Clinton Age

Abstracts from 1882-1892 & 1894 -1896

These abstracts were all hand written and were a bit difficult to read.  There are sure to be some errors.

The Clinton Age began in 1868.  It is on microfilm at the Clinton Library beginning with the year 1871.

We have put the abstracts online, alphabetical by surnames appearing in the articles.  Thank you to the Clinton County Historical Society for sharing this info with us.


It should be noted that on these abstracts, where the note refers to the appendix, the info can be found at our Message Boards.

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1894 -1896

This index has not been gone through and proofread.  

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Other Stories from the Clinton Age

Clinton Age Cyclist

Stories of a guy who went around Clinton County on a bicycle.  Many, many names are mentioned in these wonderful stories. These stories are from the Clinton Semi-weekly Age, 1895-96. There is no date on these clippings but the end of August is mentioned. Evidently, they sent a man on a 'cycle' around the county to most of the farms and these are his stories.

Anyone out there ambitious enough to make some maps so we can see the routes our cyclist took?

Old Settlers Picnic



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