Klar Diary - 1863


1863 of John Klar's diary

1/1 New Year’s Address
Joined in matrimony Phillip Schneider and Louisa Penningroth, the former of Clinton co., and the latter of Cedar Co.

1/4 Funeral discourse for Mr. Guffy’s child in English.

1/6 Joined in matrimony Mr. Andrew I. Porter and Miss Polly Ann Dale, the former of Wheatland and the latter of Cedar Co., Iowa. Afterward visited Hebron and Tipton. (Last mention of services at Hebron and Tipton.)

1/11 Services in the morning in German. At meeting of Sunday School presented the Rewards to the children.

1/14 Prayer Meeting.

1/18 Services in the morning in English.

125 Regular service at Wheatland in the morning in German. Sabbath School in the afternoon.

1/27 Congregational Meeting. Attended to the annual settlement, etc.

1/28 Prayer Meeting.

1/30 Preached the funeral discourse of Carl Witte, son of Frederick and Louisa Witte, aged 2 y. 1 m. 23.d. Three children have preceeded him and seven remain, 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Text: “Who are those in white dresses?” (Revelation 7:13)

2/1 Filled my regular appointment at Wheatland in English.

2/4 Prayer Meeting.

2/8 Filled my regular German appointment. Received Henry Holdmann and Mina Holdmann. Congregation resolved to elect and did elect J. C. Klar as Treasurer. This is to be inserted in last regular congregation Minutes.

2/11 Prayer Meeting.

2/15 Filled my regular appointment at Wheatland in English. In the evening at Carter’s School House on Prairie. (Entries are twice a month throughout remainder of 1863.)

2/18 Prayer Meeting.

2/22 Filled my German appointment at wheatland in the morning.

3/1 English appointment. No service.

3/4 Prayer Meeting.

3/8 No services. Attended the consecration of the German Evangelical Church in the Grove, 4 miles from Wheatland.

3/15 Prayer Meeting.

3/22 German services in Wheatland.

3/27 Funeral of Thomas Corry, born in London, England, removed to Canada, married Margaret Jones. Had 5 sons and was married 30 years. Ten years a resident in Iowa. He was once a Mormon.

4/2 Services at Wheatland.

4/3 Good Friday Service.

4/5 Easter Sunday at Wheatland and on the Prairie. Baptized Caroline, daughter of George and Sophie Wetter. Born 11/13/62 in Liberty Tp., Clinton Co., Iowa. Baptized John Klar, son of Ludwig and Caroline Derr. Born 3/3/63 in Wheatland. Baptized Wilhelmina, daughter of Friedrich A. Wilhelmina Holdman, born 5/16/60 in cook Co., Illinois.

4/8 Joined in marriage Patrick English and Margret Crowley. Weekly evening service.

4/12 German and English service at Wheatland.

4/15 Weekly evening service.

4/19 German service.

4/22 Weekly evening service.

4/26 German service at Wheatland. English service in the evening was omitted on account of illness. Baptized Henry Albert, son of J. Franz and Cathrine Schneider. Born 3/1/63 in Spring Rock Tp., C
Clinton Co., Iowa.

4/30 National Fast Day Service. Caught 8 young wolves.

5/3 German service at Wheatland in the morning. English service in the afternoon at Carter’s School House on Prairie.

5/6 Weekly evening service.

5/10 Service in German at Wheatlan at 10 a.m.

5/14 Ascension Day Service at Wheatland in German.

5/17 Service at Wheatland in the morning. At Carter School House in the afternoon.

5/20 Evening service at Wheatland.

5/23 Preparatory service at Wheatland.

5/24 Pentecost. Communion in Wheatland, Iowa.

5/29 Visit to Brother Baumann and Zwingle congregation. Spent the Sabbath weekend. Preached for him on Saturday morning from Romans 9:33. On the Sabbath from John 15:11 in German. On Sabbath evening from John 1:14. Started home Monday and stayed at Kaufman’s. Our daughter took ill. On Tuesday we drove home by which time she was very sick. Remainder of week worked our garden and on Sabbath.

6/7 Preached funeral discourse of Carl Hagen, a soldier who died at St. Louis Hospital. Carl Hagen was the son of Ludwig and Maria Hagen, born 9/14/43 at Richtenberg, Pruhsien, Pommern. Baptized by Rev. Reichers and confirmed in Stralsund. About 5 years ago he came with his parents to America and lately resided at Wheatland where he enlisted in the U. S. service. He died in the Hospital at St. Louis. Peace to his ashes. Prayer Meeting in the afternoon at H. Riedesel. Preached English in the evening.

6/9 I was taken quite ill and confined to my room the rest of the week.

6/14 Attended to my regular services at Wheatland in the morning. Omitted my afternoon service on the Prairie, being weak.

First Sabbath of third Year in Wheatland

Received an invitation to the Mission Festival of Brother Brecht. I was not able to attend on account of sickness.

6/21 Attended to my regular service at Wheatland and in the afternoon held a prayer meeting at Father Schneider’s.

6/28 Filled my appointment at Wheatland in the morning and upon the Prairie at Carter’s School House in the afternoon. Prayer at F. Homrichhausen in the evening.

7/5 Filled my appointment at Wheatland in the morning and held an interesting Prayer Meeting at Geo. Schneider’s in the afternoon.

7/9 Preached the Funeral Sermon of John Heinrich, son of Ludwig and Caroline Derr, aged 2 y. 2 m. 2 d. Baptized during my pastorate. Died of croup. Matthew 10:14.

7/12 Filled my appointment at Wheatland in the morning. At Carter’s School House at 3 p. m. Prayer Meeting at Brother John Riedesel’s at 8 p. m.

7/19 Filled my appointment at Wheatland in the morning Prayer Meeting at Henry Reidesel’s in the Grove.

7/26 Filled my appointment at Wheatland in the morning and at Carter’s School House in the afternoon.

8/2 Filed my regular appointment at Wheatland. Prayer Meeting at Phillip Schneider’s in the afternoon.

8/7 Preached the funeral sermon of Joseph McCullough, 2nd Lt., Company 1, 26 Regiment, Iowa Volunteers. Text: Matthew 25:34.

8/9 Filled my appointment at Wheatland in the morning. On account of rain, omitted my appointment on the Prairie. (Probably Carter School House.)

8/16 Filled my appointment at Wheatland. Preached the appointed Harvest sermon and therewith united a funeral discourse for a child. The departed was Peter, infant son of Peter and Wilhelmina Jans, born 9/23/62 and died 8/14/63, aged 10 m. 11 d. Text: Psalm 76:3. Blended Harvest and Funeral sermon together. Harvest collection, $12.92. (A regular special offering taken every year at this time.)

8/23 Preached my Harvest sermon at Carter’s School House in the morning. Collection was $1.45. At 4 p.m. preached the funeral sermon of John Josef Kraul, son of John and Christina Kraul. He died as a soldier in the army. He died in the Hospital, however, He leaves a widow and 2 children. Text: 2 Corinthians 5:1.

8/24 Started with my family to Ohio on a Collection Tour for my congregation. To Chicago, then to Cleveland to conference. Mad efforts for my congregation. Was hindered by Rev. H. I. Ruetenik. Very unkind of him. Notwithstanding succeeded measureably well. From thence visited my wife’s folk, continued collecting, but with little success. From thence went ot Pickaway and Fairfield Co. visited my parents in Pickaway. Visited my old and dear Ringgold congregation. Received very kindly. Preached twice for them, once in German and one funeral sermon in English. Proceeded with my collection and met excellent success in Werner’s congregation and that entire country, in Circleville, in Stoutsville, and Jerusalem’s Congregation. Met many instances of kindness. Too many to mention all. God disposes the hearts of men favourably towards me and my mission. Received a pants pattern and the cloth for a pair of pants from an elderly gentleman, T. W. Gillis of Circleville. Geo. H. Fickurdt presented me with two bottles of valuable medicines. A canal boatman, Daniel Border, showed me great kindness. Brother S. S. Rickley of Columbus was very kind to me and mine. Also Dr. Hawks, stage proprietor, reduced the fare for me. In Cleveland I received special kindness from the two brpther Heyse, from Charles H. Gehring and B. Beck. Passed through Columbus on 10/13, election day, on my way homeward. On the homeward way, visited Galion and Brother Rettig, Windfall, Gehrhart, and George Riedesel in Bucyrus, and Father Keller. Arrived at home on 10/17/63, much worn but safely. I collected money on the entire trip.

(The following baptisms all occurred on Klar’s trip to Ohio.)

9/13 Baotized Ida Ann and Vallandighan C. Children of Amos and Lavina Hebehims. Ida Ann, born 6/13/62, Vallandigham C., born 6/25/63, in Amanda Tp., Fairfield Co., Ohio.

9/25 Baptized John Eli and George Stout, children of Abraham and elmira Stout. John Eli, born 11/7/61 and George was born 8/15/63, in Washington Tp., Pickaway Co., Ohio.

10/3 Baptized the five children of David and susannah Adam. Louisa, born 1/19/56
Henry, born 12/11/57
Jeremiah, born 10/24/59
Susannah, born 2/26/61, all in Richmond Tp., Berks Co., Pa. and David, born 3/20/63, in Walnut Tp., Pickaway Co., Ohio

10/4 Baptized Mary Ellen, daughter of Andrew and Isabella Gebhardt, born 6/30/63, in Walnut tp., Pickaway Co., Ohio. Sponsor: Sarah Aurand, the Grandmother. Preached the funeral sermon of Rebecca, wife of Andrew Hoffman, his second wife. I preached also his first wife’s funeral. Rebecca was born 11/23/37 and was baptized in infancy. She was the daughter of Phillip and Rececca Leist. She died 10/3/61 aged 25 y. 10 m. 10 d. she had been married to Andrew Hoffman on 1/19/60. She leaves one child. They sang a new song. Text: Revelation 5:9.

10/5 Baptized Malinda Alice, daughter of John and Mary Ellen Marberger, born 12/2/62 in Amanda Tp., Fairfield Co., Ohio. Sponsor: her grandmother.

10/17 Returned home.

10/18 In the morning presented to my Wheatland congregation remarks and prayers of thanksgiving for god’s favours during my collection trip. Attended to the funeral obsequies and preached the funeral sermon of Joseph Bentley. Text: Revelation 7:16-17. He was a soldier of the 26th Regiment, Company I, Iowa Volunteers. He died at his residence at Wheatland on 10/17/63.

10/19 Held a congregational meeting for the purpose of receiving and recording the tercentennial Free-Will Offerings. (the Heidelberg Catechism was 300 years old and the German Reformed Church celebrated the importance of this book.)

10/21 Started for Classis. Proceeded as far as Joseph Carter’s on the Prairie. Next day proceeded to Boulder. (Previously mentioned as 25 miles north of Lisbon.) Exposed the whole way to a severe snowstorm. (Consequently he mentions he was sick one day at the Classis meeting.) Meeting of the Classis was pleasant.

11/1 Preached the funeral sermon of Mary Riedesel, little daughter of L. H. Riedesel and Elisabeth, his wife. Born 12/22/57 in Clinton Co., Iowa. Died 10/2/63. Aged 5 y. 9 m. 10 d. Revelation 20:12

October, 1863 to October, 1864

Brethren Present: Reverends Bauman, Riale, Wahl, Buser, and Brecht. Returned as far as Brother Geo. Wetter on Monday.

11/8 Preached the funeral Sermon of Victor Charles Landwehr. He was born 1/13/27 at Alten Brochhausen Kingdom, Hanover. His parents were Herman and Margretha Landwehr. He was baptized in early childhood by Rev. Klevers. At a suitable age he was confirmed by Rev. Gerke. He emigrated to America and resided several years near Chicago, Ill., from whence he emigrated to Clinton Co., Iowa. The War having broken out, he enlisted in Company B., 16th Regiment, Iowa Volunteers. He was in service about two years when he took sick and died in the Hospital at Vicksburg. He was an honorable soldier. He is mourned by three brothers: Albert, Herman, and Henry Landwehr; and by one sister, Sophia, wife of Fredrick Gadmann. Peace to his ashes. Amen. Revelation 22:20

11/15 No services. The appointment for communion suspended on account of church repairs.

1/22 Regular services at Wheatland at 10 a.m. and at Carter’s School House at candlelighting.

11/28 Preparatory service.

11/29 Communion service, communicants, 34.

12/2 Preached the Funeral Sermon of Cathrine, daughter of Ludwig and Cathrine Riedesel. Born 2/21/52 in Crawford Co., Ohio Baptized by Rev. M. Stern. She took sick and after suffering several weeks with diptheria, she died Monday evening, 11/30, half-past six. Aged 11 y. 9 m. 8 d. she was a faithful and obedient child and gave evidence of a happy death. Peace to her ashes. Matthew 9:25 (The biblical texts were those used by Klar for the Funeral Sermon.)

12/6 Filled my regular appointment at Wheatland in the morning and at Carter’s School House at night. Returned home between eleven and twelve at night.

12/13 Filled my appointment at Wheatland in the morning.

12/20 Filled my appointment at Wheatland 10 a.m.

12/25 Christmas Sermon, Wheatland.

12/27 Filled my regular appointment at Wheatland.