The Freemasons of Clinton Co., IA

This is probably the most well known organization.  It began about 1717 in London.  It has ties to the American Revolution.  The Catholic church, until 1977, had issued papal bills denouncing the Freemasons.

There are several pictures at the Clinton County Historical Society of the Masons. Here is what I have so far. Sorry about the blurry pictures - I hope you will visit the museum to see them in all their glory.

Masons Class of 1906

This is a photo of the Clinton Masonic Lodge Class of November 23, 1906. Those pictured are: LC Moeszinger; LC Eastman; FE Bachelder; Charles Hasseler; Howard S Wilson; Herbert R Sugg; FP Batchelder; Charles E McMahon; Daniel Haring; Daniel Manley; Carl Cone.

There is a photo of the Clinton Masonic Lodge Class of October 1909 but the glass is badly damaged and I couldn't get a picture. (It will be repaired by the museum.) The names on it were as follows:

WG Brock
GH Dunkelberg
MA Hubbard
GC Carnahan
K Joenicke
O Korn
HE Levsen
HJ Bentley
HGA Harper
WC Bryant
CF Chambers
RW Johnson
J Benesh
CF Kukkuck
J Klimo
EH Benson
VU Sigler
CE Smith
K Jaemicke
JN Ramsey
CH Beaver
GW Fritter
WH Broadbear
PF Krueger
DC Holcomb
EG Cady

33rd Degree Masons 1915

This photo is of the 33rd Degree Masons of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Members from Nebraska and Iowa, who conferred the 33rd Degree and class from those states who received the 33rd Degree in Des Moines Consistency, Tenth and Locuts Streets, November 13, 1915, Des Moines Iowa. Those from Clinton County were F C Brayton, Lyons; L C Moeszinger, Lyons; F J Iten, Clinton. This is actually quite a big deal.

Masons Class of 1918

This is a photo of the Clinton Masonic Lodge Class of May 14, 1915. Pictured are: Geo R Spalding; F H McMullen; Gustav Gradert; Frank A Hart; P F Kruse; Charles Albert Beamen; James L Witherspoon; F C Wilson; John H Lorenz; John Earl Cooke; W H Eppens; G B Crowe; Geo A Loetscher.

There is also a photo of the Clinton Masonic Lodge Class of May 17, 1918 (not pictured). Names listed are as follows:

L J Nickelsen
Hans W Timmerman
Lyster M Hetherington
W M Walliker
Frank H Gibbs
Arthur P Bryant
Perry Starks
John Roelfsemm
Wm U Bunnell
W E Beard Jr
O W Haring
C E Perrin
Wm L Skiff
E F Kukkuck
Lee Freeman
G K Dice
A W Hess
Harvey King
W J C Volckman
J E Fell
Ernest O Work
Louis A Laurent

Past Masters of Western Star Lodge #100

William Lake

This is a photo of William Lake courtesy of Carell Goldneysubmitted by Charlotte Cramer ( William is her Great-Great Grandfather. We are pretty sure he is dressed in his Mason's uniform. He also wrote some wonderfully interesting letters to the Clinton Age regarding a trip to Denver in 1892.

Some History of Western Star Lodge #100 as written by Wm. Lake.

Charlotte has a great website with more info (and pics) of William Lake and other family members: Char's Broken Branches


When trying to discover info about your ancestor who was a member, it used to be encouraged that you contact the Grand Lodge for the state in which your ancestor lived.  However, due to the large number of requests, if you know it, you should contact the local lodge and contact the Grand Lodge only as a last resort.

Masonic Lodges in Clinton County has quite a bit of info on a couple of lodges.  Their link to is useful as well.  They were nice enough to send us a list of Past Masters of Western Star Lodge #100.  Rod Alexander, the current secretary, writes: 

"We have some information in several file drawers with one member on each page.  Items are when the brother joined free masonry, where he worked, and several other items."

Other Masonic links:

Link with all the Masonic Grand Lodges
It is
Office of Grand Secretary
813 1st Ave. S.E.
Cedar Rapids Iowa 52406-5001

Iowa Masonic Library
P.O. Box 279
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0279
ph 319-365-1438
fax 319-365-1439

Iowa Royal Arch Masons database
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