigrated in 1893
Mother: Caroline, d. Germany
Siblings: Julius (Ida Co. IA); Ludwig (Ida Co. IA); Richard (Ida Co. IA); Matilda (Germany); Agnes (d. Infancy)
Spouse: SUCKSTORF, Dora
Children: Lurie (d.); Clara, Eddie, and Edna (all living at home.)
Spouse Father: Henry Suckstorf and Catherine Hoffelt
Spouse Siblings: Wilhellmina (m. Laurence Petersen, Morgan Twp, Crawford Co.)
Name: EIFFERT. William
Residence: West Side
Occupation: Retired Farmer
Birth: 26 Feb 1854, Germany (emigrated to US 1880)
Father: Jacob Eiffert (b. Germany; d.)
Mother: Elizabeth Gerhold (b. Germany; d.)
Siblings: Carl (Germany); Conrad (West Side); Elizabeth (m. Bernard Lange); Gertrude (d.) Henry (West Side); Herman (West Side); Catharina (d.)
Spouse: SPANGLER, Lizzie
Marriage: 25 Feb 1882
Children: Curt (South Dak.); Martha (m. Rev. Fred Rolf; Rock Island, Ill.); Helen (d.) Herbert
Spouse Parents: Henry Spangler (b. Germany) and Johanna Scheinsberg (b. Germany)
Name: ELLS, Benjamin F.
Residence: Ells, Crawford Co.
Occupation: Businessman/farmer/postmaster, appointed by President McKinley, serving also under Presidents Roosevelt and Taft
Birth: 20 June 1846, Nova Scotia
Father: Benjamin Ells
Mother: Eliza Eaton
Siblings: 8, 6 living
Spouse : KNILANS, Julia A. (b. Wisconsin)
Marriage: 1878, Wisconsin
Children: Adelbert (Crawford) Caroline (m Gust Carlson, Denison); Ida G. (m. J. E. Woolley, Crawford); Laura (d.); Anna M. (at home); Iris (d.); Prudence (at home)
Religion: Methodist
Name: ENGBERG, Carl Erick
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: Retired farmer
Birth: 29 Apr 1840, Sweden. Emigrated to US (Henry Co., IL) with parents 1861, to Crawford Co. abt. 1869
Father: John Erick Lofqueist Engberg , d. Henry Co., IL, age 91
Mother: Engred Christophsen, d. Sac Co., IA, age 70
Siblings: Margaret (m. Laus Longberg; Sac Co., IA), Carolina (m. Samuel Petersen; Henry Co., IL), Johannas (d.), Christopher (d.), Jonas (d.).
Spouse : 26 Feb. 1870
Marriage: JOHNSON, Johanna
Children: John (d. age 38), Oscar (d. infant), Robert (d. infant), Nettie (m. Harlund Smith; Sioux Falls, SD), Joseph (Kiron, IA), Caroline (m. Rev. Walter Forest; Ames, IA), Lilly (Kiron, IA).
Spouse Parents: Axel Johnson and Palnella Nielsen
Spouse Siblings: Elenora (m. Swan Johnson; Sac Co., IA), Olive (Chicago, IL), Elizabeth (d.), Augusta (Colorado Springs, CO), Lena (m. George Oscar Ostergreen; St. Paul, MN), Nels (Lyons, NE), Joseph, Charles (SD).
Church Affiliation: Baptist
Name: ERICKSEN, Fred
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 1 Aug 1873, Stockholm Twp.
Father: John A. Ericksen (ibid). See his biography following.
Mother: Martha Julia Larsen
Name: ERICKSEN, John A.
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: Retired farmer
Birth: 3 April 1836, Sweden. Emigrated to US abt age 30.
Father: Mangus Ericksen, b. Sweden, spent entire life there
Mother: Karliesa, b. Sweden, spent entire life there
Siblings: Peter (Sweden), 6 others (d.)
Spouse: LARSEN, Martha Julia, of Crawford Co.
Marriage: 22 Nov 1868
Children: Lydia (m. George Swartz; Boyer, IA), Fred (b. 1 Aug 1873, Stockhold Twp., farmer in Stockhol Twp.), Effie (m. C. S. Johnson; Boyer, IA), Levi, Emil (d.), Amanda (d.)
Name ERNST, Christ
Residence: Schleswig (previously Germany; Davenport; Scott Co. IA)
Occupation: Farmer and stockman (865 acres)
Birth: 11 Dec 1847, Hanover, Germany (emigrated to US 1868)
Father: Jurgen Ernst (b. Germany; d.)
Mother: Maggie Wadamaear (b. Germany; d.)
Siblings: Peter; Anna; Henry; Henry (d.) Frederick (d.)
Spouse: CORTUM, Doris
Marriage: 24 Jan 1874
Children: Elme (m. A. Krauk); Charles, Rudolph; Julius; Clara, Edna; Adelia (d.)
Spouse Parents: Fritz Cortum and Laura Orsbor
Spouse Siblings: Nancy (m. J. D. Schambroh); Otto; Louise (m. Peter Ernst); Emma (m. William Strobrig); Ernst (d.)
Name: EVERS, Louie
Residence: Denison
Occupation: county treasurer, carpenter, hardware dept Balle-Brodersen Company
Birth: 29 Dec 1874, Clinton, IA
Father: Charles Evers, (b. Germany), carpenter, contractor; now living in Green River WY. Second marriage: Mary Petersen.
Mother: Unnamed (b. Germany, d. 1880, Denison)
Siblings: August (Superior WY); 2 others deceased
Step Siblings: Children of Charles Evers and Mary Petersen: William, John, Carl, two others (d.)
Paternal Grandfather: John Evers (b. Abt. 1824, Germany, d. 1902, Denison). Children: Louie, Charles, Susannah, Elizabeth, Emma
Maternal Grandparents: John Bendixen, farmer (b. Germany, d. 1895 in Crawford Co.) and Unnamed spouse (b. Germany, d.). Emigrated to US abt. 1874. Children: William, Fred, Peter, Asmus, Henry, Doris, Elizabeth and others.
Spouse: LORENZEN, Ida (b. Crawford Co.)
Marriage: 8 Jan 1901
Children: Lorenz; Dorothy; Louie
Spouse Parents: A. B. Lorenzen (b. Germany) and Hannah Christiansen (b. Germany), both living in Denison.
Spouse Siblings: Anna; Lorenz; Adalina; Andrew; others unnamed deceased
Note: Lutheran
Name: EWOLDT, William
Residence: Hayes Twp
Occupation: Farmer. Raises Hereford cattle
Birth: 31 July 1871, Muscatine Co IA
Father: Henry Ewoldt, of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; came to Scott Co IA, 1864; now live in Manning IA
Mother: Dora Vinke, of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; now live in Manning IA
Siblings: Louis (d.); Amelia (m. John Schumann, of Hayes Twp); Minnie (d.); Emma (Manning IA); Henry (Oakland IA); Laura (m. Richard Schroeder, Muscatine Co IA); Bertha (d.); Louise (m. Fred Baker); Amanda (m. Dietlief Wunder, Walcott IA); Clara (m. Claus Clausen, Manning IA); Emil (d.); Irene; Carl A. (d. in infancy).
Spouse: KRUSE, Katie
Marriage: 1896
Children: Carl (d.); Edward; Emil
Note: Protestant Lutheran. Democrat
Name: FARRELLY, Rev. M. J.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Ordained Roman Catholic Priest (21 Sept 1880), scholar, teacher, speaker
Birth: 1 Mar 1854, Aughavass, Ireland
Father: Mr. Farrelly, d.1892, aged 84 years. Cattle merchant, Ireland
Mother: Miss Fitzpatrick, d. 16 Dec 1899, Denison, age 73. Immigrated to America 1893
Siblings: Luke (d.), Patrick F. (Carroll, IA), Thomas (d. age 18), unnamed sister (m. Mr. McGuire; he died 26 Oct 1910, St. Paul, MI), James (Chicago, IL), Philip (near Denison), Peter (Denison), Mary (m. J. T. Haugh, Denison).
Paternal Grandparents: Luke Farrelly (farmer, Ireland) and Miss Masterson
Father's Siblings: Luke, Matthew, Peter, James, Michael, Thomas, daughter (d. infant).
Maternal Grandparents: Patrick Fitzpatrick (farmer, Ireland) and Miss Masterson
Mother's Siblings: Philip, Patrick, Ann, Ellen, Mary, Alice, Adelia, Margaret
Name: FASTJE, John
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Manufacturer and dealer in furniture
Birth: 10 Dec 1864, Oldenburg, Germany; emigrated to US 1891
Father: Bernhard Fastje, b. Germany; d. 1871 age 48; farmer, restaurant, constable
Mother: Fredericka Kuzel, b. Germany; d. 1907, Denison, age 78
Siblings: Fredericka (m. Fred Eisenhaur; Denison), Sophia (m. Henry Rogge; Denison), Helena (m. John Reeh; Havre, Montana), Henry (Havre, Montana), 4 others (d.)
Spouse 1: WESSELS, Johanna, b. Germany; d. 1893
Marriage: 3 May, 1891
Children: Freda, John
Spouse 1 Parents: Frederick Wessels and Johanna Wedel
Spouse 2: CHRISTIANSEN, Anna
Marriage: 20 May, 1895
Children: Robert, William, Carl, Martha, Dorothea, 2 others (d. infancy)
Spouse 2 Parents: Hans and Meta Christiansen
Name: FAUL, Frank
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Clerk of the District Court, publisher of Der Demokrat
Birth: 22 May 1860, Freeport, IL
Father: Christian Faul, b. Germany, machinist; d. March 1910,Council Bluffs, IA, age 77; emigrated in 1850's to Buffalo, NY, Chicago, IL, Council Bluffs, IA; worked for Chicago & Northwestern RR, Wabash RR
Mother: Elizabeth Shoch, b. Germany
Siblings: Frederick,(d.) Martha,(d.) Albert, Henry, Kate
Spouse: BRINKMANN, Ernestina, b. Lunden, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Marriage: 1 Dec. 1883
Children: Otto (m. Eva Cooley, Wall Lake, 2 children: Evelyn, Gretchen); Elizabeth (teacher); Henry (printer, father's office); Frankie E (school at Cedar Falls, IA); Alfred, Ruby (at home)
Spouse Father: Peter Brinkmann (emigrated to US 1882). Spouse 1: d. Germany. Spouse 2: d. Jan. 1910
Spouse Siblings: Children of Peter Brinkmann's Spouse 1: Carolina (m. Christian Otto); Bendix (d.); John
Spouse Step Siblings: Children of Peter Brinkmann's Spouse 2: Emma, Frieda, Peter (d. infant)
Name: FELLOWS, Ernest Wilder
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Supt. of Schools, Denison; Grinnell College, A.B. degree 1894
Birth: 29 April, 1874, Vinton, IA
Father: Elihu Fellows (b. NY)
Mother: Lottie A. Wilder (b. NY)
Paternal Grandfather: Evander Fellows, NY, farmer. Children: Lorimus, Daniel, Elihu
Maternal Grandfather: farmer, NY. Children: Sibley, John, Lottie, 1 son (d. infant)
Spouse: ROBERT, Adeline (Lawton)
Marriage: June, 1903
Children: Adeline Harriet, Barbara Blanche
Spouse Parents: Joseph T. Robert and Hattie Wilson
Religion: Presbyterian
Name: FERGUSON, William Wallace
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Photographer
Birth: 28 Mar 1876, Clinton, IA
Father: William Ferguson, b. Scotland; reared in Dunfermlin, Scotland; emigrated to US immediately after Civil War; has a photography business in Clinton, IA.
Mother: Elizabeth Lodge, b. England
Siblings: George (Chicago), Ella (d., m. Frank Dauterman), Robert Bruce (Reinbeck, IA), Marion E. (Clinton, IA)
Spouse: MUDGETT, Minnie May, b. Comanche, IA
Marriage: 3 May 1898
Spouse Parents: Philip Mudgett (b. NY state, m. Illinois) and Mary Mitchell (b. Illinois), both living in Clinton, IA
Spouse Siblings: William J., Edith (m. Frank Mullin), Grace (Clinton, IA)
Name: FIENE, Paul F.
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Manager of First National Bank
Born: 7 April, 1875 Chicago, IL
Father: G. F. Fiene, b. 20 Dec, 1842, Rodenwald, Hanover, Germany; m. 20 May, 1866, Chicago, IL.; d. 22 Jan. 1907, Charter Oak, IA. Emigrated in 1864
Mother: Margaret Fink, b. 4 June, 1845, Langer, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Siblings: Carl A. ( Orange, Ca); Martha (m. Herman Lorentzen, Denison); Anna (m. M. M. Black, Charter Oak, IA); Ernst (b. 1 Feb, 1879, minister in Niagara Falls, NY); Martin (Aberdeen, SD); Emma (at home); Susanna (at home);
Paternal Grandparents: Fred Fiene (d. 22 Jan., 1907; emigrated in 1864, settled in Addison, IL; came to Hanover Twp. in 1875) and Dorothea Kruse (emigrated in 1864, settled in Addison, IL)
Maternal Grandparents: Fred Fink (b. 3 Sept.,1822; emigrated from Hess-Darmstadt in 1847 to Chicago, IL) and Susanna Keime (b. 22 Oct.,1820). Nine children, only four survive. Margaret (widow of G.F. Fiene); Mrs August Schultz (Schleswig, IA); Johanna (m. Martin Kretchmer); Adelheid (m. Theodore Gottman, Chicago, IL)
Spouse: DICKE, Julia of Shawano Co., Wisconsin
Marriage: 12 August, 1905
Children: Irma
Spouse Father: Rev. P.H. Dicke (b. Wurtemberg, Germany) and Catherine Detzler
Notes: Otto Fiene is Paul F. Fiene's cousin.
Name: FINK, Edwin A.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Railroading and Farming
Birth: 9 August 1829, Prattsville, Green County, NY
Father: Harry Fink (d. 1880, age 71); native of Green County, NY; farmer
Mother: Lucinda Beers (d. 28 May 1855, age 49), native of Green County, NY
Siblings: Ten siblings; 6 grew to adulthood; Cornelius K., Cordelia and Cornelia (twins) Willis T. (Cherry County, NE), Martha and Ann Augusta.
Paternal Grandparents: Adam Fink and Katrina Hummell. Children: Peter, Harry, John, Martin, Eli, Margaret, Jane and Polly.
Maternal Grandparents: Cornelius D. Beers (b. NJ, farmer) and Weighty Disbro. Children: Seth, Betsy, Lucinda, Harry, Clara, and Silas.
Spouse 1: AMADON, Eliza (d. 12 January 1893, age 58).
Marriage: 24 May, 1855
Children: Isabel (m. Dorr Comfort, Pender, NE), Hannibal (m. Nellie Comstock), Nora (m. Eli Johnson, Laurel, NE), Edwin, Jr. (m. Rhonda Swinson, near Dallas, TX), Oliver (m. Florence Brogdon, Wills Point, TX), Harry (d., m. Ida Conquest), Eliza (m. Lewis C. Albright, Onawa, IA).
Spouse 1 Parents: Smith Amadon; wife's name not mentioned
Spouse 2: RICE, Mrs. Laney (b. Alsace-Lorraine, Germany; Emigrated from Germany to U. S. 1831, Migrated to IA in 1896). Widow of Amos H. Miller.
Marriage: 7 January, 1897.
Stepchildren: Children of Amos H. Miller: Abram, Eugene, George M., and Frank R. Miller.
Spouse 2 Parents: Joseph Rice and Mary Smith
Affiliations: Dutch Reformed Church
Name: FISCHER, John
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 23 Jan 1862, Germany
Father: Joachim Fischer (m. Germany, emigrated 1869; d. Chicago).
Mother: d. Crawford Co. IA
Siblings: Frederica (m. Gustave Rabe of Crawford Co.)
Spouse: KOEPPEN, Bertha b. 06 Jul 1864, Germany.
Marriage: 13 Nov 1881
Children: Ida (b. 14 Dec 1882, at home); Martin (b. 05 Jul 1884; farmer, Monona Co.); John (b. 01 Aug 1886; farmer, Monona Co.); William (b. 31 Jan 1888, at home); Gustave (b. 01 May 1892); Louis (d. age 4 yrs.); Selma (b. 28 Apr 1900); Arthur (b. 16 Dec 1902).
Spouse Parents: Lewis Koeppen (Farmer, d. 1901) and Frederica Dabal (They emigrated 1870 to Chicago, 1878 to Crawford ).
Spouse Siblings: Alvina (m. Oscar Knoblock, Denison); John (Joliet, IL); Louis (old homestead, Crawford Co.); Mary (South Chicago).
Church: German Lutheran
Residence Union twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 12 January 1858 Seneca Co., Ohio near Mexico
Father Daniel Fishel, b. Ohio; d. 1873, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. (corporal, Company A, 61st regiment of Ohio vol. Inf.) Battles of Bull Run, Gettysburg, Lookout mountain
Mother Mary J. Mills , b. Ohio ; d. March 1906 Dow city, Ia.
Siblings Susan E. (m. B.L. Trimble, Minnesota), Jerusha E. (m. J.H. Harmon, Ohio), William, 4 chlidren (d.)
Spouse 1: HUNTINGTON, Lydia; d. 1898, buried in Dow City
Children: Norine E. (m. H. Alexander), Robert
Spouse 1 Father: G. W. Huntington of Dow City
Spouse 2 CLICK, Lydia of Denison
Marriage 2 in 1906
Name: FLEMING, WilliamBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 31 Dec 1850, Scotland
Father: Rev. James Fleming
Mother: Isabella McClelland
Spouse: CURRIE, Mary, b. 25 Dec 1864, Scotland; d. 24 Oct, 1909; buried in Odelbolt, IA, cemetery
Marriage: 1883
Children: James D. and John in Crawford Co., Mary, Grace I., Jessie E., Margaret, Nellie and Willie (twins), Charles R.
Spouse Parents: Duncan Currie (d.) and Mary Smith (d.), emigrated to US 1872
Residence: Denison Twp
Born: 5 August, 1872, Davenport, IA
Father: G. E. Foderberg, b. Davenport, IA; m. 1870, Davenport, IA; d. 1882, California
Mother: C. C. Kuehner, b. Germany; emigrated with parents at age 3; lost both parents within one year of coming to Davenport, IA
Siblings: Minnie A. ( m. Henry Krauel, Denison); George E. (Denison Twp.); Hattie ( m. F.W. Shreader, Washington Twp.)
Spouse: PILOT, Maude, b. Dow City, IA
Marriage: 18 Feb., 1903
Children: Vivian May (b. 2 May, 1907); Benjamin Arthur ( b. 4 May, 1908)
Spouse Parents: Thomas Pilot (b. Kentucky) and Laura Peterson (b. Denmark)
Spouse Siblings: Minnie (m. A. G. Grant, Charter Oak, IA); Henry (Salem, South Dakota); Charles (Charter Oak, IA)
Note: At the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, B. H. Foderberg enlisted in Company K, Fifty-First Iowa Volunteers, on 12 May, 1898, in Des Moines, IA. He was promoted to the rank of Corporal and fought in many of the battles overseas.
Name: FRAHM, H. H.
Residence: Denison twp.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 22 August 1868, Schleswig Holstein, Germany
Father: Herman Frahm, b. Schleswig, Germany. Emigrated in 1874 to Chicago.
Mother: Maggie Luth, b. Holstein, Germany.
Siblings: Maggie (d), Katie (d), John (d), Tina (m. N.A. Miller), Peter, Herman (Stratton, Colorado), Maggie (d), Lizzie (d), George
Spouse: BURKHOFFER, Lizzie, b. Switzerland; d. 21 November 1910
Marriage: 1890
Children: John, Lillian (d.), Harry Alfred, Hattie Hazel, Henry Willie, Fay Ruby
Name: FREDERICKS, GillBlue Folder Photo
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 30 June 1887, Hanover Twp.
Father: Fred Fredericks (Denison), b. Germany
Mother: Christina Steffen, b. Germany
Siblings: Charley, Lena, Frederick, and Henry all in Crawford Co., Mary (Denison)
Spouse: HENNING, Amanda, b. 5 Oct 1886,Crawford Co.
Marriage: 23 Feb 1910
Children: Walter (b. 26 Dec 1910)
Spouse Parents: Christ Henning (b. Germany) and Mary (b. US), living in Denison
Spouse Siblings: John, Anna, Christ, Justus, Amanda, Hans, Verna, Nada and Walter all live in Crawford Co., Henry (Neb.)
Name: FRESE, Rev. H. C. William
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Reverend (Pastor of Zion's Lutheran Church and Superintendent of the Lutheran School)
Birth: 23 Aug 1873, Tonawanda, NY
Father: Rev. Louis Frese, b. Hanover, Germany, d. 1900, age 54, Council Bluffs, IA (Emigrated to U.S. age 17).
Mother: Louisa Richter, b. St. Louis, MO (Champaign, IL)
Siblings: Esther (m. Henry Dirks, Poplar Bluff, MO); Theresa (d.); Louisa (d.); Julius (d.); Louis (teacher at Cedar Rapids, IA); Emil (d.); Walter (d.); Emma and Anna (both living at home).
Paternal Grandparents: Henry Frese and Henrietta Hincke. Children: Adolph; Julius; Ernst; Louis; Henrietta (m. Fred Riebow of South Omaha, NE).
Maternal Grandparents: John Richter, (b. Saxony, Germany. A cooper in St. Louis, MO) and Louisa Espenschied. Children: Ernst; Louisa; Theresa (d.); Theodore (d.).
Spouse: BOSECKER, Elizabeth, b. Evansville, IN
Marriage: 2 Oct 1902 near Cowling, IL
Children: William; Elizabeth (d.); Walter; Ruth
Spouse Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Bosecker (Retired farmer, Mt. Carmel, IL).
Spouse Siblings: Frederick; Mary (m. Theodore Wirth); Lena
Spouse Maternal Grandparents: Jacob Schweikhard (b. Bavaria, Germany; d. early manhood) and Margaret Baumgartner (d. age 75). Children: Jacob; Charlotte; Frederick.
Spouse Paternal Grandfather: Carl Bosecker, b. Saxony, Germany. Children: Anna; Elizabeth; William, Christian; Andrew
Affiliations: Republican
Name: FREY, Mathias
Residence: Denison Twp.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 11 March 1846, Epesheim, France, which after war belongs to Germany. Emigrated abt. 1866 to Chicago and Lake county, Illinois.
Father: Mathias Frey, d. 1880 France
Mother: Mary Oberlin, d. 1874 France
Siblings: Mary (d.), Jacob (France), Salome (France), Lena (d.)
Spouse: JENSEN, Kerren, of Danish extraction
Marriage: 1874
Children: Mary (m. H.Stahl, Buck Grove), Sarah (m.Julis Mahler, Denison), Henry (d.), Emma (m. Bert Hester), Lydia (m. Carl Clausen, Spinks Co., South Dakota), Rose (d.), George, John
Residence: Otter Creek Twp (320 acres)
Occupation: Cattle & hog feeder. Previously carpenter, farmer.
Birth: 24 May 1863, Germany. Emigrated to US in 1881.
Father: K. M. Friedrichsen, Schleswig, IA
Mother: Elizabeth Peterson, Schleswig, IA
Siblings: Agnes (m. Henry Bendixen, Schleswig, IA); Fred (Otter Creek Twp); Magdelina (m. Ed Kestner); Knud (Otter Creek Twp); Cathrina (m. Henry Ricketts, NE); Julia (m. Emil Elser, Ida Co.); Freda (m. John Jurgensen, Morgan Twp); Carl (Otter Creek Twp.)
Spouse: GUTTBERG, Anna (b. Germany)
Marriage: 27 Mar 1888
Children: Ella; Carl; Johannes; Marguerita (d.); Marvine; Anna; Fred, Alfred, Violet.
Spouse Parents: Johann Guttberg and Marguerita Botham (Germany), ages 92 and 81
Spouse Siblings: Laurence (Germany); Elsaba (Germany); Johann (Germany); Marguerita (d.); Franz (Germany), Claus (Schleswig, IA); Katherina (m. Christian Kruse, MN)
Name: GARNER, W.A. (M.D.)
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: Physician
Birth: 2 July 1877, Cedar Co., Ia.
Father: Pearl Garner, b. Maryland
Mother: Mary Cory, b. New York
Siblings: J.E., Grace (m. Clyde Barrett), Ralph, Eva, Dwight,
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Retired lawyer, (railroad lawyer), hardware & lumber businessman
Birth: 22 Aug 1849, Jones Co. IA. Came to Denison in 1880.
Father: Solomon Garrison (b. 13 Feb 1816, OH; m. 27 Jan 1841; d. 2 Mar 1891, Reynolds NE)
Mother: Harriet Simpson (d. 9 Dec 1903, Mt Vernon IA)
Siblings: Cyrena (b. 13 Oct 1843, m. John Ashby, Coggon IA); W. S. (b. 5 Sept 1846; m. Emma J. De Camp; Wyoming IA); G. R. (b. 8 May 1854; m. Sarah E. Robinson, 20 Jan 1876; CA); L. L. (b. 28 Feb 1858, Lincoln NE); Dema E. (b. 25 Mar 1861, m. A. D. Hunt, Mt. Vernon IA); 2 siblings died in infancy
Spouse: CAROTHERS, Emma
Marriage: 17 Feb 1870
Children: Lillian A.; Edgar S.; Ray D. (m. Hattie Weeks; Grand Junction CO); Earling R. ( at home)
Note: Solomon and Harriet Garrison married on 27 Jan 1841; immediately moved to Jones Co. IA and moved to Reynolds NE in 1883.
Name: GEBERT, Hugo
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Partner in mercantile business; started to learn printing in Germany, then became hotel waiter; emigrated in 1887, age 17 to Crawford Co.
Birth: 26 Aug 1870 Hamburg, Germany
Father: Henry Gebert (b. Germany; tile maker for stoves and fireplaces, including all the stoves for the king of Denmark; d. Hamburg, age about 40 years)
Mother: Christiana Luetjens (b. Germany; remarried to Herman Ebel, one daughter)
Siblings: Ludwig (Hamburg); and Meta (m. Theodore Voss, Hamburg) and one step-sister Clara Ebel
Spouse: OSBORN, Florence Iola (b. Adair Co., IA)
Marriage: 04 Oct. 1894
Children: Harriet; Roy; Mary; Paul; Almarine, Hugo McVitty; and Frederick.
Spouse Parents: John Osborn (b. IL) and Harriet Culbertson (b. PA)
Spouse Siblings: William; Richard, Florence I.; Bessie; John; Bernice; Ruby and Leslie.
Church Affiliation: Presbyterian
Name: GESSMANN, Jacob
Residence: Nishnabotny Twp.
Occupation: farming, livestock feeding
Born: 14 March, 1853, Wurtemberg, Germany
Father: Frederick Gessmann, b. Germany
Mother: Christina Bender, b. Germany
Siblings: Christina (age 73, Germany); Godfrey (d. Germany); Frederick (d. 1895, Chicago, IL); Frederica (Germany); Carl (Germany); William (Nishnabotny Twp); Louisa (Chicago, IL); Minnie (Chicago, IL); Catharina (d. 1910, near Denison, IA)
Spouse: HOFFMAN, Carolina
Marriage: 1877, Germany
Children: Minnie (San Francisco, CA); Anna (m. Hugo Boetter; Redlands, CA); Carrie (m. John Heppee; Redlands, CA); Kate (m. Fred Bell; Denison); Charles (at home); Matilda (m. James McMahon; Manilla, IA); Bertha, Carrie and Albert (all at home)
Note: Jacob Gessmann came to America in 1880 sailing from Hamburg, and landing in New York. Lived in Chicago, IL till he came to Crawford Co. in 1882.
Name: GILLMOR, Ira C.
Residence: Denison Twp.
Occupation: Stock Raiser
Birth: 12 June 1876, Denison Twp.
Father: Isaac Gillmor Blue Folder Photo
Spouse: HARDY, Mabel (Retired Teacher)
Marriage: 20 April, 1898
Children: Ira Hardy (b. 16 March 1899); Zella Olive (b. 12 May 1902)
Spouse Parents: A. P. Hardy
Affiliations: Republican Party, Knights of Pythias, Past Township Clerk, Past Clerk of Election Board, Past Secretary of School Board
Name: GIRARD, Gustave
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 1 April, 1843, Germany
Death: 3 Oct. 1907, buried Morgan Cemetery
Father: Frederick Girard, b. Germany, d. Livingston Co., Ill
Mother: Dorothea, b. Germany, d. Livingston Co., Ill
Siblings: Six
Spouse: CUSTIS, Eva E. (b. 26 Aug 1861, LaSalle Co. IL)
Marriage: 17 June, 1877
Children: Carrie J (b. 18 June 1878; d. 23 Dec 1878); Lurenia M (b. 21 Mar 1880; d. 21 May 1880); Jesse U.(b. 19 March 1881; d. 28 Feb 1906, OK); Frederick (b. 10 Aug 1884,at home); Arthur H (b. 3 Sept 1889, at home); Lula E (b. 25 Sept 1891; Cedar Falls, IA, student); Francis E (b. 27 Dec 1893; d. 21 July 1894); Nellie E (b. 6 Oct 1895, at home); Gladys E (b. 7 Aug 1898, at home)
Spouse Parents: Levi Custis (b. VA; d. age 26) and Clara Johnson (b. PA; age 72; 8 children by second marriage)
Spouse Siblings: two
Residence: Washington Twp. (previously Davis Co until 1879; Appanoose Co until 1881; Charter Oak Twp until Spring 1905)
Occupation: Thoroughbred stock breeder and general farming (240 acres)
Birth: 14 Mar 1857 near Drakeville, Davis Co. IA
Father: Samuel B. Glassburner (b. Westmoreland Co, PA. Came to IA 1847. m. IA).
Mother: Mary P. Edwards (b. Westmoreland Co, PA. m. IA)
Siblings: Amanda (m.Owen Williams, Batavia, IA); William L., (Washington, IA); Rachel (m. Blueford Haines, Unionville, IA)
Spouse: BOYER, Amanda Allen (Davis Co.)
Marriage: 1878
Children: Maimie F. (China Missionary); Frank J.; Daisy H. (m. Joseph Hallowell); Grace L. (m. Eldridge Bryan); Fred R.; Ruth P.
Name: GLOCKZIEN, Robert
Residence: Charter Oak and Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer (cobbler in CA for 20 yrs.)
Birth: 19 Oct 1848, Germany; emigrated to NY 1868
Father: Gottleib Glockzien (b. Germany d. Germany, tailor)
Mother: Elbertina Lentz (b. Germany, d. Germany)
Siblings: Herman; August; (both in Germany)
Spouse: KROLL, Ernestine S. (b. 10 May 1867 Germany; only child; emigrated to Chicago June 1881)
Marriage: 05 Mar 1888 in Chicago
Children: Eichmann (b. 15 Nov 1888); Louisa (b. 22 Dec 1890); Robert (b.10 Apr 1893)
Spouse Parents: William C. Kroll and Henrietta (Germany).
Church: German Lutheran
Name: GOETSCH, Henry
Residence: Kiron
Occupation: Farmer, livery and feed business
Birth: 20 Feb 1868, WI. To Harrison Co., IA abt 1889, to Crawford Co. 1910.
Father: Carl Goetsch (b. Germany; d. Dec 1898, CA) Emigrated to US (WI) with wife in 1864, to Boone Co., IA abt 1869, to CA 1892.
Mother: Carolina Baumann (b. Germany; to CA)
Siblings: nine siblings
Spouse: MESCHING, Sarah (b. MN)
Marriage: September, 1889
Children: John (b. 8 Aug 1891; student; Schleswig, IA); The following in Kiron: Glenn (b. 12 July 1895), August (b. 6 Sep 1896), Elmer (b. 20 Oct 1900).
Spouse Parents: Henry Mesching and Julia Wendorff. Both b. Germany, living in Harrison Co.,IA.
Spouse Siblings: eleven siblings
Religion: German Lutheran Church
Name: GOODRICH, Isaac B.
Note: This biographical data on Issac B. Goodrich appeared in the biography of his son, Oscar S. Goodrich, that appeared in the book (see below). There was sufficient biographical data on Isaac B. to add this data separately.
Residence: Goodrich Twp., which was named after him.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 1804, New York state; went to Michigan, Illinois and then to Crawford Co. in June 1854.
Death: 1881, Goodrich Twp.
Father: Philander Goodrich
Spouse: GAMBLE, Margaret; d. April 1882
Marriage: New York state
Children: Luzina (d.), Sabrina (d.), Adeline (d.), Leverett C. (d.), Tully (d.), Philander (d.), Minerva (d.), William (S. Dak.), Oscar (Denison; SEE his biography), Rufus (Idaho), Milo (Minn.)
Name: GOODRICH, Oscar S.Blue Folder Photo
Residence: Denison, retired 22 Nov 1910 from farm which was probably in Goodrich Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 4 Sept 1854, Illinois (date and place conflict with reported date of father's arrival in Crawford Co.)
Father: Isaac B. Goodrich (SEE his biography)
Mother: Margaret Gamble
Siblings: SEE children of Isaac B. Goodrich
Spouse: BUTLER, Lucy of Arion, IA; now living in Denison
Marriage: 5 Nov 1873 at home of Lucy's parents
Children: William (d. infancy), Una B. (m. Howard Matthews; El Reno, Okla.), Isaac B. (twin; Cushing, IA), Leverett C. (twin; Kiron, IA), Libby (m. Clyde Hufman; Thermopolis, Wyoming), Catharine (m. Bert Justice; Milford Twp.), Agnes Marie (b. 2 Sept 1895), Ruth Sabrina (b. 26 May 1897)
Spouse Parents: James Butler and Catharine McCall; lived on a farm on the present site of the town of Arion
Spouse Siblings: Donald J. (d., first white boy born in Crawford Co.), Margaret (m. Valdo Talcott; Arion, IA), William (Arion, IA), Agnes (m. Dr. W. B. Evans; Arion, IA), Lorenzo C. (Arion, IA), Charles (Arion, IA), 3 others (d. infancy)
Name: GOTTBURG, Claus
Residence: Schleswig
Occupation: Furniture Store Owner
Birth: 25 June 1864, Germany
Father: John Gottburg
Mother: Margaret Bothmann
Siblings: Lorenz (Germany); Elsie B (widow, m. John Holst, Germany); John (Germany); Margaret (d.); Franz (Germany); Annie (m. Martin Frederickson, Otter Creek twp); Katie (m. Chris Kruse, MN)
Spouse: KLAUS, Catharina
Marriage: 9 Sept. 1903
Children: John, Freda, Elsie, Arthur
Spouse Parents: Fred Klaus
Spouse Siblings: Johanna (Schleswig); Paul (Charter Oak); Christ (Charter Oak); Louisa (m. Hans Riessen, Charter Oak); Andrew (Ida Grove); Daniel (Charter Oak); 2 others (d. infants)
Religion: Evangelical Lutheran
Name: GOTTSCH, William
Residence: West Side Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 16 Aug 1868, Holstein, Germany
Father: Peter Gottsch, b. Holstein, Germany, emigrated to US 1881
Mother: Elsie, b. Holstein, Germany
Spouse: KRUSE, Mary, b. 29 Dec 1873, Hayes Twp.
Marriage: 1896
Children: Alfred P. (b. 8 Aug 1897), Hilda Ann (b. 26 Dec 1899), Rudolph C. (b. 30 Aug 1904), Gilmer Otto (b. 30 Dec 1905)
Spouse Parents: Otto Kruse and Metha, both b. Germany, emigrated to US 1856
Note: See biography of his brother, E. F. GRAINGER
Residence: Paradise Twp, Crawford co.
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 24 Sept 1866 Kingston, Canada. Emigrated to the U.S. with his parents abt. 1881.
Father: P.K. Grainger, b. 10 May 1832, County Fermanagh, Ireland; d. 24 June 1908; buried Catholic cemetery, Dow City. Emigrated to U.S. with parents in 1834.
Mother: Amanda Wemp, b. Amhurst Island, Canada; d. 24 Feb 1910
Siblings: Mary (m. Marion Cole, Dow City), Anna (m. J.C. Grandy, Warsaw, Indiana), Lucretia (d.), James Allen, Edward F., Charles (Nebraska); Rachel (widow, m. John Cary, Denison.)
Spouse: PURCELL, Johanna
Marriage: 1910
Note: See biography of his brother, A. P. GRAINGER
Residence: Paradise twp
Occupation: farmer, stock-raiser
Birth: 18 Sept 1871, Amhurst Island, Near Kingston,Canada
Father: P. K. Grainger; b. Ireland; d. 24 June 1908; teacher, farmer
Mother: Amanda Wemp; b. Canada; d. 24 Feb 1910
Siblings: Siblings: Mary (m. Marion Cole, Dow City); Anna (m. J. C. Grandy, Warsaw, IN); Lucretia, (d.); A. P.(Paradise twp.); James Allen (Paradise twp); Charles (Hancock, NE); Rachel (widow, m. John Clary, Denison)
Spouse: POLLOCK, Mabel
Marriage: 1906
Spouse Parents: W. C. Pollock
Name: GREENE, Charlie
Residence: Hanover Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 5 Oct 1867, ILL
Father: William Greene, b. Hanover, Germany, m. Hanover Germany, age 83
Mother: Dora Messenbrink, b. Hanover, Germany, d. 25 Dec 1891
Siblings: Emma (d. age 7), Louis (Charter Oak, IA), August (Sioux City), two children (d. Germany), two children (d. infant; USA)
Spouse: NEDDERMEYER, Sophia, b. Charter Oak, IA
Marriage: 11 June 1891
Children: William (b. 25 Dec 1895), Herbert (b. 5 July 1901), Erwin (b. 29 May 1905), Clarence (b. 19 Oct 1909)
Spouse Parents: Christ Neddermeyer, b. Hanover, Germany, m. Jackson Co., IA, and Katrina Kunze, b. Hanover, Germany
Spouse Siblings: Marvin (Charter Oak), Rosa (m. Robert Pautsch; Johnson, Minn.), Annie (Mitchell, S. Dak.), Emma (m. Henry Ricket; Mitchell, S. Dak.), Adolph, Elsie, Otto (d.), Christ (d.), Julius (Charter Oak)
Name: GREIF, Rev. A. D.
Residence: Soldier twp.
Occupation: Pastor German Lutheran church Soldier Twp. since 17 April 1910.
Birth: 16 June 1849 Meiningen, Germany. Emigrated to U.S. abt. 1868. Living in Texas, Chandlerville, Ill., and Davenport, Ia.
Father: Carl F. Greif, b. 3 Dec 1822; d. 8 Nov 1890. Teacher (m. 2nd time abt 1862 and had 8 additional children)
Mother: Susanna Sengling b. 1823; d. age 35 years
Siblings: Ludovic (professor in Germany); Marie (m. Mr. Hoeltzel in Germany), August (Germany), Emma (Germany), Henry(Germany), Carl (Germany)
Spouse: ODENDAHL, Louisa, b. Germany
Marriage: 17 April 1874, New Orleans, Louisiana
Children: Freda (m. Otto Westphal; Davenport, IA), Adopted son: Herman T. Greif (b. 20 June 1874, Texas; Minister at Davenport, Ia.)
Spouse Siblings Frederick; Detleff; Friederike(m. Mr. Huettmann), Henriette, Mary (m. Mr. Gassner), Friederike (d.), Michaella (d.), Adelbert(d.), 3 others (d)
Name: GREIF, Frederick Bernard William
Residence: Washington Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 6 Nov 1857, Langwarden, Oldenburg, Germany; emigrated to US abt. 1887
NOTE: The subject F. B. W. Greif had his surname changed from VOECKE to GREIF in the Denison Court
Father: Dietrick Voecke
Mother: Sophia
Siblings: William (Floresville, Texas), Mary (m. William Bruns; Shiner, Texas), Minnie (m. Bernard Meentzen; Germany), 3 others (d.)
Spouse: JANSSEN, Sophia, b. Oldenburg, Germany
Marriage: 1882, Germany
Children: Dietrich, Hattie May Steward (adopted)
Name: GRIFFIN, John
Residence: Washington Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: March, 1829, Ireland.; Emigrated to US (LA) abt 1851; to Clinton Co., IA after Civil War.
Father: Thomas Griffin (b. Ireland; d. Ireland); Farmer.
Mother: Anne Lillis (b. Ireland; d. Ireland)
Siblings: Margaret (m. John McDonald; NY), Bridget (m. John Eustis; Pond Beach, NY), Kate (d.), Thomas.
Spouse: CAREY, Mary (b. County Clare, Ireland)
Marriage: 1862, Memphis, TN
Children: Thomas (NE; Children: John, Grace, Gertrude), Anne (Council Bluffs, IA), Mollie (Washington Twp., IA), Patrick (Washington Twp., IA), John (Omaha, NE), James (Omaha, NE), Margaret (m. Jesse Bennett), Katie (m. Willis Wiggins; Dow City, IA), Mitchell (d.).
Church Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Name: GROEN, Dirk
Residence: Jackson Twp.
Occupation: Farmer and stock raiser
Birth: 09 Jan 1859 Germany; emigrated 31 Mar 1884 to Carroll Co. IA, then to Crawford. Owns land in Sac Co.
Father: Wilke Groen (b. and d. Germany)
Mother: Tena Dunker (b. and d. Germany)
Siblings: Tessie (m. Christ Koek); Jennie (d.); Dena (m. L. Luitjens); Wilhelmina (d.), Henry (d.), Jessie (d.), Tena (d.), 2 others (d.infancy). All in Germany.
Spouse: BEEKMAN, Gertrude
Marriage: 03 May, 1884
Children: William (d.); Grace (m. Wert Meyer of Crawford); Tena, Jennie, Wilhelmina, Henrietta, and Dick (all at home); George (d.).
Spouse Parents: John Beekman and Grace Vogt
Spouse Siblings: Henry (Crawford Co.); Wilbur, Webke, and John (all in Germany)
Church Affiliation: Presbyterian
Name: GRONAU, Carl
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Real estate dealer
Birth: 12 Jan 1844, Mecklenburg, Strelitz, Germany
Father: Carl Gronau, b. Germany; d. Germany age 84
Mother: Carolina Kloeckner, b. Germany; d. age 56
Siblings: Frederick (near Kiron, IA), Rudolph (Strelitz, Germany), Emil (Spokane, Wash.), 4 other males (d.)
Paternal Grandparents: Carl Gronau (d. abt. age 76) and Carolina Wagner (d.). Children: Carl, Wilhelm, Augusta
Maternal Grandparents: William Koeckner and (unknown) Sommer
Spouse: HEIDEN, Mary, b. Germany; emigrated to US 1869 with parents
Marriage: 24 June 1879
Children: Leana (d. child), William (d. child), Amanda (m. J. B. Sibbert; Denison; Child: Carl), Louisa (m. John D. Sievers; Los Angeles; Children: Paul and William Edward
Spouse Parents: Fritz Heiden (d. Jackson Co., IA, age 81) and Carolina Pankow (d. Jackson Co., IA, age 74)
Spouse Siblings: Wilhelmina, Frederick, John
Name: GULICK, Eugene
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Real estate, Insurance, lender, farmer, various local public offices
Birth: 11 Jun 1850, Montgomery Co., NY. To Clinton Co., IA 1854; to Crawford Co. 1871.
Father: Henry S. Gulick (b. NY; d. 1896, IA, age 67). To Crawford Co. 1874; Union Army; Implement business.
Mother: Marietta Frank (b. NY; living in Denison)
Siblings: Lydia E. (widow of Edward B. Smith; Los Angeles, CA), Emma M. (m. C. S. Curtis; Wausau, WI), Louisa F. (widow of J. S. Martin; Los Angeles, CA).
Paternal Grandparents: William Gulick (b. NY; d. West Side Twp., IA age 78; Holland descent; To Clinton Co., IA 1856; to Crawford Co. abt. 1876; Blacksmith) and Ann Parks. Children: Henry, Louette, Sarah Jane, Cynthia Ann, Emma, Smith P., William Oliver (d. Civil War).
Maternal Grandfather: Adam Frank (b. NY; d. age 95); Holland descent. Children: Marietta, Andrew, John, Furman, Jane Eliza, Harriet, Lydia Maria, Nancy.
Spouse: CRAWSHAW, Mary Jane. (b. Clinton Co., IA)
Marriage: 9 Sep. 1872
Children: Gertrude A. (m. C. L. Voss, cashier, Bank of Denison; Children: Loyal Eugene), Ethel (student, Indianola, IA), Leslie E. (student, Cedar Rapids, IA)
Spouse Parents: Richard Crawshaw (b. England; m. Clinton Co., IA; d. Clinton Co., IA age 45) and Jane Hamilton (b. Ireland; d. age 84)
Spouse Siblings: Alice C. (m. Governor Leslie M. Shaw)
Church Affiliation: Methodist
Name: GUNN, Ernest James
NOTE: See Biography of George T. Gunn (his brother) and James F. Gunn (his son)
Residence: Crawford Co
Occupation: Farmer. Marble cutter
Birth: 02 May 1855, Coitsville, NJ
Father: James N. Gunn, b. 27 March 1826, London, England
Mother: Elizabeth Lea (of London, England)
Siblings: SEE biography of George T. (his brother)
Spouse: STEVENS, Helen
Marriage: 04 July 1882
Children: Letitia (m. Walter Campbell, Sac Co IA); James F. (farmer in Crawford Co IA. SEE his biography)
Spouse Parents: Dr. B. F. Stevens (b. Pennsylvania; d.), and Sarah West (b. New York)
Spouse Siblings: Frances (m. Mr. Granger, Nebraska); Henry (Florida); Fred (Sioux City IA); Andrew (Sac City, IA); Catherine (m. Dempster Treadway, Wall Lake IA); Frank (Clay Co IA); John (Kansas City MO); Jerusha (d.), Mary (d.), Allan (d.), Jane (d.), Emma (d.).
Note: Episcopal. Republican
Name: GUNN, George T.
NOTE: See Biography of Ernest James Gunn (his brother) and James F. Gunn (his nephew)
Residence: Jackson twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 4 March 1857, Elgin, IL
Father: James N. Gunn (b. 27 March 1826, London, England; d. 15 Feb 1904; emigrated 1853, NY; Elgin, IL; Clinton, IA; Crawford)
Mother: Elizabeth Lea (b. England; d. 26 March 1911; emigrated 1853)
Siblings: Ernest J (Crawford); Letitia B. (widow, m. W. A. Murdock, Chicago); Alice M (m. D. Waldhelm, Primghar, IA); Jessie (m. Albert Waggoner, Odebolt, IA); Helen (d.); 1 other (d. infant)
Spouse: FOTHERGILL, Sadie
Marriage: 3 Jan. 1889
Children: Sadie; Charles (KS); George (MO); Grundon (MO); Mary (home); Francis (d.)
Spouse Parents: John Fothergill (b. Yorkshire, England) Mary Grundon (b. Yorkshire, England); emigrated 1857, Lyons, IA; living in MO
Religion: Episcopal
Name: GUNN, James F.
NOTE: See Biography of Ernest James Gunn (his father) and George T. Gunn (his uncle)
Residence: Crawford Co
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 07 July 1886, Crawford Co
Father: Ernest J. Gunn
Mother: Helen Stevens
Spouse: SCHAFFER, Anna
Marriage: 12 Jan 1909
Children: Helen, b. 16 Oct 1909
Spouse Parents: Henry Schaffer, of Germany; came to US 1888, and Catherine Pfaunkuch, of Germany; came to US 1888
Spouse Siblings: Louis (farmer, Crawford Co), William (farmer, Crawford Co), Martha (m. William Ricke, Breda, Carroll Co, IA), Conrad (farmer in Sac Co IA), Lizzie (m. George Bruns, Carroll Co IA), William (d.), Henry (d.), Henry (d.) [there being two of this name], and unnamed twins (d.).
Note: Presbyterian. Republican.
Residence: Stockholm Twp.
Occupation: Farming and stock raising
Birth: 6 Feb 1875, Sweden. Emigrated to US abt. 1891
Father: John Gustafson, age 67, living with his son, emigrated to US in 1910
Mother: Johanna Axelson, d. Sweden
Siblings: Albin (Ida Co., IA), Enard (Ida Co., IA), Charlotta (d.), Alma (d.), Alma (Ida Co., IA), Axel (d.)
Spouse: LUNDBERG, Amanda
Marriage: 24 Feb., 1900
Children: Mamie (age 9), Ernest (age 7), Vernal (age 4), Florence (age 2)
Spouse Parents: Axel Lundberg and Matilda Lindblud
Spouse Siblings: Phebian (d.), Charles (d.), Annie (d.), Ida (d.), Hilda (m. John Turen; Ida Co., IA), Nellie (m. Everett Warren; Calhoun Co., IA), Hilder (Calhoun Co., IA), Annie (m. C. Clausen; Kiron, IA), Alice (m. Nels Wickel; Neb.), Mamie (Sac Co., IA)

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