February - July 1909 Wheatland Gazette and other Newspapers

February 3rd

Harry Thomas & Elizabeth Schadt, bot of Wheatland, married last evening (Dixon, ILL) evening Telegraph, January 29th, daughter of John, Sr.

Miss Marti, Dubuque, visited Goodalls (Toronto News)

February 10th

Gertrude LaGrange (Obit card)

Earl C. Hover & Hannah F. Klahn, married February 4th at Davenport-son of H. W., of Wheatland, daughter of Mrs. Katherine of Wheatland

Wedding anniversary the 25th for Wm. Kelting, SW of Wheatland, February 5th

February 17th

Married today-Albert Koker & Ella Loshe

Married today-Herbert Leudt & Emma Strackbein

Dr. Jerry Wolfe, Frand Mound, married Mary W. Wiley of Chicago

Thomas Oliver-died Chicago last Tuesday

February 24

Herbert Leudt, Wheatland & Emma C. Strackbein of near Big Rock-last Wednesday-Wheatland to Gregory, S. D.-son of Mrs. C., daughter of Louis

Ella Lohse, daughter of A. and Albert Hoker, son of Jno married last Wednesday-Wheatland

From Riley Walrod: Published in the Ida County Pioneer ca. Feb 19, 1909

March 3rd

Anna Holtz, daughter of Car & Robert Endorf-both of Toronto Wednesday

Minnie Schneider, adopted daughter of John Philip Schneider & Henry Brinkmann, son of Carl-last Wednesday-Wheatland

Edgar Miller, son of H. C. of Bennett, died today? at Lowden-2 months, 2 days, buried Lowden

March 10th

Henry Schuringdorf-near Schlesurg & Elsie Kroeger, daughter of Peter married February 17th

Clara SchuringdorkManahan-(obit card)

March 17th

Emil Klahn & Bessie Lochner, both Oxford, married 10 March, son of Henry

Minnie Hehnke, daughter of Chris & Woll Johns-last Wednesday (The Renwick Times, March 11th)

March 24th

Hans Klahn-87th birthday last Sunday (picture_

Edward O’Boyle (Obit card)

March 31

Edward Marron, cousin of Miss McDermott, died Saturday night-Grand Mound

April 7th

Mrs. J. A. Docksteader, Winterset, Iowa-funeral Saturday? there

Amos Rogers, Oxford Junction-funeral Monday

Benjamin Franklin Morris, DeWitt-died Monday (DeWitt Observer)

April 28

Mrs Catherine Grau-80 years last Friday (picture)

Wedding anniversary-25th-F. W. Riz (Lowden News)

May 5th

Last Tuesday Carl G. Hoffmeister, Wheatland and Ethel Morgan, Calamus-son of Chas.-daughter of Stephen

Last Wednesday-Frank Strackbein & Hermina Riedesel, at Wheatland, son of Louis , daughter of George, Wheatland

May 12th

Notice of proving will-Wm. H. Corbin

May 19th

Mrs. Christine Homrighausen died Thursday a. m.-age 63-SW of town

Wilfred Ales, 10 yr. old son of Simon (obit card)

Mrs. John Forbes, Oxford Junction, buried Tuesday in Catholic Cem.-Toronto

Mrs. Dora Schultz, age 91, Lost Nation, head of 5 generations

May 26th

Wm. D. Nick of Beebe, Ark, funeral May 25-raised near Calamus

Maria Christina Reeck Homrighausen (obit card)

Mrs. Bielenberg, keystone, mother of J. H.- funeral Monday /Tues.

June 2nd

Mrs. Jas. White, SW of town of Big Rock, died last Saturday, buried at Catholic Cem at Toronto

June 16th

Barney Hendricksen & Celia Peterien at Clinton Thursday & Buelah Hendricksen & Chas Petersen-double wedding.

Anna Elizabeth Riedesel Homrighausen (obit card)

Wm. Webbles, Davenport, son of Mrs. C. & Blanche Fairborn, Cascade, Iowa-married June 16th

June 23rd

Nellie Brender Sittier (obit card)

Wm. F. Webbles, Wheatland & Blanche Mildred Fairborn, Cascade, Iowa, last Wednesday at Cascade, daughter of W. K., son of Mrs. C.

July 7th

Fred Horstman died Saturday-at house of son Herman, funeral yesterday

John Rehder died July 4th (obit card)

Divorice-Anna C. Kelley vs. Francis P-petition

Mrs. Louis C. Riedesel. nee Peter (obit card)

Fred Horstman buried Tuesday at Toronto

July 14th

Chas. Houck, Calamus, died yesterday

Jacob Thomas & Anna Hendricksen-she of Lyons-last Tues at Lyons-he lives Wheatland, formerly of Kewanee, ILL

Mrs. Bush, Parkersburg, Iowa

O. P. Goodall-2 weeks medical & surgery schooling, Omaha

Fred Harteman (obit card)

July 21st

Edward Hover, Chicago, drowned Monday at Oxford Mills

July 28th

Mrs. Wilhelmina Schmidt moved remains of her & 3 children from Low German Cem. to Lyons

Ferdinand Lahann (obit card)

Miss Katherine Guenther-died-funeral at Freeport, Ill.]Peter Metcalf, DeWitt (obit card)

Edwin Carter-72 yrs-birthday-Aledo, Ill. July 15th

Katherine Guenther (obit card)



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