From the Clinton Age


HAMMOND M&M Edward D. 01/09/1885 Birth of girl-Clinton-10/12
HAMMOND R. S. 01/09/1885 Married to Nellie McClintock
MATHEWS Leurs 01/09/1885 Married to Kate Noonan
McCLINTOCK Nellie 01/09/1885 Married to R. S. Hammond
NOONAN Kate 01/09/1885 Married to Leurs Mathews
O'CONNELL Anthony 01/09/1885 Birth of boy-Lost Nation


DOLAN James 02/13/1885 Taxes due-Center township
LEE Mrs. John 02/26/1885 Death of mother-Mrs. Maher


CUNNINGHAM Wm. Y. 06/05/1885 Memorial Day-Co. C, 2nd Wis. Vol
MOONEY Maria E. 06/12/1885 Married Mr. T. C. Dolan


QUINN Mrs. M. J. 07/10/1885 funeral-Lyons on Monday
BAPTISTE Sister Mary 07/24/1885 Death of consumption-28yrs-St. Irenaeus
DOUGHERTY Wm. 07/24/1885 Birth of a girl
NOONAN Michael 07/24/1885 Birth of boy
DARSLY Patrick 07/31/1885 Found floating body
McGONEGLE James 07/31/1885 Found floating body
UNKNOWN 07/31/1885 Found floating-coroner notified-lost overboard


BURKE J. 08/28/1885 Called for petit juror for Welton-Sept. term
DOLAN M. 08/28/1885 Called ro petit juror for Washington-Sept term
MAHER N. 08/28/1885 Called as petit juror for Lyons-September term
McLAUGHLIN B. W. 08/28/1885 Called for petit juror for DeWitt-Sept. term
McLAUGHLIN Jos 08/28/1885 Candidate for sheriff-Goose Lake-(did not win)
MURPHY D. J. 08/28/1885 Candidate for sheriff-Clinton
SMITH Wm. 08/28/1885 Called for petit juror for DeWitt-Sept term


ROGAN Michael 10/23/1885 Death-Funeral at St. Mary's-Catholic cem
DOLAN Kate A. 10/30/1885 Married to Michael McKenna
McKENNA Michael 10/30/1885 Married to Kate A. Dolan


McGONELE Wm. 11/06/1885 Business House representative-Delmar
McLAUGHLIN Frank J. 11/06/1885 Alderman
St. MARY'S CHURCH 11/06/1885 Picture
THE SOLENA CIGAR 11/06/1885 Advertisement
CLARK Patrick 11/13/1885 Taxes due-Center township
CUNNINGHAM John 11/13/1885 Taxes due-Hampshire twp
DOLAN Jas 11/13/1885 Taxes due-Lyons city-Buell add.
DURICH  Mary 11/13/1885 Taxes due-Center township
HOFFMAN John 11/13/1885 Taxes due-Olive township
MURPHY Thomas 11/13/1885 Taxes due-Center township


HOLM P. 12/25/1885 Left Saturday for a trip to Ireland