Misc Articles

I would like to thank Linda Carter for sending us many pages of newspaper photocopies.  Some of the articles may not be complete,  but I have added them incase someone would like to know about  them and obtain the entire article.

Newspaper Unknown, possibly Clinton Herald, ca 1955

City’s Daily Record


Mercy Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roggendorf, 386 Meadowbrook Dr., a son, Saturday

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Latimer, 212 1/2 Roosevelt St. a daughter, Sunday

Mr. and Mrs. James Clary, 335 15th Ave. S., a daughter Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Harbron, 703 9th Ave. S., a daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Edward McConnell, 1210 N. 2nd St., a daughter, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snodgrass, 736 1st Ave., s son, today.

Jane Lamb Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kiroff, 567 10th Ave. S., a son, Saturday

Dr. and Mrs. George Chalgren, Preston, a son, Saturday

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Wells, 1820 Spence Ct., a son, Sunday

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Glaess, Crestview, a son, Sunday

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Lind, Camanche, a daughter, today

Mr. and Mrs. William Blount, 800 1/2 2nd Ave. S., a daughter, today


Mercy Hospital

Mrs. Rose Rowland, 428 2nd Ave. s., medical

Jane Lamb Hospital

Anthony G. Brandon, Dixon, Ill. medical

Mrs. Ole Nissen, 329 13th Ave. S., surgical

Gilbert Nadelhoffer, 215 N. 15th St., medical

Edward Broderick, 332 14th Ave. s.

University Hospitals

Norman Gluesing, 89 31st Ave. N., is a medical patient at University hospitals at Iowa City.


Robert Langfitt, 49, 455 17th Ave. S., all night parking, $5 bond forfeited

John A. Mulligan, 56, 416 S. 1st St., all night parking, $3 bond forfeited

Rosemary Foley, 30, 1030 College Ave., running red light, $10 bond forfeited

Paul Thompson, 21, 312 15th Ave. S., $10 bond forfeited

David A. Lange, 28, Route 1, no muffler on motor vehicle, $15 bond forfeited.

Lewis E. Stutting, Fulton, Ill. illegal parking, $1 bond forfeited

Gerald J. McLain, 333 4th Ave. S., improper passing, fined $25 and costs

Three inebriates, two forfeited $10 bonds; one fined $5 and costs.


William F. Boyd, Jr., Preston, and Caryl Joyce Reimer, Clinton

James H. Kofron and Linda L. Lamoreux, both of Lanark, Ill.

Ralph V. Adams and Hazel I. Klein, both of Chicago

Kenneth W. Law and Patsy Ann Kupfer, both of Savanna, Ill


Lyons Lodge 83m A. F and A. M. will meet at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday for work in the second degree

Emulation Lodge 255 A.M. and A. M., meets at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the York Rite temple for work in the second degree.

Transfers of Real Estate

Nellie Phelps White; Esther Phelps; John Phelps; Ruth Phelps Tyler and Alice Phelps Martin and husband to Richard E. Waack and wife $1. Lot 18, in Block 2, in Kelly Brothers’ addition.

Gordon W. Lanning and wife to Richard E. Powers and wife, $1, Lot 14 in Block 4, in Flournoy’s Second addition

Al Reynolds and wife to Oscar Mayer and Co. Inc. $1, Pt. Lots 8, 9, 10 and 11 in Block 2 of the Town of Welton. This tract of land in 234 ft. by 99 ft. and includes Pt. NW 1/? Sec. 15, Twp 82, Range 3 in the Town of Welton

James R. Galbraith and wife and Lyle G. Bossen and wife to Thomas Peterson, E. P. Murphy and Erie Allais, $1, Lot 30 in block 2 in Galbraith Acres First Addition.

George Rittmer to Ronald L. Schuey and wife $1, Lots 14, 15, 16 and 17 in the Towns of Andover

Willis W. Waite and wife to Donald Fred Keppy and wife $1, the east 64 ft. of Lot 2, except the south 15 ft. there of all in Block 0, Chancy Park.

Donald Latare and wife to Peter B. Petersen and wife $1, the north 8 ft 8 inches of the East, 110 ft. of Lot 4 and the South 53 ft. of the East 110 ft. of Lot 3 in Block 27, in South DeWitt

Dorothy F. Bach to Leonard F. Cossman and wife $1, Lot 30, Block 2 in Van Deventer Place, Leonard F. Cossman and wife to Stanley D. Boka and wife $1, the South 90 ft of Lots 1 and 2, Block 7, Range 6, Buell’s Addition to the Town of ???????

Grand Jury to Report on Criminal Finding Today

The County grand jury was expected to make an official report on the findings in seven criminal cases at 2:30 p.m. today, after concluding deliberations shortly before noon.

The seven-member jury, along with County Attorney Warren C. Johnson, went to the county home near Charlotte for the annual inspection and luncheon and expected to return to the court house for the official report to be made to Judge Glenn D. Kelly.

Cases up to the jury for investigations are those of; Harold Bousman, 23, Fulton, Ill; James Kreucber, 26, 2316 Grant St., and Jackie E. Hindley, 25, of 636 19th Ave. S., all charged with assault with intent to commit great bodily injury; Raymond J. Hansen, 25, Joloet, Ill; breaking and entering; Melvon Batts, 45, Grand Hotel, larceny; John O. Doty, Camanche, indecent exposure. amd Chester A. Gaarde, 403 S. 2nd St., illegal possession of liquor.

Members of the jury, who have been in session since....

Farquhar Wins Stone Contract

Charlotte Firm Low on County Bid

Farqyhar Quarries, Inc, of Charlotte was low and successful bidder for 39,375 tons of crushed stone for fall road work when bids were opened today by the county board fo supervisors.

Farquhar bid $1.61 per ton, or a total bid of $63.395.75. The engineer’s estimate was $1/56 per ton, a total of $61,031.25.

Other bidders were, Weaver and Co. of Iowa Falls, $1.69 per ton and Concrete Materials of Cedar Rapids, $1/72 per ton. Checks were returned to the unsuccessful bidders.

The stone is needed for 32 separate projects on 64 miles of secondary roads, as mapped out by the fall program earlier this year. One of the roads earmarked for new surfacing to Elvira road west of the blacktopped area adjacent to Clinton.

Work is to be completed by Dec. 13.

The board approved a report of 10, 736 applications for homestead credits, claimed on $21,446,213 worth of property as reported by County Auditor J. H. Lane, and adjourned to Oct. 1.

Newspaper Unknown, probably the Clinton Herald, Feb 5, 1960

Langrehr Will Case Delayed

A trial involving the distribution of moneys of the estate of Anna Langrehr has been continued to the April term of Clinton county district court.

Judge Clair Hamilton of Iowa City made a special trip to Clinton today to rule on a motion, filed by the counsel for the plaintiff, Thomas Downes of Chicago. Judge Hamilton has set a tentative trial date of April 12.

Only the defendants from Clinton were present at today’s hearing indicating that a reported settlement had been reached with the Jackson county defendants.

Attorney Douglas Burris of Maquoketa, who represents the Jackson County Hospital as well as himself as a defendant, told The Herald that a discussion of a possible settlement had been held with Wayland Cedarquist, the Chicago counsel for the plaintiffs.

However Burris said, “I have not received a formal confirmation of a settlement from Cederquist at this time.”

The other Jackson county defendants included Attorneys Walter J. McCarthy and J. r. Sokol, Dr. John Jordan was represented by E. L. Schoenthaler, Maquoketa lawyer.

During today’s hearing, the possibility of shortening the trial to a one-say session was discussed. Judge Hamilton explained this could be done by the counsel for the plaintiff and the defendants stipulating the fact in dispute.

The Clinton defendants at today’s hearing included Attorneys E. C. Halbach and Glen Cousins, who represented himself and the City National bank.

Fred Berger of Davenport, co-counsel for the plaintiff, who had petitioned for the continuance, also took part in the hearing.

The trial date was changed from next Monday to April 12, after it was pointed out to the judge that the appearance of Attorney Margaret Kolarik was essential to the plaintiffs to prove the source from which the funds involved were received.

Mrs. Kolarik, who left Clinton Feb. 6 for an Arizona vacation, will not return until the latter part of March. She was attorney for Lester Langrehr as an individual and as the executor of his mother’s (Anna Langrehr) estate.

The civil suit concerns moneys paid out to the attorneys in the settlement of the Langrehr estate which came in for much wrangling among her heirs.

The Clinton Herald, Sat., Feb. 27, 1968, p. 11

Another North End Home Burglarized

Another northend home has been ransacked by vandals, adding to a growing list of burglaries, break-ins and vandalism which have occurred during the past month

Police were notified Friday afternoon that the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mathiesen, 3524 Cleveland St., had been broken into and ransacked.

It could not be determined immediately what items may have been stolen. The Mathiesens have been away for about two weeks on a southern vacation.

The Mathiesen home was smeared with broken eggs, Butter and ice cream, were smeared throughout the kitchen and living room. Vandal entered an unlocked garage door, then smashed a window into a washroom, and knocked down a kitchen door to gain entrance. Robert Mathiesen of 1126 9th Ave. S., son of the elder Mathiesen was notified of the break-in by a farmer who sells to the family. Young Mathiesen said the vandalism apparently occurred Wednesday night.

Neighbors reportedly saw a couple of persons in the vicinity Wednesday night, knocking on the door of another home, where the owner also was absent. No entry was made there, however.

Several other homes burglarized in the last several weeks petted thieves as much as $125 in one take. In many cases, the thieves have entered through unlocked doors.

Clinton Herald, Sat., July 8, 1972, p. 10


Jane Lamb Hospital

James E. White, Albany, medical
Mrs. Sandra K. Tinderholt, 5th Ave. S., medical
Richard C. Schnoor, Camanche, surgical
Mrs. Harold Striley, Camanche, medical
Donald A. Huenske, Camanche, medical
Bradley, son of Mr and Mrs. Gerald P. Hockman, ???N. 7th St., medical
Mrs. Harrison Pollard, 2424 Camanche Ave., medical
Jack H. Mayer, Camanche, medical
Miss Sandi L. McKendrick, ????-11th Ave. S., medical
George P. Balk, Fulton, surgical
Chester V. Gray, Miles, medical

Mercy Hospital

Catherine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Luett, 1922 Pershing Blvd., accident
Mrs. Alvin J. Bott, 510 N. ??th St., medical
Henry F. Zaehringer, 1602-2nd St., medical
Denise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gen Grench, Thomsen, surgical
Colleen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bly, Fulton