Howe Letters - 1898

Return address: Fidelity Savings Bank, Marshalltown, Iowa
To: Mrs. H.R. Howe, Danvers, Mass

G.F. Kirby, President. Geo. A. Gregg, Vice President. H.J. Howe, Sec.& Treas.
Office of the
Le Grand Quarry Company
Marshalltown, Iowa Sept. 25/98.
Dear Folks:
The inclosed $5, being the first money to that amt. I ever earned I give to mother and I want her to buy with it some little thing that she would really enjoy whenever she happens to run across it. The said $5 was sent to me by Life for a couple of foolish little verses I wrote for them.
They were as follows,-

Tongue Tied.

Her tongue is never tired tho' I am
So I'll get a rubber tire if I can,
And I'll tie that great big tire to the tongue that's never tired
And you'll see that tired tongue will soon be tied.

Hobson's Choice

When a girl we call a peach
Kisses Hobson on the beach
Mr Hobson in the matter has no voice
For the trouble seems to be
And it's plain to you & me
That for Hobson it is only Hobson's choice.

I don't know as both were accepted, but neither was returned to me. I will send you a copy of the number when it is published.
I have about decided not to take Henry's house since there seems to be no chance that you will come out. But Anna says they aren't going to Europe. They talked of it last winter to Aunt Ann .[Lucy Ann, Asa's wife, Henry's mother] but have given it up. They'll go to Vt. for a month & then if Henry is all right, visit N.Y.
Mr. Kirby seemed quite chipper today when we took dinner at Henry's and about 5 o'clock we all went out driving with Mr. K's horses.
You will notice by the paper that I have been in some Gibson Pictures. In one I had to stand up & tell the prettiest girl in Marshalltown, really a very beautiful creature, I would like to kiss the very ground she walked on (an abominable lie even if she is pretty) and then she had to look up at me coyly and reply "You silly boy! The ground wouldn't appreciate it."
This morning I heard the first sermon of the new minister at the Congregational Church. It was a fine sermon & I like him the best of any man I have heard here. Everyone seemed pleased & it looks as tho' he would be a success.
I was somewhat surprised to get Arthur Abbott's wedding cards yesterday. I will put in ten dollars and you can call it from the Howe family. That will be the best way. But I don't care whether you get anything or give them the money I suppose better get a present. What's the diff. whether it gets there the day of the wedding or later? I'd like to see you in your new bicycle suit, Sis.