1887 Fifth Annual Ball of Clinton Lodge No. 34

Many thanks goes out to Mary Hitchcock who submitted the below program from:

1887 Fifth Annual Ball of Clinton Lodge No. 34.
The event was held at the Davis Opera House on Friday evening December 30th, 1887


The second page reads:
Here's to the Rose that Flowers and Blows,
Here's to the Boys who wear Greasy Clothes:
Here's to the Girls who Jump with Joy
To Dance at a Ball with a Rail Road Boy

Committee of Arrangements: Wm Irving, F.A. Kinch, E.M. Hodge, J.M. Wright, G.P. Smith, Thos. Mellen.

Reception Committee: J.A. Lake, Frank Haas, John Leese, C.R. Sutton, J.M.  Wheeler, W.N. Smith.

Floor Managers:Joe Butler, W.M. Lissenden, C.H. Olney, R. Primrose, Thos. Bulen, J.M. White.