Klar Diary - 1861


The year 1861 from John Klar's diary

5/11 Started from Grandfather Klar’s and drove with a team to Ashland County, Ohio where we arrived after a tedious and unpleasant journey on Saturday night, 5/11. Arrived late at night at my Father-in-law’s. (Mrs. Klar’s maiden name was Crouse) We remained until 6/17, 1861 when we started to Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa. We arrived safely on Wednesday afternoon, 6/19, 1861, A. D.

6/19 Entered upon my pastoral duties, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa.

6/12 Prayer-Meeting (subsequently held weekly)

6/23 First Sermon in Wheatland.

6/27 Started to Lisbon, Linn Co,m Iowa, to assist Brother Riale (fellow minister) at the Corner Stone laying.

6/28 Brother Riale and myself (set out for) Congregation in Boulder Tp. (township) about 25 miles from Lisbon, when near our destination we happened with the romance of a breakdown whilst endeavoring to cross over a New-Break, as they call a newly broken piece of Prairie.

6/29 Rev. Bowman preached in the Grove in English after which I addressed the people in German, after which a very interesting ceremony of laying the cornerstone took place under becoming solemnity.

6/30 Preached in the Grove. Celebrated the Lord’s Supper. Communicants, 40. (This is a precedent church of Zion in Lowden and was located where Wesley Fox now lives—today called the Ponderosa. Klar’s records show that he preached here every other week until June 8, 1862.)

7/1 Preached at the same place in German after which returned to Lisbon same day and next day returned to Wheatland.

7/5 Prayer Meeting.

7/6 Preparatory Service at Wheatland. (Attendance was expected of those who intended to take Communion at subsequent service the following day.)

7/7 Communion, communicants, 40. In the afternoon preached in English.

7/11 Went to Davenport to procure my furniture, visited Rev. H. Langpap. (It probably came by Steamboat via the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Until a house was built for John and Kate Klar, and their daughter the congregation rented lodging for the Klar’s.)

7/12 Prayer Meeting.

7/14 Preached in the Grove.

7/7 Baptized Charlotte Louisa Sophia, daughter of Friedrich and Maria Sackoff, born 6/16/59, Springfield Tp, Cedar C0., Iowa. Baptized Wilhelmina, daughter of George D. and Florentina Schneider, born 5/10/61, Springrock Tp., Clinton Co, Iowa. Baptized John Henry,k son of Ludwig and Caroline Derr, born 5/6/61, Wheatland, Clinton Co., Iowa.

7/21 Filled my regular appointment at Wheatland at 10 a.m. Also baptized Johannes, son of Franz Humrickhaus and his wife. Born 11/25/60, Wheatland, Iowa. Sponsor: John Riedesel. Also on the same day filled my appointment in the Grove.

7/31 Preached the Funeral Sermon of John Kuhn, who died on Tuesday, 7/29/61 at 5 o’clock in the morning, apparently of Hydrophobia. Aged 52 years. He was born in Ohio, but had been a resident of Iowa for about six years. He leaves a large family, a wife with eight children. Two children have died previously. He was married 23 years.

8/4 Filled my appointment at Wheatland. Matthew 3:2
Baptized three children of Fredrick and Louisa Witte.
l. Wilhelmina Kathrina, born 12/19/56
2. Dietrich Whilhelm, born 12/7/58
3. Friederie Klaus, born 12/5/60

8/11 Filled my appointment at the Grove in the morning, at Wheatland in the afternoon/ Also organized catechetical class in Wheatland. (church membership class)

8/18 Preached at Hebron. Romans 9:33; and at Tipton, Matthew 3:2, (Klar continues preaching at these two sites every other week until 1/16/63.)

8/25 Filled my appointment at the Grove in the morning.

9/1 Filled my regular appointment at Wheatland, Harves Sermon.

9/4 Started for Synod of New School Presbyterian Church at Oskaloosa. Procured the dismission of my Wheatland Congregation to the German Reformed Church. Returned to my home 9/11.
Found my wife very ill with Lung Fever. Many interesting incidents occurred upon the journey.

9/13 Preached the funeral sermon of Harriet Neiman, age 31 y. 1 m. 8 d. She was born in Montgomery Co., Pa., 8/3/1830. She was baptized in infancy and lost her mother when yet very young. She removed with her father to Union Co., Pa. Here she connected herself with the German Reformed church and was received by the rite of confirmation. In 1853 she removed with her relatives to Tipton, Cedar Cp., Iowa, where she remained up to the time of her death. She died at the house of her brother-in-law, Mr. Millhouse, in the comforts of that religion of which she had been a consistent professor. She is lamented by all who knew her. The occasion improved by me, assisted by Rev. Brathers of the Presbyterian Church of Tipton.

9/15 Filled my appointments at the Grove in the morning and in Wheatland in the afternoon.

9/22 Attended Sabbath Scjool in the morning. (first mention)

9/26 National Fast Day. Appropriated service held in Wheatland.

9/29 Filled my regular appointments at the Grove in the morning, and at Wheatland in the afternoon.

10/6 Services in Wheatland in English in the morning. Grove in German in the afternoon.

10/7 Catechetical instruction.

10/7 Preached the Funeral Sermon of Franz Mohr, aged 53 y. 17 d. He was born 10/18/07, and was the son of Fredrick Mohr and Margaretha, his wife. He came to America about 9 years ago. He leaves a family of 4 children: 2 sons and 2 daughters, and his widow. Hebrews 9:27.

10/8 Baptized Charles Christian, infant of Henry Miersen and Magdalena, h9s wife, born 9/7/61, in Wheatland, Clinton Co., Iowa.

10/11 Attended the funeral of Charles Christian, infant of Henry Niersen and wife Magdalena. Aged 1 m. and 4 d.

10/13 Attended to my regular appointment at Wheatland in the morning.

10/17 Orgnaized the German Reformed Congregation at Wheatland, Iowa, and took steps to make transfer of Congregation from the old Presbyterian organization to German Reformed, and also the property. (see CENTENNIAL BOOK for details.)

10/18 Prayer Meeting.

10/20 Filled my regular appointments in the Grove and at Wheatland in English in the forenoon.

October 1861 to October, 1862

10/22 Started to Columbus City, Louisa Co., Iowa, and enjoyed a very pleasant meeting of Iowa Classis. (Compares to our present Iowa Conference of the U. C. C.) Returned home Tuesday, 10/29, accompanied by the Reverends Bowman and Sechler. A most terrible storm that day. Found my wife exceedingly improved.

11/3 Filled my regular appointments at the Grove in the morning and at Wheatland in the afternoon. Baptiized Heinrich Friedrich William, son of Henry Bartling and Carolina, his wife. Born 9/23/61 Spring Rock Tp., Clinton Co., Iowa.

11/10 Baptized Dinah, daughter of John Riedesel and Elisabeth, his wife. Born 7/29/61, Spring rock Tp., Clinton co., Iowa. Filled my regular appointments at Wheatland in German in the morning. Rev. Riale was present.

11/17 Assisted Rev. Bowman at Maquoketa and preached Sabbath evening in School House in the country. Assisted Brother Bowman in organizing a German Reformed Congregation.

11/21 Joined in Holy Wedlock at the St. Paul’s Church, Wheatland, Iowa, Mrs. Adam Kibler and Miss Margaret Neth all of this Co.

11/24 Appointed at Tipton not filled on account of storm .

12/1 Filled my appointments partially. In English in the morning at Wheatland. Missed in the Grove. Preached German in Wheatland in evening. Attended to Prayer Meeting and German and English, and my Cathechetical instruction.

12/2 Preached the funeral sermon of Alice May, infant of Eli Ballard and Mary Ellen, his wife. Born 4/26/61 at Wheatland, Clinton Co., Iowa and departed this life 12/1, 12 o’clock noon. Aged 7 m, 5 d.

12/3 Baptized Edwin Klar, son of Samuel P. Werner and Lucy F., his wife. Born 7/31/61 Tarlton, Pickaway Co., Ohio. My diary kept imperfectly from 11/10 ti 12/4 on account of my moving the house. (The house to which the Klars moved is the rear half of Dennis and Judi Holdorf’s home. The church sat east of the house and faced south.)

12/7 Preached at Hebron at 10 a.m. in English. Also at Tipton at 3 p.m. and at candlelighting; both times in English.

12/10 Lectures

12/13 Lectures

12/15 Preached at Hebron in the evening.

12/22 At Hebron in the morning and at Tipton at 3 p.m.

12/24 Lectured at Wheatland.

12/25 Christmas, preached at Grove in the morning and in German at Wheatland in the morning and in English in the evening.

12/26 Lectures and Prayer Meeting.

12/27 Lectures and Prayer Meeting.

12/28 Preparation service and examination of catechumen.

12/29 Communion Service and Confirmation. Communion between 80 and 90. Confirmed 6:
1. August Lohmann
2. George Schneider
3. Anna Elisabeth Schneider
4. Louisa Penningroth
5. Susanna Riedesel
6. Katharina Homrighausen
On the same day baptized Heinrich Friedrich, baby of Johannes Koch and his wife Annaline. Born 11/9/61 in Spring Rock Tp., Clinton Co., Iowa. God parents were Friedrich Koch and Wilhelmina Schneider.
Baptized Anna Catherine, daughter of Henry Heiner and Catherine, his wife. Born in spring Rock Tp., Clinton Co., Iowa.
Baptized Henry, son of Henry and Marla Pingel. Born 4/4/85 in Spring Rock Tp., Clinton Co., Iowa.
Baptized Max Adolph, son of christian Loose and Anna, his wife. Born 12/16/57 in Spring Rock Tp., Clinton Co., Iowa.
Installed Ludwig Derr, J. G. Schneider, Elders; Henry Schneider, Franz Schneider, Deacons.