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Biographical Data for Crawford County Residents in 1893

Source: Biographical History of Crawford, Ida and Sac Counties, Iowa. 1893. The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago

Surnames Starting With A and B

Name: ABBOTT, E. G.
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: General manager, E. A. Abbott and Son (grain merchants, dealers in coal, ice, wood, flour, etc.)
Birth: Baltimore, MD
Father: E. A. Abbott (b. Baltimore, MD)
Mother: Adrianna (b. NY)
Siblings: 2 sisters
Spouse: PACKERD, Ada (b. New Orleans, LA), educated in Europe
Marriage: 7 Aug, 1889
Spouse's Parents: Gov. & Mrs. S.B. Packerd, Marshalltown, IA
Children: Edson; Bennet
Religion: Episcopalian
Note: E.G. reared in Marshalltown, IA & came to Charter Oak in 1887; Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Abbott now live in Marshalltown, IA
Name: ABBOTT, Thomas E.
Residence; western Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer, landowner, stockman, county road supervisor
Birth: Nov, 1851, Lincolnshire, England
Father: Thomas Abbott, (b. Lincolnshire, England, d. Lincolnshire, age 68 yrs), farmer
Mother: Ann Clement
Siblings: 6 siblings, 2 brothers, 4 sisters
Paternal Grandfather: Anthony Abbott, (b. England)
Spouse: WICKWIRE, Ambrosia (b. Clinton Co., IA)
Marriage: Feb., 1879, Clinton Co., IA
Children: Annie A.; James Edd; Robert D.; Pearl May
Religion: Episcopalian
Note: Left England for U.S. in 1871 & came to Crawford Co. in 1878. Prominent Crawford Co. landowner, Thomas B. Clement, now living in Canton, OH, is uncle of Thomas.
Name: ADAMS, John F.
Residence: Charter Oak Twp
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 18 Nov, 1844, Perry Co., OH
Father: William Adams, (b. abt. 1807,PA d. 1882, Perry Co. OH); farmer & blacksmith
Mother: Amelia Taylor, (b. 1818, OH, d. April, 1892, Perry Co. OH)
Siblings: 10 siblings: Thomas (d. Brownsville TX, May, 1865); Joseph (d. 16 Aug, 1864, Strawberry Plains (OH?); Robert (Keokuk, IA); Mary (d.); Martha (d.); Catherine (m. I. A. Mains, Charter Oak, IA); Samuel (Perry Co., OH); Margarette; (m. John Mains, Ute, IA); Charles (d.); William (Lincoln, NE); Frances (m. A. D. Fowler, Perry Co., OH)
Spouse: THOMPSON, Charlotte L. (b. 22 Aug, 1863, Fremont Co., IA)
Marriage: 10 December, 1876
Spouse's Parents: J. W. D. Thompson (b. NY, d. Crawford Co., IA) and Amelia Davis, (b. OH, d. Monona Co., IA)
Children: 3 children, two living: Robert; Jennie
Religion: Methodist Episcopal
Note: Came to Crawford Co. in 1874; Enlisted in Company C. 62nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry on 29 Feb, 1864 and mustered out of Union Army on 6 June 1865. Participated in numerous battles; was wounded in thigh at Appomattox. Brothers Thomas and Joseph served & died in Union Army.
Name: AHART, George W.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 31 August 1865, Crawford Co.
Father: Joseph Ahart, b. Baden, Germany; emigrated to US 1865. Helped build Northwestern RR from Boone to Missouri River. Improved 320 acres. Democrat. Catholic
Mother: Elizabeth Wieland, b. Baden, Germany
Siblings: Thomas (Union Twp.); Kate (m. Charles Smith; Denison Twp.); Mary (m. Joseph Stepanek; Union Twp.); John; Edmond
Spouse: ROHM, Mary, b. Lancaster Co., PA
Marriage: 28 Oct 1888
Children: Charles Eugene, John Edwin
Spouse Parents: Frederick Rohm and Franciska, both d. in US
Notes: Catholic, Democrat
Name: ALLEN, J. W.
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer and stock-raiser (320 acres)
Birth: 27 January 1843 Richmond Co., OH
Father: James Allen, b. MD; m. PA; remarried to unnamed spouse
Mother: Eliza Morris, b. PA; d. abt. 1847, Richmond Co., OH
Siblings: Three brothers, three sisters; eight half-brothers and sisters. 2 named John D. and Charles Thomas
Spouse: MARDIS, Mary E., b. PA
Marriage: Cedar Co., IA at age 22
Children: John Thomas (m.19 Oct 1890 to Mary Hollarn; Child: James Hugh; She daughter of P. and Cathaerine Hollarn); Charles; William Lewis (d. age 12); Margaret L.; Mary Josephine.
Spouse Parents: J. S. Mardis and Margaret White; of Sac Co., IA
Notes: Democrat. Has served as Township Trustee. Catholic.
Name: ARFF, H. F.
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Agricultural implements (Mohr, Barnhardt & Arff). Livery business.
Birth: October 1860, Schleswig, Germany
Father: Jurgen Arff; d. 1 March 1877; emigrated to US 1864
Mother: Margaretta (resides Charter Oak)
Spouse: KRIENS, Elmina
Marriage: 19 March 1879
Children: Jurgen F., Herman F., Tina, Alice, William, Estella
Spouse Father: H. N. Kriens (Associated in implement business with H. F. Arff in Arcadia for two years).
Notes: Democrat. I. L. of H., U. O. T. B., Charter Oak Gun Club. Member of City Council and the Board of Education
Name: ARNOLD, W. F.
Residence: Manilla
Occupation: grain elevator owner in Manilla
Birth: 12 Oct 1806, near Anamosa, Jones Co. IA
Father: W.F. Arnold, b. Terre Haute, IN.; to Jones Co., IA, in 1848; now lives in Martelle, Jones Co., IA; age 66
Mother: Orpha Alspaugh, b. Ohio, German descent
Siblings: there were six children born
Spouse: PACKARD, Nelly H., b. Winnebago Co. IL
Marriage: Beloit, WI
Children: Lola B., Tom
Spouse Parents: Jacob Packard
Notes: Republican; K. of P. No. 166; Presbyterian Church.
Name: ATHERTON, Charles
Residence: Boyer township
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 29 May 1845, Flintshire, North Wales. Emigrated to US 1867
Father: James Atherton, b. Lancashire, England. Emigrated to Monona Co, IA, in 1881; now lives in Harrison Co, IA
Mother: Elizabeth Jones; b. Flintshire, North Wales; d. 1874, Flintshire, Wales
Siblings: Edward A.(emigrated to LaCrosse Co, WI, 1869; lives in Monona Co, IA); John J. (emigrated to LaCrosse, Wi. 1869, married, resides Emporia, KS); James (married, reides Harrison Co, IA); Elizabeth (widow, m. David Griffith, resides Brown Co, Dakota); Eleanor (m. Bernard in England, emigrated to Monona Co, IA, 1882, resides Missouri Valley, IA); Henry E. (emigrated to Monona Co, IA, 1881 from Liverpool, England; married, resides Missouri Valley, IA ); Roger (d. age nine months); Sarah (m. Mr Ogg, resides England).
Spouse: VINING, Jennie Laura, b. Harrison Co, IA
Marriage: 11 November 1883, Dunlap, IA
Children: James Bela; Roger Wilber: Edward Revillo; Laura Elizabeth: William (d. infancy); Louis( d. age 1);
Spouse Parents: A. B. Vining and Harriet French ; both b. New York; reside Woodbine, IA
Notes: Republican, School Board
Name: BALLANTYNE, Robert
Residence: 20 Willow Twp
Occupation: farmer
Birth: 12 October 1828, Roxburyshire, Scotland
Father: John Ballantyne, b. Scotland; d. near Fredericksburg, TX (age 70)
Mother: Jeannette Turnbull, b. Scotland; d. Bandera Co, TX (age 84)
Siblings: Andrew (Monona Co, IA) and James (Monona Co, IA)
Spouse: MINEAR, Marinda; b. Van Buren Co, IA
Marriage: 1860
Children: John( TX); Robert (TX); Joseph; David; Rachel; Lydia (m. Frank Manchester; Dunlap, IA); Moroni, (d. age 22 months)
Spouse Parents: William Minear (b. Virginia, d. Wren, TX) and Lydia Hymer (b. Kentucky; age 75; resides Bandera Co, TX)
Notes: Democrat, Church of the Latter-Day Saints.
Name: BALLE, A. C.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Part owner of J. P. Miller and Co.
Birth: 14 August 1850 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; to Denison 1881
Father: J.E. Balle
Mother: Sophia
Spouse: PETERSON, Fredericka, b. 1851, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Marriage: 1873
Children: Julius, Minnie, and Sophia
Note: At age 14 began work as sailor until 1871 on ships in Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans
Name: BAMFORD, Robert W.
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Proprietor, The Fair
Birth: 26 Nov. 1860, Council Bluffs, IA
Father: Robert Bamford, d. Council Bluffs, IA; Irish ancestry
Mother: Elizabeth McWilliams, d.; Irish ancestry
Spouse: MASTERSON, Maggie, b. Clinton Co., IA
Marriage: 15 Jan. 1884, Council Bluffs, IA
Children: Fanchon Maud, Grace Maria, Robert Bernard
Spouse Parent: Thomas Masterson
Note: Republican Party
Name: BARBER, Rockley
Residence: Nishnabotany Twp., Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer (360 acres)
Birth: 1824 England
Father: John Barber, b. Yorkshire, England; d. abt 1844 PA; emigrated to US 1828
Mother: Jemima Shaw (b. Yorkshire, England; d. 1872 Ohio, age 87)
Siblings: Jane Ellison (Harrisburg, PA)
Spouse: TOMLINSON, Sarah Ann, b. England
Marriage: 1852 PA
Children: Edward (Kurkendall, Jones & Co., Omaha); Allen (Nishnabotany Twp.); Carrie; Mary (m. Isaac Hurd); Greeley (Chicago & Northwestern railroad); 2 others (d. infancy.)
Spouse Parents: Aquilla Tomlinson (b. Yorkshire, England, d. PA) and Sarah Schofeld (b. Yorkshire, England, d. PA)
Spouse Mother: Sarah Schofeld, b. Yorkshire, England, d. Pennsylvania
Notes: Republican. Served as member of School Board and as Road Commissioner
Name: BARBSBY, Albert
Residence: Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Justice of Peace, Farmer, Iron-molder, August 1861, enlisted in Company G, Forty-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Township clerk, President of School Board.
Birth: 1840, Rutland, England, came to Crawford CO 1889
Father: Thomas Barbsby, b. England; d. 1874, Winnebago Co.; Blacksmith; emigrated in 1844, locating Winnebago County, Illinois
Mother: Jane Woodward, (b. England, d. 1859)
Siblings: Six brothers and sisters: Elizabeth (m. Joseph Manchester; he d. Dec 1888, Harrison Co., IA); William; others(d.)
Spouse: PUTNAM, Marcella; b. Dowagiac, Michigan
Marriage: 1868, Rockford, Illinois
Children: Ellen (m. Norman Stillson, Des Moines); Myra; Era; Laura; Bessie
Spouse Parents: Benjamin J. Putnam (b. Ohio; d. 1876, Winnebago Co., ILL) and Alma Johnson (b. NY; d. 1882, Winnebago Co., ILL)
Affiliations: Shield's Post No. 83, Dunlap IA
Name: BARRETT, J. C.
Residence: Soldier Twp and Denison
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: Apr. 1834, County Mayo, Ireland; emigrated to US 1850
Father: Henry Barrett
Mother: Margaret Cain
Spouse: DEVITT, Ellen
Marriage: 1854
Children: Mary (m. Patrick Dean; Vail, IA), Henry (Charter Oak, IA), Kate, Rose, Lee (Washington state), Jacob (Chicago), Marcella, James
Note: Democratic Party, Catholic Church
Name BARTLETT, Thomas
Residence Jackson Twp.
Occupation farmer
Birth 29 January 1846 Oxfordshire, England; immigrated 1866
Father Willaim Barlett (b. England; d.1891, age 69)
Mother Mary Newman (b. England; resides Preston, Jackson Co., IA)
Siblings George W. ( Preston, IA), Mary Ann (m. John M. Martin; Preston, IA)
Spouse COOK, Sarah A.
Marriage Sabula, Jackson Co., IA, at age 25
Children Henrietta (m. Conrad Lingle; Jackson Twp), Hester E., Mary V., Elizabeth, Seymonr J., Sadie A., William C., George A., Charles (d. age 9 mo.)
Spouse Parents: William Cook (d. 27 Nov 1890, age 69) and Elisabeth Cock (age 68, Jackson Co., IA), both b. Somersetshire, England.
Spouse siblings John (Westside Twp), another brother, 3 sisters
Church Methodist
Name: BELL, Andrew
Residence: Paradise Twp., Post office Bell
Occupation: Farmer, foreman Northwestern Railroad, foreman Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad
Birth: 12 May 1850, Scotland
Father: Sandlandes Bell ( b. Scotland d. Crawford Co.), Emigrated to U. S. 1855
Mother: Mary Agnes Jeffrey, (b. Scotland)
Siblings: Robert ( Paradise Twp.); Sandlandes (Paradise Twp.); Henry (Deputy Sheriff, Dow City, IA ); George; James (d.); John (d.); Mary Agnes (d. Dow City, m. Dr. Beatty); two sons and a daughter died in childhood.
Spouse: GLUCKSTEADT, Christena, b. Germany
Marriage: 1883, Crawford County
Children: Henry and Andrew Beatty
Spouse Father: Peter Glucksteadt, came to Crawford County in 1881, foreman Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad in Aspinwall, IA
Name: BELL, Robert
Residence: Paradise Twp.
Occupation: General farming and stock raising
Birth: 17 Dec 1836, Scotland; emigrated to US with family abt. 1852
Father: Sandlandes Bell, d.
Mother: Mary Jeffrey, age 78
Siblings: Andrew ( Paradise Twp.); Henry (Deputy Sheriff, Dow City, IA); George; James (d.); John (d.); Mary Beatty (d,. m. Dr. Beatty, Dunlap, IA) two sons and a daughter died in childhood.
Spouse: RAE, Anna, b. Fifeshire, Scotland, d. abt. 1886
Marriage: 1872
Children: James Nelson; Jeanette R. (d. age 4); Mary A. (d. 1892, railroad accident)
Spouse Parents: Thomas Rae and Jeanette
Affiliations: Methodist Episcopal Church; County Supervisor; Town Trustee
Name: BELL, Henry
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Farmer, Meat market and grocery, Deputy Sheriff
Birth: 1849, Scotland
Father: Sandland Bell, (d. Crawford Co.); came to county in 1858
Mother: Mary Jeffrey
Siblings: Seven brothers and sisters
Spouse: CRANDALL, Ida, b. 1866, Shelby County, IA
Marriage: January 1885
Children: Mary E., Helen B.
Affiliations: M. W. of A., No. 1189
Name: BENNETT, W. H.
Residence: Milford Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 7 December 1837 Montgomery Co., NY
Father: Thomas Bennett of Montgomery Co., NY; b 1813; d. May 1888 Pierce Co., NE; shoemaker and farmer
Mother: Mary Jacobs b. 1816; d. abt 1886 Crawford Co.
Siblings: 2 brothers, 11 sisters
Paternal Grandfather Thomas Bennett Sr. of New England
Maternal Grandfather John Jacobs
Spouse: Lottie Davis, b. NY; reared in IL
Marriage: abt 1867
Children: Rosa (m. Marvin Woolsencroft, Brown Co., KS); Thomas H.(attending school at Mt. Vernon, IA)
Spouse Parents William Davis and Caroline Morris
Migration: Montgomery Co., NY; Licking Co., OH abt 1839; Peoria, IL abt 1850; Henry Co., IL; 1867 Iowa
Notes: Methodist Episcopal; Republican
Name: BILL, Jacob B.
Residence: Washington Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 19 September 1842, Switzerland
Father: Jacob Bill of Switzerland; d. 1876 Illinois age 69; emigrated from Havre, France, abt. 1853
Mother: Anna Roetlishberger of Switzerland; b. 1809; resides Milwaukee, WI
Siblings: 1 brother; 5 sisters
Spouse: Matilda Hilmes b. Hessen, Germany
Marriage: 1872
Children: Frank N., Adolph, Jacob, John, Kate, Mary
Migration: Switzerland; New Orleans; New Albany, IN; La Porte, IN; 1863 Palatine, IL; Chicago, IL; 1876 Crawford Co.
Notes: First Illinois Light Artillery, Battery L, Mulligan's Irish Brigade; Republican; School Board Member; Supervisor and President Trustee at Methodist Church
Name: BINNALL, George W.
Residence: Dow City, IA
Occupation: Farmer; Breeder of Horses, Stock Raising; Retired
Birth: 2 July 1849, St. Louis, MO
Father: Thomas Binnell, b. England, emigrated to US 1847
Mother: Susan, b. England
Spouse: Lydia Butler, b. near Linnens, MO
Marriage: abt. 1871
Children: Jennie (m. Stuart Grace, Union Twp.); Frank, Albert, George Jr.
Spouse Parents: Thomas Butler, d. 1889
Migration: St. Louis, MO; 1849 Pottawattamie Co; Shelby Co; 1862 Crawford Co.
Name: BLACKMAN, Jerome
Residence: Crawford County
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 4 November 1840, Oneida Co., NY
Father: Nathaniel Blackman, b. NY, d. Illinois
Mother: Eliza, b. NY, d. Illinois
Spouse: Celia Harper of Illinois
Marriage: 1862
Children: Frankie (m. John Duff, Shelby Co., IA); William, Edwin, Guy, John, Claudia, Carl, Alice, Amie
Migration: NY; Kenosha, WI; McHenry Co., IL; 1868 Crawford Co.
Note: Co. I, 52nd Ill. Vol. Infantry; Methodist Episcopal; Republican
Name: BOLIEU, John
Residence: Charter Oak
Occupation: Owner/Manager Bolieu Hotel
Birth: 15 May 1852, Province of Quebec, Canada
Father: Lewis Bolieu, b. France, age 96 Akron, IA
Mother: Margaret Mason, b. France, age 90 Akron, IA
Siblings: 8 living
Spouse: Ellen Conry, b. Pennsylvania
Marriage: 28 February 1878
Children: Mary
Spouse Parents: James Conry and Kate
Name: BOYNTON, Fred L.
Residence: Westside; now in Kingfisher, Oklahoma Territory
Occupation: Attorney; attended law at the State University of Iowa
Birth: 14 March 1863; Boston Mass
Father: S.T. Boynton
Mother: Mary F. Boynton
Siblings: Gertrude Belle, a teacher
Spouse: HARRIS, Mamie, b. Clinton County
Marriage: Thanksgiving Day 1889, Westside
Children: Margarete
Spouse Parents: George L. Harris
Notes: Mr. Boynton was elevated to District Deputy Grand Chancellor of the Grand Lodge of Knights of Pythias of Iowa, a member of the Iowa Grand Lodge.
Name: BRAINARD, E. C. S.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Agent for North Western Railroad
Birth: October 1863, Onarga, Illinois
Father: B. S. Brainard; resides Ogden, Utah
Mother: Phylinda Porter; resides Ogden, Utah
Siblings: Clarence (real estate dealer; Utah), Ella (d.)
Spouse: WOODRUFF, Gertrude A., b New York
Marriage: 26 Sep. 1889, Livonia, New York
Children: Scott Bryan
Spouses Parents: W. J. Woodruff and Mary Sherwood
Name: BRAZELL, Barnett
Residence: Charter Oak and Soldier Twp; Clinton County
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: b. 1842, Indiana
Death 20 Sep 1887
Father: Andrew Jackson Brazell (French ancestry)
Mother: Bernice McGuire (Irish ancestry)
Siblings: one unnamed brother
Spouse: SQUIBB, Margaret
Children: Jerome (b. 27 Dec 1861, Clinton Co., IA); Jennie B. (m. Edward G. Hess); William B.; Flora;
Spouse Parents: William Squibb
Note: Democratic; Son Jerome took over farming after his father died.
Note: See biography of his brother W. H. Brockelsby
Residence: Hayes Township
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 19 Sep. 1844, Lincolnshire, England (Emigrated to US 1868; Crawford Co.1874)
Father: William Brockelsby, b. Lincolnshire, England
Mother: Martha Cousins, b. Lincolnshire, England; d. 1860, England
Siblings: Mary Jane Westoby (Lincolnshire, England), Julia Brown (Lincolnshire, England), W. H.
Spouse: COUSINS, Alice, b. Lincolnshire, England
Marriage: Age 23, Clinton Co, IA
Children: William H., Charles E., George Thomas, John Earl, Alice, James, Thomas (d. age 7 months), Rosa (d. age 11 years), Merritt (d. age 7 years)
Spouse Parents: John Cousins (b. England; resides Westside Twp.) and Priscilla Long (b. England; d. Clinton Co.)
Affiliations: Township Trustee, School Board, Episcopal Church
Note: See biography of his brother John R. Brockelsby
Residence: Hayes Twp, section 8
Occupation: Farmer, stockman (purebred registered Poland-China hogs), township clerk & trustee
Birth: 14 Apr, 1849, Lincolnshire, England
Father: Wm. Brockelsby, (b. Lincolnshire, England)
Mother: Martha Cousins, (b. Lincolnshire, England)
Spouse: MILLIGAN, Malinda (b. PA)
Marriage: 17 May, 1870, Rock Island, IL
Spouse's Parents: Joseph Milligan and Margaret, both now living in Manilla, IA
Children: Richard; Edward; Winfred; Margaret; Elise
Note: Came to U.S. at age 15 (Clinton Co., IA) & Crawford Co. in 1873
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Mercantile; J. P. Miller & Co.
Birth: 2 October 1859 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Emigrated to US with family 1872
Father: Hans Brodersen (d. 5 December 1890, Denison, at age 64)
Mother: Annie F. Petersen; resides Denison
Spouse: LEHFELDT, Rosa (b. Germany)
Marriage: 1885
Children: Hilda, Hedmig, infant son
Spouse Parents: H. Lehfeldt and Minnie
Notes: Current President of the German Society.
Name: BROGAN, John
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer
Birth: 24 June 1824, County Donegal, Ireland, near Londonderry. Emigrated to US 1844 with parents.
Father: William Brogan, b. County Donegal, Ireland; d. IA at age 85
Mother: Ann Coyle, b. County Donegal, Ireland; d. Chester Co., PA at age 65
Siblings: Sarah, May, Bridget, Francis, 6 others (d. childhood)
Spouse: McCLOSKY, Jane, b. County Derry, Ireland. Emigrated to US at age 16
Marriage: 9 Feb 1849, Westchester Co., PA
Children: William (NE), Andrew, Frank, Thomas, James (NE), Edd, Mary, Elisabeth
Spouse Parents: John McClosky and Nancy
Note: Democrat, Township Trustee, School Board
Name: BROGDEN, Joseph
Residence: Denison.
Migration Rochester, New York, Ohio, Warrensville, Aurora IL; Waukegan, IL; Belvidere, IL; Mason's Grove, Crawford Co. Council Bluffs, IA; back to Illinois, then back to
Occupation: Blacksmith; Farmer
Birth: 7 June 1824, England
Father: James Brogden, d. 1850, near Warrensville, OH. Emigrated 1825
Mother: Mary, d. 16 March 1842, near Warrensville, OH. Emigrated 1825
Siblings: James (d.); Samuel (d.); Mary (m. Christopher Ayres, Ohio)
Spouse 1: JOHNSTON, Helen, b. Vermont; d. 1 October 1869
Children: Newton H.; Martha (d.); Frances H.; Cora (m. Clarence Case, of Mason's Grove, Crawford Co., IA); Charles, Mary (d., m. William Triggg, Illinois); Edgar.
Spouse 2: MORRIS, Letitia, d. July 31, 1888
Children: Flora and Martha (d.)
Spouse 3: DEAN, Maggie, widow of Mr. Hollenbeck from Ohio.
Marriage: 14 September 1890.
Note: Methodist; Democratic;
Name: BRUMMER, Fred
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Junior member, Tamm & Brummer, agricultural implements
Birth: 28 November 28, 1861, near Bremer, Oldenberg, Germany. Emigrated to US 1882
Parents: William Brummer and Helena Morrison; both reside in Germany
Siblings: Helena and William (both reside Germany)
Spouse: KANING, Sophia (b. 11 June 1869 Eshensonig, Germany)
Marriage: 1 March 1889
Children: Helena
Name: BRUNER, Thomas G.
Residence: Union Twp.
Occupation: Farmer
Spouse: COMFORT, Martha A. widow of Charles B. Whaley (b. Athens Co. OH; m. 1867; d. 8 Feb 1882, age 41; son of John Whaley)
Marriage: 6 August 1885
Children: Hazel; Mary M.; Morris (d. infancy)
Stepchildren: Child of Charles Whaley: Susan L (m. Albert Helsley, Denison)
Spouse Parents: Honorable S.J. Comfort (b. 10 Dec 1816; Chemung Co., NY; m. 2 April 1840, Adams Co., IL; d.) and Susan Wimmer (b.Cincinatti OH; d. 12 Jan 1886). He a Methodist Democrat
Spouse Siblings: Mary L. McHenry, Sarah M. Woodruff
Spouse Maternal Grandfather: Peter Wimmer
Spouse Paternal Grandfather: Richard Comfort Jr; b. 17 April1787
Spouse Paternal Additional Information: Robert Comfort (Gr Gr Grandfather); Richard Comfort Sr. (Gr Grandfather)
Note: Methodist; Democratic;
Name: BRUS, John
Residence: Hayes, Twp.
Occupation: Farmer. 345 acres. Involved in hotel business in Davenport abt 1876
Birth: b. 1844, Prussia, Germany, emigrated 1847
Father: Henry Brus, b. Prussia; d. 1881, Davenport, IA, emigrated 1847
Mother: Beatrix Claus, b. Prussia, d. abt 1876
Siblings: Theodore, (d. St. Louis, MO); Mary, (m. Gerhart Thegger of Chickasaw Co., IA); Jacob, (near Davenport, d. 1886 Scott Co., IA); Anna (m. John Mollenbeck, Scott Co., IA); Dena (m. Williams Dohans, Davenport, IA); Alice (m. Henry Hoschag, Chickasaw Co., IA)
Spouse: GRAGE, Anna, b. Holstein, Germany; Lutheran
Marriage: 1870, Scott Co.
Children: Hury (b. 1871); Lillas (b. 1873, m. William Jensen, Morgan Twp.); John (b. 1875); Charley (b. 1877); Hugo (b. 1879); Otto (b. 1881); Allie (b. 1883); Clara (b. 1885)
Spouse Parents: Christ Grage (b. Holstein, Germany; emigrated 1872 to Crawford Co); Holdurf Wiette (b. Holstein, Germany; d. Germany bef. 1872.)
Notes: Democrat. Trustee for Hayes Twp. Catholic
Residence: Manilla, IA
Occupation: Proprietor of livery, sale and feed barn in Manilla.
Birth: 8 July 1847, Herkimer Co., New York; to Vail, Crawford Co. 1871.
Father: Hezekiah Buffington (b. New York; d. 1866, Clinton, IA).
Mother: Emily Wells (b. New York; d. Crawford Co.).
Spouse: WILLIS, Anna (b. England; to USA at age 7).
Marriage: Clinton Co., IA, at age 23
Children: Lemuel W.; Charles A.; Mattie Jane
Spouse Father: George Willis
Name: BULLOCK, Hon. Charles
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Dry goods business, mercantile line, drug business, real estate
Birth: March 1838, Macomb, Illinois (came to county 1867)
Father: Thomas Bullock
Mother: Nancy McCabe
Spouse: HILL, Elida W., b. Kentucky
Marriage: 17 April 1865, Illinois
Spouse Parents: Flemming Hill and Mariam DuVall
Affiliations: Presbyterian and Baptists churces. Mason, A. F.& A, M., No. 507, K. of P., No. 90 both of Denison
Name: BURCH, C. K.
Residence: Denison
Occupation: Lawyer (Albany Law School 1876); Deputy Auditor 1878; Mayor 1886-1891.
Birth: 28 April, 1851 Steuben Co., IN
Father: Elizur Burch
Mother: Phoebe Windsar
Spouse: KUHN, Mariah, b. Pennsylvania
Marriage: 22 September, 1890
Children: Mary C.; Helen
Notes: Republican; Methodist Episcopal. Practiced in Dunlap abt 1880-1883.
Name: BURKE, John J.
Residence: Crawford Co. 1873; (raised Clinton, IA)
Occupation: Landowner (1080 acres); cattle and hog feeder; horse breeder
Birth: July 1, 1850, Montour Co., PA
Father: Michael Burke, b. Longford Co., Ireland abt 1811; age 82 yrs
Mother: Isabella Breatorn, b. abt 1828 Dublin, Ireland; d. 1888 at age 59
Siblings: 2 brothers; 3 sisters
Spouse: HENRIS, Catherine, b. River Rhine, Germany
Marriage: Carl County
Children: Vincent, Cecelia, Raymond; Francis William (d.)
Spouse Parents: John Henris, b. Germany; and Anna Cellomon, b. Germany
Notes: Broke prairie with horse teams (700 acres in 3 months and cleared 3,000 at one time when first in Crawford Co.) Democrat
Name: BURNS, Richard
Residence: Boyer Twp.
Occupation: Farmer; 280 acres
Birth: December 1840, Fulton Co., NY
Father: Barney Burns, b. Ireland; d. 1866 Johnstown, NY; glovemaker; emigrated between 1823-1831
Mother: Margaret McCauley, d. August 1891
Siblings: Barney (Johnstown, NY); George (Gloversville, NY); James L. (Davenport, IA); three others (d.)
Spouse: VOSBURG, Margaret, b. Fulton Co., NY
Marriage: 1868
Children: Kittie, Lottie, Lilian, Aaron, Belle.
Spouse Parents: Barent Vosburg (b. Montgomery Co., NY; resided Iowa 1855; d. NY 1859). Margaret Hubbs (d. August 1861).
Notes: Democrat; Methodist; Company D, 153rd NY Infantry (1862-1865).
Name: BUSS, Charles F.
Residence: Union Township
Occupation: Stock and general farming, 800 acres.
Birth: 12 May 1833, Prussia; to US abt. age 17; to Crawford Co. 1859.
Father: G. Buss (b. and d., Prussia).
Mother: unnamed (d. Prussia)
Spouse: AGENS, Maria (b. St. Clair Co., MI).
Marriage: Monona Co., IA
Children: Lydia C. (m. Lewis E. Vore; Union Twp.); William H.; Ed H.; Fred C.; Clara M.; Hattie (d. 11 mos.); Roy (d. 3 mos.); Mary E. (d. age 17).
Spouse Parents: Henry Agens and Mary Ann Kinyon
Note: Methodist Episcopal Church
Name: BUTLER, James M. (deceased)
Note: See biography of son, Lorenzo Cherokee Butler.
Residence: Crawford Co.
Occupation: Farmer, 410 acres; Lawyer, County Judge, Township Trustee
Birth: 1824, Simpson Co., KY
Death: 21 Feb 1868, Union Twp.
Spouse: MC COLE, Catherine (b. 1829, Perth, Canada; Arion, IA).
Marriage: Hancock Co., IL
Children: James (d.); Margaret (m. Val Talcott; Arion, IA); Don J. (Arion, IA); William J. (Arion, IA); Lucy (m. Oscar Goodrich; Goodrich Twp.); Mary A. (m. Dr. Evans; Dow City, IA); Chloie (d.); Lorenzo C. (Arion, IA); Emma(d.); Charlie (Arion, IA).
Spouse Parents: Daniel McCole (b. Scotland; to US 1828; d. Honey Creek, Pottawattamie Co., IA) and Margaret Bell (b. Scotland; to US 1828; age 87).
Note: Came to North Grove, Crawford Co. in 1851. Son Don J. was the first child born in Crawford Co.; Mrs. Butler member, Reorganized Church of the Latter-day Saints.
Name: BUTLER, Lorenzo Cherokee
Note: See biography of father, James M. Butler.
Residence: Arion, IA
Occupation: Farmer, 325 acres. Real estate, lumber, stock, grain.
Birth: 28 Oct 1862, Union Township
Spouse: LANNING, Lydia (b. 1866, Lynn Co., PA).
Marriage: At age 25
Children: 1 living; Fern (b. 1890; d.).
Spouse Father: Absalom Lanning
Note: Christian Church; I.O.O.F. Globe Lodge No. 280;
Note: See biography of brother, R. W. Butterworth
Residence: Paradise Township
Occupation: Farmer, 150 acres. Civil War, Co. B, Thirteenth Iowa Infantry.
Birth: 24 Sep 1846, Port Deposit, MD; to Crawford Co. 1854.
Father: Robert D. Butterworth (b. Worcestershire, England; d. 1881, Crawford Co., age 63; engineer, mechanic ). Second spouse: Isabelle McKensie (d. 1878)
Mother: Harriot Elizabeth Darling (b. Keene, NH; d. St. Louis, MO).
Siblings: Two (d. infancy in St. Louis, MO.
Spouse 1: RUDD, Julia E. (b. Shelby Co., IA; d. 1880).
Marriage: 1866
Children: Mary, Isabelle, Robert, Nellie, Willie; 2 died in infancy.
Spouse Father: A. F. Rudd (Dow City, IA)
Spouse 2: RUDD, Ida May (b. Arion, IA; sister of Julia).
Marriage: 1881
Children: Julian, Virgil, Elmer
Note: Elder, Church of Latter-day Saints; G.A.R., Bud Smith Post No. 464.
Name: BUTTERWORTH, Robert W.
Residence: Charter Oak, IA
Occupation: Brick manufacturer, farmer.
Birth: 21 Jan 1856, Union Township
Father: R. D. Butterworth (b. 1816, Lancashire, England; m. St. Louis, MO; d. 1881, Crawford Co.). To Crawford Co. 1855.
Mother: Isabelle S. Mackinsie (b. Birmingham, England; d. Jan 1876 at age 55, Crawford Co.).
Siblings: Isabelle (m. C. M. Wilder; Panama, Shelby Co., IA); St. Clair (Dow City, IA); Jennie (m. James M. Baker; Dow City, IA); James L. (Dow City, IA); Cornelius A. (missionary in Australia); Maria (m. Charles Pratt; Crescent City, IA).
Spouse: BUSBEY, May (b. 6 Jul 1858, IN).
Marriage: 20 Dec 1876
Children: Grace A.; Elsie B.; Eugene; Frank (all of Charter Oak).
Spouse Parents: A. S. Busbey and E. M. Webb
Note: Church of Latter-day Saints; Second child born in Crawford Co. See biography of brother, C. E. Butterworth.

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