Howe Letters - 1882

Master George Howe, Danvers, Mass To Mrs. I.B. Howe
Postmarked: Halifax, N.S., Canada Aug. 7, 1882
Sunday afternoon

Dear George:
We expect to reach Halifax tomorrow morning very early and go from there to St. John. Oda, Aleise Powers and Cousin George (their guardian, George Peabody ?) have been sick, the rest of us are nicely. Our lunch came in handy, we buy tea or coffee and soup and eat that with our lunch in our staterooms. Daisy slept with Mamma last night in the upper birth and I down below. Oda and Miss Powers had the other room. Mary

Dear George.
I am writing to you in one of the upper births with Mary. I have not been sick but don't feel very well. It has been very foggy all day and they keep whistling so as not to run into any boats. There are a good many babys on board and a few of them are crying most of the time. Take good care of my garden and don't let it go to weeds. Give my love to Susie if she gets there before I do and tell her that I'm coming too. Bye bye Daisy.

Dear George:
Miss Powers is my play mamma and we are waiting for our supper. We both felt pretty miserable last night but are some better today. I didn't get up till about three o'clock this afternoon. It isn't half so nice to ride on this old rocking steamer as on a sleeping car. Monday A.M. we got up at half past four and found we were nearing Halifax, at five we were in the dock, and at half past five were landed, are now at the Halifax Hotel. We are well and cheerful, pretty hungry. Love, Oda
Addressed on a tiny envelope 1.5 x 3.5" in purple ink: Miss Oda Howe, Bradford, Mass. Academy

Danvers Oct. 17, 1882
Dear Oda. [15]
I have used up all of my small writing paper so I had to cut up some of the large paper to fit my envelopes. I guess that was the reason why Aunt Lib [Gould; 50]] wanted us to pick things up for her. I am so glad you are coming home the 27th of this month. Daisy [12] has just gone to school so I am all alone you see. I think Cousin George [46] is glad that Mary [17] is going to move away. It is very misty to day we can't see across the pond.* We had Pan cakes this morning and I could not eat one. Oda you knew about Dr's getting hurt well he was down stairs yesterday just like him.
Mrs. Blake said if I would pick her a boquet from my garden she would paint it for me and she sent me over a water mellon besides. Is not she good. Lizzie sends her love to you. I guess this is about enough don't you. O Oda you asked me if I rode fanny much. No I dont because she came near throwing me of once. the last time I rode I guess it was good bye. George [10]
* There is a large and famous pond in front of the Danvers house.

Danvers Dec 5 1882
Dear Mary:
I feel very much better than when you went away. I came down to breakfast and ate it out in the kitchen with the rest of the folks Dictor's son is very nice, but I have not seen him yet, We had maple sugar on snow last night. Mary when I get better I will write my letters with pen and ink and write them better. Have you kept your diary up? I have mine. We had a hard time this morning, everything was as cold as ice. Daisy walked up to the union store for the first time. Miss Baker made some ginger snaps this afternoon. Dr's baby is nicely they have not setteld a name for him but think of calling him Arthur or Chester
(This had to have been written by George,10)