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Dickens Cemetery
Freeman Township
Clay County, Iowa

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Located off of Highway 18 East of Dickens.

Latitude: 43.128ºN  Longitude: 95.015ºW

Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Reeverts Betty Jean 02/04/1933 02/05/1933   Obituary
Reeverts Clare J. 1891 1950   Gravestone Photo
Reeverts Fred 1897 1972   Gravestone Photo
Reeverts George 1866 1943   Gravestone Photo
Reeverts Gerhart 1918 1925    
Reeverts Harry 03/01/1889 01/14/1919   Gravestone Photo
Reeverts Irene 1900 1989   Gravestone Photo
Reeverts Jennie 1868 1942   Gravestone Photo
Reeverts Naomi 1900 1933   Gravestone Photo
Reeverts Ralph 06/14/1879 03/23/1964 WWII Veteran Gravestone Photo
Reeverts William infant 06/25/1929    
Riel Ida Mae H. 1903 1940   Gravestone Photo
Roland Bobby D. 11/17/1925 09/04/1964 WWII Veteran Gravestone Photo
Roland Josephine 1893 1943   Gravestone Photo
Roland Paul L. 1894 1938   Gravestone Photo
Rose Larry 1938 1939 s/o Early & Anna  
Rossiter Linnie   05/28/1889 22y 9m  
Rusk Clayton James 05/02/1922 11/14/2006   Obituary
Ryker Donald E. 09/27/1925 05/14/1945 Pvt. 838 AW BN CAC WWII Gravestone Photo
Ryker Forrest D. 1904 1983   Gravestone Photo
Ryker Frances Rupert 06/24/1916 08/05/2006   Gravestone Photo
Ryker Hilka 06/13/1899 05/05/1936   Gravestone Photo
Ryker Larry Dell 09/06/1942 01/28/2012 Veteran; AB U.S. Air Force Gravestone Photo

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