Judges, 1840 to 1879—Second Judicial District, Territory of Iowa, Hon. Thomas S. Wilson, 1840 to 1845. This Judicial District comprised the counties of Jackson, Dubuque, Scott and Clayton. Clinton County was attached to Scott for judicial purposes. Third Judicial District, Territory of Iowa, Hon. Thomas S. Wilson, 1846. This district comprised the same territory as the former. Second Judicial District, State of Iowa, Hon. James Grant, 1847 to 1851; Hon. Thomas S. Wilson, 1852. This District comprised Muscatine, Scott, Cedar, Clinton, Jackson, Jones, Dubuque. Delaware and Clayton, and the counties north and west of Delaware and Clayton attached to Clayton for judicial purposes. Eighth Judicial District, Hon. William E. Leffingwell, 1853; Hon. John B. Booth, 1854; Hon. William H. Tuthill, 1855 and 1856. This district comprised the counties of Muscatine, Scott, Cedar, Jones, Clinton and Jackson. The Fourteenth Judicial District, Hon. Gilbert C. R. Mitchell. 1857 (resigned); Hon. A. H. Bennett (appointed),1857 and 1858. This district comprised the counties of Scott, Clinton and Jackson. Seventh Judicial District, lion. John F. Dillon, 1858 to 1863; Hon. J. Scott Richman, 1863 to 1872; Hon. W. F. Brannan, 1872 to 1876; Hon. W. I. Hayes, 1876, and the present incumbent. This district comprises the counties of Muscatine, Scott, Clinton and Jackson.


Hon. Aylett R. Cotton served from 1851 to April 4, 1853, when he resigned, and Edward Graham, Prosecuting Attorney, became his successor, in accordance with the law; Hon. Edward Graham, 1853 to 1855; Hon. Daniel McNeil, 1856 to 1859; Hon. John C. Polley, 1860 to 1863; Hon. Pitkin C. Wright, 1864 and 1865; Hon. George B. Young, 1866 to 1868, when the office of County Judge was discontinued, and Judge Young became ex officio Auditor until the close of his term, December 31, 1869. CIRCUIT COURT

The Circuit Court was established by act of Legislature in 1868. Each Judicial District in the State was by the act divided into two circuits, in each of which, at the general election in November, 1868, a Circuit Judge was elected for four years. Clinton and Jackson Counties constitute the Second Circuit in the Seventh Judicial District. It has concurrent jurisdiction with the District Court except as to criminal business, and has exclusive jurisdiction in probate matters. The Judges who have presided are: Hon. George B. Young, 1870 to March, 1872, when he resigned, and Hon. Daniel W. Ellis was appointed to the vacancy, and was afterward elected, and, by re-election, is the present incumbent.


The following gentlemen have held the office of Prosecuting Attorney:

William J. A. Bradford, 1840; James Thorington, 1841; James

Crawford, 1842 to 1846; B. S. Hewitt, 1847; William L. Burge, 1848 and 1849; Edward Graham, 1850 and 1852; Aylett R. Cotton, 1853; Thomas J. W. Long, 1854 and 1855; William T. Graham, 1856 ant 1857;Henry O'Connor, 1858 to 1861; Lyman A. Ellis, 1862 to 1878; H. H. Benson, 1879 and present incumbent.


The roster of the Courts is as follows: Martin Dunning, 1840 and 1841; Loring Wheeler, 1842 to 1846; H. L. Westbrook, 1847 and 1848; S. H. Samuels, 1849 to 1853; Loring Wheeler, 1854 to 1862; William Familton. 1863 to 1866; Noel B. Howard, 1867 to 1870; Charles W. Chase, 1871 to 1874; W. Bruce Lefflngwell, 1875 to 1879, and present incumbent.

SOURCE: Allen, L. P., History of Clinton County, Iowa, Containing A History of the County, it's Cities, Towns, Etc. and Biographical Sketches of Citizens, War Record of it's Volunteers in the late Rebellion, General and Local Statistics, Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men, History of the Northwest, History of Iowa, Map of Clinton County, Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous Matters, &c, &c., Illustrated. Chicago IL; Western Historical Company, 1879




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