Browns, Sugar Creek and Riggs, Waterford Township, Clinton County, Iowa

Compiled by Lorraine Houghton and Marilu Thurman, updated August 2006.
Thank you so much to Lorraine and Marilu for sending this information to us. 

Directions to Browns, Riggs and Sugar Creek

Find the following locations from Highway # 64, east of Maquoketa: Riggs, Old Browns, New Browns, and Sugar Creek. Turn south on Gravel Road # 12 (known to local residents as "The Ridge Road") which is in Jackson County. To find Riggs, turn south on 317th Avenue, which becomes 290th Ave. in Clinton County. To find "Old Browns," turn south on 337th Avenue, which becomes 308th Avenue in Clinton County. To find "New Browns, turn south on 387th Avenue, which becomes 320th Ave. in Clinton County. If you continue driving south on 320th Avenue, you will come to an intersection with 110th Street. On the east side of the intersection, you can see the St. Joseph’s church, school, rectory, and grounds at Sugar Creek.