July, August, September 1910 Wheatland Gazette

July 6th

Norma Helen Curtiss & Leo Douglas Elstedt, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Artanious S. Purcel, Minn, Minn, June 29th at Minneapolis

Coming wedding-Frankie Klahn & Sdaie Jacques

Carrie & Clara Mueller, Davenport- up for the wedding?(Calamus News)

E. S. Randall-daughter’s wedding

June 22, Grace Randall & Frederick Schepler of near Elwood, at Toronto-brides home-Calamus News

Ole Nelson, funeral Tuesday, died at Davenport

Mamie Miller, daughter of J. A., west of town & Alfred Nueller (Clinton Advertiser Cor,), Wednesday evening

Prof. Edward I Heuer & Ina Hazel Barrett-June 29th, daughter of J. A. at Cedar Falls, son of Paul- live Gourie, Ia

Mrs. Mary Dunnan, DeWitt, died Sunday, funeral was Tuesday at Catholic Church, ???d.-Mrs. M. Scanlon & Mrs. R. B. Wolfe of DeWitt, Mrs. Edw. Scanlon, Lost Nation & Atty. John Dunnan, Clinton-age 73 yrs-(DeWitt Observer)

July 13th

July 7th Sadie Jacque, daughter of Mrs, Mary & Frank A. Klahn, Wheatland at Waterloo (Waterloo Reporter son of Mrs Katherine

Eliza J. Wentworth Davisson (obit card)

Mr. Petersen, Grand Mound, died Monday, buried Wednesday July 13th

July 20

Anna Katherine Schneider nee Pott, (obit card)

July 27th

Herman Nagel, Bushnell, Ill, died Davenport Monday, funeral today at Davenport

Ellen Keave (Mrs.) nee Naught-(obit card)

Peter Hart, Lost Nation, funeral Friday, curied Catholic Cem., Toronto

August 3rd

John Stohm, Lyons & Bertha Pave, Dixon, yesterday, daughter of Henry

Judge John S. Stowers of Clinton, died Wednesday-Wheatland, age 87

Hans Hinrich Klahn (obit card)

August 10th

Mrs Esther Brown Kojane nee Davis (obit card)

August Lohmann, died Memorial Hospital-a.m. (see obit below)

Mrs. Henry Brender, Sr., died yesterday-6 1/2 miles SW of Lowden

August 17th

Wilber H. Bennett vs Elizabeth M.-divorce petition- desertion

Ezra Mueller & Bertha Ruser, both of Bennett, Saturday at Clinton-Lowden News

F. H. Connor(Tipton Advertiser) re pheasants

August Lohmann (obit card)

Jerry Buck & Edna Rice, married yesterday at Clinton (DeWitt Observer no date)

August 24

Mrs. A. F. Barnes, died Clinton Hospital, Wednesday-lives N of Massillon-funeral today (Lowden News)

August 31st

Mary Anne Skinner Barnes (obit card)

September 7th

Gusta Stoetter, Clarence & Howard Bornholdt, Wheatland, last Friday at Clinton (Clarence Sun)

Belva Hall & Chas. W. Nichols, yesterday at Clinton

September 14

Mrs. Katherine Landwehr nee Dankleff (obit card)

Belva Hall, Wheatland & Chas W. Nichols, Des Moines, married September 6th at Clinton-daughter of A. M. Sr.

September 21st

Mrs. Quirk, Oxfored Jct. buried Friday at Toronto

Miss Mayme Wolfe, DeWitt, daughter of J. E., buried Monday at Toronto

September 29th

Oliver Johnson and Miss Sailor-engagement (Mechanicsville Pioneer Press)




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