Men Who Will Command Boats - 1894

From the Clinton Morning Age - Jan 16, 1894

A Number of Changes Have Been Made - A Busy Season Looked For.

Steamboat men on the upper Mississippi are getting in line for the season of 1894. A number of familiar rafters in these waters will have new commanders the coming season, as will be noted by the following list, obtained by the AGE reporter the past week from steamboat owners and prominent steamboat men at different points along the river:

W. J. Young, Jr. -- Isaac M. Newcomb
Boardman -- William McCarthy
Artemus Lamb -- A. O. Day
Lady Grace -- J. G. Moore
Chancy Lamb -- Abe Mitchell
Reindeer -- Thomas Withrow
Gardie Eastman -- Chris Gardiner
Lily Turner -- A. F. Hollingshead
Ten Broeck -- Robert Mitchell
Abner Gile -- Brown Jenks
Robert Dodd -- George Trumley, Jr.
Schulenberg -- J. C. McCaffrey
Netta Durant -- George Rutherferd
Jo Long -- Newton Long
Silver Crescent -- Walter Blaire
J. W. Mills -- J. w. Lacock
J. W. Rambo -- J. W. Rambo
Volunteer -- John Rooks
Pilot -- Derben Dorrence
Irene D -- Dana Dorrence
Verne Swain -- Fuller Smith
F. Weyerhaeuser -- George W. Reed
Rutledge -- William Whistler
F. C. A. Denkmann -- Otis McGinley
J. K. Graves -- Robert McCall
Sam Atlee -- A. C. Woodard
Moline -- Isaac Wasson
Satellite -- George Winnis
Saturn -- Georg Trumley, Sr.
Minnie Schneider -- George Schneider
Everett -- Joseph Young
J. W. Spencer -- F. Cameron
J. P. Gage -- W. T. Cope
Park Bluff -- Thomas Chandler
B. F. Allen -- Thomas Peel
Kate Keene -- Charles Trumley, Jr.
S. C. Atlee -- Zachriah Suiter
Fredda -- Sam Lancaster
Louise -- John W. Suiter
Quickstep -- Tony Gallagher
Menominee -- Richard Dickson
Louisville -- Andy Lambert
Mountain Belle -- Peter Rorick
Bella Mac -- N. B. Lucas
Dan Thayer -- H. Short
Inverness -- Frank Whitnall
Jessie B -- Charles Hoyt
Scotia -- Frank Wyle
Kit Carson -- George Dunberg
Lumber Boy -- Peter Michaels
Junietta -- Henry Slocumb
City of Winona -- W. McCraney
Thistle -- Chris Adolph
Lizzie Gardiner -- William Dubler
Pauline -- Frank Walker
Verna Mae -- Dan Davidson
Jessie Bills -- Ira Dekamp
Ben Hershey -- S. Buisson
C. W. Cowles -- Joseph Buisson
Glenmont -- John O'Connors
J. W. VanSant -- Peter Hire
Musser -- Thomas Dolson
Dolphin -- Sherman Brown
Ruth -- Stephen Withrow
Isaac Staples -- Charles Roman
R. J. Wheeler -- William Davis
Daisy -- John Hoy
Cyclone -- Thomas Hoy
Revenna -- C. H. Davison
Helen Mar -- William Dobler
Nina -- James Whistler
Clyde -- Morrell Luney
Lotis -- A. Case
Lion -- H. C. Wilcox
Little Hodie -- D. C. Law

It is probable that several boats familiar in these waters for several years past, will not be seen here this season. The Jennie Hayes is in the south, the Silas Wright and LeClaire Belle were wrecked and three or four have been assigned duty at distant points on the river.