Favorite Dishes of the D.A.R.

SOURCE: Favorite Dishes Contributed by the Daughters of the American Revolution, compiled by the Clinton Chapter, Clinton, Iowa, 1916

This wonderful little book is almost 300 pages.  Here is a list of women from the Clinton chapter who submitted recipes.  There were also quite a few names from the Laurel, Mississippi chapter.

Armstrong, Ida Whalen Past State Regent of Iowa
Allen, Lillian Lee
Ankeny, Valeria Perrin
Bevier, Jennie Smith
Blackwell, Edna Denison Muscatine, IA
Blunt, Alice Mullett
Booth, Alice M
Bostwick, Carrie Black
Bryant, Fannie Burr
Chase, Byrd Vosburgh
Chase, Mrs C P Compiling Committee
Christensen, Lillian B DeWitt, IA
Coan, Mary Alice Welles
Cole, Gertrude Mansfield Regent, Clinton Chapter
Cole, Mrs A O Compiling Committee
Cook, Mary Sampson
Curtis, Ettie Lewis
Curtis, Frances Wilcox
Curtis, Nancy Hosford
Dunbar, Helen M
Eastman, Elizabeth Gardiner
Farnsworth, Luzett R Oak Park, IL
Fay, Minnie Olds
Fort, Emma G
Gates, Emma Lamb
Given, Maud Ankeny
Goodwin, Hannah Putnam
Green, Lutie M Fulton, IL
Harrison, Mary W H St Paul, MN
Hayes, Frances Coan
Hemingway, Mary Chase
Hemingway, Ruby Chase
Hemmingway, Mrs F B Compiling Committee
Howes, Anna Bedford
Ingwersen, Jennie Wines
John, Maud Thayer
Keagy, Hildred Chamberlain
Keedick, Genevieve Philips Cedar Rapids, IA
Lamb, Henrietta S
Lee, Addie Merrell
LePrevost, Estelle
LeProvost, Jeannette
Leslie, Grace Kirkham
Liquin, Lydia B H Wilsall, MT
Mahin, Abbie Cadle Organizing Regent of Clinton Chapter
Marquis, Byrd B
May, Grace Lee
McCoy, Clara Lamb
Merrell, Emma F DeWitt, IA
Moffett, Adaline S
Moses, Elizabeth Constance
Mullett, Valeria Harding
Nagel, Jennie Patten
Obert, Anna Lyon
Olney, Ella May
Olney, Mrs A R Compiling Committee
Phelps, Helen Dixon
Pool, Frances Benson Port Orange, FL
Scott, Elizabeth Perrin
Seaman, Helen V
Seaman, Mrs H W Compiling Committee
Shoecraft, Letitia
Skinner, Katie E
Smith, Grace Huston
Smith, Mrs A C Compiling Committee
Smith, Nina Norman
Towle, Zella White
Tucker, Alice Hobart
Ware, Mary Pomeroy
Ware, Mrs F E Compiling Committee
Wheeler, Clara A
White, Eleanor Phelps
Whitley, Helen L
Wiese, Ella Jordan
Young, Mollie Ankeny
Ensign, Inez Skinner Watertown, MA
McNeil, Florence
Irwin, Josephine V DeWitt, IA
Young, Mariana Los Angeles, CA
Musser, Julia E Muscatine, IA