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We really need some help with this one...  Mr. Woddow lives in Germany and is looking for relatives of the Beitke family.  The name Henry Beitke is listed in our list of farmers from 1892 as being in Bryant township.  Mr. Woddow does not speak English well and had someone help him send this info to us.  Except for a few very minor changes, I have put his emails here as he sent them to me as I did not want to inadvertently make a significant error.  I have put my notes and/or comments in italics.  If you have any info on this family, I hope you will share it with me or Mr. Woddow.  Thank you ----

Hello Nettie,

I work with a compiler since I do not master the English language. I expect it arrives correctly everything.

We only know little over Henry BEITKE, according to family history, he was farmer in the USA. the contact according to German land still existed in the 30's.  There was also once a picture which represented Henry as a farmer which was,  unfortunately, not found yet. There has been the name Beitke since about 1840, the family before then was called  BEUTKE and the root comes from the Gubener (Brandenburg/Prussia). There it is unfortunately more no church books for Fuerstenberg/Oder gives are only it vague references from court acts.

(Fuerstenberg/Oder is mentioned many times in this outline.  I believe it is a place in Germany but I have also been told by a researcher that many of her family came to the US on a ship named the "Oder" from Germany....)

Its name was borne probably for Johann Carl Heinrich Beitke around 1855 in Fuerstenberg/Oder or Diehlo. The father August Wilhelm Beitke *1812 Lauschütz or Wilhelm Carl Beitke around 1815 Fürstenberg/Oder.

Mattheus Beutke
Martin Beutke
*1685 Guben +1755 Guben
Johann Georg Beutke md Anna Maria Kleindienst
*1718 Guben +1789 Guben
Johann Michael Beutke
*1747 Guben +1809 Guben
Johann David Beutke md Anna Magarethe Zscharn
*1779 Bärenklau +1837 Fürstenberg/Oder
Wilhelm August Beitke (3x verheiratet oder Wilhelm Carl Beitke
*1812 Lauschütz +1901 Fürstenberg/Oder )
1.Johann Hermann Eduard Beitke md Johanna Maria Bertha Böhme 2. (Johann Carl
Heinrich) Henry Beitke ???
*1861 Fürstenberg/Oder +1929 Fürstenberg/Oder *um 1850 - 1860 Fürstenberg oder
Diehlo +???
Alfred Hermann Beitke md Hedwig Habermann ?????????
*1899 Fürstenberg/Oder +1974 Eisenhüttenstadt
Reinhardt Beitke md Christa Grottke
*1928 Fürstenberg/Oder
Karola Beitke md Peter Woddow
*1959 Eisenhüttenstadt

Greetings from Germany

Peter Woddow
15890 Eisenhüttenstadt  

This is a second email from Mr. Woddow:

Hello Nettie,

It might be pleased me to hear again of them. Will write something for the
family history down its wish come and.
Expect this outline that geschichte suffice. I might also own old photographs of
that families. Do they also put soetwas into its net pages?
It is only known that a member of the family Beitke should have been farmer in
the states around 1900. Contacts to Germany still for instance existed to 1930's.

The family Beitke settled itself in 1813 in Fuerstenberg/Oder. They came from
Guben and are there are the 16.Jahrhundert provable.
The initial name was BEUTKE, the name Beitke then for the first time emerges in
Fuerstenberg/Oder from 1840. The first one who sat down into Fürstenberg it was
Johann interactive file and archive administration Beutke (1779-1832). He was
was viticulturist, precisely as her son Wilhelm August Beitke (Beutke)

Wilhelm August was three times married. It is not known how many children he had
since the church books burned in the second world war. He had another at least a brother Wilhelm Carl that was forge in Diehlo at Fürstenberg.

Wilhel August delivered Johann Her man Eduard Beitke(1861-1929). Its son in
economy 1885 including vineyards Since nothing more was to be made with
viticulture, Johann Her man readjusted the economy on fruit building and
incidentally still operated agriculture.

Into 1928, the son incorporated Her man Beitke(1899-1974 for Alfred) the
economy, he opened a tourist cafe that existed to 1962 in 1935 Most estates
became transferred stables to state, the house also went in 1975, and barn as
soon as the rest country into the possession of state.

Greetings from Germany

Peter Woddow


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