Old to New Street Names - Jan 1927

Old to New Street Names: Clinton, Clinton Co., IA

We would like to thank the Clinton Co. Historical Society for sharing this information with us.  Also, thanks go to Fran Barsema who typed up this info for us to put online.

Clinton, the city, is really made up of several smaller towns: Lyons, Chancy & Ringwood, to name a few. The following list and notice appeared in the Clinton Advertiser 18 Jan 1927 on page 2. This may be just what you've been looking for when it comes to locating your ancestor's homes!


Clinton's new street naming and house numbering system will be made effective during the month of February. Street intersection signs will all be in place by February 15th. House renumbering has been pretty well completed, with the exception of the district between Fourth and Eighth streets, Clinton, and First and Eighth avenues. In other parts of the city, engineer's crew has assigned numbers to all the houses, and a large majority of the people
have displayed their new numbers. February 1st is the time tentatively agreed upon to make the change-over. It will take all of the month of February, however, local officials say, to make the change complete. At a recent meeting the city council decided to use the new street names and house numbers hereafter. In telephone reports of fires and calls for the department, the new numbers are now used occasionally.


From now on the people of Clinton will gradually work into the new plan. It is hoped that all will use new street names and numbers by the first of March.

The Advertiser today carries, for public information, a detailed list of old streets with the new street names. In the old list there were 196 street names. The new list contains only 135 names, reducing the number by 61. Reductions in the number of streets are in various districts of the city are shown below:

Old System New System
Avenues south of First avenue 44 29
Avenues north of First avenue 51 38
Streets south of First avenue 40 30
Below Olney on Camanche 19 16
Streets north of First avenue 42 22
The list of old streets, with their new names, follows: *


1st Ave. --- Unchanged
2nd Ave. --- 2nd Ave., S.
3rd Ave. --- 3rd Ave., S.
4th Ave. --- 4th Ave., S.
5th Ave. --- 5th Ave., S.
6th Ave. --- 6th Ave., S.
7th Ave. --- 7th Ave., S.
8th Ave. --- 8th Ave., S.
9th Ave., Garfield Ave. --- 9th Ave., S.
10th Ave., College Ave. --- 10th Ave., S.
11th Ave., Lincoln Ave. --- 11th Ave., S.
12th Ave., Stockholm St., Railroad St. --- 12th Ave., S.
13th Ave., Sunnyside Ave. --- 13th Ave., S.
14th Ave., Summit Ave. --- 14th Ave., S.
15th Ave., Olney Ave. --- 15th Ave., S.
16th Ave., Calnan Ave. --- 16th Ave., S.
17th Ave., Thornburg Ave. --- 17th Ave., S.
18th, Stedman, Washington Ave. --- 18th Ave., S.
19th, Jefferson, Randall, Western Ave. --- 19th Ave., S.
Sterling Ave. --- 20th Ave., S.
Spies Ave. --- 21st Ave., S.
Patterson Ave. --- 22nd Ave., S.
Harrison Ave. --- 23rd Ave., S.
Greenwood Ave. --- 24th Ave., S.
Woodlawn Ave. --- 25th Ave.
Ashland Ave. --- 26th Ave.
Moody Ave. --- 27th Ave.
Allen Ave. --- 28th Ave.
Oliver Ave. --- 29th Ave.
North of First Avenue
Locust St., Willow St. --- Locust Place
Maple Ave., Copenhagen Ave. --- 2nd Ave., N.
DeWitt St., Fredericksburg Ave. --- 3rd Ave., N.
Elm St., Fairview Ave., Viburg Ave. --- 4th Ave., N.
Oak St., Bluff Ave. --- 5th Ave., N.
Hickory St., Woodward Ave. in Woodlawn --- 6th Ave., N.
Woodward Ave., Glenwood Park addition --- Glenwood Place
Parker St., Clinton --- 8th Ave., N
Reznor St. --- 9th Ave., N.
Munson St. --- 10th Ave., N.
McDonald St. --- 11th Ave., N.
Chandler St. --- 12th Ave., N.
Arnold St., Elvira Road --- 13th Ave., N.
Jackson St., Lyons --- 14th Ave., N.
Illinois St. --- 15th Ave., N.
Chicago St. --- 16th Ave., N.
Mansion St. --- 17th Ave., N.
Park St. --- 18th Ave., N.
Commercial St. --- 19th Ave., N.
Randolph St. --- 20th Ave., N.
Franklin St., Lyons --- 21st Ave., N.
Washington St. --- 22nd Ave., N.
Exchange St. --- 23rd Ave., N.
Old Main St. --- Buell Ave.
Main St. --- Main Ave.
Pearl St. --- 25th Ave., N.
3rd Ave., Lumber St. --- 26th Ave., N.
4th Ave., Lyons --- 27th Ave., N.
5th Ave., Lyons --- 28th Ave., N.
6th Ave., Lyons --- 29th Ave., N.
7th Ave., Lyons --- 30th Ave., N.
8th Ave., Lyons --- 31st Ave., N.
9th Ave., Lyons --- 32nd Ave., N.
Railroad Ave. --- 33rd Ave., N.
11th Ave. --- 34th Ave., N.
12th Ave. --- 35th Ave., N.
13th Ave., Pierce St. --- 36th Ave., N.
Streets South of First Avenue
1st St., 1st Ave. to Beaver Slough --- S. 1st St.
2nd St., 1st Ave. to Beaver Slough --- S. 2nd St.
3rd St., 1st Ave. to Beaver Slough --- S. 3rd St.
4th St., 1st Ave. to Beaver Slough --- S. 4th St.
5th St., 1st Ave. to Beaver Slough --- S. 5th St.
6th St., 1st Ave. to Beaver Slough --- S. 6th St.
7th St., 1st Ave. to Sunnyside --- S. 7th St.
8th St., 2nd Ave. to Olney Ave. --- S. 8th St.
9th St., Bluff to Olney --- S. 9th St.
10th St., 8th Ave. to Olney --- S. 10th St.
11th St., 11th to Olney --- S. 11th St.
12th St., 7th to Olney --- S. 12th St.
13th St., Bluff to Olney --- S. 13th St.
14th St., 1st to 8th Ave., Bluff to Liberty St. --- S. 14th St.
Ravine Road, Elvira to Bluff Road --- Springdale Drive
Ravine Road, 2nd Ave. to Bluff Road --- Ravine Place
Thorwaldsen Ave. --- Thorwaldsen Place
Myra Ave. --- Myra Place
Ruth Ave. --- Ruth Place
15th St., Stockholm south --- S. 15th St.
16th St., Stockholm south --- S. 15th St. (probably
should be S. 16th St.?)
17th St., Bluff Road south --- S. 17th St.
Seabald St. --- Seabald Court
Dubuque St. --- Dubuque Court
18th St., 8th Ave. to Harrison Road --- S. 18th St.
19th St., 8th Ave. to Harrison --- S. 19th St.
20th St., 8th Ave. to Harrison --- S. 20th St.
Glendale St. --- Glendale Court
21st St., 8th Ave. to Harrison --- S. 21st St.
22nd St., 8th Ave. to Harrison --- S. 22nd St.
Below Olney Along Camanche Avenue
Park Ave. --- 16th Place
Peck Ave. --- 17th Place
Grand Ave., Franklin St. --- 18th Place
Wesley Ave. --- 19th Place
Pearl St. --- 20th Place
Howes St. --- 21st Place
Harrison St., Vosburg Road to Beaver Slough --- 22nd Place
Pearce St. --- 23rd Place
Wallace Ave. --- Wallace St.
Chancy Ave. --- Chancy St.
Dunham Ave. --- Dunham St.
Barker Ave. --- Barker St.
Vosburg Road, Harrison Road --- Harrison Drive
Concord St. --- Concord Ave.
Sabula St. --- Sabula Ave.
Liberty St. --- Liberty Ave.
Streets North of First Avenue
Water St., Exchange St. to Pearl, Lyons --- Harding St.
2nd St., Commercial to Lumber --- Grant St.
3rd St., Park St. to City limits --- McKinley St.
4th St., Mansion St. to 11th Ave. --- Garfield St.
1st St., Lyons and Clinton --- Roosevelt St.
2nd St., Clinton, 6th St., Lyons, from 1st Ave. N. --- N. 2nd St.
Ringwood Place, north and south 7th Sts., Lyons --- Pershing Blvd.
3rd St., Clinton, 8th St., Lyons --- N. 3rd St.
8th St., Buell Court --- Cleveland St.
S. 9th St., Spring St., 10th St., Lyons, N. 4th St., Clinton --- N. 4th St.
S. 10th St., Prospect St., N. 11th St., Lyons, N. 5th St., Clinton --- N. 5th St.
S. 11th St., Miami St., Lyons, N. 6th St., Clinton --- N. 6th St.
S. 12th St., Clinton St., Lyons, N. 7th St., Clinton --- N. 7th St.
S. 13th St., Division St. --- N. 8th St.
Ottawa St. --- N. 9th St.
S. 14th St., Fountain St., Lyons --- N. 10th St.
S. 15th St., Iowa St. --- N. 11th St.
S. 16th St., High St. --- N. 12th St.
West St. --- N. 13th St.
14th St., 1st Ave. N. --- N. 14th St.
Randall St. --- Randall Court
Spence St. --- Spence Court
In Broadmoor Addition
10th Ave. --- Hillsdale Ave.
Lawndale Road --- Lawndale Drive

*The only changes I made were to put numbered streets as numbers rather than spell each number out,
to abbreviate North & South, rather than spell each out and to capitalize place, court, etc.

Things to keep in mind: Most avenues run east/west, most streets run north/south. North of 13th Ave., N.
(Arnold St., Elvira Rd.) was Lyons, South was Clinton. The north bridge is at 18th Ave., N., the south bridge
is at 8th Ave., S.